and i might do it again in a better way

Abled person: *Says/does something ableist*

Disabled person: You said/did something ableist *tries to give a better way to say/do it- but are interrupted*

Abled person: Impossible!! I have a (co-worker/pet/partner/family/etc.) who has (insert disability)!


Dude, my pal, even my hearing mother- who is a great smart person-does Ableist things, even my siblings, who intend the best. (Heck even I-a deaf person with disabling chronic pain do this too! I try to not do the same thing again though.) You might be doing ableist things without realizing it. We’d appreciate it if you would listen to what we have to say and fix your ways, not tell us how to feel when you clearly don’t understand a thing about our experiences.

I saw a drawing by @hvit-ravn (I love their art so much and the way they draw human anatomy is astounding to me. Plus, their art of Kíliel is what inspired me to draw them more often. *throws self into the garbage*) and immediately, I had the idea to do Kíliel. And what’s better than family feels? Almost nothing. So here, have (a very pregnant) Tauriel (again) and Kíli with their babes, Eliel and Gilion. I always imagined Eliel being the spit and image of Tauriel, and Gilion the same way with Kíli. The personalities, though… that’s a different story ;)

I just want to say thank you to those who have said such nice comments about my art! I love all y’all. I’ve been getting messages and it’s just making my life a little brighter. I don’t normally do this, but if anyone has any requests, send them to me! I could always use the ideas!

Also, I might be writing a fic about Kíliel, including them having a little family. But I’m on the fence about it. Thoughts?

Just like these derpy weirdos, I’m currently off on a trip!

UNlike them, my anthropomorphic car doesn’t go at the speed of cartoon physics, so I can’t be back at the computer right to make this evening’s posts.

You might say Shaggy would have been better prepared, but Shaggy was never busy photographing charity galas, now was he?

As such, today & tomorrow, SDM will do what all ‘70s TV shows did when they had no content: re-purpose old crap, and show it again!

Time to reblog some all-time bests… and maybe even share some of the funny things I’ve seen along the way here.


craictropical  asked:

My goldfish who is 13 years old has just recently been swimming upside down and floating. It said online that she probably has a swim bladder disorder. Is there any way to fix it and make her better again? She's still eating and her gills are still going it's just that she's upside down at the top of the tank.

The problem is that swim bladder problems aren’t caused by a single thing. So maybe there’s something you can do to rectify it, either through a vet visit or a husbandry change, but I’m not the right person to talk to. 

Here’s some links that might help you figure out where to start: (1)(2)

Reaction (iKon): You put your hand down his pants to get his attention

Junhoe: “Ooh baby, I like it when you grab me there. You should do it again.”

Originally posted by alittlepessimistic

Yunhyeong: “Did my jagiya need my attention? Well princess, how may I be of service?” 

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B.I: “If you want my attention, there are way better ways than that. You might just end up getting a different kind of attention if you do that again.” 

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Jinhwan: “Killer plan babe. You’ve got my attention now.”

Originally posted by teambgasm

Bobby: “Really babe? That accomplished me dazing out and picturing where that should’ve gone, not getting you my attention.”

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Donghyuk: “Oh my god babe, did you seriously just do that?”

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Chanwoo: “Oh jesus jagiya. You’ve certainly got my attention now.”

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Thankful for You

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: mentions of depression that might be triggering.

A/N: Thanksgiving drabble. I know it’s late, but better late than never, I guess. This is a piece of trash, so apologizes in advance. Also I’m stuck on Soul Reditum, so not sure what to do with that one. For those of you with depression, I love all and am sending you hugs <3 This does have a fluffy ending, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Also, the Harvelles make an appearance, just because I love them so much.

You’d hit a rough patch—again. You’d thought the depression was getting better, but that was usually the way of it: just when you thought you had the hang of it, it would come back and bite you in the butt again. But, then again, half of it was because of your situation. The last hunt was rough.

You and the Winchesters had been friends for years and took hunts on and off together. You’d worked with lots of hunters in your meager five years of hunting, but the Winchesters held a special place in your battered little heart—especially Sam. You’d liked him ever since you first met him at Bobby’s, way back when you were 13. You thought he could never possibly return the feelings and you tried to keep a distance while still staying on good terms with him. You’d even had some relationships on and off, but none of them had worked out. You’d tried one-night stands before, but they weren’t your thing. Either you caught feelings or the lack thereof made you ridiculously uncomfortable the whole night. You didn’t know how Dean did it.

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hey look at this wip 

This is a stress relief picture that turned into way more than a silly doodle. I was inspired by @floofleplier‘s AU with Mark, Jack, Danny, and Arin bending the 4 elements. You can read more into it here.

This was something to take a break in between my contest art. I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out c:

Speed Paint

ok anyone with tinnitus listen up

so i’ve been having tinnitus for about a month (or more) known this is just my way of coping with it and actually making it stop a bit

so for starters i had the same thoughts as anyone else with tinnitus 

“i’m never gonna hear silence again”

“it’s gonna ruin my life”

“it will get worst” etc.

but please don’t think that way AT ALL. the thing i do is basically trick my brain i guess you can say hehe. what i do is i tell my self “yeah i may never hear silence again but that’s ok, it might even get better” think positive things don’t panic or have anxiety attacks (like i have done) because you have to remember tinnitus is your nerves that is messed up and it’s already in overdrive so panicking, feeling nervous, having anxiety will only make it worst because the nerves will act up even more

another thing is (and i want you to do) is just walk around your house for a moment and listen to the noises you hear coming form electronics, machines, nature sounds, etc. notice how everyday those are noises that’s naturally tuned out, that you don’t even notice? treat your tinnitus like that. now I’m not saying it will happen in a day because It will take time but pretend your tinnitus is the refrigerator  sound or a sound from your laptop etc, i pretend my tinnitus is the air conditioner it it helps! my tinnitus is tuned out and even before bed it’s like nothing to me so now I’m catching up on sleep :) just don’t think of it as tinnitus think of it as “that noise i hear in the background everyday that i never notice”

another thing is distracting yourself! try everything you absolutely can to distract yourself from it. at night i use  often read or will just think about the most random things or i would close my eyes and imagine things. i would even pinch my arm and think like “no, don’t think about tinnitus!” lol i would scold myself. mostly i would listen to music, get on the laptop, dance, sing, beat box (I’m so horrible at it XD) whatever just to take my mind off of it. 

so i do that and noticed it’s like i forget my tinnitus for DAYS. always remember that you have a life, don’t let tinnitus control it or hold it make. overcome it

if you guys have any questions about tinnitus or questions about my tinnitus please just inbox 

lewiscarrolatemybrain  asked:

When I have writers block I find playing games makes me feel creative again, like I'll make madlibs out of my own old stories for friends to fill out, for example. You could do something like that with your followers? Maybe give us a handful of stuff to alchemise and see what we come up with? Or the other way around, pick something crazy and have us say what we think it's made of. Just something to make the creative process fun again, yanno? IDK if this will help you, but I hope you feel better!

I might try those methods, they sound pretty fun!

And thanks man!!

anonymous asked:

I know I'm getting worse again, but thank you Rae, and all the anons for being here. You have helped me this far so I guess I might as well keep going. I love you all and I hope you are doing better. <3 - anathema anon

you can do this, my love.
im with you all the way!

I used to be better than this.

I used to be better than a girl who thinks about everything, who couldn’t rest her mind out of the erupted thoughts scattered everywhere. I used to control it, to grasp the authority of thinking but then it has been a long way and I think I lost the power to do so. I think I focused too much on being terrified what the future might throw in my face instead of paying attention to what I have in my hands right now.

It feels like I am losing myself again. And I am so scared that I already lost me. It took me awhile to be able to regain the pieces of me left from all the windstorm of problems that passed in my life and I am so afraid of not knowing what’s happening and just found myself on the same pit I came from. I cannot go through it again. And I know, I know that all I have right now is myself. Because I am the only one who can understand me though I don’t really understand me. I don’t want to waste my time trying to make people around me understand what I am going through because I, myself, cannot even put a word on it. I don’t know what the hell is happening but all I’m aware of is that I’m being slowly subsumed into a place oh-so-familiar. I am seeing those doors again; same place, same darkness. I know that I should be running away now because it’s where I am good at– I am good at sprinting once things get messy but now, I want to stay. I want to know if change is really present in this world. So all I can do now is calm these thoughts, shush my unnamed emotions and pray to God that I can go out of this place one piece.


The endless list of things that need to be addressed Parallels

Bonnie, (about Damon after he admits to killing Zach’s pregnant girlfriend in a sulk rage) “Thinking about that pregnant lady. She had a thing for pancakes.” 


Bonnie on Post!Merge Kai and his impossible chance at redemption, “–But you did it anyway. Because even if you’re telling the truth, the old you is still inside of you.”

Q.E.D. (707 x mc)

summary: this moment exists at the end of a broken loop.

(what do you mean ‘loop’?)

rating: all (707 name spoilers)

notes: the epilogue/final scene of recursion. it’s pretty fluffy and can be read on it’s own as a stand alone piece i think. but reading recursion might give one a better appreciation of it? otherwise it’s just a very random piece of floof as i can’t really think of a good way to really really link them. /shot

hope you guys like it! ;;

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Be frank with me.

I do not wish to argue with you;
I only wish to know the truth:

Beloved mine,
Tell me the reason why
You have again given to me abundantly
Of your grief and your pain
Why you have again stuck a knife
Into my heart and twisted until my bones creaked;
Why you have again taken away what little I had left
When I did not even know
That I had anything left in me for you to take!

Tell me, Beloved mine,
Tell me your reasons for having done these things
So that I might better understand your ways.

Is it because you find my songs the most beautiful
When they are sung with a voice broken?

Is it because you find them more sincere
When they are sung with a throat thick from tears?

Is it because you find them more touching
When they are sung with a breast torn open wide?

Fair enough, then–
But I will show you
Oh, Beloved, I will show you indeed:

Throw me down, strip me, abase me
Open me, tear me apart, cut me into pieces
Break me, shatter me, grind me into powder

And still, Beloved, still

Still I would take the red dust of my heart
And use it to paint your name
Upon the floor at your lotus feet.

—  Prema Kalidasi
Always You

I never expected Just a Game to become as popular as it did, but with over 400 notes I felt way too grateful not to do something to celebrate. So here is a continuation of sorts of Just a Game. I felt bad about how angsty the last one was, so this one is better I promise! This has major spoilers for Luciel’s route and the secret endings though, so don’t read this if you haven’t completed them. Some of it might not make sense if you haven’t read it yet either. Also, I may not be able to post for a little while after this due to midterms, so I hope everyone enjoy’s this! I should probably have been studying…

First Half: Just a Game

Jumin tried wholeheartedly to forget everything about them. The way they looked, the sound of their voice, their melodious laugh drifting sweetly into his ears. It was the hardest thing he had ever had to do in his life. No. Watching them with another after knowing the blissful feeling of their warmth was the hardest.

He knew that Luciel had been waiting for this moment, just as he had. He knew that Luciel shared that same pain that was squeezing at his heart right now. He knew that Luciel had been supportive as he watched them together, patiently waiting. Yet he still couldn’t bring himself to get rid of the bitter feeling that crept its way into his very being.

They seemed very excited this time. They joked with Luciel, but seemed to tease Jumin endlessly. He couldn’t stand seeing them—not when it seemed as if their own relationship never even existed. He left the chatroom often, especially when they began to make fun of him. He was not mad at them per say, but he couldn’t stand the guilt that arose anytime he began to show anger towards Luciel. This wasn’t his fault after all, Luciel did not steal them away from him on purpose. This was just a game—one that they had every right to enjoy thoroughly and completely. He was just bitter.

Bitter that he didn’t know how they truly felt. Bitter that he had to lose them after what seemed like such a short period of time. Bitter that they would never know how truly and deeply he really loved them. Bitter that Luciel could give them what he never could—the true ending.

Most of all, he was bitter that he couldn’t stop the guilt that came with it all. He was guilty about being angry at Luciel—because he definitely didn’t deserve this anger. He felt guilty that he was being so selfish, they were happy and that should be enough for him. He also felt guilty because he didn’t know what he had done wrong.

Was he too direct with his feelings? The words of the others haunted him day in and day out.





He knew that he had been intense, but how else was he supposed to convey how strongly he felt for them in such a short amount of time? He had feared the worst from the start, he already knew that his days with them were numbered, and just when he had begun to think that maybe—just maybe—they would stay with him, his time with them was up.

He hated thinking back on that moment. Watching everything go blank was like being hit by a truck. The ache in his chest was more painful than any physical injury that he could ever sustain. That’s why he wanted to forget. But he knew that wouldn’t help either. Even if he forgot all of the time they spent together, there would still be an emptiness inside of him that could never be filled. Not by anyone or anything.

He repeated the words over and over: It was just a game, it was just a game. But honestly, he was tired of telling himself that. He knew that it stopped being a game the moment he told them how he truly felt. They may be from different worlds, but to him this was reality—and it would continue to be that way no matter who they chose.

From then on, he adopted a new mantra: As long as they kept smiling. He would go through anything as long as they continued to smile. He would watch them laugh and flirt with Luciel for the rest of eternity if that’s what made them truly happy. It’s not like Luciel didn’t deserve them. He was able to express himself in ways that Jumin knew that he would never be able too.

He knew that they were too good for him from the start. A true angel. If any of them didn’t deserve them, it was him. He was just the obsessive jerk that could only provide help in the form of money. Perhaps Zen had always been right about him.

It didn’t matter now though, he had decided. He was going to fight through the aching in his heart and use his resources to protect that brilliant smile. That’s why he dropped everything at the first sign that they might be in danger. His meetings be damned; he wasn’t going to sit around talking about business while something could happen to them at any moment.

That same desire to protect them is also how he managed to find where they were with only half of the location coordinates. Love was a powerful tool. When he saw that both of them were safe and happy, he backed off. They did not need two knights, and he was not going to take them away from Luciel—no, it was Saeyoung now. He could never bring about the pain he felt to his friend—he wouldn’t even wish that on his enemies.

The rest was a blur to him. They were going to marry Saeyoung, and they seemed so happy. As long as they kept smiling. That was enough to keep him going throughout the day. And a small part of him was happy for them too. Everything had worked out between Saeyoung and his brother, and he knew that the three of them would make a wonderful family. It was the true end—how things were meant to be.

That’s why he didn’t understand why it hurt so much. Not only had he lost them, but he had lost V as well. His last source of hope, his last source of humanity—gone. Was this some sort of cruel joke? What had he done in his life to deserve so much tragedy? Tragedy. That must be it. Was he the lead in some sort of cruel play? Why else would the world be so harsh as to take away his best friend and hold the love of his life just out of reach.

He was definitely losing his mind.

He stayed strong on the outside, though. That’s what he was supposed to do. Jumin had to be the rock, it was the role he was given. Yet this time, when everything faded away, he allowed himself to sob. No one was watching now, the game was over. They had found the true ending; they would be happy. That’s why he thought that it was okay to break down for a little while—he was sure they wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon.

So when the screen flashed to life, and the familiar print filled his vision, he almost stopped breathing.

Day One.

No… no. What were they doing? Why would they come back after finding solace within the true ending? The prologue began.  He was sick of this conversation. He grew agitated; this would only lead to more pain for him. As long as they kept smiling—he tried to repeat to himself, but he couldn’t understand their reasoning for this.

Even so, he was part of this game and he had to carry on. He cursed when it came time for him to call them. Typically, he relished in these moments, but he was not sure how much more his already fragile state of mind could take. Half of him hoped that they wouldn’t answer, yet the other half wished for nothing more than the chance to speak with them again. They answered of course, this was day one, they were used to this routine.

Hello? …You picked up right away.

He began the programmed conversation, but he had so many other things that he would much rather be saying to them right now.

It must be your first time hearing my voice.

He knew it to be a lie, but he didn’t have a choice in this. Strangely, he thought he heard stifled laughter coming from somewhere. It must have been his imagination.

You must know from the name on your screen but I’m Jumin Han.

He felt silly introducing himself to someone that he knew so deeply already, but he pretended as always.

I’m sure you’re glad to talk to me, but no need to get too excited. I only called to hear our new member’s voice, nothing else.

Not entirely a lie. Their voice was like a drug that he was addicted too, it was ridiculous how much he craved the sound.

But I will take just one question. Ask me if you have any.

He would take as many as they wanted, but he couldn’t tell them that. He froze momentarily, he thought he heard that laughter again. It couldn’t be… yet he would know that beautiful sound anywhere. His pulse began to race, what exactly was happening?

How does my voice sound? That’s what they asked. Beautiful, amazing, as if an angel had descended directly in front of him—that’s what he would have liked to say. Instead, he carried on with the script that was preplanned for him.

Do you want me to judge your voice? I didn’t want to go that much into details but… I’ll listen if you want. Talk again, slowly.

He would listen endlessly if he could. He prepared himself for what he expected was coming. He expected to hear his name in that painfully beautiful voice of theirs, yet what he got nearly stopped his heart.

“Ju-min-Han. I wonder if you missed me as much as I missed you…” They chuckled slightly and he swore his brain wasn’t functioning correctly. He had to be hearing things, this wasn’t part of the game. This shouldn’t be part of this conversation—had he actually gone over the edge?

“I’m back now, so don’t you worry, Jumin. I will always come back to you no matter what, because it was always going to be you. It was always you that I loved the most.”

He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes. He didn’t understand what miracle was allowing this to happen, and part of him felt guilty again—what if Luciel could hear this too? Yet, the part of him that was so very relieved won out in the end. He wished he could tell you right then and there just how much he missed you, how he had prayed that this moment would come, but as much as he tried, he couldn’t form the words that he wanted to say. He couldn’t form any words at all actually.

Instead, he thanked every god that he could think of for this moment. Because he knew that he could make it through anything now. Any time that he got discouraged, or felt as if it was too much to take, he would find strength in those words. Those two simple words held so much more power than anything else he could ever imagine.

Always you.

A Little Secret

as requested by the lovely @moonbaki:

Might I request a small story in which Jacob finds out their love is with child?

Aaah, I tried to make your request more original seeing as this prompt could be written a variety of ways- and with that said I would also love to do it again :) Once I’m available I wouldn’t mind receiving the same prompt/request! c: (especially considering how much I enjoyed writing it~)

Warnings: Protective/fluffy!Jacob (the fluff is more so in the second half, at least). Mentions of fainting (idk if that’s a trigger but hey better to be safe than sorry).

Words: 3,260

((Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader))

Summary: The reader has been sick for quite some time, and Jacob ends up finding out why when he finds her passed out on the ground (oh no!) 

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enecoxstrify  asked:

Don't know wheather someone already asked, but do you think the other person Marude mentioned in the chapter last week could be Hide? Btw I thought it was a funny way to see Marude again :D

I’m really confused about that line, actually. When I read MS translation

I thought he might be talking about Amon, because it made sense (?)

But I saw some people mentioning that that line was mistranslated and a better translation would be this one:

Which makes it more likely that he’s either talking about Matsuri or another mysterious Washuu family member (???) I’m not sure how Matsuri being the successor would have changed anything, but whatever

Sorry, I’m not sure how I am supposed to take that line, but either way I really don’t want to speculate about Hide anymore. I explained why here, if you wish to know why

anonymous asked:

is there a way you can cut this person out of your life (or at least be around them less?) it's not doing you any favors having to be around them when you're still clearly hurt & angry about how they treated you (and unless they've shown they're really sorry & willing to change, they might be unkind that way again). think abt it? anyway it's better than bottling it up until you get really angry and maybe hurt someone (incl yourself if you get in trouble with the law for injuring someone)

I try to avoid them as much as possible, and I most likely wouldn’t actually do anything, but at the time I wanted to so badly. I was just absolutely blindsided. I didn’t expect to have a fully grown-ass adult sit across from me and mock me for having a hard time speaking like we were fucking seven years old all over again.

This person is not an apologizer. One of those brutally honest “if you don’t like me then too bad about you” types. 

Sorry, I promise I don’t go around thinking about it all the time. I just flashed back to it and it’s got me riled up all over again.