and i need an hq download



Recolors and retextures are allowed so go ahead! And please, tag me! I’d love to see it!

BONUS Genius Hair Skysims 211 - Retexture

DOWNLOAD + MESH (needed)
(not compatible with HQ mode + note that bangs are acc)


credits: @elzascarlet-yan​, @pooklet​, @genius66613

solas talking calmly for 10 minutes
  • solas talking calmly for 10 minutes

an audio file everybody is probably in need of (HQ download)


Dylan Sprayberry for DA MAN Magazine by Mitchell McCormack lockscreens with psd

• Yeah people y’all can calm down now because i just made lockscreens of the new Dyl’s photoshoot *yep you all can scream a lot now* (jesus this guy needs to stop)

• Well if you’re gonna use/save/fall in love please like/reblog or follow me because i’m gonna make MORE ;) ♥

• Click on the pic to save it in HQ

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Live 5th Stage

@clarinet-sisters posted a beautiful download of the live earlier! If you want a nice HQ version please go check it out and make sure to thank her and her source.

I have another version here for everyone. It’s much lesser quality, but the size is also much lower for anyone having issues with the larger file or needing to save space.

Above is a direct link to the 3.4gig .mkv file available via Google Drive. I hope this helps anyone even a little. If you have any problems, please let me know!


im tentatively looking for more admins for the @miracurefladyblog​ 

because its got several thousand followers and 2 really busy people running it and we are kind of swamped

job description:

  • search through the episodes for requested ref, take gratuitous amounts of screenshots of your target
  • work on compiling photosets in the drafts (I will rearrange/add/subtract as needed then post)
  • save any reblog that might be ref-relevant to the drafts
  • posts can be general ref, outfit ref, face ref, building ref, item ref etc


  • must have all the episodes downloaded (HQ)
  • must have time to actually DO this
  • send me in your tiny resume (if you make amvs or gifs or have some sort of proof of the fact you have the episode files and know how to take a screenshot)
  • preference to amv makers/gif makers/editors/and artists (because they know what kind of ref they want)

if you don’t want to commit to anything but want to help out, always feel free to create your own ref posts and send us the link so we can reblog it

Here is a gif pack of #65 small HQ gifs of Moon Bloodgood in Falling Skies. All gifs were made by me so please like this post if you are using them. Do not repost or take credit. If using in a gif hunt please link credit back to me. Otherwise, use them as much as you like, they’re here to help. Part1/? 

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