and i need a hug

Guys, Raphael is in tonight’s press release, but its because “he and Izzy get closer” and I don’t want it. I always want more Raphael scenes, but both of them deserve better, Especially Raphael, and because of this drug story line Izzy’s character is really taking a hit, and I’m just.

I need Saphael, even if it will only ever be platonic. Raphael and Izzy is so unhealthy, and at this point I would rather have Izzy and Simon, even though they have no chemistry and barely any interaction. 

I just need Raphael to be happy. Gosh writers, I trusted you, don’t let me down in the long run. (Even though you probably will.)

I’m gonna need lots of saphael fluff after tonight.

Today I found a letter that my mum wrote for me on my 15th birthday. In it, she says she’s proud of me, and the person I’ve grown to become. She laments not getting to know me well enough, and always having to leave for work in the morning before I get up. She says that she wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for me, and that I give her hope about the world and a little bit of pride that she did something right. I cried again. So much crying these last few weeks but the last 3 times have all been positive. Well, this one is mixed feelings. She put herself through hell for us, and there’s not enough I can do in this world to help those wounds heal. I say us, but it was me. Those last 10 years with my father, alone and fighting, how she did it I’ll never understand.


I just started watching this show because I kept seeing blogs about it on my ‘recommended’ list.

All I can say is that I feeakin’ love this show! OMG why have I not watched this sooner?!

That’s all. Back to binge watching.

anonymous asked:

hmmm how do u feel about makkachin-godofhell :P

[ Send me a mun and I’ll say how I feel about them! ]

@makkachin-godofhell or hikaru is a rlly chill person. sort of intimidating if u dont know them super well, but they’re someone i would 100% go to for advice/if i needed a dad hug. hikaru is best dad. hikaru is my dad. ily hikaru. see u in school u f u c k 

cobra-viper79  asked:

Is it bad to feel like I need a hug? I just found out Bill Paxton passed away. He was a great actor and a good man, he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, ultimate badass... :(

I am sorry. I do not know who this person was but I hope you are alright? Uh…maybe @mikey-angelo-hamato can give you a hug? That’s not…my thing.

madame-dentelle  asked:

April, i just want to say: I am so proud of you. You are so strong. To go trough all that and still stand strong takes a lot of courage. And you have it. You're truly a role model, no doubt.

Oh my… thank you so much. Oh I’m tearing up. I really needed to hear that. *Hugs*