and i missed his face

I feel like I need to rewatch SGRS and just pay attention to everything Shin does. I mean I could write essays on Bon’s love for Shin but I always thought it was one sided what with all the talk of brothels and running away with Miyokichi. After episode 11 though I’m not sure. I mean look at his little face! It makes me think I missed something important by focusing on Bon all the time.

I mean what if all the talk of brothels and bringing women home were to get a rise out of Bon because Bon was always very closed with his emotions so maybe Shin felt like he needed to do something dramatic to make him talk about his feelings?

Also when it came to Shin and Miyokichi’s relationship - I feel like a big part of their getting together was Miyokichi not being able to have what she wanted but what if it was double sided and that’s why their relationship was so disastrous?


Level of fluffyness and scruffyness 200%


‘’My last boyfriend wasn’t much of a talker.’’ - Ian Gallagher

Mickey: I need to talk to you. 

Ian: I don’t feel like talking.