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Gif-Making in Photoshop

I’ve been getting a lot of asks requesting information on how to make gifs without the need to use third party resources like imgflip etc. So I figured I’d pile together a helpful thing that will show you exactly how to go about not only making basic gifs but linking to, what I think, are extremely useful resources such as advanced tutorials & PSDs

This is going to be pretty long, with lots of links & reference pictures… so grab a blankie and a cup of tea and click the read more <3

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solas talking calmly for 10 minutes
solas talking calmly for 10 minutes

an audio file everybody is probably in need of (HQ download)


Dylan Sprayberry for DA MAN Magazine by Mitchell McCormack lockscreens with psd

• Yeah people y’all can calm down now because i just made lockscreens of the new Dyl’s photoshoot *yep you all can scream a lot now* (jesus this guy needs to stop)

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Back on Russian Soil- Black Widow x Reader

 By request, my first Natasha Fic!! I know its long but I got really into it lol.

 NOTES/WARNINGS: Fighting and stabbing but hey Russian assasins…. whatcha gonna do?

FEATURING: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark and Hawkeye.


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 You sat out on the balcony that overlooked the outdoor training facility. Falcon and Wanda were training evasive maneuvers, courtesy of one of Tony’s Iron Legion suits. You sipped your coffee and wiggled in your chair, burrowing into the huge blanket that engulfed you. Flying wasn’t your thing but you loved to watch.

 Living with the Avengers hadn’t been on your list of things to do in your lifetime but Clint made quite the argument when he was sent to recruit you and you figured you would at least give them a try. Not to mention, knowing Natasha was a plus. Your abilities were nothing super, you just happened to be one of the last assasins the Red Room produced. You remembered seeing Natasha when you were a child, you admired her then and you respected her now.

 Leaving a life in Russia came with its challenges, with baggage and nightmares. You never talked about it but Natasha knew. She could see it in your face when you came down for breakfast in the mornings. She could see the flashbacks you would have during training, of some past mission you were required to carry out. She was currently the only thing keeping you here. Her friendship and understanding kept you going. If she could move forward, so could you.

 “Hey,” You recognized Natasha’s faintly raspy voice and grinned over your shoulder. “Having fun?” She asked in Russian.

 “It’s always fun to watch Falcon try and impress Cap.” You spoke back.

 “Yeah, he’s got a little man crush, I think.” Nat curled up beside you on the patio couch and you offered her some of your blanket. “You ready for tomorrow?”

 You smirked and raised an eye brow. “As ready as I can be. Do we know where we’re going yet?”

 Nat frowned and looked down before she could look at you. “Home.”

 Your heart sank but you tried to hide it. “How close to home?”

 “There is a Hydra base somewhere outside of Dubna.”

 “That’s not far from Moscow.” You said plainly. You pretended to watch Sam flying around but really you just wanted to avoid looking Nat in the eyes.

 “I know it’s a little close for comfort but I need to know if you can handle it? Being that close could mean that we run into people from your past.” You could hear the sincerity in her voice. She knew the risk applied to her as well, but she only worried about you.

 You took a deep breath and grinned at her, “I can handle it.”

 She lifted her chin and nodded. “Okay. I’ll tell Tony you’re a go for tomorrow. Flight leaves at six a.m. Get some rest, friend.”

 “Peaceful sleep, friend.” You grinned. You waited until Nat was completely in the building before you let yourself drown in the anxiety that was bubbling up inside you. You stared out over the lawn and got lost in your thoughts. Memories of past missions and people you’d wronged flooded your mind. There wasn’t a single person from your past that you wanted to see again, some more so than others, and one in particular.

 You shrugged the blanket off of your shoulders and let the cold snap you out of your wallowing. You inhaled deep and and watched as your icy breath dissipated into the air. You. Can. Do. This. You repeated those words to yourself until you were finally able to sleep.


 “Morning, sunshine!” Clint called from the pilots seat inside the Quinjet.

 “I didn’t know you were coming along.” You grinned and tilted your head a little sideways.

 “I’m the only one who doesn’t mind being stuck in a plane with three Russians for several hours.” He chuckled.


 “Good Morning, (Y/N).” Bucky stepped out from the shadows cleaning his rifle. His Russian was so clear you’d have thought he was born there.

 “Good morning.” You shook your head and grinned. Nat put her hand on your back to let you know she was there and went directly to Clint to discuss the flight plans.

 “Who signed off on letting all of us go out alone?” You wondered out loud.

 “That would be me.” Tony took the credit with an obnoxious grin. “I can’t tell you how nice it’s going to be to have all of you out of the house for a while.”

 “Aww, we’ll miss you too, boss.” Nat smirked.

 “Still not the boss.” He reminded, wiggling a paper thin tablet in his fingers. “I’ve uploaded your mission details to your phones. Everything you need to know about anything is in there so, please, don’t call.” He smiled and his eye brows jumped up once, playfully. “Keep an eye on my little nesting doll will ya, Hawkeye. I don’t want another damaged one.” He sauntered down the back hatch and the large metal ramp lifted and then sealed shut.

 “Nesting doll?” You looked back at Clint. “Who’s that?”

 Clint began to chuckle as he flipped switch after switch, preparing the jet for take-off. “That’s you, kid.” He laughed.


 The flight wasn’t as long as you had anticipated and before you knew it you were back on Russian soil. Each of you parachuted down into the thick forest outside of the small city. You were doing surprisingly well for yourself, being this close to The Red Room.

 Breaking into the Hydra base was easy with Natasha and Bucky by your side. You savored every punch and kick you landed on the enemy, mentally giving your past the butt kicking it needed.

 “(Y/N),” Nat shouted over her shoulder as she shot two more Hydra thugs. “I need you on intel! The last door down this hall should be their HQ. Download everything they’ve got then fry the system!” She tossed you a flash drive and you jumped up to catch it.

 “On it!” You shouted back. You turned and came face to face with the red star on Bucky’s soulder. At the end of his arm he gripped one of the Hydra soldiers by the throat before throwing him into a wall. “Thanks.” You told him, knowing that the thug had been after you.

 “Intel,” He reminded. “I’ll cover you to the door!”

 You took off running down the hall and could hear grunting and huffing behind you. You knew the Winter Soldier had your back and was fighting off men who tried to take you out. You flung open the dark wooden door and held your knife out in front of you. Guns were great but you prefered a blade, especially your throwing knives.

 Bucky pushed the door shut behind you and you were finally on your own. You worked better solo, anyways. You took a moment and examined the shadowed room before you. The only light came from the dozens of computer screens. You scanned the room several times before you finally decided it was empty. You hurried to a computer and inserted the drive. Your eyes danced across the screen and you began downloading all of the base’s intel, wiping it from the system as you went.

 “(Y/N)?” You jumped up at the sound of your name and gripped a knife in each hand. You had to squint but you quickly knew who stood before you.

 “Hello, Demitri.” Your lip twitched after speaking his name. Of all the people to run into, it had to be the one you never wanted to see again.

 “I’m surprised to see you here.” His thick Russian accent made his words feel heavy in your ears. He put his hands up in surrender. “Please, I’m not going to hurt you.”

 “I’ve heard that before.” You clenched your jaw.

 He sighed and gave you the look, the look that made you melt. “I know, (Y/N) I swear it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I had to, it was a mission.” He stepped closer and in a moment of weakness, you let him.

 “I was a mission.” You corrected.

 “At first, yes, but things changed and I fell in love with you.”

 “Don’t,” You pleaded. “Don’t you say that to me.”

 “(Y/N), I’m so glad you came. Now, we can both get out of here, together.”

 “Stop.” You whispered. Your arms were slowly making their way back down to your sides.

 “I promised you that I would leave the KGB and now I can. If you help me.” He was only a foot away from you now, with his hands on the sides of your face. You didn’t remember him getting so close but there he was.

 “Please,” He kissed your forehead. “Come with me.”

 You sighed and closed your eyes, his lips feeling so familiar and warm on your skin. It would be so easy. To disappear with him to leave and never look back.

 *Ping* The computer notified you that the download and wipe was complete.

 You both looked down at the small flash drive that was inserted in the desktop.

 “Leave it,” He whispered into your ear. “Come with me and be mine.”

 You placed your hand on his hip and looked up at him. “Demitri,”

 He smiled and leaned in to kiss you. As soon as his eyes closed you flicked your wrist and a blade, that was hidden in your sleve, slipped into your hand. You drew back and forced the blade into his thigh. He cried out in agony and grabbed his leg. When he looked up at you you kicked him in the chest sending him flying back into a table and eventually, onto the ground.

 You drew another blade and gently pressed the sharpened tip into his skin, ripping a small hole into his shirt and drawing just enough blood to scare him. You sucked your teeth and grinned. “I belong to no one but myself.” You whispered in his ear.

 Bucky kicked open the door and ran over to you, followed by Natasha. Bucky hauled Demitri to his feet and he hissed at the pain standing caused him. He bared his teeth and almost growled at you.

 “Hail Hydra.” He spit. You smiled and punched him in the jaw so hard that Bucky almost lost his grip on him.

 Bucky excorted the limping and moaning prisoner out of the room. You sauntered over and pulled the flash drive from the computer and wiggled it in front of Nat.

 “Mission accomplished.” You beamed.

 “I’m proud of you, (Y/N). I really am.” She took the flash drive from you and tucked it into the belt on her suit.

 You gave a twisted grin and winked at her. “I’m proud of me, too.”

 Nat scoffed. “You’ve been hanging around Tony too long.“

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credits: @adedarma@pooklet

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llskll  asked:

Hello could you tell me which app u use to make these edits or send me tutorial please your edits are amazing and im new in tumblr help me please :(

Hello nonny,

I currently use Photoshop CC 2017 on my Macbook Pro.  Someone asked the same question on Dildaar a while ago, so I posted a tutorial/ask (here). You can use Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 or  Befunky app on your iPhone as well. 

As for my other tutorial, you are free to check it out on my blog (here) as it has all the tips you need to make your gifs look HQ.

If you need to download the Photoshop on your computer, please do check out the following blogs for resources:

  1. @yeahps
  2. @completeresources
  3. @photoshopbabe
  4. @itsphotoshop

If you need more explanation or assistance, do send us an ask! If you want to talk to me personally, come at my blog @confessionsofabollywoodgirl and shoot me a message. 

- Sonia

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what are your favorite sims skins?

hiii…My favorite skins are definitely by @kurasoberina​. They’re so HQ and smooth I loooove them. I would also check out @theothersim​‘s Noir skin, sims3melancholic has good quality skins, @cakenoodles also has really realistic and hq skins! :)

Here is a gif pack of #65 small HQ gifs of Moon Bloodgood in Falling Skies. All gifs were made by me so please like this post if you are using them. Do not repost or take credit. If using in a gif hunt please link credit back to me. Otherwise, use them as much as you like, they’re here to help. Part1/? 

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Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Live 5th Stage

@clarinet-sisters posted a beautiful download of the live earlier! If you want a nice HQ version please go check it out and make sure to thank her and her source.

I have another version here for everyone. It’s much lesser quality, but the size is also much lower for anyone having issues with the larger file or needing to save space.

Above is a direct link to the 3.4gig .mkv file available via Google Drive. I hope this helps anyone even a little. If you have any problems, please let me know!