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It’s pizza and tv/movie hangout night with the beta tonight, but the beta ( @ylime94) is busy with an assignment (BITCH YOU BETTER BE DOING YOUR ASSIGNMENT I WILL WALK OVER TO YOUR HOUSE AND CRACK THE WHIP, DON’T DOUBT IT FOR A SECOND)


point being…do I still get pizza tonight?…cos it is still pizza night…even if we don’t hang out (WHICH IS FINE BITCH! DO YOUR WORK, UNIVERSITY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!)


(probably gonna be lazy later and get pizza out of sheer laziness tbh…I mean…I did put out some soup to defrost, but…pizza!)

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@friend squad: what is your ambition when you grow up?

Nova; queen of mewni! of course

Connor: I want to run my own inventing business. 

Jack: The world’s best magician. (smiles and winks

Missy: President of the United States. I mean if uncle Ferguson can do it, so can i.

Roman: I dunno. maybe a race car driver ?


Viktor: not lunch. 

what “don’t hate on ships” means : don’t harass people who ship unpopular/not well known/ect. ships + send them anon hate for simply shipping two (or more) characters

what “don’t hate on ships” doesn’t mean : pretending as if pedophilic/abusive/ect. are 100% okay and acceptable + that people shouldn’t call you out for shipping something problematic and harmful


Sometimes you just have to scribble some boys

michael in the bathroom more like

jared at the lush store

jared at the lush store

jared at the lush store eating bathbombs

damn he loves the cronch

he’s just jared at the lush store

jared at th

“That was so cute..” 😳Oh, my dear…where do I go from here?? 😚❤️❤️ YugBam are so very essential in ones everyday life.

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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!

supergirl headcanon that at some point in the future after alex and maggie get married and when they decide to try and have a kid, they choose not to tell anyone until they know it worked bc knowing their friends (family, really), those weirdos will be be way more excited than even they are 

so ya know they go to their doctor, pick a donor etc etc (alex is gonna be the one having the lil babe) and some time later (i’m not a fertility expert, i dont know how long these things take), there’s a super squad game night at kara’s place and everyone’s there (winn, james, mon el [i’m assuming he stays], lena, j’onn, m’gann, alex and maggie) and kara comes home a little late after having to deal with a mix up of stories w snapper and kinda discards her stuff and looks a little fondly at her fam who are all goofing around by the tv but then something is weird abt like, the background noise in her super hearing and she focuses and something just isn’t right 

and alex notices the expression on her face as kara comes a little closer trying to figure out what it is and says “hey kara, you okay?” and kara’s like “i dunno … i thought i heard … i mean, i do hear … but that’s … there’s only eight people here - i must just be rlly tired or something, don’t worry.” and winn teases her about it a little and james jokes “supergirl’s having an off day, huh?” but alex suddenly realises what it could be and as kara moves to sit beside lena, alex grabs her arm and goes “wait, kara, what did you hear?” and kara sees the look on her face and says very slowly “what do you think i heard?” and alex is like “you tell me first” and kara says “you tell me first” and winn just stares at them with raised eyebrows and goes “you both maybe wanna tell the rest of us what’s going on?” and kara’s eyes flicker between maggie and alex before she says, still super slowly bc she doesn’t know if she and alex are on the same page “there’s only eight people in this room … but -” and alex finishes for her going “but kara hears nine heartbeats.” and nobody picks up on anything for a second, like j’onn and m’gann and mon el try focusing their hearing and the others just looks around sorta confused and then suddenly maggie chokes on her beer and her gaze snaps over to alex and goes “wait a second - does that mean …?” and alex breaks into the biggest grin and kara lets out the hugest shriek and goes “oh my god you’re pregnant!” and chaos just erupts in the apartment


yeah soooo..i did a thing!

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I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

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Pst hi I LOVE YOUR FICS you have no idea how much they give me life <3 <3 I came across this really cute (and frankly heartbreaking) AU: "[burgler gently wakes me] you live like this?" (stolen from a post I saw on fb) and I kinda just need Stiles to do everything he can to make Derek's life better? THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

It IS frankly heartbreaking… which means I’m totally into it.

(now also on AO3!)


Derek definitely went to sleep alone. He always does, these days. It doesn’t explain why he drifts awake in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone lightly poking his shoulder.

It’s probably not a good sign that when he opens his eyes and sees a gangly teenage boy in a red hoodie and grubby-looking black fingerless gloves standing over him, he doesn’t startle. His claws don’t come out; his eyes don’t flash. He just feels… resigned.

“You live like this?” the guy says, soft. Almost pitying. “I mean. You actually live here?”

That seems too obvious, not to mention too insulting, to merit a response. “What are you doing here?” Derek asks instead. His voice comes out low and rough. This is the first time in days he’s had any reason to say anything. “This is private property.”

The guy shifts on his feet and sticks his hands under his armpits uncomfortably. “Okay, straight to the awkward questions. I like that.”

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It sort of bothers me that they used Noora not being able to testify against Nico as a plot device to break No*rhelm up. Like, they took this very real issue and important issue in cases like this wherein people never get justice because of the fear of testifying and made it a small side plot to facilitate No*rhelm breaking up. Made it all about how William feels about Noora.

I understand it happens, people report and cannot follow through but I feel like it just undermined one of the most important aspects of S2. One of the most inspiring and powerful aspects of S2.

I feel like it’s the same sloppy writing that saw Emma out Isak for the sake of the wider plot, then ignored how not okay and serious it is. 

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.