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WHY ARE U AWAKE?! >:'c GO TO SLEEP! U need to sleep...

I can’t xd I need to eat before erm I’m not allowed to eat(?) (there’s a specific time when can or not I just don’t know how I can explain to u all-) so I stayed up :D

//Holy pancakes I did not sleep much at all last night @-@ that’s what I get for entering ‘panic mode’ right before bed. Hard to explain to people at times that even good news can set off panic attacks - I’m just weird like that lols.

I need coffee.
I need sleep.
I shall be floating around replying to stuff and hoping you help me stay awake lols.

Hope you all have a nice day - I’m just gonna be a zombie now

T-Stop [Bokuroo, SFW]

AN: Haikyuu!! (bokuroo, lee Bokuto) - 29: “Anything but that!” -  Bokuroo fluff, douzo! Finally writing again! This idea has been poking my head since maybe one- two weeks? Let’s finally get this online, huehuehue. 

This is based on my own sleepiness when I’m in the car btw, I am one of those useless people who can’t keep my eyes open on road trips XD 

Summary: Going on a road trip and having your precious boyfriend navigate is useless if he keeps falling asleep! Thus, Kuroo includes a very effective T-stop to give the poor guy the tickling punishment of his life.

Word Count: 1086

“Bo-ku-to! Stay awake man, I need you!” Bokuto let out an uncharming shriek when Kuroo pierced his finger between his ribs to poke him awake. Again. He jumped in his seat and almost dropped his phone, but just in time managed to grab a tight hold of it as a sigh of relief made it past his lips.

“You promised you’d help me navigate, sleepyhead! That’s already the fifth time!” Kuroo scolded, turning his attention back to the road and his hand back to join the other on the steering wheel. Bokuto huffed and yawned. That was right. He fell asleep again.

“Sorry Kuroo, but you know how I always get sleepy in the car. I can’t help it!” he whined, and he immediately flinched when Kuroo lifted his hand again.

“Just help me! You know I’m bad if it’s just that thing,” Kuroo protested, pointing at Bokuto’s phone that was blurting out directions in a dumb robot voice. 

“I know I know. Um, from here you go to the left at the traffic lights,” Bokuto said, rolling his eyes. He had to focus… They drove for another while. He watched the little navigation arrow move, he spoke before the boring female voice did, but his vision was already growing blurry and his head cloudy. He could’t function, and before he realized it, he fell back into a deep sleep.

The next thing he knew was tickly feelings shooting like electricity throughout all of his body, starting at his sides and ribs where Kuroo was seemingly digging his fingers in and playing him like a piano.

“PFAhaha hohoooho Kurooo!” Bokuto shrieked, jumping in his seat and throwing his head back. Now that was a way to wake up. Kuroo paused for a quick moment and Bokuto gaped at him in sleepy surprise.

“Awake now?” Kuroo chimed, the corners of his lips curling into a playful smile. Bokuto rubbed his eyes and looked around. They were parked somewhere.

“Are we there?” he asked nervously, but Kuroo shook his head and curled his fingers again, grazing them across Bokuto’s tummy on purpose. Bokuto squeaked and he pulled his legs up in a cute and failed attempt to protect himself.

“T-then whahat!” Bokuto giggled, pulling up his knees as far as possible and curling up, but this only made Kuroo switch back to his sides again. The seatbelt was awkwardly in the way, and all Bokuto could do was twist around and squirm while laughter more energetic than its owner spilled from his lips.

“T-stop,” Kuroo sang, and he chuckled when Bokuto jerked heavily in his seat, his legs uncurling again and kicking out.

“WHahat?!” Bokuto laughed, and Kuroo leaned close until he could mutter in his ear, teasingly and mischievously:

Tickle stop~” -which was the cue for Kuroo’s fingers to bring the tickling up another level or two. 

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she takes out her earphone and puts it onto the table “g-goodnight everyone, i-if you have a message for me, t-then my earphone w-will record this a-and i’ll hear it i-in the morning” she yawned and said “go nuts or silly or whatever makes you comfortable” she walked upstairs to her bedroom.

(its like 03:30 in the middle of the night so i need to sleep before i black out XDDDDD so for those who i was rp’ing with. @surgeonslut , @fab-through-dimensions , @the-punkest-morty . i’ll reply in the morning or midday depending wich hour i wake up and get online XD. sorry but i cant stay awake any longer. gonna black out if i do that.)