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I wish people wouldn’t talk about how the Dalish need to move on and focus on the present. The elves in Dragon Age are inspired by Native American, Romani, and Jewish cultures, and hearing people say that these characters whose pain is based off of our own should just forget all of their culture, every scrap of hard-won knowledge that they’ve held onto for millenia of subjugation, and assimilate into the community of their oppressors? It hurts. It feels like when the rest of the world is saying, “Oh, well, wouldn’t it be easier if you just tried to blend in?” No, it would not, because we are a people with our own culture and our own history and we will not let it be stripped away from us. Never again shall we submit.

The Saturday Morning Hug For All!

I no longer do individual hugs for people, but rather one hug a week for whoever needs one.

This week’s hug is a tiny child who is on TOP OF THE WORLD. AND A HUG.

If you have a hug for the universe, feel free to reblog with your own!

anonymous asked:

Is mulderswaterbed really pulling Peter Morgan into this? Like, is she really saying that someone created some kind of an AU-scenario with this pic to imply that Peter abuses Gillian? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! I am Gillovny as hell but that is one sick accusation! Ugh, disgusting disgusting disgusting!!!!

Honestly, I had to read it a couple of times before I got what she meant with that domestic abuse rant.

I am so done with all this shit, the accusations that there is nothing we hate more than Peter Morgan, bla bla bla. And that we hate him because he’s with Gillian. More bla bla bla. And that this, an AU where Peter abuses Gillian so David can come to the rescue, is what the “Gillovny-fandom” creates nowadays to demonstrate how much we resent this man.

It’s all about interpretation from your very own point of view, from your perspective. And if someone, filled with so much hate and the need to exterminate everything that smells of Gillovny, starts to interpret something horrible into everything people who call themselves Gillovny do, what do you think will happen?

Take a look at this, for example. This is a bunch of messages I’ve received after the Event at the Southbank Theatre up to this day. This is what people made of whatever someone put out there:

And that’s exactly why I stay away from these blogs and everything that does not interest me. I know that and why I don’t like a blog that creates certain manips and I could interpret a lot into the people behind it or the people following it, but I don’t. It would do no good, and it’s simply not my right to tell people what they should like or that they should stop doing something. If we stay away from each other and respect certain boundaries, there won’t be any drama. 

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.

Fill-a-Page February day 09!

I spent way longer on this than I should have done, but oh well. It just wasn’t working so I kept prodding instead of leaving it, and Keith kept getting ~softer~ each time lmao


#can we just take a second to consider that Emma’s wish that started the series #was to not be alone #and that Regina #when presented with the opportunity to wish for ANYTHING #wished to be with Emma #and it was Emma’s birthday both times


and you don’t want that. - Poussy Washington, Orange Is The New Black


hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

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A quick reminder...

Don’t be afraid to say hello to someone you want to roleplay with.

The whole point of being in the roleplay community is to get to know each other and help one another develop characters and have fun! 

  • Send an ask
  • Respond to a meme
  • IM the blog
  • Say hello

Just let the person know you’re interested in interacting! 

I know we all get nervous about rejection, or think we’re being imposing or annoying, but no one would know others are interested in roleplaying with them unless we say something

And remember: if they aren’t interested, there’s plenty of other blogs itching to meet people, and if they’re rude in response to your request, then you shouldn’t associate with them anyway. 

It makes someone feel good when they find out a person wants to interact.

So get out there and make some friends! We’re all in this together!