and i may or may not have cried when making this

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My sister called this morning to make sure I was okay. She said that the next time she visits home, she'll teach me some self-defense (she also insisted I take a self-defense class during winter break, when I have time). I may or may not have cried when she started crying.

Ten Things It Helps Me To Know

     I have been a teacher. I have been a student. I am young enough to still be naive but old enough to be jaded. I have cried in both pain and joy, witnessed people and sights around the world, and believe that when it comes down to it, much of what really matters doesn’t get conveyed until you’re old enough to find it for yourself.

     These are my understandings, which I thought I might share, for those of you struggling, and those who need them. They don’t have to be yours, and they may yet change with time (see No.2), but they are things that I sometimes need to hear, and things that might help some of you. 

     If you don’t care, just ignore this. Let it go. It isn’t worth making a fuss about, and I’m not going to answer if you try to cause one. But if you do care, if it helps you, feel free to reblog it or like it or save it for yourself, for the days you need someone to tell you these things again (I often do).

     1. People desire authenticity. Being honest matters, not only to others, but to yourself. Life is too short to live a lie, and people can tell when you’re full of bullshit.

     2. You are an eternal work in progress from now until the day you die. You never stop learning, growing, or being wrong. And that’s actually okay. Own the right to keep learning. Own the right to grow. Own the right to sometimes be wrong, and recognize that being wrong has nothing to do with your self-worth.

     3. Anger and sadness are emotions. They are both valid and important, but both also have an appropriate time and place. As with any emotion, how you react is your choice. Some things are not worth a true response. Learning the difference between the things that matter and the things that don’t will help you on the days you feel overwhelmed.

     4. Your opinions and perceptions of the world come from where you have been and what you have experienced. Just because you see the world one way does not make that vision accurate or right. It only makes it yours. Recognize the power of stepping beyond your own limitations, of trying to see the world from a different point of view. It will make you stronger, and it will bring you closer to others. Learn the value of questioning your assumptions.

Everyone is a human being. That means they come with mistakes, successes, hopes, fears, loves, losses, pains, and joys. Compassion is about recognizing those things, and empathy is about sharing in the ways they make someone human. Celebrate those joys and successes and loves, and guide and encourage those hopes. Correct mistakes gently when it is needed, confront fears alongside others, and recognize losses and pains. Treat human beings as human beings.

     6. The world owes you nothing. That does not mean that nothing is what you deserve. Set your own measures of success. When you can define on a personal level what success and happiness is for you, then you control your own fate, and you are master of your own life. Those bars of success and happiness are personal. We don’t always have to measure up against one another. In fact, we should rarely make such an attempt.

     7. It is never too late to start to change. Just because something is as it has always been does not mean that makes it inherently better. But that does not mean everything must change. Recognize with each new opportunity comes both excitement and grief. When we step through one door into a new room, we always leave the old one behind. Acknowledge that it takes courage to do so. Sometimes change is good. But recognize other people might need longer to say farewell.

     8. Your journey is yours. No one else will live your life. No one else will walk the path beside you for its entirety. You pick your pace. You pick your direction. You pick the sights you stop by to see. Don’t let temporary companions decide your destination, no matter who they might be. Live your life for you. It is as complete as you make it.

     9. Every failure is a lesson, every lesson a chance to grow. We are not measured by our successes and failures, but by the character in which we accept and move on from them. The world will try to convince you otherwise. The world is wrong. Accept your faults with grace and an open mind, and be humble in your successes.

     10. Love and forgive yourself, and practice gratitude for the things you do have, no matter how small. You spend more time with yourself than with anyone else, in your entire life. You must be able to live with yourself, and to look after yourself. Don’t apologize for the things you need (though recognize the weight of your actions on the world). If you are not looking after you, don’t expect anyone else to.

this is kinda adding on to this post where in the Danger Days universe, Frank’s kid’s names are on the mailbox shrine suggesting that they aren’t alive and he goes to talk to them. so anyway headcanon that when he does go talk to them he makes them flower crowns. c:

Crying Over Onions

summary: His greatest enemy yet — the onion.

Sunny Side Up


Crying Over Onions | Fish | Birthday Cake | Tomato Soup 

Itachi doesn’t cry. Okay, that was a lie. He cried the night of the clan’s massacre when he stood behind his parents and heard his father’s last words to him. He cried when he watched his little brother throw his kunai at him. He may or may not have cried when Kisame saw him standing in the rain.

Those were the only two times he can recall crying.

Except today. Today was a challenge.

Sarada walked up to him as she crawled onto a stool so that she was tall enough to see over the counter. “What are you doing, uncle Itachi?” she asked.

Itachi smiled as he placed the knife in his hand down on the cutting board. “Making you lunch, Sarada-chan.”

“What are you making?”

She was four yet she had so many questions.

“Onion okonomiyaki,” he responded as he returned to the cutting board.

“Why are you crying?” Sarada asked as she glanced up at her uncle. She was concerned. People only cry when they were sad. Sometimes they cry if they are happy. But usually that was when they were overly happy. Sarada didn’t understand why people cry when they’re happy but she just took her mother’s words for it.

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Hey..! I'm extremely new to your blog and let's just say, I may or may not have cried a few times during my last hour or so here? Your btsxboyfriend posts put a smile on my face. My smile grew and tears started to fall when I saw the btsxtrans!boyfriend posts though. I personally haven't seen much trans!boy recognition in this fandom so just seeing those posts made me feel so valid and happy and ugh. Thank you so much

hey you.

first, thank you for saying this. i put a lot of effort into this blog, and this makes it completely worth it.

i’m gonna say you’re welcome, but not because it’s what you say to “thank you”. i’m going to say it because i mean it. you are welcome to content which aligns with who you are. you are welcome to a place where you don’t have to correct pronouns in your head or pretend you’re someone you’re not. you are the exact reason i made this, and you are welcome to everything it stands for, because you deserve it. this is your space, man. you’re welcome here.

request something anytime, okay? i don’t care if it’s not the content/format i originally said i’d write. if there’s something you want to see, request it.

stay safe, man. always here if you need anything.


I’m speechless…allow me to get very sappy for a moment.

I made this blog at the very end of May - the last day of May in fact. At the time, I thought that daily blogs would die out soon enough, and didn’t see the point in getting involved. 

@dailykakyoin, sorry if you don’t wanna be mentioned here, but I can’t thank you enough. Making this blog has been one of my best decisions….ever, so far. The people I’ve met, the people I’ve yet to meet, and the improvement I’ve seen in myself have made it all worth it.

Under the cut I’m going to be mentioning some people for various reasons, read on if you’ve been notified or if you’re curious.

Once again, thank you all so SO much. I couldn’t have gotten here without each and every one of you, thank you so much for supporting me and helping me to run this blog.

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a little tribute to Eddsworld. Come to think of it, Eddsworld is one of the main reasons I started to draw and I’m sad to see it go, but I also understand. I thought Tom and Eddie did a wonderful job in trying to keep the world going, and I hope everyone involved in the show is happy with the ending. I may or may not have cried a bit. Thank you, Edd.


✦ ✧THANK YOU MY EVER SO PRECIOUS ELLA-CHAN FOR THE BEAUTIFUL GRAPHIC✧ ✦  (i may have cried just a little when she showed me this) 

3000 FOLLOWERS! i’m so grateful for all of the support and the wonderful people i have spoken to here and on twitter, the beautiful friends i have made, and to each and every follower i have, thank you sooo much!! you are all amazing and make me really happy! :D <3

a special thank you to two of my VERY special friends, belle and ella <33 you are both so amazing thank you for being so amazing honestly you are just so great. i mummy you both so much and you tease me back even more. i hope we can all meet up one day, i love you and wish you so much happiness <33

this is almost all of the people i follow! (hence why it’s SUUUPER long)  please let me know if i spelt your URL wrong, i apologize in advance for any mistakes i may have made! >.>;

bolded = friends and/or my favourite blogs


a-ominedaiki aishishio akaahshi akashis akhermans altairis aohimu aoichii asahiis asseylum-hime ayyatos babushkas bakaagami bakamura bakashiseijuro barakakodon bassamsenpai bertholdts bmsneko cagune canneki chizusu daikiaomines dailyhaikyuu daissuga dandere daughterofsatan dehkim dorktobio dotachi dressrosas duosmaxwell 


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Hey there, friendos! Come see my family album!

Hi there! My name is Ali, and I’m the creator of the blog @gastersans​!

(Yeah, Ali, present your tryharding picture as you introduce yourself. Great idea). 

Currently, my blog is has a little under 5,000 followers! AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE FOR A GOOB LIKE ME IT’S FUCKING AMAZING. (To learn more about Gaster!Sans, please see @borurou, the creator of this au). But, amazing or not, I’ve beginning to notice that I’ve been unable to connect to people as much as I used to–messages get unseen, inboxes unreplied, etc., especially with how busy life has been lately. 

Because of that, well… I decided to come up with “Fam Fridays.” And, as silly as that sounds, it means a lot to me–one of the things that drew me into Undertale (and its fandom) was the amount of pure love and community that grew so astoundingly quicky. So, how does one keep that with so many people involved?

Well… I decided, at least to start, to do a “family album,” of sorts. A way for people to see themselves and others in whatever sense they wanted to portray–ideally, their selfie, but also a picture of a body part, art, etc. that they felt represented them. Somehow, people were generous enough to respond to my wish.

So…If you feel that crazy, heartmelting feeling towards these fellow human beings who love this amazing game, this family album is for you! If you want to be a part of it, click here! For those who wish to see their family, well… Just keep reading below the cut!

Welcome to your family, friends! ♥

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Band Moms

You know the ones who

  • Fit us for uniforms
  • Mend our uniforms
  • Buy our uniforms
  • Drive us everywhere
  • Run fundraisers
  • Sell concessions and tickets
  • Take us to our lessons
  • Feed us
  • Comfort us when we come home frustrated
  • Cheer us up when we feel like we’re bad
  • Listen to us when we’re beginners
  • Come to our concerts
  • Listen to us play the same thing over and over again
  • Cheer us on
  • And make what we do possible

We couldn’t do it without you guys!

Last Days of Downton Abbey

I’m really concerned with how I’m going to handle the end of Downton Abbey. Even seeing posts from the cast members about their last day filming at certain locations or with other actors, I feel so sad and apprehensive about it truly being over. Downton was when I really became a fangirl, when I learnt the lingo about OTPs and when fandoms and fanfiction took over my world. Throughout the years I’ve laughed hysterically and cried inconsolably because of this universe that has become so much more than just a TV show to me. And these feelings are coming to the surface simply from the last few days of filming. What am I going to be like once the final season ends? And then in December after the last Christmas Special? Sure, I have other fandoms, believe me, but nothing makes me as happy or as invested quite like Downton Abbey does. I will miss it more than anything

❮Your people will find Karen,❯ I said. ❮When they find she’s no longer a Controller, they’ll kill her, won’t they? They can’t allow her to go around telling what she knows. They’ll kill that little girl.❯

❮And your friends will kill me!❯ Aftran said. ❮Do you know what it’s like to die of Kandrona starvation? Do you know what kind of agony it is?❯

❮Then let’s put an end to the killing!❯ I cried. ❮Your side, my side. The Animorphs will be here soon. They’ve seen me. There will be a battle. Some of those Controllers down there on the ground will die! Some of my friends may die! Karen may die! You may die! For what? For what?❯

She laughed bitterly. ❮You think we can make peace between human and Yeerk and Andalite? Don’t be stupid.❯

❮No, I don’t think we can make peace between all humans and all Yeerks and all Andalites. But you and I can have peace. One Yeerk, one human.❯
—  Book #19: The Departure, pg. 111 (by K.A. Applegate)

Fitzsimmons + Skye Week

Day 5: Badass || Headcanons

So, I have some FitzSkimmons headcanons that I’m going to unload to participate in this week, because I haven’t yet (all of these may or may not be from a fic I’m writing):

+ Jemma and Skye have a bit of a falling out before Jemma leaves - Skye can totally tell that Jemma is lying about visiting her family, especially since she evades talking about when she’ll be back. Skye hears Simmons’ crying but ignores it because she’s angry.

+ Skye cries when she’s finally alone after finding out Jemma has infiltrated HYDRA. She feels really guilty about the the things she said before Simmons left, and she’s scared to death that Simmons won’t return before she can make it right. (Jemma feels the same way.)

+ But, when Jemma does come back Skye makes sure to apologize and say she’s really sorry. Jemma also apologizes for not being honest with Skye. This allows Jemma to talk about some of her worries and trauma. 

+ Jemma opens up to Skye about throwing Kenneth under the bus, and how she can’t sleep because of her guilt. Skye assures her that Kenneth deserved it and that there was nothing she could have done, but understands her moral quandary. 

+ In Simmons’ absence, Skye does a lot to try to take care of Fitz, when she has time. She tells him she remembers that he gave her the only gun he had (in TRACKS) and that she knows that he went into a dangerous facility to try and save her, and she’ll never forget that.

+ While Jemma is gone, I like to imagine Fitz and Skye had a Harry + Hermione moment, where they have fun together for an evening and dance. That whole day Fitz doesn’t hallucinate Simmons at all. 

+ Skye changes some of the code in Fitz’s favorite videogames without him knowing to make it easier for him, so that he feels better when he relaxes and plays them.

+ While Skye is in captivity, Fitzsimmons reassure each other about her safety, and that’s why they work together - not only for Mack, but to try and assure Skye’s return. They’re both terrified of running into Ward again, but prepare themselves because they want to get Skye back.

+ After Skye’s powers are revealed, Fitzsimmons both together and individually, try to comfort and support Skye through her powers. Simmons and Skye bond over their guilt over Trip, and Fitz does his best to try and be bright for the both of them, knowing how much they are hurting.