and i mostly want this for the adam connection

The Fosters: Callie playing detective & breaking into a pedophiles home

The Fosters: What if we told you that in the finale she finds out she was potentially helping a murderer THIS ENTIRE TIME?!! HOW ABOUT NOW?

Help On Remembering Turkish Vocabulary

Does anyone have any advice on vocabulary retention?

My problem with learning languages has always been that, while I’m great at remembering how the grammar works, I can’t retain the vocabulary at all. The only foreign languages I’ve ever been even slightly able to understand have been French and German, because a large fraction of their vocabulary is cognate with English words. However, for any non-shared vocabulary, I can’t recognise it or remember it.

I decided to see how far I could get through the Turkish Duolingo course and, as expected, the vocabulary is killing me. I keep forgetting words I learned less than an hour before, and then going over them and losing them again. This is probably at least somewhat because I’m attacking it all at once, but I do want to take advantage of my current hyperfocus as much as possible.

AFAIK, my memory mostly works by forming interesting-seeming connections between things, which allows me to remember both ends of the chain. For example, I can remember that “pasta” is Turkish for cake, because “pasta” is a food word in English. I can remember “adam” is man because it’s the same in Hebrew. I can remember that “su” is water and “süt” is milk, because they’re both liquids that sound similar.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what would help. I’m using flashcards, but they’re definitely up against their limits. Any advice?

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Could you give me some good Raven Cycle fic recs? Any kind, any pairing, any rating will do, I just finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue and I want more of the Raven Crew!!

SO! I read extensively and manically all the time, and the Raven Cycle is probably the first fandom where I have been just as invested in the gen fic and the het ship as I am in any of the slash pairings.  Although, let me be fair, I am primarily interested in reading stories about the ot4/5.  There’s a lot of excellent WIPs but I’ll mark those in case you don’t want to get invested in a story that isn’t Done Yet.  I’m also mostly interested in the main five, but there’s a couple things I’m following that are outside of that.

OT5 Goodness

  • you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece: It’s a soulmate AU with color markings!!  Also everyone is soulmates.
  • Unexpectedly: Everyone is dating, and Blue and Ronan go on a shopping trip to buy anniversary gifts.  Fluff. <3
  • Color in Your Hands: The one where everyone is art students. WIP (warning for Kavinsky)
  • we’ll keep tattoos for homes: The one where Adam, Gansey, and Blue run a tattoo shop together (and are dating), and Ronan and Noah run a flower shop (and are sort-of dating. it’s complicated), and eventually everyone will be dating (I think). WIP
  • between the striking and the fire: OT5 GET TOGETHER FIC it lights me on fire.  I firmly believe that Gansey is deeply in love with all of his friends and that he’s going to be a bit of an idiot finding that out.  There’s nothing like sheer emotional panic that fuels my will to live. This fic has that in SPADES.  HELP.
  • all the rooms of the castle: A different way the OT5 might get together, with an excellent amount of Blue and Ronan interaction.  It will become increasingly obvious that watching Blue & Ronan interact is my real catnip. “Blue presses her cheek against Adam’s thigh and smiles at Ronan, a smile like a switchblade. He flicks out his own knife smile in return.”
  • The one where the tea was mislabeled: Platonic OT5 plus cuddles plus high on some mislabeled psychic tea.
  • their awfulness and strangeness: sort of a meandering set of scenes of love and affection and jealousy and feelings.
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night: OT5 at a haunted house! Spooky but not too spooky, romp enjoyably.
  • (i want you to know that i want to): HELP. KISSING. HELP.

I’m Very Lazy and This Ask Is Old so here is a list of all the fics that have been living in my tabs for like –months?? I will vouch for their greatness because I can’t close them:

  • Rootabaga Country: AKA AMAZING, WORLD-ENDING, THE WORLD ON FIRE OR ME ON FIRE???? It’s a WIP, it’s long and plotty and magical realism, it’s a journey of Adam-Gansey friendship and Blue-Ronan friendship and everything is perfect and strange.
  • Time Isn’t Real (but you’re a constant): TIME TRAVEL WIP. Another epic adventure ft. pain.  post-BLLB Adam Parrish goes ten years into the future, bringing 2025!Adam into the middle of all the fear & anxiety of the present. I’m on fire for 2025 wine besties. I think it’s difficult to extrapolate the future but this fic is really making it work.
  • Whatever We Have Locked Up: Ronan/Gansey with all of my favorite power dynamics, a masochistic Ronan, head shaving and really !!! writing
  • you are my favor: Currently just Ronan/Gansey, but a WIP to maybe be an OT5?  pre-canon misadventures, bonfires, crew!Gansey.
  • THE ENTIRE ROSES TRILOGY AKA Roses on Parade (ronan/adam), Heavenly Wine and Roses (blue/gansey), Roses Between My Thighs (ronan/adam).
    I cannot express to you how much I find these the perfect blend of like hot/sexy/porn and characterization.  These are like It for me in terms of this kind of fic goals. I will wander around muttering “he wants to kiss her bare knee” to myself sometimes and then yell.
  • Drive It Like You Stole It: Ronan/Adam longfic
  • Say When: Ronan/Adam/Gansey again, Adam Topping Everyone, aka My Favorite Thing, also carsex.
  • Constant Stars: Ronan/Adam with a side of Adam/Gansey, aka Adam working through bisexual feelings and his crushes on all of his friends, it’s a Lot Of Feelings & I love it.
  • Dissertation: In Fragments: Calla/Persephone post-BLLB, Get Wrecked Buddy
  • merrily, merrily and onward we go: an Adam/Gansey interlude, like DC but with less emotional explosions and more sex (in the finest fanfic traditions).
  • Not a Dreamer, The Dream: I Definitely Don’t Have Any Deep Abiding Connections to this Fic JUST KIDDING i love this the most. I have “what you settle for colors your past as well as your present” on a post-it on my work computer as a reminder to be Less Awful/To Strive for Flight. It’s Ronan/Adam & Blue/Gansey, it’s surreal as shit, it’s Worth It, I always love when a fic plays with form & structure & language and this is perfect.
  • All I Hear is Your Song (mostly Ronan/Adam)+ its coda (R/A)+ it’s follow up But I Want to Stay (Blue/Gansey/Noah): PROM FIC PROM FIC BEST FRIENDS FEELINGS, very much a brot5 fic(s) PLUS romance PLUS smoochin PLUS feelings. I stayed up late reading these.
  • We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try): I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS STORY??? Roadtrip, bedsharing, blue & ronan best best friends, kissin, a+ life choices.
  • Keep Those Eyes Wide: Ronan and Adam have to have ritual sex to make the ley line happy. one of the best things that happened to me on christmas eve, thank you yuletide.
  • Also I wrote a sort-of Victorian Monsters AU that would be faster to read than explain. <3

THIS SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO GET YOU STARTED I HOPE. There’s a lot of gr8 authors on this list and you can dig through all their fics, and I have probably missed tons more, because this fandom is Vibrant.

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2, 9, 13, and 19 about creating your OCs please?

i swear someday i’ll talk about my other ocs, but it is not this day

everyone else is like ‘we’re good let him do all the work it’s fine’

2. Answered

9. Are they based off of you, in some way?

Very, very indirectly. Most of the time I wish I was someone else, and tend to end up making my OCs into people I want to be like myself. So it’s probably a good thing they’re mostly good people I guess

Still, though, we usually end up putting at least a little bit of ourselves into the OCs we connect with most, don’t we? Like I said before, a part of Adam’s background comes from my own, mainly being raised by an incredibly devout family and being dragged to all these masses and put through sacraments only to end up just… wholly unconcerned with the concept of religion as a whole.

He inherited some of my self-doubt too, sorry son

13. Answered, and most postgame headcanons I even have are about adam’s fake hand that looks like a dragon’s hand and has claws on it, and basically copious amounts of Pavelyan fluff let’s be real

19. What is your favorite fact about your OC?

People seem to think he’s handsome and that makes me very proud

I have so many facts that everything just sort of blends together in my head at this point, but one thing that will forever amuse me about my boy is that he’s been nicknamed “Mountain Goat” for almost as long as I’ve had him. It just sort of happened, and then it kept happening, and I love him for it

[Questions About Creating Your OCs]

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why did you stop believing in Christianity :)

To a degree, I never fully wanted to choose it as my religion. I was born into is as my parents and their parents and so forth were raised that way. It was never something I got to sit down, research all available beliefs and Gods to pick from, and said “yep, this one sounds good!”

I had too many questions growing up that could never be satisfactorily answered. So many things made no logical sense and I couldn’t accept it. I understand some can and find solace in that faith, but my mind and heart don’t work that way. I want a truth that I can understand and explore. I couldn’t swallow the idea that a God was supposedly all knowing, all seeing and all powerful, yet would let millions die every day, let people suffer, let tragedies befall good people, let our world collapse in destruction as it is.

In the past decade I’ve had my eyes opened to a lot of suffering (one of the Buddhist principles in fact). Many people around me have died, many struggled illness both mental and physical, and the learning about our treatment of non human animals only worsened my view of humans/our world. I no longer felt connected to that kind of group. I feel a desperate calling from our universe, our planet, our brothers and sisters. I want to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, free all animals of the prisons we keep them in. I have no interest in worshipping a figure or praying to a man I cannot see or hear. I want to love others and be loved in return. I want to fix the planet, stop the hate and heal the pain.

I don’t believe in heaven and hell. At least, I don’t live by the notion that they are real. They might be, but I don’t think we should spend our one life here on earth dedicated to the idea of being worthy of a place there. I think we should do good deeds for the sake of doing them and helping others, not for where it might take us once our bodies are six feet under the ground.

I really dislike the way religion is taught in the schools and institutions near me. Either they are a school based entirely on one religion and teach that this is true and factual (my dad didn’t even know about evolution because they were told Adam and Eve started humanity and his science teacher was forbidden from answering questions about it), OR its a regular government school that doesn’t teach much about religion at all.

If we are going to live in a world that is made up of so many different chosen organised beliefs, we should at least have an understanding of what each entails. We should be taught about all the main categories of faith, and be able to decide what we want to believe and live by.

Personally organised religion is not something I care strongly for anymore, mostly because of the hate I see from extremists towards certain groups in society (ie people who aren’t straight, people of colour, people who want to get or help provide abortions etc). It terrifies me that the KKK are still alive and practicing today, that there are people in Australia and America who believe the natives of the land are scum and God wouldn’t want them, that there are suicide bombers willing to die and murder others at the supposed wishes of their chosen God. There’s so much violence and pain occurring, all because people think some invisible person wants it to happen. My brain can’t comprehend that. I’ve never been able to comprehend wilfully hurting others, and to do so “in the eyes of God” or on his/her/their behalf just angers me even more as it’s as though they feel like they have an excuse.

I don’t think religion (or rather, one specific religion) should be able to impose laws. Some Christians believe that two people of the same gender should not be in love or marry because they believe the world began with a man named Adam and woman named Eve, and that subsequently the world needs to follow this pattern. To me that is discrimination, but also just an opinion. People are allowed to have opinions, but it should not impose upon the rights of others. If two people want to get married and are not Christian, why should a Christian belief stop them from accessing that basic human right that we all share?

I have no issue with people being religious. I really feel connected to Buddhist principles and mostly identify as such, even some agnostic or atheist ones, and most Christians I know are lovely. I just don’t agree with a lot of the hatred that goes on between each group.

I would love to learn more about the groups and faiths that I’ve not yet had much exposure to in my life xx