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Yet Another Drabble Ask Meme Fill

Requested by @mychakk [I’m sorry I forgot] : Ok, I think I’ll go with those numbers, feel free to combine them or do them alone or just pick one that fits your fancy anything for sure will make my day :) 9 (Is a chicken really a bird if they can’t fly?), 14 (Fire! Fire! Fire!), 15 (You watched 4 seasons today?), 42 (This cost a thousand dollars?!), 43 (Foreigners…pffft), 102 (Buy me chocolates and tell me everything’s going to be okay), 107 (This house isn’t even haunted) My top favourite ‘verse is the Holmes Family Function (the best), Tom-verse and Vegas. But I’ll love anyhting ;) Huge thank you :) looking forward to them :)

This is the list for round 3:

Filled: 17, 95, 72, 84, 105, 41, 28, 69, 90, 95, 46, 100, 104, 81, 18, 24, 108, 99, 25, 61, 66, 52, 80, 73, 54, 89, 26, 32, 71, 16, 20, 27, 45, 57, 89, 32, 44, 64, 102, 27, 57, 6, 2, 70, 5, 7, 93, 9, 14, 15, 42, 43, 102, 107
Yet to be filled: 86, 96, 2, 14, 20, 21, 22, 94

“Is a chicken really a bird if they can’t fly?”/ “Fire! Fire! Fire!”/ “You watched 4 seasons today?”/ “This cost a thousand dollars?!”/ “Foreigners…pffft”/ “Buy me chocolates and tell me everything’s going to be okay”/ “This house isn’t even haunted”

Molly walked into her lounge and screamed.

It wasn’t as common an occurrence as one might think, even when taking into account that Sherlock Holmes had taken over her flat as an annex of his own a few years before; she was used to all manner of things greeting her at the door when she returned home from work.  Two dogs (on separate occasions), a monitor lizard, a pathetic Sherlock covered in fly paper, a pathetic Sherlock covered in bee stings, a pathetic Sherlock covered in marmalade (as was half her kitchen that time, though she’d got a much nicer kettle and a new blender out of the deal, so she hadn’t complained much), a shirtless Wiggins and Sherlock with a tattoo gun, The Night King himself (okay, yeah, just Mycroft, but with a codename like Iceman [which she wasn’t supposed to know, but Sherlock also used her brain as an annex for things he didn’t want to keep in his own] the comparison was just begging to be made), and now the corpse of Sherlock’s ex-girlfriend in rigor on her sofa.

Except, no, that wasn’t a corpse.  It was a sex doll.  Wearing one of Molly’s cardigans and a pair of her pyjama bottoms.

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