and i need a hug

 Enjolras wakes up in the afterlife, surrounded by all ofhis friends; sitting on the barricade laughing and smiling fondly at one another; grateful tears in their eyes. But something is missing. Grantaire is nowhere in sight. Enjolras walks into the cafe and finds the cynic at his usual table, his face buried in his hands. Enjolras opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted as Grantaire breathlessly chokes out “ It will never really end, will it?” Grantaire had never really planned on life after death…

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i need a hug too, all the drama is making me want to hurt myself to put it bluntly

H e y n o m y du d e
Lo o k @ m e
Lo o k
Don’t do di s
I’ll hug every single one of you.

why i shouldn’t be allowed on the internet past a certain hour :

i’m sleep deprived and very emotional about how much we are fucking up our own planet and keep doing so because it benefits people in power because they don’t see going green as nearly as profitable, when we could just care more about our imprint and sustainable methods instead of generating so so much waste

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*hugs you* ilysm. You're the best and you deserve the best. You're an amazing pilot, you do an awesome job defending our universe, and you're just... An awesome person and I really need you to know that. You are loved and appreciated. 😊❤

*hugs* thank you, you rock too buddy!! 😭 i wasn’t crying before but now i’m tearin up a little, we’ll be keeping the stars extra safe for you tonight ✨

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I think I need a hug after those spoilers ;~; I don't want Gray to lose another person close to him and I want him to finally be happy with someone he loves AKA the bae Juvia who did not deserve any of this ;-; Mashima is playing with my feels lately!

Mashima sure is a devil anon san but he loves his fans and he knows that killing juvia would bring a lot of sadness

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i just decided that if Farkle made Maya watch doctor who Maya would get really emotional over her love for Daleks and would insist they needed protection.

“Maya they’re evil”

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Hey, is everything okay? I know it's been rough for a while so if you need someone to talk to or hugs I can send some your ways. Best wishes!

Things are so not okay, But I’m trying to keep my head up. Thank you for offering support, I appreciate it so much! 

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Can I send Leenik a hug? I feel like he really needs one. (Even if I get stabbed, which seems at least possible if not likely.)

You can try 😔 be careful