and i miss their moment ;;;;;;;;;

Just another day. Just another night spent dreaming and crying about the perfection of captain swan.

I just realized something. 

It does not matter how sick I am, how barely able to get out of bed I am. Nothing keeps me from seeing @fem-mew-nist for lunch. I will call out of work and take my miserably sick ass to see her. That hour is healing, Nothing has or will ever keep me from seeing her for that hour, if I can help it. The bonding that has happened over those hours, the moments that I could have missed, could never be replaced. 

So, who missed me? And more importantly, what have I missed? I made a spur of the moment decision to go on a spa retreat Saturday morning, you know, after spending the better half of my morning picking up plastic cups out of the bushes. 

Oh, and would the owner of a pair of maroon lace panties please speak up? We don’t want your underwear.

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I don't want to sound sappy or anything but even though my depression has returned and I miss Even so much I could cry at any moment, I'm still so glad I watched Skam because it's been one of the most amazing programmes I've ever watched, it's taught me so much and has had such a positive impact on my life I can't regret watching it even though I feel dreadful right now ❤️❤️❤️


A quickly penned letter

“Miss Emberstrom,

I have but a few moments before our ship leaves port, and wanted to send you a brief reassurance that Raerys is in good care.

I remember well our first meeting, upon the steps of the Hall of Respite. That day I was less than honest with you for reasons that until now I could not divulge. 

I am a childhood friend of your dear friend Raerys and have been searching for her and observing her now for a few months. As I am sure you are aware much of her past is shrouded, for her own reasons and those less savory members of her family have created. 

I am one of the Traveler folk I am sure she’s spoken to you of, that used to camp upon her Grandfather’s estates every late spring. I have been hoping to speak to Raerys for some time about incidents in our past that I am sure have caused her great turmoil, as they have for me. 

But, as I am also positive you are aware, her current problems with Opium have hindered my progress. After the Festival, I took a chance and approached her about a reconciliation of sorts, to which she was favorable. 

However, she was also near to overdose and I took it upon myself to spirit her away, to remove the influences in her life that have been either aiding or aggravating her problems. 

Rest assured, in the coming days she will write you herself, once we’ve reached our destination and she has regained her right mind. As I write she is in the berth of the ship, raving and very ill, or I would have had her write you herself.

Please know, that I mean no ill intent toward your dear friend, for she is also my own dearest friend and that as soon as I am confident she is able to resist the temptations of her addiction, I will return her to Silvermoon and her life there.

Respectfully Yours, 
Ambrose Longroad”


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I've always liked Cobert, but I was never a diehard shipper until I rewatched season 6 a few months ago (I know. How stupid of me!). The End Series is one of the very first Cobert fanfics I've read. I was blown away. Completely. I couldn't stop and finished all of the ten chapters at once. You are so good at writing angst! I really like Reaching Ithica and Echo of Memory, too. Now I'm hooked on A Moment Missed. ;) Thank you for the beautiful stories.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you are enjoying the latest fic and that you’ve come over to the Cobert side, lol!!


well I thought it was cute :3c

Beginning to END

“Then come with me” 

“Let’s make a team!!!”

“I knew you’d be here” 

“You’re Lucy of Fairy Tail, right? This is your home”

“You were kind of cool, you know?”


“Does waiting for someone to come home always feel this lonely?” 

“Lucy, come home already…” 

“Do you know how worried I was…?

“What, Natsu, you wanna see?”

“My fated day was… one year ago, today”

“He looks so cute when he sleeps”

“Let’s form a team”

“…It’s always more fun when we’re all together”

“Please somebody…give us courage”

“That’s not true”

“You were amazing!”


“Wah, you make me blush”

“Naaaatsuuuu!!! Help me!!!”


“Guess that leaves me no choice then…”

“That Natsu.”

“Let’s continue on our adventure”

“All you need is to feel the warmth that dwells in your chest”

“He definitely has a good side, huh?”

“That’s Igneel…?”

“Doesn’t he know how lonely I’ll be?!!!”

“Two hearts together again…”

“You comin’?”

“Hey, move yer butt”



”Oh! Sorry!”

“Natsu, quit shouting!”

“Please, answer me…”

“Save Natsu…I’m begging you!”


“Fire Dragon’s…”


“You can let go of me now”

“Lucy!!! Why aren’t you moving?!!!”

“Quit making people worry about you!

“We’ll have to get Natsu to wherever Poluchka-san is”






“You dummy!!!”

“Don’t you dare lose this fight!!”

“To think that Natsu’s very life is in this one little book… That’s just…”