and i might be going north this weekend


Mom and I went to Walmart this afternoon well before 4PM to stock up on water, canned food, and other emergency goodies. And it’s a great thing we did because a few hours ago someone posted on the local FB group that Walmart was a madhouse and there was no more bottled water.

Dad brought home a weather radio, a regular radio, and batteries. Our not-so-heavy outdoor furniture has been moved indoors along with all the backyard things that might have been blown away. Our friends and family have been notified and church services have been canceled.

In short, we are ready for a long, rainy, windy weekend. I’m baking muffins and maaaybe cookies before we lose power. Because we will lose power eventually.

If you are evacuating the coast, please drive safely. Since the San Antonio area is going to take a hit from flooding, here are some places further north with a decent amount of hotels where you might consider staying:

- Austin (1 hour from SA)
- Killeen/Belton/Temple (2.5 hours from SA)
- Waco (3 hours from SA)
- Dallas (4 hours from SA)

If it’s already raining, I recommend avoiding I-35 because San Marcos does a great impression of Venice, Italy during regular storms. If you’re fortunate enough to have cleared San Marcos and want to avoid Austin traffic, the toll road goes straight to Dallas.

I also hear that Air BnB is opening homes and rooms free of charge for displaced families until September 1st. Please take advantage of that if you need it!

Be safe this weekend, Texas fam. Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t go out in the storm unless your house becomes unsafe, and then call 911 FIRST. If your boss tells you to come into work, gesture wildly and incredulously at the sky, flip them the bird, and stay indoors with your pets and some coffee.

Let’s pray that this storm won’t be as bad as they’re saying. Good night, friends!

is anyone interested in an art festival / travel blog sort of thing? I’ve honestly really dropped the ball on social media this year (thanks anxietydepression hell) but I thought documenting my travels and experiences at art shows might be interesting instead of just posting the same booth shot every weekend. Remember the drunk motorcyclist who spat blood on cops in North Carolina? Or the wildfire I missed the evacuation for in Colorado??? Most of the shows I do are pretty basic, but next year I’m planning to travel out west again at least once and string several shows together while camping and doing some en plein air landscape drawings and stuff (though of course it depends on whether or not I actually get into the shows). 

but yeah I am going to be at Fall Fest in Candler Park (in Atlanta) this weekend.


i’m going to a con (anime north texas) this weekend, and i might post my cosplays or stuff from the con?? like maybe some promotions for some artists i saw and whatnot if anybody is interested lol

So productive all the starters are done and I am going to crawl into bed. 

Tomorrow I am going up north, not really a big deal but I might be gone for a little in the morning if you are trying to reach me. I’ll still be on most of the weekend. Though it might be patchy. 

anonymous asked:

heeey I thought it was really funny that last night you were talking about Phil's younow responses when people complain about being single. Today it happened again haha theres always weird coincidences like this #psychiclos? :o Also I wondered if you had any other thoughts about today's show or if you think Dan is going with Phil up north? Visiting the in-laws? ;)

lol it took me a solid minute to figure out what los meant until I was like OHHH line of symmetry. Yeah. I’m dumb. But right?! I was like wtf we were literally just talking about this. I loved how he responded in the same way again. “Though it’s fine to be single as well, if you want…” Ok Phil. lol definitely sounded like the kind of response from someone who is NOT single. But that’s certainly up for everyone’s own interpretation. 

As for the show overall, I really loved it! I actually cry-laughed at one point. I don’t even know why but I was delirious from lack of sleep and was just finding everything he did to be beyond adorable and funny. I lost it at the stupid “dad” jokes. And his giggling afterwards was just so damn endearing. I also really enjoyed the part about him feeling a bit more confident because of the new (incredibly hot) shirt he bought. He should be confident, he looked amazing! He always does. So it made me smile to hear that he was feeling good about himself. Sometimes I think the self-deprecating jokes/comments he makes about his looks have a lot more depth to them than some people might think? A lot of people focus on Dan’s insecurities but don’t seem to pick up on the possibility of Phil struggling a bit in that area. Kind of a trend overall in the phandom. But regardless, I was pleased to hear him compliment himself for a change <3

And do I think Dan is going up north with Phil? Possibly. Dan seems to be going somewhere based off of his statement about being away for the weekend in the last younow. But I’m thinking it’s probably more likely that he is going separately to his own family for Father’s Day. That would seem to make the most sense. Although I did think it was interesting that Phil said he had to hurry up and finish before being “dragged” out the door to leave for the train. Kind of made it sound like Dan was waiting for him. I guess maybe they could be heading together to the train at the same time and then going in separate directions? Idk. But that was the one thing that kind of made me question whether they might both be going north. I guess we shall see. Or not. They don’t usually disclose this kind of stuff and rightfully so. It’s normally kept under the radar so I’d be quite surprised if they do make it obvious they are seeing Phil’s family together. 

Madrid Japan Weekend HELP!

Hello there friends c:

as you might know, I’m going to the con in Madrid in less than a month (september 18, probably)

aaaand I have to take a train to go there because I live in the north of Spain.

I will use the money from my commissions but I still need a bit more of money, and I don’t have time to make more commissions (I still have to finish two of them…) because I’m remaking my shingeki no kyojin cosplay and thaT takES a HUGE aMount of time .. so, I opened the donation button again, if you send me some money and your tumblr ULR in the message of the donation, I /WILL TRY/ TO GET SOME FREE TIME ANd draw something based on your bog.

I repeat, I’LL TRY, IS noT a PROMISe. 

(I’m sure the train ticket wont cost more than 50$ so. yea. thats all)

Thank you so much guys~