and i need only few votes to win



ARMYs you guys are something amazing. You guys are some kins of wonderful. I’m so happy I’m almost to the point of tears. Guys. We’ve really done it.


Guys, we cant give up now. Our boys need all the votes they can get if their going to win this award. We cant leave any room for doubt when it comes to the army’s power and our boys’ talent. WE MUST KEEP VOTING. VOTE UNTIL THE PAGE SAYS YOU CANT ANYMORE. we only have a few more hours at the most, so lets give it all we can. Let’s make our boys proud.

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We’re almost there ARMYs!!!! ❤❤



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girl ive literally been voting on this poll for 2 hours and i stg the results havent shifted from 50.6% all day!!! we gotta go HARD to win this shit for bob, i have exams in 2 weeks abd have genuinely spent all weekend voting instead of studying bc of my love for this man #failforbob

IM YELLING?!?! #failforbob. #anythingforbob The bags under my eyes are carrying bags of their own now, but we are in the lead and we need to maintain! Only a few more hours!!!


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just so you know im a CL and im also power hour voting with ya'll! a good majority of us are, theres only a select few being gross on twitter but i love bob and actually hope he wins!!

Aww, thanks, friend! You’re such a sweet heart! If you ever need our fandom’s help with anything, please don’t hesitate to come to me!

This was, hands down, the strangest game I’ve ever played.

I named myself Officer Blue and ended up as Serial Killer. I decided, just for fun, to play this game on a “murder break.” I decided not to kill anybody, unless there was another serial killer. The idea was to just chill and eventually turn myself in.

A few days in, a fellow named Edward Bishop (an investigator), whispered me and asked for my role. I cheerfully whispered them back, saying that “if you’re asking you probably have some idea already … feel free to start a lynch.” In hindsight, this may have sounded a bit sour instead of cheerful. They did try to get me hung, as I expected them to, but they did not say in chat that I was SK or even sk/doc/vamp. I think about three people voted for me before the daylight phase ended.

I was thinking ‘oh well, I’ve been caught,’ and I stopped paying as much attention as I should have to the game. Then, out of the blue, the Werewolf of the game killed the investigator and a few other people, leaving just four people in town. And Edward’s will not only stated that I was sk/doc/vamp, but it also pinned another player named Fruit Cake as the werewolf.

So there were four of us left. Me, Fruit Cake, and two other players named Consuela and Samuel Parris. Consuela and I decided to hang Fruit Cake, with me privately pondering whether to own up to my role the next day to preserve my murder break and let town win, or to stab someone. But because there were four of us, we needed three votes to get Fruit Cake.

Samuel Parris was AFK. Fruit Cake was amused by this (and frankly so was I). During the night I looking up what happens in a stalemate between a Werewolf and a Serial Killer. Fruit Cake killed Consuela (who was Vig) leaving just Fruit Cake, Samuel, and me.

In the morning I said something like this: “Ok, I’m SK. WW wins when there’s a stalemate between SK and WW, so tonight I’ll kill Samuel so you don’t need to wait as long.”

Fruit Cake and I proceeded to vote against each other to pass the time. Then we realised that it would be even quicker to just vote Samuel off right then and there. Samuel stayed AFK the whole time, and we both voted guilty to hang them.

And then: “The jester will get his revenge from the grave!”

At first I thought this wouldn’t matter and the stalemate detector would kick in anyway (which was foolish of me), and then we turned and walked into our homes. All I could do was sit back, write Fruit Cake a congrats in my will, and wait until morning.
I lived, and the “Serial Killer Wins” screen popped up. So without raising my knife once – and fully believing I would lose the whole game – I won through a nice investigator and an AFK jester.

[Interview] Yezi “Unpretty Rapstar?” I’ll Play Well

Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” created“Crazy Dog” Yezi (22). Offstage the overpowering gaze and attitude are completely dropped. She even dressed nicely and gave a 90 degree bow. Underneath the monster “God Yezi” is just a 22 year old girl. There were no awkard moments in the conversation and she left you hanging on to each word much like her rap. It seemed like we hit it off. But this girl is far from ordinary. She’s the real deal.

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wtf how big can the b@mon fandom be that I've never heard of them before? how are they doing this??

I have heard of them (I ship them but nothing compared to Clexa) and they are big but they are nothing in size compared to clexa or even most f/f ships. 

I won’t say they are using bots because I have seen some “proof” of that but then apparently it wasn’t real (who knows, really? im gving the benefit of the doubt) but it’s possible that they can be more organized than us and schedule power hours when I haven’t seen Clexa do it. I saw one post going around but it wasn’t really set in stone.

Anyway, we need to make a MASSIVE power hour. Because we may be winning but they have been gaining percentage like mad and really fast and I would really hate for us to be leading all this way only to lose in the last hour of the competition. Like, that is just unnacceptable.


Today, is one of the most important days for our movement. After that letter from Jason, we need to show that we won’t stop fighting for our rights.

This poll is only a few hours away from ending, 6 hours to be more precisse. We have been leading all this way, how would it feel to lose in the last 6 hours of the competition???? Lousy, that’s how it would feel.


I have been a casual voter on this poll for too long. I was voting here and there but never investing real time in it (maybe this is also something that may be helping them gain votes?) but we are too damn close to lose now. I will be voting like mad. I hope everyone who reads this will as well.

REMEMBER: You need to click TWICE on the Clexa pic so the vote actually counts. Click once and the check mark appears on the bottom with the percentage, click a second time and the check appears as well in the pic. 

Opening several anonymous pages WON’T WORK. You need to open once, vote, close page, open again, vote, close page. Or else your vote WON’T COUNT!


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VERY IMPORTANT. Emily loses a few percent every day. Please HELP - I live in Europe , vote for 3 hours and we climbed from 47.1 to 47.4 percent. So please Emily needs our joint help. Go VOTE, VOTE .... Meet you there :-) Girl on Top 2015: Vote in the Final Round Now!


We need to help Emily out! This is like the only poll Emily has tweeted for herself. Let’s give her a win!

So we need to hit 49% by the end of today, 50% by the end of tomorrow, then 51% by Tuesday! :)

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sorry to bother u again with this, but cas is now 2nd in the digital spy poll by quite a bit. I still believe that if we all come together he can still win. the poll has been up for a week tomorrow so I don't think there is much time left. so could u vote and help spread the word. thank you.

You’re not a bother and thanks for letting me know. I voted a few times but how did Cas went from having a big advantage to second place and having only 13k votes and Doctor Who 20k?!

Let’s vote guys!!! Our Cas/Misha needs us!!!

Vote here:


Congratulations. You bitch made, fuck-faced ass hoes really did it. I hope y’all are proud of yourselves. 

I just have a few people to cuss out:

1. All you clowns who voted third party or wrote in Bernie or Harambe or Kim Kardasian or whatever the fuck else:

I hope your petty ass need to vote for Jill Stein are Gary Johnson’s old foolish ass so you could feel whatever smug satisfaction for “sticking it to the system” was fucking worth it. Your dumbass protest vote cost us the election. Damn near every swing state was so unbelievably close with third parties receiving 3-4% of the vote when Clinton only needed 1-2% more to win. Your personal protest will cost lives and I hope you’re comfortable with that.

2. The “Trump fans”

Fuck y’all forever quite honestly. Y’all really looked at this man who is being supported by neo-Nazis and the Klan and thought: “He’s got my vote.” From punching protesters in the face to burning and defacing black churches, you have shown that you are determined to send us back to 1960. Go directly to hell do not pass go and your broke asses surely won’t collect $200 when the Republicans you voted into office remove welfare and disability. Poor and working class whites have really showed their asses this time around with your hats and your signs because you signed up for the racism and xenophobia, but just know that when he says “Make America Great Again” hats, he’s not talking about you. He’s talking about the absolute richest of the rich and the whitest of the white. The rest of you poor unfortunate whites may get looser gun laws but will still be trying to scrape by with what’s left of the government cheese when your boss gets a tax break after he sends your job overseas. Hope your Confederate flag keeps you warm.

3. The silent majority

We do paint Trump supporters as loud and crass virulently hateful racists because that’s what is seen the most. Those are who is the most vocal. But most of Trump’s votes came from white, straight, middle-class, college educated, cis men and women. Y’all kept quiet over the past year or so of election coverage. Maybe y’all had something positive to say about Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz, but it was the walking hemorrhoid who got the Republican nomination. So you walked in the voting booth and said “At least he’s not crooked like that Hilary.” and voted for Trump. And you are honestly the worst of all. You don’t have the excuse of being uneducated or ignorant or misinformed. You just don’t care about anybody but yourself. You trash bin bitches ignored the rape charges and the bankruptcies and the racism and the Islamophobia and the homophobia and the rest of Trump’s atrocious bullshit just because his name had an ® next to it. Fuck you.

All of y’all are trash. Absolute garbage. Great job on electing the most ass-backwards president in recent history. 

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why u hatin on hyomin the goddess lol ur just jealous you dont look like her

ok son listen here sit down and shut the fuck up

nice body came out THREE WEEKS ago and it literally had maybe 2% in the votes on mnet but in the past few days when infinite came on top it literally shot up faster than a dick on viagra to first place, surpassing infinite and now nice body has 60+% on mnet. also the lyrics to that song are disgusting and really, only skinny and pretty girls matter? shut up shut up shut up nobody needs a song like that. the votes are incredibly outrageous and i’d rather have any other song win besides fuckin nice body and please, i don’t want to look like her if i have to sing songs like that 

Hi ;u; 

So..I got the unique chance to be featured in PinkyParadise’s “People’s Media Diva Choice Award” and I’m excited but at the same time scared heh ;w; 

Is the first contest I participate to and is very important to me..If I’ll win,I’ll be able to prove my mom that I can make my dream come true even though I have a handicap..She never believes in me nor supports me and always says “You’ll never be a model of any type,stop dreaming!”.I want to show her that I can even if I’m not perfect for being a model.

For that..I’ll need you to vote for me here just by liking the picture.Is that simple and it takes only a few seconds!It’d mean the world for me and I’ll be really thankful ;;n;;

Sankuu berry meowch ♡

I feel so bad for asking for a vote but I really,really want to show mom that I can do something!(´・・`)

pls reblog?;;