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bad boy, bad girl ( a jack gilinsky fan fiction) - chapter four- message me if you want an imagine or a preference
Chapter 1:  Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4 *erica pov* As i walked into Wilkinson’s house, i was immediately surrounded by the smell of weed and the sound of people laughing and talking as loud as they can. I looked around and i felt a few people staring at me. I was used to it, but i think it was for a different reason. Me walking in to a party with Jack was like me wearing bright colours. It almost never happened. I felt Jack pull my arm into a different room, knowing he felt the stares to. I looked around and we we’re surrounded by his groupies. Jack Johnson, Sammy Wilkinson, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Nash’s younger brother Hayes, Mathew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Shawn Mendes and Taylor Caniff we’re sitting around the room on big couches. They all looked up from what they we’re doing and realized who i was and the fact that i was with Jack. They all knew i didn’t really like any of them all that much. So i guess it was a pretty huge shock.  “Hey guys” Jack said trying to draw the attention away from me. No one answered, probably terrified of what i would do next. I jutted out my hip and crossed my arms against my chest, starting to get annoyed.  “You want an autograph?” i asked them. Sammy laughed and stood up. He walked over to me, pulling me in for a hug. I felt a sense of familiarity. I suddenly remembered we used to be really good friends in seventh grade. I would tell him everything. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer. I missed him. But he couldn’t know that, so i let go and ran my hand through my hair giving him a quick smile. “You want a beer or something?” he asked me. I looked into his eyes, remembering all those countless nights we would sneak out of our houses just so i could tell him whatever was on my mind. He always stuck by me, and one day i just ditched him. I felt a pang of guilt in my stomach. “Sure. While your at it, bring an ashtray will ya?” i answered as he started walking away. I guess we all changed a lot , hadn’t we? I turned around to face the other boys. Their was a spot in between Carter and Jack so i sat down. The boys all returned to their conversations as i lit up my cigarette. I felt Carter sling his arm around me.  “ What brings you ‘round here Baird?” he asked me while taking a sip from his beer. I took a peek a Jack, knowing he was listening to our conversation, before turning to Carter. “ Just a bit of adventure Reynolds.” i said. “It’s a bit strange, considering the fact that you hate us.” he said. I heard a few other guys laugh. I hadn’t realized everyone was listening. I smirked at them as Sammy brought me my beer.  “Now see boys, i don’t hate you. I hate the way each and every one of you expects every girl to instantly fall in love with you, or the fact that you care so much about what people think. But i mostly hate the way that you think you own the school. But you know, in a few years, your lives will all be going downhill from here. Because you guys peaked in high school.” i smiled at myself, knowing the boys hadn’t realized this.  “And you think you didn’t, little miss popular?” asked Cameron. “Oh but Dallas, the difference is that you guys are popular because you try to be. It’s all you ever wanted right? To be worshipped by everyone at school? Well, i don’t care about that. I’m not trying to,  I just happen to scare everyone. So, unfortunately i fall into the same category as you. But you guys are having the time of your lives. I’m not. I’m going to do bigger things in my life then just rule this dumb ass high school.” I sipped my beer as the boys thought of this. I thought of the first day of junior year. I was sitting on the school steps with Jeanne and Kathleen. I was smoking and they we’re talking about some girl’s newest nose job and how it was terrible. I wasn’t really listening, i was lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly, a motorcycle pulled up. Jack got off and pulled off his helmet, shaking out his perfectly shaped hair. It was like he was doing everything is slow motion. A few girls ran up to him, trying to flirt with him. He kinda just pushed them away and started walking up to the school. He was wearing a leather jacket, a white v-neck that was intensely tight so that everyone could see how much he had worked out this summer, a pair of black jeans and some black vans. He took of his aviator glasses and wiped them with his shirt. He nodded his head at his friends as he passed by them. He walked closer and closer to the steps.  “God i hate him.” i said, not meaning for it to be out loud.  “Who?” asked Kathleen. “Who else?” i answered her. We all watched him as he walked up. Of course, he thought he owned the school. He realized we we’re watching him and gave me that signature nod-wink-smile thing he did that got to all the girls. I rolled my eyes and slid my sunglasses on my eyes. I remembered thinking that i hoped never to ever have to hang out with him. Look at me now. I was telling him all my secrets. I stood up and walked out, my head feeling dizzy. I heard a whistle as i started to walk. You’ve got to be kidding me. I turned around, and i was looking strait into the eyes of a drunk Taylor. “Listen Caniff. We went over this. I’m not here to lap dance on you. I’m here to drink, smoke and have a good time. So fuck off.” i said while pushing him away. He fell onto the couch and i heard all the boys laugh at him. I walked into what seemed to be the kitchen.  A couple was making out on the counter, so i headed out onto the porch. I sat down and smoked my cigarette for a bit. I heard the door open and close. Someone sat in the chair that was next to me. He didn’t say anything for a while. Sammy and I just sat there, staring into nothing, and it was actually quite nice. Then he broke the silence. “What happened to you Erica?” he asked, turning to me. I laughed a bit and took a long drag before answering. “I grew up.” i simply answered. It was quiet for a while.  “Don’t you remember anything? We used to be so close. We would tell each other everything. I miss that. I miss you.” he quietly whispered. “Shit happens Sam. And a lot happened to me.” “Did i do anything? Because if i did, i take it all back. I’m so sorry.” “Sam it wasn’t you. Everything that i used to be, reminded me of it. So i had to stop hanging around with you guys.” “But after that. The summer in between freshman and sophomore year? What happened that was so bad that you completely changed?"He staring at me. I turned to look into his huge eyes. I wanted to tell him, but i can’t. I can’t tell anyone. Not yet. I stood up quickly and threw my cigarette on the floor.  "I’m sorry, I can’t.” i walked back inside, feeling the warmth of sweaty bodies comfort me like a big hug. I heard Sam yell something at me, telling me to stay. I grabbed a shot of something on the table and swallowed it quickly. I did the same thing a few times until i felt the liquor and adrenaline buzzing through my body. I looked around the room and found Jack. Good ol’ Jack, i thought to myself as i started walking up to him. *Jack pov*  I felt someone tug on my tank top. I turned away from Johnson and saw Erica.  “C'mon. We’re dancing.” she said as she pulled me into the middle of the room. I laughed at how confident she was. I grabbed her arm and twirled her around. She did some fancy dance moves that included grinding her hips against me, so i didn’t quite mind. She was so sexy, her hair a little wet from sweat, her eyes closed. It looked like she could practically feel the music go threw her. The song ended and “All I Ever Know” by Trevor Hall started playing. She turned around, gave me a sly smile and wrapped her arms around my neck. She rested her head on my chest and i wrapped my arms around her hips. We swayed back and forth, side to side, with her in my arms. She looked up from my shoulder and smiled at me.  “Hi” she said. “Hi”  i smiled wildly at her. I really was starting to fall for her. She rested her head back on my chest. I looked down at her and her eyes we’re closed. She looked gorgeous. We danced like this for the rest of the song and then she looked up at me. Our faces we’re so close. I leaned my forehead against hers. She smiled and her eyes we’re electric. But then something happened. Her smile disappeared and her eyes got all dark and gloomy. She pulled back, a terrified look on her face. Tears started to form in her eyes but she quickly blinked them away.  “Erica? What’s wrong?” she was just staring at me, and i was starting to get concerned.  “I…I have to go.” She ran away, opened the door and ran outside. What had happened to this girl in the past two years that could of damaged her so much? - i really like this chapter :)