and i met my bio 2 teacher while i was there

Are we honestly still doing this?

One of my biggest pet peeves is science students who constantly shit on arts students, claiming that our degrees are so easy compared to theirs. I mean, I was so tempted to comment on this post, giving them some real stats, considering science students are typically place so much importance in hard numbers:

“Sixty pages per class, per week. Two thousand words per class, per semester. You can’t Wolfram Alpha your way through a 2000 word paper.”

I didn’t though. I didn’t want to give this person the attention they crave. But this is my blog so here is where I’ll spew all of my thoughts from the bus ride home, after I saw this post.

I see it in an analogy of tools. As a former math/science type, I feel somewhat able to address this, though not 100%; I haven’t done calculus in two years. Anyway, tools. From my experience in the sciences, it’s kind of like the professor says: “Here are some tools. The whole class gets the same set, to be fair. Some of you may have already used them, though they may be very new to some others of you. Here is a basic understanding of how they work. You have x amount of time to use them to complete your task.”

On the other hand, in arts it’s more like: “You will all need a set of tools to complete your task. I cannot give more than a vague idea of what they look like because your set of tools may come out looking very different than the ones that belong to the person next to you. You, yourself, must decide which direction to go searching for the tools, and figure out how all of these tools fit together.”

A degree in liberal arts can be one of the most writing and reading intensive programs you ever experience. While we don’t have “labs” per se, we have tutorials/discussion groups. And not only are you expected to complete those 60 pages/week for tutorials, but you are expected to come to class with opinions, ideas, and thoughtful questions pertaining to the topic. While this is one of the most mentally taxing aspects of a degree in liberal arts, this is one of my favourite aspects as well.

As a bit of a sidebar, some of the most deeply invested and socially/politically aware students I have ever met have belonged to the Faculty of Arts. One of the most pervasive stereotypes of arts students is the vague aspirations that we have: “I want to make a difference in the world,” for example, as opposed to “I want to be a doctor/bio-technician/engineer.” While we are so often made fun of for this very reason, I think, if asked, I will continue to use this line. Why? Because the one common tool that liberal arts students must have is the ability to think critically about the world around us. Because it is the number one reason why I believe a liberal arts degree is just as (if not more) challenging than a science degree. Because it is the reason that I switched from sciences into arts.

Believe me when I say I could have done either. Believe me when I say that I took AP Calculus simultaneously with Pre-Calculus 12. Believe me when I say that I received full AP credit for MATH 100, as well as a 97% in Pre-Calc 12.

The public school system sets us all up for science degrees. “Okay, I am finished this problem, flip to the back of the book, the book agrees with me, okay let’s move on. Don’t question it.” Unless you had some kind of extraordinary teacher, we are hardly ever taught to think critically about the world as we know it. 2 + 2 = 4. Why? Because it is. Why do we sit in rows? Because that’s the way it has always been. Why is our elementary/middle/high school experience of the liberal arts focused mainly on learning dates and memorizing minutia? Because that’s the way it has always been. The most dangerous phrase known to humankind.

A liberal arts degree teaches us to think critically about and challenge the world that we see before us. Of course the public school system would set us up for science degrees. Or else we would see all of the problems that persist in government today. Or else we would see how supposedly democratic governments, such as Canada’s, are slowly and quietly eating away at all of the things we hold dear. That Universal Healthcare that Canadians are famous for? disappearing beneath our very noses. How many people know? Not enough. 

Why pursue an arts degree if you are completely capable of a science degree? Most students care so deeply about their disciplines and the world around us that they are willing to (often) take a pay cut and deal with the ridicule to follow their dreams.

Sometimes we write entire essays because of ten seconds of reading that spark an interest. These people that surround me in my classes are some of the most inspiring and passionate individuals that I have ever met. And while I’m sure these people exist in the sciences as well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Can I Start Over? | Liam Dunbar Imagine / Requested.

Character: Liam X Reader

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1187

Warnings: N/A

I have never been so not proud of something Dx Its so bad and short damn. So sorry anon. I’ve been off my game lately :/

Liam Dunbar imagine where Scott bites another person a girl, and Liam gets jealous but ends up liking her


“You did what?” You heard Liam yell from the other room, you winced at his reaction. You hadn’t exactly been sure how he would react when being told that there was a newer werewolf in the pack, but this isn’t how you thought it would go.

 “Shh, calm down Liam” Scott said quietly, but you could still hear him. Actually it was pretty hard not to with your new werewolf senses.

 “Why would you bite her? I mean, I don’t have anything against her in particular, but how do you expect to train two wolves at once? It’s like you meant to bite me.”

 “What’s that mean?”

 “It means you aren’t ready to teach a werewolf”

 “And you would know that? Because you’re the true alpha, I forgot”

 The bickering between them was all playful, neither sounded truly angry, but Liam was definitely annoyed. Once they were done they entered the room where you sat, sitting on the couch with your hands in your lap. They both walked in together but Liam looked like he was being forced in. Like he was Scott’s son and forcing him to meet one of his buddies daughter. You could practically taste the awkward.

 “Welcome to the pack, Y/N. You’ve already met Liam, right?” Scott asks you and takes a seat in front of you. Liam stays standing.

 “Yeah, he sits behind me in bio.” You answered fast enough where it just made the situation awkwarder, if it could even become more.

 Liam looked between you and Scott before groaning and walking straight forward until he reached the door where he exited. Scott shrugged, looking slightly upset that he put no effort into saying hi to you, but he hid it well.

 “He’ll warm up to you. I promise. It’ll just take a bit for him to get use to”

-2 weeks later-

 At the time, you didn’t believe him. You had spent days on end of Liam brushing you off during school and straight up ignoring you when the pack got together. He didn’t seem angry at you, but that’s how you took it. Like whenever Scott was teaching you anything, or even giving you advice, he would look over at the two of you and roll his eyes. But one day after bio, things changed.

 As everyone got up from their seats in bio, you hurried up and stuffed your things inside your bag before taking a run for the door so you could make it to your next class on time, when you heard your voice being called from inside the classroom. Assuming it was your teacher, you stopped in your tracks and turned to face them, quite surprised when you saw Liam packing his bag and looking up to you, not having quite the same facial expressions that he usually held when he looked to you.

 “Yes?” You asked, still quite unsure what he could want from you.

 “Come here.”

 You walked forward until you reached his desk. You played with the seam of your shirt as Liam looked sheepishly at the ground.

 “I wanted to say sorry about these weeks. I was… I was acting stupid.” He mumbled the last words and you kept your eyes on his hands, which were tangled together.

 “I- I was jealous… I guess. But it wasn’t- I mean- It wasn’t really against you, I like you! You’re awesome and really pretty just-” His face went red as he must have realized what he said, but besides the fact that he was blushing and clearly embarrassed, he moved past it smoothly “I was jealous for a lot of reasons, 1) because it was weird not being the newest werewolf, but I mean, I got over that after the 1st day and 2nd…” His voice trailed off and you looked up at him, waiting for him to continue.

 “Because Scott’s the alpha, and you’re the new werewolf, that meant he always had to train you and… and spend time with you. And I dunno, I felt that because you sat in front of me in bio that meant that we were friends first which meant that… Which meant that if anyone got to spend a lot of time with you, it should be me.” You weren’t quite sure what he was getting at, but this seemed like a speech he had practiced and as much as a dick he had been acting to you, you couldn’t deny that he was insanely adorable, especially right now. Maybe that’s why it had been worse for him to be rude to you, I mean, he was kinda hard to miss. He was one of the best on the lacrosse team, he sat behind you in bio and before the whole ‘getting bit’ thing happened, he had always been super sweet to you. He was Liam Dunbar and it was really hard not to have even a small crush on him.

 “I am just reall-”

 “Shouldn’t you two be getting to your next class?” Ms. Perry broke in, you looked to her and saw she was gathering her things while keeping a long eye on you and Liam.

 “We have a free period.” Liam spoke for you.

 “Well I suggest you have your free period outside of my class, hmm?” You both nodded and Liam put his arm over your back as he guided you out the door kindly.

 “Like I was saying before she interrupted us,” Liam shot Ms. Perry a hateful glare that was meant for laughs, but she was too busy looking down at her work to notice. “I’m sorry. Can we start over?”

 “We don’t have to.” You liked Liam, yes he was rude, but you guess you could understand where he was coming from. And he hadn’t done anything spiteful to you, he simply glared at Scott and you from afar. “I kinda thought the whole thing was outside of your character, you seem really sweet.” He smiled widely at that.

 You were about to add something  when you saw Scott at the end of the hall, he caught your glance and smiled almost as wide as Liam.

 “That’s a sight I never thought I’d see.”

 You and Liam laughed and he took your hand bravely as gripped it tugged it gently.

 “I have a question.”

 You nodded, your stomach tying into knots.

 “Even though I totally messed everything up, would you like to- I mean- can you- no- would you want to go on a date with me?” He squinted his eyes and looked directly at you. Your heart melted.

 “I would love to.”

 “Really? Does this Friday at 6pm work?”

“Yeah, it sounds great.” He smiled and let go of your hand casually, walking backwards but keeping eye contact with you. “I’ll pick you up.” He flashed you one last big smile before turning off and running down the hall. You both were very late for class, but you couldn’t care less. Your heart was already on Friday.