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There we go. The accent challenge

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footprintsinthesandsworld  asked:

Okay. I think it's time for a confession on my part. I've read every single one of your NewtIna fics but never left a comment. Why you might rightfully ask. Because I was afraid. Afraid of making spelling or grammar mistakes. Or making a fool of myself with my ramblings. But I will tell you something. You are an amazing writer and quite obviously an awesome person. Go girl! You are brilliant! On a more personal note: Would you mind to have a look at the beginning of my own Newtina story? Please?

I wouldn’t worry about making spelling or grammar mistakes in reviews/comments - and I appreciate every bit of feedback!

Sure, I’ll look over your Newtina story if you want! :)

How I react to compliments
  • INTJ: Your voice is so good. And by that I mean it's soothing. I like to listen to you talk. You bring me peace and light with your ideas in that whispery but solid, mellow but grounded, voice of yours.
  • INFP:
  • INTJ: When we're on the phone, it's like it's melting in my ears and pours down to my heart, wrapping it in warmth.
  • INFP:
  • INTJ: And you have great diction, you're so articulate, I could hear you talk all day.
  • INFP:

so im absolutely obsessed with @skyesentinels ‘s youtube au and i got an IdeaTM (pls read the voltron youtube au frfr it’s s o good)

-For april fools, Keith and Pidge make a new channel for ‘supernatural hunting and alien spotting’
     -The video they post is just them running around Keith’s apartment while lance chases them while wearing a bedsheet
          -there are many gifs of lance tripping and face planting because he can’t see
-they all think it’s just an one time thing they did for a funny april fools thing but no
     -the fans won’t allow it
-the channel somehow gets to 100,000 subscribers, and keith and pidge get sent an actual silver play button from youtube for a channel they made as a joke
      -then they realize that they can’t just let the channel die now
-So they continue making videos
-they start out mostly the same as the first video, just obviously fake ‘paranormal activity’ while someone chases them
     -there are also many gifs of shiro dragging keith away while being the ‘ghost’
     -also many, many audio clips of keith’s high pitched screaming as this is done
-Lance is a fan favorite in these videos because he always ends up screaming and falling into keith’s arms
     -the klance shippers l i v e for this channel
-shiro is the worst to have in these videos unless he’s the ghost
     -shiro: maybe the real ghost was the friends we made along the way
     -keith: sh u t up shiro this is s e r i o u s
     -”yea i’d punch a ghost. I’d fight every single ghost in the astral plane. im not scared”
-there’s a video of keith filming lance in the middle of his morning routine and yelling “look guys! It’s a ghost, and it’s hideous
     -the rest of the video is the camera shaking while keith runs for his life
-there are x-file memes everywhere
     -every single video there are new clips on tumblr with the x-files theme playing
-g h o s t  a d v e n t u r e  m e m e s
     -”My name is Keith Kogane. I’ve never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Pidge Holt and our equipment tech Hunk Garrett. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures.”
     -this leads the fandom to make memes about zak bagans being keith’s boyfriend
     -lance doesn’t realize that it’s all a meme and he’s??? So confused?? Like i thought keith and i bonded???? Who is zak and what does he have that i dont???????
      -”zak bagans is my boyfriend and i would die for him” -keith probably
      -keith does have a lowkey unironic crush on zak bagans and the only one that knows is shiro
-then they start making other videos of them doing things like looking for aliens/bigfoot/mothman ect
     -everyone likes these videos too because keith almost always starts ranting that mothman is r e a l.
     -pidge does the same but with nessie
-this leads to them making videos about conspiracy theories
     -these are basically just 30 minute long unedited videos of them screaming about cryptids
-they also start doing those cursed games like the bath game and midnight game
     -they get the whole gang together to play the midnight game but it’s basically just them sitting in a dark room with candles pretending to feel stuf
     -except lance who claims he’s actually feeling things, but in reality its just keith messing with him
-their videos sometimes end with the police showing up one way or another
      -once they had to pause making a video because keith screamed so loud that his neighbors thought he was dying so now there’s footage of keith awkwardly explaining to a police officer what they were doing
      -the fandom has started making bets to whether or not the police will show up in the next video or not
-theres a compilation of videos from pidge’s snapchat that are just a slow zoom of keith’s face as he does something with the caption ‘caught a cryptid on video!!!!!!!!’
     -keith tried to get her back but he’s much less sneaky about it so most of keith’s video’s usually end with pidge tackling him
-the fans get ‘#cryptidkeith’ treading on twitter and keith wants to die
     -most of it is edits of keith’s face of bigfoot or screenshots of keith in the background of a shot with that red circle and zoom in of him (see: @keithsightings)
     -theres also a lot of keith x mothman
     -keith has never been more impressed and also disgusted by his fandom

  • Aries: I just ran over my dog with a shopping cart. APRIL FOOLS! I don’t know whose dog it is!
  • Taurus: If I had a dime for every time a homeless guy asked me for change, I’d still say no.
  • Gemini: I'm bored way too easily. I'm staring at screens half the day. I need to be overstimulated.
  • Cancer: Most of my songs make fun of myself.
  • Leo: My dad says I act too flamboyant on stage.
  • Virgo: The average person has one Fallopian tube.
  • Libra: I remember being superyoung, like nine or ten years old, and thinking, 'Man, I wonder what famous people eat for breakfast. They must have some special kind of cereal!' My mind was so warped by the idea of fame.
  • Scorpio: But, I mean, teenagers just generally aren't very likable. I know I wasn't as a teenager.
  • Sagittarius: I chose to do comedy instead of going to college.
  • Capricorn: I like to call everyone that I find slightly annoying a 'sociopath.'
  • Aquarius: Art is a lie, nothing is real.
  • Pisces: Once a week, I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all my sense of oneness and self-worth.

I’ve got to laugh about it. Because I had convinced myself that I didn’t want you, that there were better options for me out there. I told myself that the solution was finding distractions and meeting new people.

And here I am; with all the options a girl could ask for. My friend has found me ‘the perfect guy’ that would love to meet me, and instead of making it happen I’m sitting here, in bed - thinking of you.

—  I was fooling myself. Because no matter who you put in front of me I will find a reason why they are not as good as you. But we are both so young, and I don’t want to screw this up. 

Feb. 9, 2017

I can waste my life away if it meant I’d find the truth eventually. I can lose everything as long as I find myself. I can break these wings, but you’ll never stop my mind from taking flight. I’ve been up all night. I’ve been sorry all day. I’ve been a fool for you. I’m still searching for gold on the blue ocean floor. I’m an hour away from where we last knew– I still trip over old news– lately my emotions are just bad news. I’m your local paperboy with my paper heart making paper art with paper people in my paper town with my paper frown and my paper crown.

I might seem naive writing this. Maybe I am, but at this point, I don’t even care. I’m not letting my favourite TV series go without even trying to make sense of it. I’m not sure if I’m right, but I really hope so. We’ll see if I made myself look like a fool.

After I watched The Six Thatchers and The Lying Detective, I was confused. Something was not quite right. One of the things I’ve always loved about this show, is it’s precise attention to detail and it’s clever subtext. The things they put to it, even the smallest details, are not random. Those things are carefully thought and meaningful. For me, it was obvious that the writers were creating a beautiful, carefully crafted romance between John and Sherlock. I don’t need to explain why I (and many others) think this way, since  @pearlrebs​ has already done a brilliant video-series about it. I’d like to thank her for that.

After TST and TLD aired, we looked trough them carefully. Since the episodes were confusing and illogical, we tried to search for clues, some explanation. We are used to doing that, the TJLC community is smart. “Pretty damn smart”, as Sherlock would say. We understand subtext, we read between the lines. Then The Final Problem aired. It was upsetting, rude. I was so angry afterwards that I stopped watching almost immediately after the credits rolled, therefore missing this trailer after it. Check out this post by @london2go.

If you don’t agree with TJLC and johnlock, don’t worry. It’s not what I am trying to prove here. As I was saying, the details in this show are carefully planned. The show I know doesn’t make silly mistakes and plot holes like it did on series 4.

This skull-situation also needs explanation. Also, the new one was glowing like a TV screen in several scenes.

For a moment, lets forget the plot and look at the visuals instead. Special effects of the show used to be inventive and realistic. The scenes were filmed in various locations. It is obvious that they have a big budget for making the series. However, The Final Problem was mostly filmed inside a studio. The special effects were lacking and really fake looking.

Here we have a comparison. Explosion of the Palace of Westminster from The Empty Hearse, and exploding Baker Street from The Final problem.

Also the “patience grenade” is a goddamn plastic toy. Also, since it’s motion activated it should have exploded countless times before it actually did.

It’s also funny how Doctor John Watson, who in The Abominable Bride said: “I’m an army doctor, which means I can break every bone in your body while naming them.”, is suddenly unable to tell a difference between dog’s and human’s bones.

These are just examples of everything that is wrong about this episode. It would take me forever to list them all. I‘m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about at this point.

My main point is, that is it possible for Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat to suddenly lose all their ability to write great stories? Is it possible that they really think this nonsense as  “groundbreaking”, “television history”, “insane wish fulfilment”? Could it be, that we were completely wrong about the show?
I’d say that it is not possible.

Could this episode have been fake? Could there be a reasonable explanation behind all this? Could they really go trough all this trouble?
I’d say that it is improbable, but not impossible. 

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Maybe this is Sherlock’s Reichenbach Fall. The world is made to believe that Sherlock is a fraud.


You ain’t getting off that easy, Sanji!! You really think that’s gonna be enough to get rid of me?! Stop fooling around!! You of all people should know better! I’m gonna be right here waiting for you!!! And I’m not budging from this spot until you return!! If you don’t come back soon, I will starve myself to death!! You’re the cook on my ship!! I’m only going to eat the food you make!! You must definitely come back to us… Sanji!! Without you, I won’t… I CAN’T BECOME THE PIRATE KING!!!!!