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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meme ± 6 scenes ± Turn, Turn, Turn

Because I remember us tracking down a drug that brought a girl back from the brink, and that was real important.

finn balor { spiders }

   NOTES: And this is my Finn Balor one shot based off of the idea I posted previously. For my other versions, see below:


Okay, so this one is kind of teeth rotting fluffy. But it has sexy moments too. And I thought it was cute, so I thought I’d share with everyone. I hope it’s not badly OOC but I just really felt the fluff tonight.

Probably gonna do a Zack and a Dean one too, maybe one or two others.. Not sure yet. I have more ideas for more one shots I wanna write. What I do know is it feels good to be writing again. – Love, Amber.

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Spiders have always terrified me.. And when I say terrified, I mean sobbing and screaming and frozen in mortal terror.. I’m talking about the kind of fear that makes your throat close up and makes you feel like you want to vomit. It sounds so extra now that I’m actually admitting it, but I guess if I had to peg that one thing that made me like this, it’d be when my cousin Dexter threw a spider at me when we were little, not realizing it was actually kinda poisonous.. And it bit me and I wound up getting really sick.

Pretty sure that’s the one defining moment that shaped my fear of spiders, but anyway.. I digress…

I’d just settled into bed, I had my latest erotic novel and I was reading it until I actually got sleepy enough to fall asleep. At first, when I felt the movement, I put it off to the fan blowing my sheet against my bare leg and I ignored it.

But then it happened a second time… Higher. I looked down and there wasn’t anything there, I guess when I moved my leg, it moved. By now, I was actually starting to feel sleepy, so I shut my book and turned off my light, ready to sleep.

I think I might have been asleep an hour and having a very sexy dream about my room mate Finn when I felt the third subtle brush against my skin.. And it was on my chest.. I sat up in bed and I looked down and when I did, I started to shriek. I jumped out of the bed, throwing my covers down as I did so, swearing and in the middle of an obvious freak out. A freak out that I didn’t realize had woken up previously mentioned room mate..

When I saw it scampering towards my vanity, I shrieked and I threw the nearest thing in it’s direction and I turned around, finding myself body to body with Finn. I buried my face in his chest and tried to take a deep breath or two and he asked me in concern, “Are ye alright?”

“Spider.. Kill it, kill it.. Please just.. Get it out of here.” I looked up at him. He bit his lip and blinked, looking at me with a  raised brow. “Yer okay.” he smoothed his hands over my hair and then he chuckled, hesitating to let me go, sort of staring at me. I was staring right back until I thought I saw it scampering across the floor again and I was pressing against him again, face hidden.

“Please just kill it!” my voice was muffled against his bare chest and he chuckled, tilting my chin up. “Dere’s a problem wid dat.”

“For me ta kill et.. Ya have ta let me go, lass.”

Reluctantly, I stepped away, and it hit me then.. I liked the way it felt just now, the way he was holding me, the way his heart beating sort of had me a little calm for a good few seconds there.

I stood there in shock at the realization as he killed the spider and took it into the bathroom across the hall, flushing the dead spider down the toilet. And when he came back into the room, I mumbled sheepishly, “I’m sorry I woke you up.”

Our bodies brushed against each other and his hands lingered at my hips, squeezing gently as he stared down into my eyes. Lately, with him around a lot more due to his injury and having to take time off, things had gotten a little comfortable.. But there was this heavy tension underneath it all.. Like when you want to do or say something but you just can’t figure out how?


“Et’s alright.” Finn bit his lip and I licked mine, this urge to raise to tiptoe and kiss him. When our bodies brushed again, there was no space left between us and he was leaning in more. “Are ye okay? Ya were pretty upset.”

“I’m fine just… spiders fucking terrify me.” I muttered it quietly, and he’d pulled me so that my forehead rested in the center of his chest, so when I mumbled the words, my lips brushed against his chest and I felt him tense up slightly. He tilted my chin with his fingertips and pulled me into a deep and passionate kiss that caught me totally by surprise, my eyes fluttering open and closed as the kiss broke and I tried to catch my breath.

“Ah shouldn’t ‘ave  done dat.”
“Oh no, no.. I wanted you to do that.” I blurted it out, surprising myself. He gaped for a second and then that boyish smile came and he admitted with a laugh, “Ah wouldn’t mind doin et again.”

“So do it.”
His hands moved down my sides, stopping on my ass, sliding me up into his arms carefully. “Your should..” I started, only to have his lips cut me off before I even got the words out completely as he sat me down on the vanity table and told me quietly, “Shoulder es fine. Doesn’t hurt. And ya act like ya weigh so much when yer light as a feather.”

“Flattery, hmm.” I muttered as I slipped my legs around his waist, pulling him closer, putting my hand on the back of his neck to pull him down into a slow and deep kiss that left my lips swollen and tingling, left me soaked when it broke. He rubbed against me on accident and I sucked in a breath, the friction making me ache.

“Et es not. Et’s true.”
I laughed softly against his lips and he slid his hands up my thighs, squeezing and groaning against my lips as he chuckled and muttered into the kiss, “Et’s a damn shame ah 'ad ta kill dat spider.”

“Fuck no.. It’s good.”
“Dat spider helped dis 'appen.” Finn chuckled and I thought about it. “Nope.. Still hate spiders.. But I do thank the little bastard.” I laughed softly as he held my gaze, licking his lips hungrily before scooping me off my vanity table and carrying me down the hall and into his room.
“Yer safer 'ere. Ah can keep da spiders from crawlin on dat little body of yers better in 'ere.”

“Oh, I bet.” I laughed softly as he pretended to pout.

In a last twenty-four hour bid to change the course of the future I have finally convinced my mother to tactically vote LibDem rather than Green (I applaud her sense of ethics but Green?!) in order to do the most damage to the Tory safeseat back in my home town. Feel like Frodo crawling up Mount Doom just one li’l step at a time.

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For AU Child: Who's your best friend and why?

“I’ve never had a lot of friends. I’m closest to Niki and Mum, and I really enjoy Noel and Leo’s company, but if I was going to pick a best friend strictly outside of my family, it would have to be Jamie.”

“Sure, he’s got some vanity and ego, but there’s a lot more to Jamie than his slightly inflated confidence. Like, he doesn’t fake anything. Jamie is always Jamie. I don’t have to read through any lines to find out who he is, and I find that quality trustworthy. He’s optimistic and cheeky and could chat for hours, yet he doesn’t mind that I prefer to listen through my headphones or likewise while I read. Around most people I can be shy and awkward and verging on a perpetual gray sort of mood, but Jamie brings out the brighter and energetic side of me, which is good for the both of us.”

“We both love travel, fun, mischief, languages, the outdoors, bending the rules… There’s never a dull moment when he’s around. He has something planned for us whenever we get together. He’s not just clever– he’s smart. Smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. But he knows I know, and he knows I’ve got plenty of underestimated talents in those departments myself, so it’s safe to say every one of our schemes turns out bloody brilliant.”

“And I love his silly adoration for baseball caps. I’d like to backpack around the world again just to do it with him instead of going it alone. Hopefully he wouldn’t find the idea of revisiting those places too boring. Maybe we could just go somewhere new instead– an uncharted adventure, so to speak.”


Swimming Lessons [An Argo!AU Drabble]

I gave myself the feels and had to get this written. Argo!AU credited to the brilliant @cinensis – go look at his art. It is amazing.

Cut for length, not for content.

“Sis, it’s really important that ya don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

“I got it! Geez, you don’t have to keep telling me!”

“Okay, okay! Sorry!”

The zodiac slipped through the water as Badd took it out a small distance from the research vessel. The sun was shining bright in a perfectly blue sky, and he kept his eyes focused between steering the boat and watching out for his sister, who now, come to think of it, may have not needed two safety vests. Her arms were stuck out at her sides, unable to even put them down entirely. No harm in being cautious, though, right?

“Look, big bro!” she said excitedly, pointing west to a plume of wet air that shot high into the sky. From even far off, Badd could hear the blowhole exhale, and he saw a tail rise and fall.

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Hello! You know all about Jared Leto. What do you know about the ring on her left hand, which he wore at the premiere of the SS? Please tell us what you think or know about the ring. Many thanks! Hugs

ahahahahahahaha, no one knows all about Jared but I do, for some reason, seem to have a photographic memory when it comes to him…

There’s been no exact confirmation on the rings he wore at the Suicide Squad NYC premiere (and also the same ones on Jimmy Fallon/Fallon Tonight) - but here’s an educated guess and then some from me.


It’s gold in color with a flat-face. My guess is it’s the gold pinkie “skwad” ring the cast was gifted in celebration of the premiere.

Karen Fukuhara (Katana) posted a close-up of hers on her Instagram:


It looks to be a cocktail ring with a gold-base and either a large, flat-faced oval-shaped black onyx gemstone or some other element set within the face of the ring.

Jared so rarely wears rings and I’ve never seen this one before when he has worn rings, so, possible LETOTHEORIES COMIN’ ATCHA!

What if Jared 5-finger-pocketed it and it’s a piece he wore while filming Suicide Squad cause that Joker lives for flair?
He’s done it before and he’ll do it again! Just kidding - but also not at all. We learned he repeatedly tried to steal random things from McConaughey while filming DBC and he has a history of stealing popstarlet’s songs and turning them into piano-heavy heartbreaking works of art.
Submitting as evidence:
Exhibit A
& Exhibit B.

In addition to the helmet he wore as Hephaistion in Alexander (2004), Leto also stole some other bits from the production, including but not limited to a matching necklace both his character and Alexander (portrayed by a peroxided Colin Farrell tryna give us Lion Realness) wore. In the film, the pendant served as a sort of silent symbol of their characters’ undying devotion to one another. The day the film wrapped, Oliver Stone’s hot af son who had been filming the production for behind the scenes shit captured this moment between the boyz:

(I mean, that’s basically the face Jared made throughout 2014 and 2015 whilst performing “End of All Days” - and I think we all know where his hands were and what they were doing during that song…anyways.)

According to The Making of Alexander by on-set advisor and Alexander historian, Robin Lane Fox, Colin and Jared exchanged necklaces in some little intimate ceremony once filming ended. The necklaces also had been customized as they now contained a lock of the other’s hair.

Yanno. Just two dudebros, being dudes and being bros…rubbing necklaces together containing locks of the other’s hair, while whispering words of encouragement and casting longing glances at each other, locked in some emotional embrace, and also possibly climaxing (in Jared’s case). Just doin’ some normal, standard bro-shit.
Don’t worry about it.

Especially don’t worry about Colin being photographed post-filming while on some little vacay with select individuals from the production (*cough*jared*cough*) like, apparently, still wearing the necklace.

Farrelleto Postscript: Colin confirmed during a Q & A in 2013 (I believe) that he still has his necklace. We can only assume it still contains 2004-Leto’s OG Ombre (so please someone remember this for when the apocalypse is nigh and we must begin cloning Jared Letos to complete our vampire armies). We can also assume since Jared still has his Hephaistion helmet (like proudly on display in his living room (for the last 10 yrs) like some kind of goddamn trophy for surviving some of the hottest days of his life full of hottness) - he likely still has his necklace too. OMG STOP BEING SO SADLY ROMANTIC AND SENTIMENTAL GUYS OK GROSS RELAX. It’s not like both ya’all will still be single well into your 40s or anything. Sheesh.

I looked thru Suicide Squad set images for all the rings that the Joker was captured wearing - but none appeared to look like this one from Fallon/NYC Premiere. HOWEVER - I have not seen the film, yet, so it is possible that ring appears in it - and also possible that it was provided for filming and never made it into a complete look. Maybe Jared was so taken with it, he pocketed it and like most lifelong kleptomaniacs decided to wear it to the premiere like some sort of trophy.
Also possible neither because it didn’t look to contain a lock of Will Smith’s beardhair so who cares? Certainly not Leto. He will only wear jewelry from films that contains co-star’s hair and/or DNA – or nothing at all. 

Including special guest appearances from Mamaleto and Lallo omggg!11!!!

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My half for a collab with the lovely dorinahv2 ^^ We each did some linework and then switch works to color!^^

Jonathan reads some sci-fi horror to Harley, plus a Joker doll and sleepy crow.XD aND PUMPKINS BECAUSE I LUFF THEM~

I’ll upload a bigger file size to DA, and tag ya there as well kiddo!:D