and i mean if these are his memories...

My Ocs I remember from role playing with @okame-art , they are 2 level higher than Epath in species. They are called ‘Revasorn inventor technology’. Unlike Epath and his builder, Revasorn are a mechanical that consists Brain similar to human which mean they do have 'emotions’ and 'unlimited memory storage’. They also need oxygen to breath unlike Epath that need oxygen to combust the fuel and conduct heat. They are very heavy and fragile, they can not go near earth as the gravity will cause their weight to crush their leg.

There are two type of them.

Anchor: Consist of glass(outside) and fabric(inside and outer joint) Hold anchor shape wrench.

Aileron: Consist of copper(most part) and gallium(outer joint) Hold gaint flat screwdriver.

tal-oosh  asked:

Hey dood, I GOTTA IDEA. Hair tends to mean memories and past experiences, so... what if In your story lance cuts his hair into an undercut. He’s relieving himself of what he was, and now focusing on what he could become? Just and idea and I love your story ❤️

Oh!!!!! That’s a pretty good idea!!! I’ll have to think abt it! Thank u!!!!!! 💙

Part I - The Untimely Downfall of Strangers

THEN - Day 1169

The walls of the hotel seemed to blur, the four slabs of sheetrock were suddenly the same box I’d lived in my whole life. The windows that looked out over a bleak New York were simply slivers of hope–a glimpse into a world I’d never know.

His voice was distant, words strung together in a melodic tone that I knew was supposed to mean something. His face was a memory, his green eyes used to spark adrenaline in me, but here, in this moment, the only word I could mutter was: “okay.”

Was it okay? Was I okay? Was he okay?

How had everything crashed down like this? How had the polished and scripted idea become such a desperate and empty scene? A cold hotel room in the middle of New York was the sterile setting of my heartbreak.

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Okay, so, we all know how good the Voltron writers are with continuity and foreshadowing, right? Like there’s that one scene in Season 1 where Coran offhandedly mention the Weblum which of course reappears in Season 2. Well that got me thinking…there’s this one scene in Season 2 in which the writers deliberately go into detail about a possible plot point that is then just… not mentioned again. And they don’t seem like the kind of writers to just to tell us all that information and not have it go anywhere.

Which scene?

WELL (excuse the horrible quality of the screencaps)

THIS little gem, in which Hunk contemplates whether or not the Galra could successfully brainwash Shiro using his prosthetic. And his conclusion is…yeah, they totally could. So like, I’m not saying we’re gonna get a brainwashed Shiro in the future but…

We’re gonna get a brainwashed Shiro in the future.

One really interesting thing about the TAZ: Balance universe is that the skills you possess are very much linked to how you acquired those skills and especially the person who taught you them. We see this first when Merle loses his battle-axe proficiency, and along with that loses his memories of training with the battle-axe. And it’s presumably why, in losing their Starblaster memories, Magnus, Merle, and Taako go from incredibly proficient to level 1, even though normal logic would dictate that they should only lose the memories of how they learned their magic/fighting/clerical skills, not those skills themselves.

I think this plays really nicely into the theme of bonds being incredibly powerful forces, so much that losing these bonds means losing actual physical abilities that you learned from them. So much that Taako learning a cooking skill (how to make tacos) from somebody else literally helps save the world. Characters in the TAZ: Balance universe aren’t just sheets of paper with their abilities on them; they’re made up of the relationships they have with other people. 

In The Stolen Century, the narrator says “Our capacity for love increases with each person we cross paths with throughout our lives” — but it’s not just the capacity for love. It’s literally our ability to do anything that increases the more that we form bonds with peoople. 

And oh jeez, that’s pretty sweet. 

Ok. This is for all the Drarry nerds out there. Imagine:

First year:

Harry had learned long ago to wear long sleeves to hide his wrist in fear of being bullied for having both male names on his wrist. Once both Dudley and Harry had been old enough to understand the concept of morals, homosexuality, and shame, Dudley had joined on his parents’ bandwagon of shaming Harry for having both male names. So, Harry hid his wrists.

Harry had heard tales that for the most part, you wouldn’t find either of the people on your wrist until you were 20+, so he didn’t worry about either. A problem for later.

But here he was, in front of the Grand hall waiting for Professor McGonagall to call them in for sorting, and this Draco Malfoy prat was quickly making himself an enemy. As soon as he heard the name, “My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.”, Harry felt chills down his back as he knew he’d found one of his wrist prophecies. At only eleven.

He stared at both his best friend, Ronald, and his newfound enemy, Malfoy, bite at each other, subtly looking at his left wrist, at the fancy name written in fancy calligraphy, and then looking at the blond git in front of him.

Later that night, in the privacy of his four-poster bed, he lifted both his sleeves to look at his new enemy, Draco Malfoy, on his left wrist and his future husband, Tom Riddle, on his right wrist. He felt, maybe, a little better, now that there was less guessing.

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Velvet Room Minato AU (Part 2) AU info

okay so if we got lucio’s tales this means that we might eventually get

- Asra and Muriel when they lived on the docks as kids

- Julian and Portia when they were kids in Nevivon

- Nadia and her sisters when they were younger, in Prakra

- Julian being Nazali’s apprentice and learning from them

- Asra receiving Faust for his birthday

- More flashbacks of Asra/MC pre memory loss

- Muriel when he was finally forced to fight as a gladiator

- How Portia become a servant at Nadia’s palace (I bet she ran away from home in hopes of finding Julian)

- Pirate Julian

Really, the possibilities are endless.

Ticklish|Detroit: Become Human|Connor x Reader (Female)

A/N: This was very fun to write! Enjoy.

Warnings: None.

Connor x Reader (Female)

Summary: But he had no idea you would jump in place, neither make or rather squeak into thin air. The both of you stayed silent for a moment. Then, Connor slowly… repeated the action, this time purposely. You laughed, covering your mouth with a hand that brought it to an abrupt stop. Connor felt a pair of hands settle over his and unstick them away from your stomach.

“Connor, don’t.”


“Hey son, could you ask (Y/N) if she could fix up a coffee for me as well?” Connor’s fixed attention on the files he was registering in his memory was cut off at the sound of the Lieutenant. He retreated his hand away from the keyboard, his skin materializing back over the white porcelain of his hands before directing his gaze towards Hank.

“Right away Lieutenant- I mean… Hank.”

Becoming a deviant gave him a freedom he wasn’t used to. He had a mind of his own now, with no instructions to maneuver him around anymore. Sometimes he had to remind himself that it was alright to drop the formalities with Hank. More importantly, he was considered a friend and an individual that was alive. It hadn’t flown past his attention the fact that he was now regarded as a human being.

And it felt nice.

Though Gavin still remained a prick, there was no change in that.

“Thanks Connor.” Anderson returned to his own pending work, hands moving over the keyboard. The android pushed back in his chair, standing up and going to push the chair back in. But he halted mid action, taking an innocent look around the office before turning on his side and pushing said chair in with his hip.

As much as a small action it was, it was very much invigorating to be able to move like that. His former program strictly held him on a more professional stride, meaning he couldn’t or wouldn’t think of moving the chair the way he just did. But he did it, and it felt wonderful to communicate his own feelings that way.

He started making his way to the kitchen area with a small spring in his stride, spotting you in front of the counter. It was clear you hadn’t noticed his presence so it wasn’t quite difficult to slide in behind you and wrap his arms around your waist to peek over your shoulder. He had seen and heard of the meaning of hugs. Some humans used it as a greeting so he decided to try it himself instead of what he usually did.

You seemed a bit tense though, maybe you were working too much.

“Uh- Connor?” You craned your neck to get a good look at him, your hand frozen on the spoon you were using to mix. “What are you doing?”

“Lieutenant Anderson has politely requested that you make a cup of coffee for him, if you would.” The corners of his mouth tugged upwards into a soft smile. “As for your inquire on my actions at this present moment, I’ve decided to try a hug for a greeting.” His head tipped aside, mouth parting slightly as he took a general look at you. “Though it seems you are not keen of such. If you don’t find yourself at a comfortable position I won’t repeat it again.”

“No- No it’s fine. Really. You just… caught me off guard.” You offered him a smile in return before retaking the task of mixing the coffee with the spoon. Connor watched your every move. The way the coffee swirled around in the cup and made different patterns. How you reached up for another cup in the cabinet above your head. The RK800 flexed his fingers lightly against your stomach, not quite intentional; he was familiar with unconscious movements that he did every now and then.

But he had no idea you would jump in place, neither make or rather squeak into thin air. The both of you stayed silent for a moment. Then, Connor slowly… repeated the action, this time purposely. You laughed, covering your mouth with a hand that brought it to an abrupt stop. Connor felt a pair of hands settle over his and unstick them away from your stomach.

“Connor, don’t.” You gabbled sheepishly. It wasn’t exactly a warning, but rather trying to prevent it from happening. And before he could ask precisely why, you added too quietly. “I’m ticklish….” As if it was something wrong, or rather dangerous.

But being ticklish wasn’t… or was it?

His eyes zoned straight forward, accessing his database.

Ticklish: quick to laugh if someone lightly touches one’s skin.

He blinked rapidly, the information fading into nothing as he looked at his hands, quite close to you. Quite available for tickling. When he went in to do it again, you dodged, escaping under his hold and away from the counter. His intentions were rather clear for you to realize quickly.

“Connor.” You warned half-seriously, holding out both of your arms in front of you, as some sort of shield to protect you from tickling hands. “(Y/N). Allow me to explore this… fascinating discovery I’ve just made about you.” Persuasion and kindness, even curiosity laced his tone as he dared take another step forward just as you stepped backwards.

You both froze in place, and as if on cue, you took off at the same time. Connor followed behind you, knowing that eventually he would catch you; either by pure speed or the fact you would get tired and he wouldn’t. You dodged in time to evade crashing into an officer, skidding out of control at a loss of equilibrium but fortunately impulsing yourself back to stability with Hank’s desk.

“Connor, (Y/N). What the fuck are you two doing!? This is not a playground!”

“Sorry Hank! It won’t happen again.” He followed suit, not even looking back at the other. You had made your way into the lobby, trying to make your way through without any incidents and calculating at the same time what would be the safest route. Connor had it a bit easier since he just had to follow you, but a group of officers were making it difficult to not lose sight of you when they shuffled in hrough the entrance.

Taking those golden seconds with the android all caught up behind, you skittered to a stop to sort out your options. You could: leave the building altogether, but that would not put up a well image with Fowler; go in the elevator, where you would be safe for a temporary time; or the stairs, which would give you more options to hide in different stories easily. The stairs seemed to be the best option but you were tiring quickly and would be glad to have a break.

The elevator it is then.

“(Y/N)!” He was close and you dared not take a look back as you took off straight towards the doors that were closing… closing… You could still make it and leave no place for Connor to slide in. The RK800 slid to a stop with a mild curse, hands pressing up on the glass doors before looking up at your peeking form that was ascending the building. He looked around wildly, then grinned when he saw the stairs.

You shuffled back, horrified upon seeing the android’s running was almost matching the speed of the elevator. When he could, he would steal a glance at you, the bastard tease doing a salut when you were close to reaching the stop and he was already running towards the soon to be arriving elevator.

You practically served yourself on a silver platter.

The ding of the elevator that alerted of the doors opening almost marked the continuation of your chase. You tried to shuffled out together with the man that had been there but Connor was astute enough to pretend to bump with you and push you back in the elevator. Keeping you backed up against the farthest end, he blindly inputted a number and waited until the doors closed before turning to you.

You mentally prepared yourself, and soon enough, Connor’s hands were on you, breaking hell lose.

An android receptionist stopped working, looking around in confusion as she tried to find the source of the muffled laughter. When she saw the elevator descending with the pair inside, a smile spread on her face and she returned to work.

Talks Machina Highlights - Critical Role C2E27 (July 24, 2018)

This is a special SDCC edition featuring the cast… some of the cast! Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien, and Matt Mercer!

This episode was pre-recorded on Saturday, and hence there is a tragic lack of After Dark content. Please turn off all your lights after the episode airs to simulate the After Dark experience. Thank you.

  • Vox Machina: Origins will be back in 2019! The next arc (the first arc to really kick in for the home game) will be about meeting Pike and Percy.
  • Matt is going to have Taliesin design him a Mollymauk tattoo. Sam: “Does Taliesin get to pick the body part?” Marisha: “No, I do.” Taliesin: “We’re in committee.”
  • Realizing how much the dynamic was going to change has thrown everyone a bit off-balance. Liam’s glad Keg stepped up when she did after Molly went down. Caleb’s mental process was “How many can we save?” and knowing he’d have to just cut and run if he couldn’t bring anyone with him. He was very aware of the Scroll of Invisibility in the pocket.
  • An older game of Matt’s where Taliesin played had only two out of five characters survive after a disastrous fight. That session was Marisha’s first time watching the game after she and Matt started dating.
  • Leaving the coat was mostly a respect thing since it was such an intrinsic part of Molly’s character. It is pointed out that they might come across a bandit mugging people in that coat. Anyone who stole that coat would just be liquified. Liam points out that if Lucien/Nonagon/whoever returns as an NPC Big Bad of the series, leaving the coat might keep them on their good side.
  • Beau has a family history with tarot cards, which is why she always had a thing about them. The last meaningful conversation she had with Molly was over those cards. Taliesin: “I was watching, going, ‘Yeah.’” Marisha: “It means something, and Beau has some regrets about how that conversation went.”
  • Nott didn’t want anything? “Of course I wanted things. I wanted everything.” But it didn’t seem respectful. Taliesin: “I was backstage screaming, ‘LOOT THE BODY, just loot the body, what’s wrong with you!’”
  • Taliesin had several moments last episode where he had to drop everything and get ready to go when his new character almost made an appearance… but never quite did. 
  • Taliesin’s opinion of the funeral? “I feel like more money could’ve been spent. I mean, you ended up in a brothel. You could’ve done something.” Seriously, though, he cried. To Marisha: “You were a lot.”
  • Sam’s getting to the point where Nott’s point of view is like second nature. “It helps that I have had a lot of drinks in the past, and I know just from sense memory what that’s like.” Liam: “Nott shares your unbridled sense of id, Sam.”
  • According to Matt, the hardest part about preparing for the new campaign was creating something that simultaneously felt new and set itself apart from the first campaign without deviating too dramatically. He also felt like if the first episode was a dud coming off of the very dramatic ending of campaign 1, that would be on him. He was very aware that a lot of people would be jumping into the show for the first time since it would be a more accessible entry point.
  • There will be one shots and all sorts of new content associated with the new studio. Honey Heist 2: Electric Bear-galoo will be the first one! Marisha wants to start and focus with bite-sized content, shows that will lower some of the barriers of entry to D&D. A lot of people have discovered D&D from CR and want to get into it, but the PHB looks like homework, so they’re trying to make elements of it more easily understandable to a wider audience.
  • Matt likes to bring in guest stars, but doesn’t want to do it too often so that the story still focuses on the Mighty Nein. He’s excited to have this opportunity to bring in more of the folks they’ve wanted to have for ages, though. There’s always the possibility of guests having to cancel last-minute, which makes the whole process nerve-wracking. The focus is always on bringing in the people who only really want to be there for that part of the story.
  • Matt on dealing with directed anger from the internet: “Whenever somebody lashes out, it’s coming from a place of insecurity inside them. Most people. Some people are just dicks. But some people are just angry at the world and lash out at whatever’s in front of them.”
  • Matt on non-binary NPCs: “There’s plenty more out there.”
  • Mechanics they miss from last campaign: Marisha went from being “a versatile Swiss-Army-Knife toolbox to a… toolbox.” She misses the versatility of the spells. “Now I try to figure out other creative ways to do things.” Taliesin: “I miss having an enormous amount of distance from combat.” Sam: “The ability to speak. With confidence. That’s it.” Liam: “I miss the sheer satisfaction, and dare I say smugness, of stealth rolls.”
  • Taliesin on Molly as queer rep: “I love watching what’s been happening with the community in the last 15 years.” He had to ask his “young friends” to figure out the vocabulary, but he’s been focused on exploring new things and he’s delighted at how much it’s resonated with people.
  • Taliesin on Molly: “He’s still doing great in my head.” Matt points out that Molly’s already having major effects on the campaign and the motivations of the PCs right now (Taliesin’s so pleased).
  • Marisha: “After the first few times that I put the moves on [Yasha], we were at break, and I could sense that Ashley was wanting to ask me something, and she got up the courage, and she was like, ‘Hey, um, I’m just curious. Is Beau–’ and at that exact moment someone called Ashley to the stage, and I was like, ‘Bye!’“ They haven’t had a chance to talk about it since then. Beau’s looking at it a bit like deciding whether or not to get into a work relationship right now.
  • An unexpected theme of campaign 2 has been identity and trust. Matt on one of his favorite unexpected storytelling developments: “Having a group of self-entitled terrible people that had this one amazing individual come into their life and be taken away, and now realize they all want to become better people because of that.”
  • Sam mentions that the first year in the home game, the characters were a bit like cartoon characters, until they got comfortable enough to start letting them have real emotions. Now there’s been a lot more pressure to create a character that’s internally consistent and different from their first characters without being too different and outside their ranges.
  • Liam gets a question from a kid with the cutest voice and everyone loses it from the adorableness. What’s his favorite monster? “Well, my number one favorite monster is Matthew Mercer.” He’s a big fan of the beholder. “I really like that guy.”
  • Sam on being asked how he creates flawed characters: “I’m fascinated by flaws and how people overcome them and work around them and stuff, because in real life, I don’t have any.” For Nott, he picked a couple of weird character quirks and worked backwards from there. “The ‘why’ is the fun stuff.”
  • Matt talks about how we’re already facing a huge difficulty with prejudice in the world now, and he doesn’t feel like he should be forcing that awfulness into entertainment. He’s still finding the balance to give the players a chance to confront and defeat those ideas without it feeling hackneyed or unnecessarily painful to viewers dealing with those issues outside the game.
  • On resurrecting Molly, Taliesin: “Due to things I can’t necessarily go into, I don’t know if that would have even worked.”
  • Liam talks about how he never plays Renegade characters in video games and how it’s been a challenge playing Caleb. Liam: “The Mighty Nein isn’t really the family that Vox Machina was, at least not yet, but we are. We love each other and we love playing with each other.”
  • Marisha points out that when Molly talked about a silk flower, he said, “Here’s one that won’t die.”

do u ever think about how mika is probably terrified of becoming a demon but at the same time at least he wouldn’t have to hurt anymore?

Y’ever think about how, after their first kiss, Jim and Spock had to go back to their separate quarters and just fucking digest what just happened? Like the second the door closed, you know Jim leaned right up against it, hand to his chest to try to make his heart slow down, and his smile was so wide it hurt and he couldn’t stop it? And then he started pacing because he hadn’t asked Spock if he could tell anyone – it hadn’t even occurred to him to ask – so he had to just deal with This Major Fucking Development on his Own. But it was okay because then he was giggling. Genuinely giggling, and running his hands through his hair and thinking about tomorrow when he’d see Spock again and they’d meet eyes and both of them would know.

And you know Spock walked into his own quarters with Very Purposeful Strides, went straight to his desk and sat down with his hands on his knees staring at the wall, trying like hell to keep his cool. But then he raised his fingertips to his lips!!!! And thought about the moment Jim touched those lips!! And through the contact he replayed that memory over and over again, parsing through every single detail about the way Jim’s breath felt and the way his fingers moved so subtly against Spock’s own it was as though he was trying to line up the swirls of their fingertips??? And then Spock smiled, there in the empty darkness of his own room where it was safe to do it??

GOD. The Aftermath.

Freaky Friday except Sander’s Sides because why not

-they all wake up in each other’s bodies

-they still have their own mannerisms so like they speak normally but they also have stuff like muscle memory from the other sides and such

-and because they’re just in the other sides’ bodies physical condition and mental stuff carries over too

-so for example logan switching with roman and just staggering out of bed like what the actual fuck dude do you never sleep

-so they basically just experience what the others experience for a day or so

(More under the cut because this got to be sorta long)

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Day 1/August 12: childhood 😂💕

Todoroki introducing Bakugou to his mom (after all the upcoming drama in this au that I will eventually make) causes some relatively unfortunate memories to resurface.
I mean, he still feels the same way as back then but being called out like that,,, man.


i love this but i also hate it because you can see how callum pays so much attention to how harrow acts around him and then changes his own behaviour to match that. harrow calls him “prince callum” rather than just “callum” and so he instantly bows and addresses him in such a formal way - “my king”. and then harrow’s kind of like, no please, don’t be so formal with me and callum’s like “oh okay” and it just shows how even though these two care about each other a great deal they both feel a distance there that they haven’t overcome. this is further seen when callum references to harrow as his “stepfather” when he’s talking to rayla and harrow says (in this same conversation) “i know i’m not your birth father…” however, in more emotional situations, callum refers to harrow as “my father” (when he’s trying to convince soren to take him on the mission) and harrow refers to callum (and ezran) as “my sons” ‘(in the letter to amaya). 

i think a lot of the tension between them is due to external factors - soren constantly refers to callum as the “step prince” and he responds to callum’s “and he’s my father” line with “technically…stepdad”. and all of viren’s interactions with callum are very negative and dismissive. so it’s possible that callum’s not well-liked by some of the people in katolis due to the fact that he’s not harrow’s birth son. but despite that, there’s so many more scenes which prove that they truly see each other as family and harrow sees callum as his son, just as much as ezran is. i mean, callum is about four years older than ezran which means harrow’s probably known him since he was four and raised him since then? that means, in callum’s living memory, he’s probably only had one father-figure, and that’s harrow. 

anyway they’re both awkward af but they love each so much okay!! 

miss you.

request: angsty piece where harry gives y/n the silent treatment.


where y/n loses Harry’s rose ring.

this is very delayed as I went through a writer’s block, but I think I’ve overcome it. I spent a lot of time on this so I really hope you all enjoy :) feedback is appreciated!


It was a ring. A material item woven of dear silver into the form of a rose in everlasting bloom. Intricate in how patience perfected the very details adorning the heavy band, it was a prized possession, from the shaded black embodied beneath the silver petals to the sister of leaves on the sides engraved mid sway in the winds.

But it was a ring. Inanimate without a mind of its own. A luxury that y/n believed had been mistaken by him for a necessity.

It was an instinct for Harry to reach for y/n’s delicate hand when he saw the exorbitant accessory no longer protecting her symbolic ring finger. He brought it closer to his curious eyes, rubbing his thumb across the skin just below her knuckles. Excuses began to cross his mind thereafter: perhaps she had mindlessly moved it onto another finger; perhaps the band had become invisible on her skin overnight; perhaps his eye deceived him and the ring had been there all along.

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BTS SCENARIOS- They carry around something that belongs to you.

Kim Namjoon:

You slowly opened your eyes to peek at the source of noise coming from around you. You spotted your boyfriend frantically digging through his laundry bag searching for something as he sent shirts and pants flying all over the floor.

‘’Joon what are you doing?’’ You asked him as you sat up in the bed pulling the cover closer to your body. Namjoon looked up at you sadly. You extended your arms towards him inviting him to join you in his bed. He slowly made his way to you laying his head on your lap.

‘’I can’t find it.’’ He mumbled with a defeated tone. You stroked his head gently.

‘’Find what?’’ You questioned letting your eyes run over the mess on the floor. Namjoon took your hands in his.

‘’Your shirt, you know the really big one that I always bring with me when I go on tour. I’m leaving in the evening and I can’t find it.’’ You looked at your boyfriend who was sulking while playing with your fingers. You smiled at him.

‘’You mean the men’s shirt that’s too big for the both of us that you insisted on taking away from me because you thought it belonged to an ex-boyfriend?’’ You couldn’t help but laugh recalling the memory.

Namjoon was shocked to see you walking around in an oversized men’s shirt thinking how can you wear another man’s shirt when you have a boyfriend? After you told him that you bought it for yourself because you found men’s clothing more comfortable he suggested a trade; you give him the shirt and he will give you one of his. You were more than happy with the deal, you just didn’t think Namjoon would get so attached to your shirt.

‘’Yes that shirt, I need it when I’m away.’’ He looked away sadly at the mess on the ground. You linked your finger through his.

‘’When you’re away from me, missing me.’’ You finished his thought. You knew too well after all. He nodded letting out a deep breath.

‘’Namjoon you’re an idiot.’’ You deadpanned. He lifted his head to look up at you.

‘’For missing my girlfriend?’’ He asked offended. You rolled your eyes and pulled at his shirt.

‘’No, you’re an idiot because you woke me up by looking for a shirt that you’re already wearing.’’ You poked his head making him look down. His eyes grew wide in realisation before he laughed awkwardly at his mistake. He looked at you innocently and your heart gave out because silly mistakes like these is what led you to meet him after all.

Originally posted by cutelittleyoongi

Kim Seokjin:

You were currently craving for ice-cream however you had none which forced you to move out from the comfort of your boyfriend’s arms and plan making your way to the convenience store. You walked into your room to find that you had no cash in your wallet.

‘’Seokjin-aaaah’’ You called teasingly to your boyfriend.

‘’Whaaaat?’’ Your boyfriend called back to you.

‘’I have no cash but a deep and threatening craving in the pits of my heart.’’ You yelled out dramatically. You could hear your boyfriend’s laughter as he made his way to your room.

‘’That’s a bit dramatic.’’ He commented as he handed you his wallet. You smiled at him.

‘’I learned from the best.’’ You said opening up his wallet.

‘’I will give it back when I retrieve some cash fro-‘’ Your eyes stopped at a familiar picture tucked in the small pocket of your boyfriend’s wallet. You pulled it out and stared at it. Stared at the horrendous face that belonged to none other than yourself. You looked back at Seokjin.

‘’Why do you have this?’’ You asked him. He snatched the picture from you, a smile spreading over his features as he looked at it. You tried to grab it from him but he held it up in the air laughing at your lousy antics to get it back. You jumped on his back trying to weigh him down to the floor, and failing miserably.

‘’Why would you have that horrendous beast in your wallet? I thought I got rid of it.’’ You crossed your arms over your chest as you glared at your boyfriend after detaching yourself from his back. Seokjin wiped the tears from his eyes as he looked at your stern gaze.

‘’But you look so beautiful, what are you talking about?’’ He laughed reaching his hands towards your face. You pushed his hands away.

‘’Seokjin that picture was taken the same moment I thought my heart was going to fly out of my ass when that horrendous screeching beast dived towards the ground. I thought I was going to die.’’ You huffed as Seokjin started laughing once again recalling how you clung to his arm while yelling that you will sue the place.

‘’It was a ride for children Y/N.’’ He continued laughing at you.

‘’It was a torture device and that picture is hurting my dignity.’’ You pointed at the picture and tried to grab it again but Seokjin pulled his arm back.

‘’No, I’m keeping it.’’ He said tucking the picture in his pocket.

‘’Why?’’ You whined stomping your feet in frustration. Seokjin grinned at you.

‘’Because when I find it hard to smile all I need to do is look at this masterpiece of a picture and I find myself not only smiling but thanking the lord that I’ve ended up with someone who can make a child’s ride seem like a trip to hell.’’ He explained while dragging you into his arms.

‘’I hate it.’’ You grumbled into his chest even if your heart swelled with happiness at his words.

‘’But you love me.’’ He kissed your forehead. You looked up at him.

‘’I’ve decided that if you’re hurting my dignity then I won’t need to pay you back for the ice cream.’’ He laughed as you pulled out some cash from his wallet and walked out the room with your head held high. Shaking his head he pulled out the picture from his pocket and placed it back in his wallet. He could always count on you to make him happy. Always.

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Min Yoongi:

‘’Hey what’s this box?’’ Yoongi asked you as he sat on the bed with a blue box in his hands. You were currently trying to clean your room, emphasis on trying because honestly you felt exhausted only five minutes in. You looked at the box in your boyfriend’s hands.

‘’That’s my memory box, I keep all the sentimental junk in there.’’ You explained as you sat next to him and lifted the lid. Yoongi’s hands picked out a bunch of papers and little nothings observing each and every single one of them carefully while you were having a hard time recalling some of their backstories.

‘’This is nice.’’ He commented as he ran his fingers over a silver ring that had your initials on the inside. You took the ring and tried it on your finger before sliding it off again.

‘’I used to wear it all the time, I still do sometimes but ever since I moved here I just didn’t feel like it.’’ You smiled sadly. Yoongi looked at you and the ring curiously.

‘’Does it mean anything?’’ He asked.

‘’Yeah, it was a gift from a friend from back home asking me to not forget my roots and where I’m really from. It was made in my home country so it means something I just don’t wear it as much anymore.’’ You put your head on his shoulder remembering the day you left to live in Korea permanently.

‘’You miss your home?’’ He asked while slipping the ring onto his pinkie finger.

‘’I miss a lot of things, but my home is here in Korea now, with you.’’ You smiled. He looked at you sweetly. He brushed your cheek kissing you softly on the lips.

‘’Can I wear it?’’ He asked looking at the ring adorning his finger. You smiled and nodded.

‘’I’m glad you know, that you think of me when you think of home.’’ He added and you smiled taking his hand in yours.

‘’Of course I do.’’ You confirmed laughing to yourself at how silly you sounded to yourself.

‘’I think the same of you.’’ Yoongi whispered smiling at your hands. Your heart might have stopped for a few seconds, you felt happy, no matter how much you missed your country it can’t compare to how much you missed Yoongi when he was away. You’ll always be happier with him.

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Jung Hoseok:

‘’Can I have them back?’’ You asked Hoseok standing beside him in front of the mirror as he checked out his outfit before going out.

‘’No honey.’’ He smiled at you in the mirror as he adjusted the sunglasses on his head. Sunglasses that rightfully belonged to you. Sunglasses that your stubborn boyfriend refused to give back to you.

‘’But they’re mine.’’ You looked at him incredulously. You couldn’t understand why he refused to give them back to you. He pretty much wore them every single day now that the sun was out, but even when the sun wasn’t out he still kept your sunglasses.

‘’And they match all of my clothes, I’m sorry but you’re not getting them back.’’ He smiled at you showing off his dimples. You groaned as you threw yourself on the bed.

‘’But you have so many other pairs and it’s not like you can’t afford the exact same ones. I literally bought them at a convenience store and they’re the only pair I have.’’ You complained trying to make him see sense. It’s not like you minded him wearing them, it’s just that his weird attachment to them annoyed you especially when he refused to let you wear them.

‘’None other are like these.’’ Hoseok said simply as he once again adjusted them on his head.

‘’And why not?’’ You sighed staring at the ceiling.

‘’Because you were wearing them the first time I saw you, it’s because of them falling from your face when you sneezed too hard that I had to pick them up and hand them back to you. If not for them falling at my feet I would have ignored your abnormal sneezing and walked right past not realising that I just walked past the woman I love so much now.’’


‘’Y/N?’’ Hoseok pulled at your sleeve. You slowly sat up on the bed staring at your boyfriend unable to keep your eyes from watering. Hoseok laughed at you once he spotted the tears in your eyes.

‘’I never even liked those sunglasses.’’ You said sniffing.

‘’But what you said made me love them.’’ You added. Hoseok pulled into his arms shaking his head at your dramatics.

‘’Because of them I started to fall for you.’’ He said kissing your temple. You smacked his chest gently.

‘’Stop it, I’m emotional now.’’ He chuckled as he pulled you back, wiping your face dry.

‘’So can I keep them?’’ He grinned at you and you felt like crying again.

‘’Yeah, you can.’’ You whispered looking down. Those damned stupid sunglasses you thought. Thank the lord they were on sale.

‘’What are you thinking?’’ Hoseok asked you. You looked up to meet his loving eyes. You could see yourself in their dark reflection. How lucky must you be to be looked at and to be loved by someone like him.

‘’I was thinking that I’m glad they were on sale and that they don’t actually match any of your outfits.’’ You grinned at him. He scrunched his nose glancing at the mirror.

‘’I know they don’t, but we match each other don’t we?’’ He said taking your hand in his and standing up.

‘’Hell yeah we do.’’ You squeezed his hand standing up. He placed his hand on your cheek and leaned in to place a sweet kiss upon your forehead. Yepp, you had the sunglasses to thank.

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Park Jimin:

‘’Hey love are you ready to go?’’ Jimin spoke as he entered your room.

‘’Yeah just a second.’’ You replied as your eyes travelled through the minimal amount of jewellery in your drawer. Jimin came up behind you sneaking his hands around your waist and placing his chin on your shoulder. He looked at the jewellery displayed before you.

‘’I never knew you had these, you always take my jewellery.’’ He chuckled softly brushing his nose against your cheek. You pouted looking at the lack of choices.

‘’Your jewellery is better, also I like wearing what’s yours.’’ You replied simply.

‘’I noticed.’’ He said tugging at your sweatshirt that was actually your boyfriend’s. You shrugged and closed your draw. You turned to face Jimin who was gazing at you with such warmth you sort of forgot where you were.

‘’Let me choose something for you huh?’’ He suggested as he reached behind you to reopen the drawer. You let him peek inside as he poked the pieces with his fingers looking them over.

You took the time to admire the beauty that was your boyfriend. What did it matter what jewellery you wore or how fancy your clothing was, you could be wearing a crown made of diamonds and it’d still all dull in the presence of Jimin. There was something about him that was safe and comforting yet euphoric and completely insane. You could say you were deeply and madly in love.

‘’I’ve come to a conclusion that I need to buy my girlfriend more jewellery.’’ He pressed his lips into a thin line as he closed the draw. You slowly focused back into reality.

‘’No need, I don’t feel like wearing any today anyway.’’ You smiled. Jimin pulled you back into his arms only to have you pull right back out.

‘’Oh wait, I think I brought my necklace back from my mom’s house.’’ You spoke quickly and then very ungracefully jumped over your bed to your bedside table. You fished out a small chain with a small pendant that shone with your favourite colour. You walked over to Jimin dangling it in front of his face.

‘’It’s really pretty.’’ He commented stroking the pendant. You smiled as his fingers brushed against your necklace.

‘’My grandparents gifted it to me when I was born, I started wearing it when I was five though. I left it with my mom ever since I moved here.’’ Jimin smiled at you as you told him the backstory of you necklace. You looked at the chain and frowned, it was broken.

‘’It’s okay, we can take it to fix it somewhere.’’ You suggested when Jimin tried to unsuccessfully connect the two ends together.

‘’I can wear the pendant on my chain, or you can take my chain and wear it.’’ He offered edging his fingers around his neck but you stopped him. An idea crossing over your head.

‘’Or how about you wear it and you know keep it.’’ You said shyly looking up at him. Jimin flushed a little as his lips parted into a small oh.

‘’You want me to have it?’’ He asked making sure. You nodded and he grinned at you immediately taking the pendant and fixing it on the thin chain around his neck. He looked down at it with a loving smile.

‘’I love it, thank you. Now I can carry a part of you with me.’’ He smiled cheekily as he once again pulled into his embrace. You laughed against his chest. You were happy that he accepted it, even if it’s just a small and seemingly insignificant object that once travelled with you every day of your life you were glad it gets to be with Jimin and that you get to be with him.

‘’Don’t lose it.’’ You teased pulling away, your heart was a little too warm for you to handle at the moment. Jimin brushed his hand through your hair biting his lip softly.

‘’I will never lose it, I will treasure it as much as I treasure you.’’ He said as he slowly closed the distance between the two of you placing his lips on yours, a kiss so sweet and full of love that you felt silly for missing it the moment he pulled away.

‘’I love you.’’ You whispered with your beating heart. Jimin laughed as his smile hid his eyes.

‘’I love you too baby.’’

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Kim Taehyung:

‘’Hey what’s this?’’ Taehyung asked as he picked something in his hand and dropped down to lay beside you on your bed. You looked over to what he was toying with; a simple bracelet made out of wooden beads, a few of them who each bore a single letter spelling out your name.

‘’It’s a bracelet my mom got me a long time ago, I’ve never wore it.’’ You explained taking the bracelet and swinging it around your finger.

‘’Why not?’’ Your boyfriend asked curiously placing his head on your stomach as his eyes danced in circles following the movement of the bracelet. You laughed.

‘’Why would I wear my own name? Also I don’t really like it.’’ You scrunched your nose. The bracelet flew off your finger and landed behind your pillow. Taehyung pouted as he retrieved it back.

‘’But it was a gift from your mom?’’ He said turning over the wooden beads on the simple string.

‘’That’s why I didn’t throw it away.’’ You smiled at your boyfriend who seemed genuinely upset that you didn’t put the bracelet to use.

‘’I guess.’’ He mumbled laying back on your stomach. He toyed with the bracelet in one of his hands while his other hand played with the strands of your hair twirling them around his fingers while staring at you with such an intense gaze that you knew only Taehyung can know the meaning off.

‘’Why are you looking at me like that?’’ You asked squinting at your boyfriend whose eyes never once left your face, running over every single feature of yours as if trying to forever imprint them into his brain, so he could never forget. You poked at his bottom lip that was stuck between his teeth.

‘’Tell me.’’ You whispered taking his hand in yours. He looked down finally smiling to himself.

‘’Nothing.’’ He said innocently.

‘’Kim Taehyung, I know you well enough to know that whatever you got going on in your head is not nothing. I want to know.’’ You whined pouting. He only laughed as he quickly brought himself up to peck you on the lips and then just like that he was back to laying on your stomach. He brought the bracelet to his eye level and swiftly slipped it on his wrist letting it settle there.

‘’You’re not going to actually wear it are you?’’ You chuckled looking at your name surrounding your boyfriend’s wrist.

‘’I am, and I’m never taking it off.’’ He smiled putting his wrist in front of your face turning it in different directions showing it off. You pushed his hand away laughing.

‘’You’re impossible.’’ You sighed rubbing at your tired eyes.

‘’No you are.’’ He stated lifting his head to look at you.

‘’So impossible that sometimes I find myself wondering if you’re actually real. You’re kind of like a fantasy of mine I always had just never got to put a name or a face to until I actually met you.’’ He said with such seriousness in his voice yet so much wonder in his eyes that it’s as if he was still at a loss as to how he ended up getting to be with you. You yourself were at a loss for words. You simply could not speak as your heart struggled against your ribcage. If this were a cartoon you knew your heart will leap right out and latch onto Taehyung’s face, its animated hands gripping onto his cheeks.

‘’I’m keeping this bracelet whether you like it or not.’’ Taehyung stated finally as he slapped his wrist and brought himself up to your side tucking your body into his. Your arms moved on their own accord to circle around him.

‘’You sure do know how to make a girl stop breathing.’’ You mumbled against his neck where your face was gently resting. Taehyung ran his hands down your arms.

‘’It’s because I love you.’’ He smiled into your hair.

‘’Or because you want to kill me.’’ You rolled your eyes but brought yourself closer.

‘’Or that.’’ Taehyung replied which earned him a poke in the ribs. Just as the bracelet with your name wrapped around Taehyung’s wrist you hoped his heart will forever remain wrapped around your own beating one.

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Jeon Jungkook:

One of the things that you loved about Jungkook is how attentive he was to your needs, no matter how little they were. It could range from him going out of his way to get you a specific sort of medicine or fully educating himself on something you like to something small like constantly bringing you a glass of water or always having a hairband on himself in case you need one.

What you didn’t know is that a simple thing like a hairband would become an object of comfort to him, because as long as he had one he knew he had someone to give it to, someone who is you. He always wanted to have you. So of course when you walked into your living room to find Jungkook digging his hands into the gaps of your sofa you were confused as to why he was going to such an extent to retrieve a hair band.

‘’It’s your favourite one.’’ He argued when you sat on the coffee table asking him why.

‘’I didn’t even realise I had a favourite one.’’ You thought out loud. Jungkook rolled his eyes at you.

‘’Help me find it?’’ He turned to look at you and you sighed getting on your knees and peeking under the sofa.

‘’Okay I will lift it up and you quickly see if it’s under there.’’ Jungkook instructed you as he quickly lifted up the sofa. Your eyes roamed the dusty space until you spotted a black hairband laying on the side. You snatched it from the ground and stood up as Jungkook put the sofa down.

‘’Ah good, will you use it?’’ He asked you nodding towards the hairband, you shook your head in response and Jungkook took the hairband from your fingers and rolled it onto his wrist. You couldn’t help but burst into laughter, you were laughing so hard that you ended up heaving for air on the floor and clutching you stomach as tears rolled down your cheeks.

‘’Why are you laughing?’’ Jungkook asked sitting down on the sofa staring at you while you rolled on the floor.

‘’Because you’re so damn extra that it’s actually hilarious.’’ You tried to steady your breathing as you slowly got up and sat on Jungkook’s lap. He looped his arms around you and leaned back into the sofa.

‘’It’s just a hairband Kook.’’ You said each word slowly while holding his face in your hands. He moved them away and took your face in his own copying you.

‘’I know that, I just feel better when I have it with me.’’ He explained as a faint red tint decorated his cheeks.

‘’How better?’’ You asked wanting to know more. Jungkook shrugged his shoulders while looking off to the side.

‘’I don’t know, it’s just that I feel anxious when I don’t have it with me. Like if I don’t have it then somehow I don’t have you either.’’ He spoke quietly not meeting your eyes. You looked at him, wondering to yourself if it’s possible to fall in love all over again.

‘’I want to carry a part of you around with me at all times, even if it’s just a hairband. When I’m away touring your hairband gives me comfort, because I know that when I come back I’ll have you to reclaim it.’’ He said finally looking at you. You smiled sadly at him because you never knew that, and now that you know your heart cried out for reasons quite unknown.

‘’Jeon Jungkook what have I done to deserve you?’’ You asked as you wrapped your hands around his neck and brought your foreheads together. He smiled at you softly, staring into your eyes with his big dark ones.

‘’I could ask you the same.’’ He grinned.

‘’I guess I’ll never get to cut my hair since you’ll be needing that.’’ You said as your fingers gently gripped the hairband around your boyfriend’s wrist. He laughed as he skilfully turned you so now he was laying on top of you.

‘’I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t leave me.’’ He said it so simply that it broke your heart thinking that such thoughts actually roamed his head. You brought your hand to his cheek stroking it gently as you gazed into his love filled yet somewhat anxious eyes.

‘’I would never.’’ You promised. Jungkook nodded with a satisfied smile and leaned down to kiss you softly. He laid down in your arms, letting himself get lost in your comfort. You held the man you loved so much and promised yourself that Jungkook would never have to spend a day without your hairband.

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