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Since Christmas is coming up, can we please talk about the brilliant-ness of The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction? It really should be required watching for all fans.


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For new fans, of which there are many, it is time for the most wonderful and loving and thorough and bizarre fan art ever made: The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction.

A few years long time ago, in this very galaxy, a man named Mark Parsons who is an animator who mostly works on Archer (squee!) made these videos,

The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 1 & 2

Followed three years later by TAAOOD 3 which was CHRISTMAS THEMED!!!

They are so funny and lovingly made and so wonderful. They really should be required viewing because of the fan lore but also because they are FUN.

Happy viewing!

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FYI, for people who think m/iarren is still a debatable issue: it literally isn't. d could "look couple-y" w/ her in every pic, at every event. she's STILL A BEARD. if you're newer to fandom, it's hard to grasp, but trust that we don't think this just bc of how d looks in pics. it's based on SO much evidence over so long, i literally stopped keeping track like 3 years ago. it long passed the point of reasonable doubt. the case is closed. m/iarren has never been, and will never be real.

Anon. Today when I saw these pics. I recalled a time when they may have made me question myself. Those days are long in the past.

There’s literally no question that Mia/rren is and always has been fake. As evidenced by her multiple boyfriends since bearding began. Handshakes on red carpets. Walking 10 feet ahead. Barging on RCs. D trying to cut her performance. Chris. Ben the platonic roomie. Countless beard jokes. Fake Christmas. The parallel of Chill. The ever changing timeline. Chris Col-Fur. The changing of history ( like when D was a ninja turtle but pr tried to change the story). Lack of privacy in everything they do as documented on SM. Did I mention, Ben and Chris. Lack of chemistry. The ever present hatred. “hedwig is a douchebag.” Confirmation Day. “I don’t know who I ever came out to as straight.” “She’s a big girl and can take care of herself.” “I’m gay. ” Chris and the reverent way D talks about him. Etc. etc. etc.

D’s an actor. He can certainly dance in a photo or 3. Funny thing about that set. They are probably the best 3 of 50. And again. They failed to learn. Less is more.

So yes. Case closed.

I think I’ve made a decision. Which stinks in some ways, but in others… It’s probably what I need to do and should have done a long time ago.

I mentioned a long time ago that there are some who are my “friends but don’t speak to me and don’t make an effort or anything. And… I know some friends are like that, but I’m so tired of seeing them bond with others and then me feel like I must not be doing enough to be friends with people. I have to put myself and my mental health first in some cases, and I’m so so tired of trying and trying and it going nowhere because people just don’t want to try.

I don’t know if I’ll unfollow people or anything, but it has been on my mind and now I’ve at least shared some. We’ll see what happens.


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Chris evans or sebastian stan?

maria!! why did you do this to me?? tbh i’ve thought about this a lot and i’ve never had a solid answer? i love them both for different reasons and i started stanning them about the same time and i just??? im gonna die rip

like looking back earlier this year it’s funny how i got into marvel and them bc it feels so long ago but it wasn’t?? like i got into sebastian after seeing pictures of him on set for the last full measure and i got into chris after seeing his interview on ellen and he was just really sweet and made my heart melt. after that chris’ interview, i just followed a bunch of marvel blogs and started looking around and read interviews and i got really into chris and then i got a lot more into seb during the summer tbh but chris got me through my last semester of high school bc i’d read an interview of him or look at photoshoots of him during class and i would just really admire him to get through the school day

idk i love how sweet chris is and how he’s such a family man and he’s so endearing towards kids and his love for musicals + disney and that he’s super outspoken about what he believes in!! i also love seeing his love for boston and dodger like?? it’s so cute

but i love how seb is such a sweetheart and how he loves his fans!! and i love the way he carries himself and how big of a dork he is like i love seeing his weird angled selfies?? also his voice is so nice and i could hear him talk about anything all day bc it’s such a nice sound

and they’re both really funny?? like seb’s humor is different than mine but when he’s in an interview he can just say the right thing at the right time esp when hes w mackie and it’s so funny and i live for chris’ boob grab and they’re both self deprecating??

i also love when they’re vulnerable and talk about anxiety and how they deal with it and i love that they’re big space nerds and i really love their roles outside of marvel like chris is such a good actor and he can really do any genre and it makes me so sad that he isn’t credited enough for that!! and before we go is such a beautiful and simple film and he really Did That™ as an actor and director. and seb deserves more roles as a leading man bc he’s such an underrated actor and he gives 110% to a role but i’m so happy that he’s been doing a lot more films and that he’s being recognized for the talented man he is!! 

aodja im sorry for that word vomit on evanstan and i literally cant deal with how much they mean to me wow im delete and to answer your question i’m gonna say both because they’re both so special to me and?? i literally have a spotify playlist dedicated to their beards and they make me so happy and i couldn’t possibly choose between them!!

Long illness post ahead

I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this week. It’s taken a long time, months upon months, more than a year, of doctors telling me that I’m just stressed, that it’s something post viral that it’ll clear itself up in time, or that all my bloodtests haven’t shown anything. I’m sad and happy that I know what’s going on. I have a diagnosis to go with the symptoms. I also think I have a new view on how I deserve to live my life.

When I first experienced long term fatigue, pain and weakness when I walked, my mother told me that it made her worry to see me use a walking stick. That was about two years ago. I’d been in Dublin when it started, and it lasted for months. When the symptoms started to cool off, my mother threw away the walking stick I had guiltily bought for myself. She said she “didn’t want me to be disabled.” I was angry on behalf of others, sure, but I was ok there for a while. I cycled a lot, and it didn’t hurt too much. It was pretty good, to be honest.

Early this year, I took an overnight bus to Auckland for a political AGM. It must have triggered something, because once I got off that bus, I could hardly walk. I limped my way through the whole weekend, missed my first bus back, and bought myself a new walking stick along with a new bus ticket home to Wellington. My first cane was bought at an op shop for two dollars, and was cheap and wooden. My new cane was collapsible, sturdy, and hurt my hand less after hours of use. I guess I was pleased with it. But I also felt ashamed to use it. I still have this guilt that I’m not sick enough to use it, that I’m overreacting, or that I can’t claim to be disabled when other people have it worse than I do. I’m thinking now that those are partly my mother’s words that have transposed themselves, but it’s still a bit of a mindfuck.

After that trip to Auckland, things flared up every few months. I complained to my mother, a GP. She answered every time that I was only sore because I wasn’t used to exercise. I got blood tests done; they revealed nothing. I slept a lot, missed uni, failed papers, fell behind. I used my cane most days. My parents laughter as if I was acting.

I began to develop a more nuanced view of disability when I first met my current partner. They are living with Friedrich’s Ataxia. It is degenerative, and they use a wheelchair. I felt strongly that I had no right to complain about my own mobility issues when I can still leave the car without a handrail, stand to use the stove, occasionally shower standing up without risk of falling, climb stairs, text quickly. I still can’t imagine that frustration that must sometimes wash over them. I believe that I have no right to. Through no fault of theirs, I felt, and sometimes still feel, tremendously guilty that I *dare* to claim to be disabled when I, really, have nothing to complain about. Joe and I have talked at length about disability’s definition as being something that causes you to mould yourself to a world that does not cater to you. It creates extra steps, universal expectations that you cannot meet. Perhaps it is not the person with a disability who is themselves disabled, but rather society that disables them. At any rate, something clenches in my chest when I assume that, when I claim that. I still feel that I can’t. Part of me is trained somehow to label every part of myself as fake. Histrionic. Over played like a bad character.


Yet. There is a weird validation that comes with a diagnosis, I think. I feel, tentatively, that I am now allowed to cry when I’m in pain, when I’ve sat on the floor and can’t get up, that I’m allowed to talk about how tired I am, how I’ve barely slept, or how my joints are behaving. I feel like, as stupid as it sounds, that I’m allowed to be sick. I *can* claim to be sick. And even when I learn to manage it better, that I am still allowed to claim that it affects me. That it sometimes limits me.

I still feel fake, stupid, *exposed* when, like today, I have to rely completely on my cane to walk properly in public, or when, also like today, I end up crying on the floor because I’m tired and sore and just *need help.* I feel ashamed and deceitful when I ask Joe if I can use their walking frame. Someone in my Thursday lecture asked why I had a walking stick. I replied “Fibromyalgia,” and felt like a bad liar. A part of me loathes and taunts when I even consider describing myself as disabled. All this is still mixed up in some deep well of hatred that I’ve nursed for so long that when that hatred is needed; when I trip or seem to self-pitying, the process that releases that hatred is automated.

I hope that this feeling of being fraudulent will, with time, wane away.


Intro comic thing?? for my voltron RPG au ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و I honestly have no idea if I will draw more things for this au, but I drafted this a long time ago and I thought I should finish it :”D


Based on these designs I posted


Jane the Virgin

Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want.


SH Characters: A Short Summary: (S2B)  Magnus Bane

I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

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i made these because the world needs more marinette with a bun hairstyle

  • differences between each row: simple | white border | gradient 
  • 200x200
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