and i need someone to shout its name out a window


Okay so, this Winter Soldier fixit comic is up and running but we have one obvious problem. We reeeeeally can’t think of a title. So we figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if you guys have any suggestions. If you do we’d love to hear it!

We want it to look as much like a professional comic as possible so the title will be a subtitle under Black Widow. Keeping it short is preferable.

If you come up with a brilliant title, even in part, you will get credit and a free printed copy of the comic when completed.


“Following the events of Widow Hunt, Natasha is taken off duty briefly to heal.  She knows she is missing memories, and an offhand comment tells her that it’s not events she’s missing, but a person.  Discontent with waiting, Natasha sets out the confront the architect of her lost memories and, ultimately, the loss itself.”

Oh and enjoy some crappy prep art I’ve been doing and a non spoilery storyboard.