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I dont know if requests are open right now (if now ignore this) but there's been some Slytherin hate in my school and I was wondering if you could maybe kind if list out some good qualities about Slytherin

  • they are focused on goals
  • they get shit done
  • they see the realistic side to everything
  • charming
  • determined in the face of fear
  • resourceful
  • cunning
  • clever and rational
  • wont be beaten by bullshit
  • they keep trying for what they want to achieve, even if they fail the first time
  • they speak their mind
  • embodiment of willpower
  • strong af
  • they don’t give af about they stereotype that follows them, they just keep their eyes on the prize and keep moving forward
  • Slytherin  ≠ Evil

-Lauren (a fellow Slytherin)

I was thinking about the DA’s reaction to when Harris said time would be better spent focusing on why there’s a need for a vigilante than stopping the vigilante, how she said it was a fool’s errand, and also how Harris said that sexual assault cases from the school had gone as high as the DA but then they just went away and I was like wtf, she’s a woman first of all so that makes sexual assault cases personal but also as DA she has a huge responsibility to stop these things from happening and ughhhhh….

Then today I watched episode 2 and I saw when Ophelia is in the locker room there was a locker a few down from Damon Avery’s that says Thurston on it, as in the DA’s name, and I thought she might have a son on a team, (and with Carter, Damon Avery and Nate all being on sports teams I assume there’s been other sexual assault cases on the college teams) so that’s why she would have an interest in having those cases waved away?


Due to recent life Difficulties that just keep happening and wont stop, I am opening up commissions, because as much as I would rather just be focusing on school work I really need the money, I’m not gonna go into all the little problems but it is threatening my ability to pay for my college tuition, even working 2 jobs around my classes, so any help is very much appreciated!!

Email me at with your request or any questions. I use Paypal to receive payments, so be sure to include the email you use for that once the commission is confirmed.

Besides whats listed above here’s some other relevant info:

All images will be 8.5x11, unless its a sketch, character bus, or otherwise requested.

Buttons are 1.75 inch in diameter and will be shipped in a Bubble mailer to reduce the risk of the buttons going missing in the mail, which has happened before.

If you want the buttons or a print shipped to you, you will have to provide an address. Shipping is free within the US.

I will draw almost anything, including NSFW, OCs, or any fandom. Ask and provide reference to characters. Write Fanfic and wana see a scene as a comic? Great!

If you want your commission to look like a particular example of my art then you can let me know then too! Like if you want watercolors or traditional over digital just let me know!

Finally, due to this being during the school year I can’t promise commissions to be finished quickly, my free time to do them will be pretty sporadic but I will do my best.

Further examples of my art can be seen HERE on my art blog.

Thank you!

*** ITS SUMMER!! so I have even more time to focus on commissions now! yay!

Cotten Balls and Q-tips

Requested: Could you do an imagine where you’re a doctor/surgen and stiles gets hurt and you help him and just fluff? I made the reader a senior in the pack but shes studying nurseing at the hospital for college credit. She’s also in the pack Hope you like :)

I walked through the empty halls of the hospital trying to hold back a yawn. I offered to help Melissa on her late night shift since she has been stretched out latley and I only have one class at school now. I had finished all my credits to graduate and now I’m just getting college credit at school. The front desk was where I’m suppose to be but I just needed to get up and moves my legs. I kept walking, my eyes focused on my phone when a hand grabbed me and pulled me into a empty patients room. I whirled around and went to scream but stopped. Stiles stood in front of me with his hands ready to cover my mouth. “What the hell stiles?!” I said glaring. “Y/N I need your help I-I just got something um I can’t reach it I-I” Stiles fumbled out and while looking beyound nervous. “Stiles what is it what happened” I said as I lead him to the bed and sat down next to him. He refused to look up at me but I see he was still in shock of whatever happened. Knowing how bad stiles’s anxiety has been latley I didn’t bother pushing at the subject. I just got up and began collected some bandages and some sterile whips to clean whatever was wrong. When I turned around Stiles had already slipped off his hoodie and lifted his shirt enough for me to see the nasty, but perfectly round wound on his shoulder. “Jesus stiles” I said as I inspected the wound. I just looked up to see him already looking at me, tears fell freely down his face. “Stiles” I mummer as I sat on the bed next to him and wrapped my arms around him while I held a clean cloth to his wound.Stiles began furiously fumbling out words “I didn’t mean to do it-I it just happened-” “Stiles.” I turned his face to look at me,“What happened” His eyes drifted off as he stared at the wall and began speaking “It was him. It was Donavan. He came after me, h-his hands had something to them. I went into the liberary and he followed. I was climbing the racks and he had my leg, I just pulled the pin to knock him down or out but…” I gently rubbed his back to try and comfort him. Stiles took a deep breath before continuing “But when the stuff fell from the rack…it stabbed him.” He finally looked at me with this desperate look in his eyes “Y/N I watched him dye I killed him, I murdered him. How is scott going to even take this. I don’t knwo what to tell him. The bodies gone, I-” “STILES” I said sternly bringing him pout of his thoughts and to me “What you did wasn’t murder. What you did wasn’t unspeakable, you survived. And about scott, how do you think he would take the news of you being found mangled in the liberary. How do you think anybody in the pack would? You’re dad would lose it stiles, malia wouldn’t have anybody to help her with daily things, lydia wouldnt have anyone to play detective with. And me, what do you think I’d do without my favorite patient?” Stiles looked down at the floor, his shoulders had relaxed and he looked back up with a small smile “you’d drown yourself in cotten balls and q-tips” I laughed “It’s gonna be alright stiles, I promise” I smiled and pushed him to the middle of the bed where his back wouldve been resting on the pillows if he layed back “Now I need to take of this” I got on the bed beside him sittiing facing him and leanded over his shoulder and began cleaning it properly. Stiles leaned forward and rested his head on my shoulder and rested his hand on the other side of my thighs. I just smiled contently as he was now relaxed fully. I continued dressing his wound until I had finished and went to get up. I quickly found out I couldn’t move “stiles?” I slowly pushed him forward until his back hit the pillows, he had fallen asleep and looked exhausted. I just chuckled and got up to root through the cabinet for some aleve for when he woke up. I set the bottle down on his beside table and put an alarm for 6:30am. I wrote a little note and set in on his phone and left the room so he could sleep peacfully. -3rd person- Stiles woke up with a start at the sound of his phone blaring at him. He shut it off and groggly looked around the room. He mustv'e fell asleep he thought. A bottle of Aleve and a note caught his attention.

     There's enough cotten balls and q-tips for the 
     both of us around here ;) 
             Y/N XOXX
          (P.S. I'm always there for you at anytime)

Stiles smiled to himself before checking his phone and heading outside to his jeep.

Hey guys remember request open^_^

I feel like I’ve come to realize a lot about people and about life. I found that life is pointless, but it has meaning. And I found that humans can be cold and cruel, yet generous and gracious (and I found that those feelings and emotions make human kind beautiful and unique). I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself lately as well. I found that I can be strong and independent. I found that I can be kind and smart. I’ve learned to live outside the shadow of expectations that people had on me. I’m taking the reins this time around. I laugh more, I smile more (even at strangers bc you never know when someone just needs a friendly smile). I started drinking tea and reading more poetry. I’m focusing on college because becoming a teacher is my biggest dream and nothing is stopping me from getting there. But I’ve got to thank taylor too. Thank you taylor for always being there when things are complicated (thanks for being my constant). Thank you (and your music) for being there on those sleepless nights and long days. But also on the sunny days when I laugh so hard that my ribs hurt. I love you tay and I can’t thank you enough for being such huge inspiration and for teaching me to live life under my own terms. But most importantly, thank you for always giving me a reason to smile. Love you taylorswift