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Begin Again

I originally came up with this prompt for Jyn Erso Appreciation Week prompt “Need” but, well, it takes me forever to write so here we are, a million years later. But in the wise words of @thenewleeland​, Jyn Erso Appreciation Week never really ends ;) A million thanks to @wearesuchstuff1 for her amazing beta work.

Warning: There’s nothing graphic, but there is mention of blood and injuries.

Summary: The one where Jyn clearly knows Han Solo, and Cassian wants to learn how. 

Words: 5311

AO3 /  Below the Cut!

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Yousef Acar is the purest and most kind-hearted man that I’ve ever seen in SKAM. Sure, he’s got his faults and flaws but the thing that I love most about him is the fact that even when he’s stopped being a Muslim, he is still choosing to be a good person. He loves his friends, he has a job and he is respectful towards other people. When Sana opened up to him about her strong faith, he LISTENED. He understood where she’s coming from and he didn’t even tell her that what she believed in is wrong. I understand where he’s coming from because I also have questions regarding my religion but he’s literally still encouraging and reminding Sana about her Faith and Religion. He is not trying to change her thoughts/opinions; he is encouraging her to keep it. That’s what their relationship is supposed to be like: a relationship with differences and how they’re still balancing their own lives despite being together. Sana will probs doubt her faith but Yousef will always be there to remind her of its importance. Like, I cannot stress just how beautiful that man is. He is incredibly understanding towards her and I will RIOT if he will not be in the last clip without any reasonable REASONS. Ya hear me, Julie? I just want to see Yousef Acar one last time, before I’ll say goodbye to SKAM. It’s finally ending and I am having a hard time letting go of all the characters that I have grown to love so much.


You may have seen Universal Studios Hollywood’s Waterworld stunt show before. You may not have. It’s the best theme park show ever based on an objectively terrible Kevin Costner film.

The movie sucked, but the show based on it at USH is amazing to see, even after the 22 years that it’s been around.

And for anyone not aware, the performers in this show are not just stuntpeople who work for Universal in the theme park. Each and every one of them works in television or movies. This is their second job, which they do for fun.

(Video from audience point of view is here – if you’ve never seen the show, I HIGHLY advise you to watch the audience POV before you watch the video above from the point of view of the stuntpeople who make the show work). 


God Don’t Leave Me (Sana Bakkoush)

“You’re a good person.”

by Briony / red-jamie

cancelling sense8 was like destroying art. the show had the stories of:

i) a closeted hispanic gay man coming to terms with being outed and accepting himself as a gay man in the public eyes - doing all this just to ensure that he can continue being with the man of his dreams

ii) a compassionate kenyan man with a dream and hope fighting for the injustices of class disparity (he is also in a relationship with an extremely intelligent bisexual black woman who, despite coming from a different class than him, is attracted by the purity of his heart)

iii) an intelligent trans woman in a relationship with an equally intelligent black woman - the relationship of which is extremely trusting, tolerating, caring, gentle, and beautiful. (plus, the intelligent black woman grew up with three fathers and within an extremely open and accepting LGBT community who would protect the two even if it meant endangering themselves)

iv) an independent indian woman whose eager to find love over the simplicity of a good marriage. on top of that she has an indian father who defies the stereotypical indian man, who has her back no matter what, who is a CHEF rather than a businessman (this is a big fucking deal for us who knows about asian arches)

v) a south korean woman who is petite, adorable – and yet so very dangerous and courageous. who is a master in martial arts, whose storyline is dedicated on fighting the misogyny she faced all of her life. on top of that, her romantic storyline was going to be with a man who worships her for exactly who she is.

vi) there was going to be an epic interracial couple, the relationship of which shows how the right person can open up someone, can make their heart soft, can forgive all the sins that have been weighing them down

vii) it also discussed religion, art, sexuality, science, philosophy, among other topics; in such thought-provoking manner…

this show was an embodiment of art and its destruction is unforgivable…