and i need a hug


Very sad news, frengers… (x)

This article says is an indefinite hiatus from the band “en velgørende pause” and that’s the only info I have at this moment.

I love Bo, he is an essential part of Mew and his guitar skills are special, so this breaks my heart… but I just hope the best for him and the band

i cry so much!!! all the time!!! over nothing !!! im so angry and sad i wish it would just stop bc i haTE THIS its been 3 years since ive been this way but HERE WE ARE i hate ME im so sorry i .. shit man im gonn a cry again HELP pls im falling and i DONT WANT TO i suck EVERYTHING SUCKS i just want to feel nothing for like a year that would be nic e

I'm the victim of CS stares in that promo

If she will call him Killian

Or 3rd As you wish as the answear to her Kiss me

Or I love you scene

Or Find me

Or remember me

Or I’d pick you

Or Goddamnit I haven’t snuggle your chest enough times to say goodbye

I simply don’t care - just by looking at them