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Devil's Tempt Pt. 1

Genre: Devil Au, Soulmate au

Pairing: Reader x Devil!Taehyung

Warning: Mention of smut?

Soulmate au: Only the soulmate of a non human being can see the being. No other human can.

It was a simple day. You were just walking to your best friend’s house, a pair of headphone hanging on your neck, your hands stuck in the pocket of your hoodie as you ignored every other existence of others. That was the life of you, a middle school girl.

But one caught your eye. You always had kept your eyes on the ground as you walked, never letting anything grab your attention, but you smelled something really nice, a smell that you just could not describe, but it was intoxicating. You looked up, and your eyes widened, staring with shock at the man a few couple feet away from you.

The man was cloaked in a simple suit, an open blazer to show how tight the white dress shirt was against his hard chest. His face was sculpted to such perfection you almost believed that he was not human. You could catch his scent from this far, a gentle, subtle scent that seemed a little too addicting. His blonde hair tousled messily, brushing slightly against the wind, his dark eyes deep and mysterious. What was the most stunning was the large raven black wings tucked behind his back, still visible from the front, as the black feathers fluttered ever so slightly to the strong breeze.

You were speechless at the absolutely beautiful being in front of you, mentally engraving his perfection into your mind as you turned your glance to the ground again, not wanting to stare so boldly at the gorgeous stranger. As you brushed past him, you caught a strong whiff of his scent, your legs almost buckling beneath you as you struggled to continue walking normally.

You swallowed thickly, breathing in heavily as you quickly made your way to your best friend’s house to finish up on an assignment.

“Yah! (Y/N)! Why are you so disracted?!” Your best friend snapped at you, shaking you by the shoulder to get you out of your world. She was practically going insane, you were not answering her at all, barely paying a single attention, and the random mumbles of ‘gosh he’s so beautiful.’

You turned to look at her with a expression that showed that you were still in your on fantasy world. “(B/F/N)-ah…he’s such a drop-dead gorgeous…” You mumbled, a part of you not wanting to believe that you were so taken aback by this stranger. She rolled her eyes, letting out a sigh.

“Sure, (Y/N), tell me more.”

“He’s got that beautiful black wings, and his eyes are just-”

“Black wings?” Your friend interrupted you, her eyes showing disbelief. You did not want to believe that a human could have wings either, but then, there would not be a human as handsome as he is.

“Black wings are the wings of a devil, (Y/N)! There are devils on earth, fallen angels that commited a sin of a human’s, and only very, very selected few can see them.” She said very seriously. You thought she was kidding, but her tone and the look in her eyes told you otherwise.

“No wonder he was so devillishly handsome,” You joked, laughing slightly, watching as your best friend rolled her eyes again.

“(Y/N) I’m being serious now! Devils do exist!! And you better not go near them! They are extremely tempting, and you will be reliant to them for the rest of your life!!”

“Okay, okay.”

Years passed, and and you were at your wits’ end, fed up with your boss, scoffing at couples in love. You glared at the boy who just would not stop asking for your attention and you gave him your attention with your fist in his face. You were doing decent in your work, and with an innocent smile, you could get away with punching irritating males, but you felt as if something was missing.

You had quite a good memory, and yet, you felt as if you forgotten something important. Something that had impacted you greatly, left your heart pounding at light’s speed, but, what was it? You sighed, standing up from the bench as you started to walk to your favourite food store.

You walked down the noisy street, clammered with students, either hands on their lovers’ ass, or simply laughing at something idiotic. You clicked your tongue, your habit of staring at the ground as you walked kicked in.

And it was then, you caught a whiff of familiar smell that could make your legs go weak any moment. You glanced up, and you suddenly remembered. It was him. You could recognize him from the back because of his folded black wings, but then, you realized that there was a small blood trail behind him.

You rushed forward, only to see the familiar drop-dead gorgeous stranger whose white dress shirt seemed to stained with blood. “Oh my god! Are you okay?!” You gaped, staring at the blood in horror, wondering if it belonged to him or someone else.

The man tilted his head slightly, as if he did not expected anyone to speak to him, his eyes slightly wide as he spoke with a deep, thrilling voice, “How can you see me?” Your body jolted at his voice, your nerves shaking with excitment as you quickly tried to calm yourself.

“Uh, I just can? B-but are you okay? You seem pretty injured.” You stuttered, trying to keep your cool, barely able to keep your thoughts straight. The man looked at you with a curious expression, almost as if wondering what was wrong.

“I’m fine, the blood doesn’t belong to me. Who are you, if I may ask?” He asked, looking at you a little too intently. You almost let out a gasp from his dark eyes, his intense stare, as if you were the only thing in the world he would ever lay his eyes upon.

“I-I’m (Y/N), and y-you?” You spoke, swallowing quickly, breathing in deeply to try to calm your pounding heart. The man’s eyes widened, his soft pink lips slightly apart as he ran his hand through his messy blonde hair, almost as if he was lost in thought, his hand stretching out to grab your wrist, dragging you to somewhere quieter without a whole lot of noisy high school students.

Hey, you weren’t complaining. It was not like you could reject (or resist) someone like him.

“(Y/N)…God, how long has it been? 2 centuries?” You heard him mutter under his breath, closing his eyes slightly as if trying to recall something. You stared at his long eyelashes, jumping up a little as his eyes fluttered open to reveal his dark orbs. “I’m Taehyung. Good to see you again, kitten.” He said with a wide playful smile, completely different from the calm un-smiling man a few seconds ago.

“K-kitten?” You stuttered, your heart pounding against your chest painfully as you struggled to keep your cheeks from heating up.

His lips curled into a small smirk. “It’s hilarious to see how flustered you would always get everytime I call you that, kitten.” The man said, brushing his thumb against your cheek slightly, causing that area to heat up, a little too hot for your liking. You let out a small whimper, causing his smirk to grow even wider. “That’s right, kitty, let me hear that more. God, you’re even more beautiful than your previous life.” Taehyung purred, gazing at you with his half lidded eyes, dragging his tongue across his bottom lip slowly, almost as if to tease you.

“Previous l-life?” You questioned nervously. So, he really is a devil, huh? You swallowed nervously, all doubts and questions somehow leaving your mind. Your mind went blank, only able to focus on him, his teasing actions and that smirk, it was driving you crazy.

“That’s right, kitten. It was a pity that you died at a young age, I didn’t even had that chance to relish you yet, such a pity. And yet, here you are, such a beauty, my cute little kitten. I have to have a taste, in case you leave me again.” Taehyung muttered, his voice low and husky, and you were practically melting from his voice. A shiver went down your spine as you let out a small unintentional moan, too captivated by the addicting voice he had. Your eyes widened when you realized what kind of sound you just made as you covered your mouth in embarassement.

He raised a brow, leaning down to reach your height, his hand pulling yours away from your mouth as his thumb rubbed against your bottom lip. “No, no, kitty, don’t cover your voice. It’s so fucking sweet, let me hear it again.” Taehyung hissed against your ear, as you trembled, feeling his hot breath tickled your skin, dragging his lips down your jaw. Your mind practically went blank by now, and you would have completely succumb to his burning hot touches if not for your best friend.

“YAH! DEVIL! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH (Y/N)!” You heard your best friend’s voice as your half lidded eyes snapped open, completely out of the trance as she grabbed you, pulling you behind her as she stood herself in between you and the devil. “(Y/N), what did I tell you?! Don’t go near the devil! He will tempt you!” She scolded angrily, glaring at Taehyung, who simply smiled at you.

“Tempt? That’s quite a negative word, I would never trick my little kitty, never.” Taehyung said on mock defense, smirking at you slightly, pleased at how overwhealmed you were when he barely even touched you. “Later, kitty-cat, make sure you don’t give those sweet lips of yours to anyone else~” His playful tone turned dark and authoritative. “Or else, bad kitties will have to be punished.”

Your friend simply glared at Taehyung as he walked off.

Your legs completely stopped working under you as you fell, but your best friend managed to catch you quickly. “(Y/N)?! What’s wrong? Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” She asked worriedly, but anything you were feeling right now was anything but pain. It was the pure, sweet pleasure, and it was driving you absolutely insane how a man’s voice filled with such authority can rile you up so much.

“Yeah…I’m fine…probably,” you mumbled, your voice cracked as you tried to stand up. She let out a sigh, allowing you to lean against her for support.

“That’s what happen when you play with risks. So stay away from the devils, (Y/N). You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

A/N i wanted this to be a fluffy soulmate au but my mind wondered away haha. Should I continue with fluff or with smut? Its been 2 years since I wrote smut 😅 So bear with me if the next few chaps are weird lol

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“People keep saying that we didn’t vote for Brexit to make us all poorer. Well, WE did!”

unpopular opinion (controversial maybe)

I know this might be controversial but I feel like I have to say it because it’s a pet peeve of mine and I think some of you agree. But I don’t like it when certain kpop fanfiction writers who are not Korean and most likely do not speak Korean use part of the language in a messy way and butcher it.

Like by all means speak Korean if you want but once you’ve had a decent amount of education and knowledge on it. Like the only 4 words you learned from Korean dramas don’t count. I’m talking about constantly using “oppa~” and “jagi~” or “saranghae” and “annyeong”.

It’s not only cringy but it’s kind of insulting. I mean I’m not Korean, I’m Mexican-American (which means I speak Spanish), but I understand what it’s like for someone to have an interest in my culture but not take the time to properly research it and get to know it past what the media shows.

And I’m not the only one who feels that way, a bunch of my Korean friends say the same thing. My friend Jin always gets texts from this one Koreaboo trying to speak to her in Korean (with no Korean education) but butchers it and it literally infuriates my friend.

But my point is if you are going to use the Korean language in your fanfics, please do your research and take the time to appreciate and not appropriate the culture.

(Btw I’m not calling out any specific accounts or authors because I respect their work, I’m just speaking in general from what I’ve seen.)

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Can you do a slight fluff/suggestive of sombra helping a reader she sees who's cybernetic leg is malfunctioning?

Have some sombra fluff and and obvious flirting!

“Another malfunction, eh Chica/Chico?”

“ You know me and my leg,” you smiled sheepishly at the hacker, “don’t like to go more than a couple weeks without having some sort of problem.”

“I think I might have noticed something like that,” she told you as she pulled out a repair kit.

You weren’t entirely sure how this had happened, one time you were fiddling with you leg in a backroom trying to get it to work at least semi-properly so you could get back to your room and work on it there. The purple-haired hacker had found you, took one look at your leg, and told you she had something that could help that knee. And it had, that particular part hadn’t needed repair since; the rest of the leg was another matter. It hadn’t been the greatest quality prosthetic to begin with, and after years of wear it was falling apart under you.

But somehow, whenever another part broke Sombra was there to help you fix it. You’d lost track of how many times she’d helped you, and you had to admit you’d started falling for her somewhere along the line. Not that you were ever going to tell her that of course.

“Hmmmmm, do me a favor and take off your leg? I need to get a better look at it.”

You were a little confused, she’d never asked you to take the leg all the way off. Damn it, this must a serious break this time. You complied with her request and handed her your leg.

She set it on one end of her worktable the picked a box up off the floor. Opening it, she teasingly said, “I got a little surprise for you, hope you don’t mind,” and pulled out a brand new, state-of-the-art, prosthetic leg.

You gasped. It couldn’t be! But Sombra was already fitting it against your leg and making a couple of minor adjustments.

“Sombra, no. I can’t -”

“Geez, don’t you know how to accept a gift? Besides, it’s not like I’ve got any use for it.”

“At least let me repay you,” you told her. You wracked your brain for something a middling, Talon paper pusher could do for one of the organization’s best agents.

“You know something, there was something I wanted to ask you,” she stood and grinned slyly at you, “You wanna go get coffee? And not that swill the mess hall, real coffee.”

Was…. Was she asking you on a date. Looking at her grin you realized that she knew exactly what was going through your mind.

You stood on your new leg, taking a moment to marvel at how well it fit you before looking her in the eye and saying, “Did you have a time in mind?” with a grin of your own.

“I was thinking ‘why wait?’ let’s go now.

“Then let’s go.” 

i haven’t been feeling.. great. about this blog, or in general. both physically and mentally. the anon hate i was getting on top of irl stuff really did a number on my depression and confidence in my portrayal, as a roleplayer/ writer. this was my safe space, and the same things are happening that drove me to leave my naminé blog.

i’m,, too stubborn to remake, and honestly with the amount of content i have on this one moving would be a nightmare, so i’m just going to revamp. probably not my theme, because that was only messed with recently, but i’m going to delete a lot of drafts, i might unfollow people who have been inactive, finally rewrite ren’s backstory to be more-ish canon compliant. i might change my url or psd but i highly doubt it. i’m going to limit the amount of ships i have, especially if we have more than one.

i’m still writing, everything is just going in the queue. i just need a little time to get my motivation back.

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I have a request!: history professor McCree who can get pretty long winded when it comes to things he's passionate about. Maybe reader just started dating him and he's afraid he talks too much and that it might push them away but the truth is they LOVE listening to him talk. They are always learning something new from him! Reader IS NOT a student of his but someone he met outside of work. Thank you so much 💜💙❤

&& History professor McCree is my W E A K N E S S, thank you for sending this in!! <3 @afterglowingassassin

{ McCree }

“An’ what’s interestin’ is how after the Greeks’ ban of midwives due to the expansive knowledge they had on childbirth, abortion, an’ contraception even,” McCree was eased back into his chair, his hands gesturing as they followed along his speech. “is how Agnodice managed to attend medical school an’ study gynecology because of the high mortality-” The professor paused, his words starting to trip over themselves and trail off as he caught your gaze.

“Agh, sorry, darlin’, I know I tend to rattle on sometimes. Can’t seem to get a good rein on my mouth when I get all excited an’ gung-ho ‘bout this stuff.” He brought his hand behind his neck and bowed his head to hide the blush that was starting to creep up to his ears.

“No, Jesse, you don’t have to stop. I was giving you that look because I honestly like to listen to you. You have a good way of explaining things and you’re so passionate and you’ve got this… this charm about you when you talk about what you love.” You said, smiling. The blush he had only seemed to get even deeper.

“Aw, sweetpea, you’re honest-to-god turnin’ me into a cherry.” He said, trying to hide his face from you as you leaned into his side and craned your neck up to give him a smooch on the cheek. “Truth be told, no one’s ever really put up with my yammerin’ if they didn’t have to.” He says, hugging you close to him, his face buried into your hair.

“Well, those people just didn’t have an appreciation of history-loving cowboys, did they?” You say, giving him a light pat. McCree gave you a look filled with adoration right before giving you a kiss. You could feel his lips curl into a smile as he did. As you broke apart, you beamed at him. “Now, tell me more about this Agnodice and how she single-handedly saved the medical-career of women in Ancient Greece.”

McCree only seemed more invigorated than he was before, jumping back into his mini-lecture with a smile.

In circle

I have written in this book; our book. And always I draw circles along the margins; a series of circles; small and wide. I drift in thought when I do this; lose the train of what I’d like to say while writing. I tap my fingernails upon the desk when I cannot. Impatiently, I search to control my message and this creates a long pause between what I feel versus which words to use, and how they should be expressed according to format. I yearn to cohesively tell you the extraordinaire; what is unforgettable; what might now be taboo between us, but I fail. Always the same three words ignite as a neon sign before my screen, but this is not enough. Instead, I offer quips of honesty, while I rub one of my sandals awkwardly upon the other foot, as I sit. But I do look outside myself, and you should know that is to look into your eyes; that you may clearly hear my heart.

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Shizuoka lowkey made me realise how hecking gay I was

ngl she was hella pretty like… i’ll rag on Hino’s writing till I’m blue in the face, but her first arc was pretty solid writing-wise and her art was really nice near the peak end of arc one verging on two, so Shizuka had some pretty moments through that first arc of the series.

I might not have the same level of gayness towards Shizuka as you, anon, but I respect it. Like this part was hella pretty:  

Even tho she was an antagonist she was a pretty one and one I respect as a villain. lol

Important -Going On Hiatus-

Hey everyone! It’s Vagabond, and I have a few things I need to let you know.

Currently, I’m going through what might be the biggest writing block I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. It’s almost painful to me as an aspiring author and lover of roleplaying, but when I sit down to write lately it has become very, very difficult. You may know me on a lot of different blogs and are wondering if I’m putting all of them on hiatus, and the answer is almost, but not quite all.

Hiatus (only coming on to look at dash and like posts, maybe send and reblog memes to answer much later, but not roleplaying for the time being)

Semi-Hiatus (not replying to a whole lot, but doing some easier stuff for me to do)

No Hiatus (self explanatory)

Here’s a list:

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I hope you all understand that I’m going through a lot right now, trying to get through summer school to retrieve missing credit and dealing with an exceedingly toxic home environment and aren’t too upset by my decision. Thank you, so much for being patient with me !

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Hey, first of all I would like to say I LOVE the work you do on this blog, you're amazing! Second, I was wondering if you knew about this one fic. It's modern AU, and Uther starts getting 'gay advice' from Merlin after Arthur comes out, and eventually tries to play matchmaker for them. I was pretty sure it was a pretty popular one on the first few pages when you organize by kudos, and now I'm worried it might have been deleted since I kind find it :c

It used to be locked on AO3, but the author seems to have deleted their account and their fics. But luckily it’s still on kinkmeme. This fic always makes me laugh because its so absurd. My favorite line is when Uther writes: “Congratulations on your homosexuality. I am proud of you.

For Your Information by anon

Word Count: 9,846 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: Merlin sighs. “After your…announcement,” he explains, “your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I’m sort of like his gay tutor, it’s hard to explain.”

Okay so I'm just gonna write a little about KS antis

I do get a lot of your points, honestly I do, I’ve been a victim of abuse, and when I first read the comics I was even almost sick, but what you gotta understand is that’s the aim, it’s meant to scare you. You’re suppose to feel that way and yeah having PTSD it might make it more intense for you, but other people that don’t have ptsd won’t feel that same sicking feeling you will.

Also me being a lesbian I can see about the “Cis white girls fetishing gay men” but that is always gonna happen, the same way straight men tend to fetish lesbians, it’s not gonna stop anytime soon irl or in fiction.

But about this comic being homophobic? Or giving gay relationships a bad reputation? I can’t see that anywhere- this FICTIONAL relationship is unhealthy, and abusive. If it was a straight comic would you be saying it was giving ALL straights a bad reputation? No cause they’re a lot of movies and books in this world with heavily abusive straight cis relationships.

You’re all blowing your top over a comic? You have blogs dedicated to hating a comic? Why would you invest so much time into a comic you hate? You say we need help, but I think you need a happier hobby.

I respect your opinions and yeah this comic is crazy and I’m not surprised you don’t like it, but you have to remember that people have different tastes, some people like Disney some like horror and some like both, but you just gotta let it be no one is gonna stop reading because you don’t like the story, just don’t follow the blogs or look at the tags you don’t need to waste your time like this.

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Today I saw a gifset of jori and I thought fuck, they were my OTP when I was like 12 years old so why not go back to the good times when all I used to do was read fics about them? And I re-read Streetlights and wtf how dare you make me feel stuff as if I actually had a heart, screw you Jack. (But actually that fic it's a fucking masterpiece it was so great omg one of the best jori fics I've ever read and it's been 5 years and I still love it omg thank you for writing it)


I think I might have fucking PEAKED with Jori, god bless them and Victorious. 

But omg thank you that is entirely too kind and I’m glad that my garbage fics still bring you joy :’) <3

Hello there!

Just wanted to say hi and welcome to all the new followers I’ve gotten over the last week or two. I assume most of you came via the Sanvers Week 2k17 challenge which is super amazing and humbling to this little ‘ol lesbian who loves to write and sometimes has the time to do so. 

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I’ve rounded up my current fics for y’all below that are out there if you’d like to read more. Sanvers first and then Supercorp (my primary ship for writing). If you have a prompt, feel free to send it my way and I’ll do my bestest! {With the caveat that I have an infant son and he doesn’t always like to share his time so I might be a little delayed in getting to them. It’s okay… if you saw how cute he was you’d understand!}


Sanvers Week Challenge on AO3

Themes were intimacy, nerd girlfriends, you’re drunk, hogwarts au, domestic, and smut (I have not yet completed day 7′s challenge of ‘soulmates’. I will dammit! I will!). 

Rated G-E. Running theme is parent!Sanvers



Rated G; A story about Lena and Kara’s relationship. (Or… Lena has been pretty much as damaged as you can get by people who said that they’ve loved her before. Will Kara be any different?)


Rated G; Lena finds out that Kara is Supergirl. It does not go well.

Trust Me

Rated M/E; Trust is an important thing. And Lena has her own secret identity. 

Anger and Release

Rated M/E; What happens when Supergirl and Lena Luthor get into a war of words and a sparring over ethics? Smut of course… with a dash of feelings. (Or… Lillian is dead, Supergirl goes to tell Lena, angry {but consensual! always consensual!} sex ensues, and there may or may not be some angsty feels.)

Trying New Things

Rated M/E; Prompt request for spanking during sex (mild kink, super fluffy and without a doubt consensual)

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Do you think potential readers would be turned off by the lack of dialogue in the beginning of my story? The story starts with my main character alone, and they don't really have anyone to talk to so dialogue is scarce in the first few pages/first chapter. Would it be better to find ways to incorporate more dialogue instead of relying more on description, even though I only have one character in the scene?

You don’t always need a ton of dialogue in a story, and if the writing is good readers will keep reading, whether there’s dialogue there or not. 

Now, one thing that might hurt a tiny bit is that dialogue helps with characterization and getting to know who your character is in that opening chapter. One way around that is to use a bit of inner dialogue for your character. You don’t need to be excessive with it - just a little bit sprinkled in here and there can give your readers a taste of who your character is, their thoughts, their way of thinking/speaking, etc. 

This isn’t wholly necessary, but it’s one writing style you can use if you really feel the need to break up all that summary/description. I suggest just giving it a try and seeing if it works for you! 

*Edited to add: And inner dialogue doesn’t need to be direct thoughts written onto the page. It can be a summary of thoughts. There are different ways to go about it.

— I have a series of “default” opinions that Regulus has towards many characters in the series (mainly those who would have existed around the time of the Marauders Era/first war), all of which are flexible based on the individual character interpretations.

I intend on writing these up and sticking them in my About for plotting purposes but until I do that please feel free to ask me, if you are wondering how our characters might interact!

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Well since you have a backup plan then maybe you should cut it to see what happens

First I have to make sure I am doing the scientific method,

1) Ask the Question:

What would happen if I chopped off my right foot?

2) Do research

I have data I collected from chopping off my left hand, this should suffice as my research of missing limbs, but not exactly the exact thing I am trying to answer.

3) Construct a hypothesis

And suddenly I am too tired to actually do that. Might be the blood loss. I should write that down.

I didn’t hate the reveal. It was a great twist to the original reveal in the books. Twins! Twins everywhere! I guess one of Allison and Emily’s daughter’s is going to be evil/psychopathic? That’s the trend, right?

Anyway, point is, the finale wasn’t that bad in terms of WHO A.D. was, the execution was just so so so so so so so sloppy. I’m not sure if I expected better or what, but the resolution took five minutes, and it was literally Jenna’s sense of smell that saved everyone. 

Troian killed it, though. Like, at the end of the day, her performance is the one reason I might actually rewatch the finale. 

I really don’t want to write a long post about this show, so simply…some characters deserved better and others deserved less and there was skeezy shit that was swept under the rug that I’ll never be OK with. 

And the reveal and resolution should have taken more than 45 minutes.

Toby and Spencer forever. 


Random DnD Worldbuilding
  • Male tieflings wearing skirts because having custom pants tailored to accommodate their tails is too much of a hassle
  • Firefighter clerics, wizards, and druids
  • (and the apologetic sorcerer that probably started the fire by mistake)
  • Young, forty-something dwarves joining druid circles and protesting the damage their clan mining does on the environment
  • Everyone gives up trying to categorize sexuality when a half-elf can bring their cute dragonborn boyfriend home to meet their family
  • Human kids having an awesome bearded dwarf vodka-aunt that adventured with a great-grandparent decades ago and gives the best presents
  • Ok but there are several disciplines of magic that let you bring people back from the dead wtf
  • Young punk elves barely in their 80s but yelling at humans “Check yourself knave I made out with your grandma before she even had your Da.”
  • Wizards for Familiar Rights
  • Spellcasters using ‘alter self’ and switch genders at will
  • A giant half-Orc mom adopting street kids and giving them shoulder rides
  • A normal human whose sibling was born a tiefling beating up village kids who mistreat them
  • Integrated cities made to accommodate smaller folk like halflings and gnomes
  • Would alchemists be the ones to concoct magic medications for psych disorders? Are divination clerics and wizards psychologists?
  • Convoluted age laws because a half-orc is an adult at 15 but an elf isn’t considered of-age until their first century.
  • Maybe democracies aren’t a thing in Faerûn because all you’d need is a few necromancers to literally have dead people voting
  • Bard rock bands
What if...

“Plagg, claws out.”

“Huh? Wait, Adrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee—!”


He’s so tired. So dead tired.

He’s so tired that he can barely function.

Still, as the model Agreste son, he has to make sure to uphold his image, just as his father taught him.

So he straightens his back and adjusts the strap of his backpack against his shoulder, and enters the classroom.

His classmates are all quiet but he doesn’t mind. He’s too sleepy to care.

He stifles a yawn and takes his seat next to Nino, giving him a casual, “hey.”

“Uhh?” Nino responds blankly.

Huh, he must be sleepy too. What a true bro.

He turns around to greet Marinette and Alya.

Alya is gaping and has her hand out like she’s texting on her phone. But her phone seems to have fallen on her desk.

Marinette is staring at him like he’d grown fifty-seven heads and laid an egg.

Seems just like usual then.

“Good morning,” he says to them, hoping the smile he offers them doesn’t look too tired.

Marinette’s eyes widen like he just sprouted an additional fifty-eighth head.

He has no energy to contemplate that so he turns around and lays his head on his desk, hoping to catch a few Z’s before roll-call.

And it’s roll-call that wakes him only a few minutes later.

“Adrien Agreste,” the voice of Miss Bustier calls out.

So he raises his hand and says—

And then he is jolted awake when Marinette starts screaming from behind him.

What if… Adrien was so sleepy that he just walks into class as Chat Noir?

Marichat May (What If…)