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i’m sorry if this is too much for your blog but i need to say something please don’t feel pressured to post this i just need to say it anyway here goes: i was just so goddamn sad that i was screaming in agony and sobbing and clutching my fuckin sheets because i was just so goddamn sad and there was and is no good reason for it nothing happened nothing triggered it i just. got sad. for no goddamn reason. and i still am but i just. how do i deal with that. and i’m sorry for saying this to u idk

hey! this sounds like hormonal disorder for me. you should really visit a psychiatrist and tell them about this random sadness and they’ll tell you the best way to treat it. I am the same way! You can also eat food rich in tryptophan, that turns into serotonin like eggs, some cheese, pineapples etc ( In any case, keep the high tryptophan diet and try to distract yourself from being in ur feels. watch something on ur phone before you sleep or read a book maybe? im rooting for u buddy

Andy Biersack (fluff)

Request for anon: An andy biersack one please? Where yous have a party and then all night he ignores you and starts kissing other girls because he’s drunk and then when they leave he hits you? In the morning your doing house work and he shouts you for something and sees it, have an argument then fluff please? Sorry it’s long-ish (I know andy would never do this but I want a bit of drama) thank you so much I love your blog!!!

A/N: hope you enjoy love xx

Andy and I decided to go out with the boys and their girlfriends tonight. They’re just about done with their fourth album and decided tonight would be good to celebrate. I decided on something simple for clothing. My regular black skinny jeans, combat boots, leather jacket, and a ripped up Marilyn Manson shirt. “Hey babe! You ready to go?” Andy had called up the stairs. “Yeah, coming!”

Once I arrived downstairs, I noticed Andy in the regular leather jacky, boots, skinny jeans and a ripped up black shirt. “You look gorgeous.” He smiled while planting a kiss on the too of my head. “Thank you baby, let’s go celebrate!” We rushed out the door into the cool night towards our car. Andy rested his hand on my knee while having his other one on the steering wheel going towards the bar. “Don’t let go of my hand while we’re in there. I’m not risking anything happening to you babe.” He said while pulling my hand up to his mouth and kissing my hand. “Okay. Just don’t get too hammered okay?” I whispered to him. He tends to act a little crazy when alcohol is around and I just want to keep him safe. “Of course. We’re here, let’s go!”

Once we got inside, I noticed there were a lot more women here than usual. Around my age, but much prettier than I could ever be. I noticed everyone off to the side of the bar talking amongst themselves. Andy pulled me towards them and once we got to them, I sat down next to CC, mainly because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Or a date tonight. “Hey y/n! How’ve you been?” He asked, grabbing me a drink after asking. “I’ve been doing pretty good,” I smiled cheekily at him. “How have you been?” “Same old. Been focusing on the new album and fixing up any errors I made. You’re coming on tour with us right?” I agreed to going because the merch girl quit recently and figured I could help out. “Of course! I would love to help with anything.”

After about an hour of talking with CC, I noticed andy has had more drinks than he should’ve had. I sighed quietly, hoping he doesn’t get too drunk. “Hey, I’m going on a trip with my family soon, could you guys help out by- oh my god.” CC stopped talking immediately. “What? CC, what’s wrong?” I kept asking. “Y/n… Andy, he-he’s making out with another girl.” He stuttered out. I quickly turned around to see him, locked with another girls mouth.

I quickly got up from my seat and stomped over towards Andy. “What do you think you’re doing?!” I screamed while grabbing his shoulder and pulled him towards me. “I’m having fun. Unlike you! All you do is have one drink and get mad that I have more! I hate bringing you to these things!” He shouted at me. Since he’s a lot taller than me, I crowded because of how he was bending down to me. “I-I’m sorry andy, I didn’t mean to make you mad… I-” “No! Get away from me. Go the fuck away!” He shouted. I ran towards CC and sat down. “Are you okay? That isn’t right. I’m so sorry.” All I could do was nod my head and leave the situation alone.

The guys and their girlfriends came running over with a frantic look on their faces. “Have you guys seen andy? He’s hammered and kissing every girl he sees.” Jake shouted over the music. CC took the guys over in the corner while Ella tried calming me down. “Honey, if you need, you are always welcome to sleep at mine and Jakes place. I don’t feel comfortable with you staying home with him while he’s acting like this.” I’ve always loved Ella. She always knows how to make someone feel better. “Thank you Ella, but I think I should go home with Andy. I don’t want him getting hurt, you know? I love him but I won’t forgive him for this.” I sighed. “And you shouldn’t. You deserve something better. Just know that we all love you and support your decision on this.” I leaned in to give her a hug and told her I loved her. CC and the rest of the guys came back, but Andy was with them. “He’s going home. Now.” CC snarled.

We got out into the parking lot in one piece, thankfully. Before we all got in the car, I asked if I could talk to andy. “Yeah. But we’ll go off to the side. I’m not letting you out of my sight.” Ella pronounced, giving Andy a weary look. I nodded and waited until they all went to the side. “Andy, I didn’t mean to get mad. I just don’t like you kissing girls like that. You have a girlfriend..” Of course, I apologized. Even when I wasn’t the one who did this.

He scuffed and started yelling. “You never let me do anything! I try to be the perfect boyfriend for you but no, you nag about everything I do! Especially tonight about not drinking. I’m sorry that I like to have fun unlike you!” He shouted. I could see everyone moving closer since the conversation was getting out if hand. “Sometimes, I wonder how I come home. I should stay on tour, or better yet, move out!” He screamed, grabbing my shoulders and shoving me backward. Once I recovered, he pulled back his hand and slapped me.

Ella ran over and grabbed me, pulling me to her car. Once we got in, I begged her to take me home. I noticed Jake walking out of my house, with an annoyed look on his face. When I got out of the car he stopped me. “he’s passed out on the bed. Be careful.”

Early in the morning, I woke up off the couch and decided to do some work around the house. I grabbed all the supplies to get everything ready for cleaning. In the middle of cleaning the counter tops, I heard Andy yelling for me up the stairs. “What?” I snapped. “Can you bring me some medicine? My head hurts!” He yelled back.

I grabbed the medicine and ran up the stairs, the bruise on my face noticeable. When andy seen the bruise, he freaked out. “Who did that to you!? Why do you have that bruise!” Obviously not remembering that he was the one. I continued to glare at him. “Y/n, answer me!” “Fine, you want an answer?! Does last night remind you of anything?! When you kissed a whole bunch of girls, yelled at me to "go the fuck away” and embarrassed me in the parking lot last night? Then pushed me? Slapped me?! Huh?! Do you remember that?!“ I screamed at him.

When I said those words, his face dropped. "I did that?” “Yeah, you did!” I shouted at him.
We both sat down in silence, both of us figuring out what to say. “I-I…. I’m so sorry…” He stuttered out, not knowing what else to say. I could see the tears falling freely from his face. “I didn’t mean to- to hurt you. I don’t remember much, but I remember s-screaming at you in the parking lot. And th- I- um…. I pushed you. I didn’t mean to, I don’t know why I got so angry. I love you so fucking much, please- please don’t leave me. I messed up so bad.” And after that, he broke out into sobs. I could feel my heart breaking at the scene of this. I knew I had to do something.

“Baby, calm down. I forgive you, but you hurt me so bad. I know I can forgive you, but I need to fully think about it. I love you, but this is your only warning. You do it again, I’ll be gone for good. I forgive you, baby.” I said, knowing that in time I can forgive him.


I don’t   d  o    r  o  m  a  n  c  e  …
Anastasia, what are you   d  o  i  n  g    t  o    m  e  ?

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Do you ever want to miniaturize yourself and go running through Dean's beard?


I have been staring at this ask for, what? Like a few weeks now, I’m figuring. Not really able to find the words. To describe THE FEELINGS. NOT BEING ABLE TO READ IT AND LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY BECAUSE OF HOW EPIC THIS QUESTION IS. 

I cannot thank you enough for this ask. It is amazing. Thank you, nonny. Considering what the content of my blog mainly consists of, I assume you could be talking about only one Dean:

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First, is this Emmett Skilton? (lmao) Second…

The O’Gorbeard is actually all seven wonders of the world combined. It is magical and mystical and appears only a few times a year if at all, as usually we see it’s cousin, The O’Gorscruff:

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The O’Gorscruff comes in varying forms, but it is glorious every which way. The O’Gorbeard comes in many forms too. Of course, O’Gorscruff and O’Gorbeard can be similar, but we tend to see more O’Gorscruff. (I call the above O’Gorscruff, I suppose one could call that O’Gorbeard too.)

 I hope you all learned something today. This is valuable information.


Running through the golden fields (I suppose gingery would be a better term?) of the O’Gorbeard would be very magical, I would think. I would happily build a little fort and chill there for a while. Granted, how small would I have to be tho? Probably pretty small. Like microscopic, I would think. If I was any bigger he’d probably think I’m a bug and flick me off and I’d for real fling into the distance yelling tiny, inaudible little screams. Lord knows where I’d end up. Probably on some bird. Or eaten by a curious cat or something. 

Anyway. I assume eventually Dean would figure the O’Gorbeard would have to go, and I, along with my little fort and other random things I would collect, would be, basically, toast and my microscopic ruins would splatter all over, as I, from a razor shaving off the O’Gorbeard. would be mistaken simply for usual crappy things that happen from shaving. 

But that probably would be a great way to die. Maybe a little terrifying, I suppose. But a pretty damned good way to die. 

 Of course, I might find a way to unminiturize myself, or theres a time limit or something, and find myself flinging off of his face, in which case things WOULD BE PRETTY AWKWarDDDDd and I’d stand there crying not sure what to do next. I’d probably just hope my shirt is an invisibility cloak and hide my whole entire body in it, sobbing in the corner, praying to whatever deity I would need to that I vanish from existence.

 Thank you so very much for this ask, Nonny. This has been a very enlightening experience. 

 Also, I pray that Dean O’Gorman never, ever, ever, EVER finds my blog. Should he find my blog, please set me on fire and pray to whatever deity you need to that I vanish from existence along with my blog.