and i miss u show

the show Class has 3 female characters, one of which an intelligent black girl, and 3 male characters, one of which is a poc and the other two are gay (an alien and a guy from poland who are dating each other)


What would NCT Do When You Sleep/Lay In Bed With Them? Ten

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  • Giggles 
  • Just seems like a giggler 
  • Also kind of nervous at first but more excited and glad to be close to you
  • Cuddler 
  • Probably koala clings to you 
  • Especially when he’s tired 
  • Either really quiet and spaced out 
  • Or super chatty and talking about everything
  • When’s he’s really tired and spaced out, he’d probably just enjoy you lying next to him 
  • Maybe speaking to him or stroking his arm/chest in a comforting way
  • Just to show you’re there and caring about him
  • Or just cuddling you and holding you really close
  • Or you holding him 
  • But when he’s being more excitable 
  • Would probably talk really loudly and go on about anything
  • Ends up with an arm around you or something 
  • Then moves too much when he’s speaking 
  • and you gotta be like Ten,, calm down,,
  • but he’s all giggly and happy so what can you do
  • gosh he’s cute sorry 
  • even if he doesn’t stare at you when you’re sleeping 
  • you’d stare at him bc he’s beautiful
  • like he wouldn’t want to just watch you, if he was awake and you weren’t he’d just lie there and deal with it so he didn’t wake you up too
  • though sometimes he might wake you up if he couldn’t speak and he needed reassurance or was just really hyped about something and needed to let it out
  • also i feel like he’d want to take cute pictures of you when you’re asleep 
  • so he can use it as his screensaver and constantly tease you lovingly about it 
  • huge dork but also great

What else am I not remembering? I’m crazy. I should have stayed on the meds. I’m crazy, I’m out of my mind. I knew it. I never should have created you. I avoid myself… Why? I’m afraid. Okay, afraid of what? Finding too much, too little, nothing at all. Do I even exist? See me, Elliot Alderson. I am here. Now I’m gone.