and i need funny moments with derek

Kira definitely has interactions with a little bit of everybody. It’s funny because Derek kind of gets involved too and I don’t know if it’s appropriate, but he’s kind of like the papa bear. He kind of looks out for everybody, you know what I mean? In a weird way. He’s got Scott’s back, so he kind of gets involved too.
—  Arden Cho - (x)

jayteewhitium asked:

Who is your favorite director?

THIS IS A REEEAAAAALLLLLLYYYY hard one not because of choice but more because I haven’t really decided what a director should be doing yet ? like should films be self indulgent or should they be informative, or inflaming to the imagination or make the impossible possible with cgi and shit ??? or be really fucking funny ?? though that is probably a question of film GENRE I feel I need to watch more to give a well informed answer … at the moment probably Derek cianfrance because I have learnt about him in the most depth :)