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Bygones of the Sun | 02 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 5.0k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03

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Before you love me…

Know that I’m insecure. If you talk about an ex, I’ll stare at the screen wondering how to respond without sounding scared or jealous.
I’ll get nervous showing you my body because I’ve never had a reason to be confident in it, and if you stare too long you just might see all the flaws I see.
I swear that I’ll say sorry like it’s my name because I’m so used to feeling like an inconvenience.

Know that my mind is a battlefield. Within it I struggle between being too logical and too emotional.
I’m not always happy and some days I might seem off, but I’m trying my hardest for you. It’s just sometimes the darkness creeps back up and I get lost in my head.

Be patient with me. I’m scared to make the first move. I don’t say no often but yes won’t come out of my mouth either. Be able to read when I’m uncomfortable because I’ve gotten very pressured into situations so don’t expect “I love you” to come out right away either.

Lastly, and above all, know that I don’t date much so please don’t take any of it lightly. I’ve been hurt too often, don’t break my heart and leave me questioning why.

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i've a confession to make. I personally don't ship klance romantically but i really really love their dynamic together as friends. I don't dare to say this out loud to people because it seems like you MUST ship klance to be treated nicely in this fandom. and the ship wars, this fandom has gotten a lil toxic. idk i just find it ironic how voltron is a show bout teamwork + friendship but suddenly the fandom only looks at klance. dont get me wrong i love the fandom but i wish it didnt feel so toxic

Ahhhh nw anon!!! I feel exactly the same way!! Ugh i’m so happy <3 

They are so good and pure and i love their soft smiles and supports but yeah same, i really just can’t see it romantically :/

hehe i talked a little about this on my shallura blog, and there were a surprising amount of people that also felt overwhelmed by the klance content! 

Honestly before s3 it was my notp and i hated it to the bitter end, but seeing them get along so good and strong and wholesome in s3 i am so fond of their bond like???? right hand man???? wingman??????? yes please???? 

it’s like i totally see them as a (pre empire) zarkon and alfore, buds that butt heads but got each others backs<3 that kind of friendship is 110% guaranteed to be shipped romantically, but i’m happy we see eye to eye ;)

thank you for sharing your thoughts anon!! I 100% agree, you’re safe here with me<3

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How would the paladins react if their s/o is an athlete and forgets that sport butt slaps are not a common thing and accidentally does it to the paladin? Also I love this blog!

i honestly get so happy when people say they love this blog because i’m not as active as i want to be, but people still stick around for my honestly sub-par headcanons and writing and shit. love u anon thx bb

Shiro swears he dies inside every time it happens. It’s happened several times and you apologize, but always seem to forget that it’s not common before you do it again. Sometimes he thinks that maybe it’s just because you want to touch his ass, but your reaction when it happens goes to show that it’s truly an accident. He has to stop himself from giggling like a schoolboy and tell you that it’s perfectly okay, you’re just conditioned to do that.

Keith had it happen to him one time and he almost had a heart attack. He had returned after a mission and you had given him a swift butt slap, which made him nearly jump out of his skin. Just his reaction had you doubling over in laughter, trying so hard to explain that it was just a sports thing and you had totally forgotten about how it’s not common outside the realm of athletes. Needless to say, he shut it down pretty quickly because God, [Name]. The team already makes fun of me enough, I can’t go through that again and you’re such a baby, Kogane. Calm down, I’ll try to curb the habit.

Hunk has been a victim of the Butt Slap™ twice. You both blushed brighter than a red rose and you were spewing out a million apologies for it. He totally understands that it’s something you’ve internalized from your athlete lifestyle and he doesn’t intend on making you stop your habit just because he’s embarrassed when it happens. The paladins proceed to joke about his stutters long after it’s happened.

Lance gets totally flirty, but low key flustered, too. He’s not aware of the real meaning behind the slap, so he gets to stumbling over his words and blushing, but quickly cleans up his act with stupid lines and flirts (”Oh wow, [Name]. I didn’t know you felt that way about me.” “Shut up, McClain. I’m literally dating you.”) You have to explain to him multiple times that it’s just a habit from years and years of sports, but he always insists that it’s just because you like flirting back with him and touching his butt; truthfully, he knows that it’s an old tradition after victories and he just likes teasing you about it when it happens.

Pidge is so deadly silent when it happens the first time. They are aware of your athleticism, but they are not aware of the routines that come with it, especially the butt slaps that come with victories for the team. The green paladin turned bright red and had to excuse themselves quickly before the others could catch on, leaving behind an athlete lover shaking with laughter. When you caught up with them again after a debriefing of the mission, you explained that the slap was something you had picked up from playing sports for so many years and that it really just showed that you were proud of your team and the victory they had come away with; they were very relieved with the answer, leaving with a thank God. I thought it meant something else.

Some of Vilde hc if s6 happened
  • Vilde’s trailer would feature Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko and it would actually be made similar to the music video - vilde waking up seeing coppery hair next to her only to find out it is a dream
  • pride at the end of the season - everyone is there, Even with the pansexual flag ofc, eva with bi one
  • Vilde and Magnus on good terms talking it through (Magnus being surprisingly mature about it and maybe even tries to send Vilde helpful articles and such)
  • Vilde comes out to Sana first
  • soft lesbian story but also hot - basically the same combination of soft/hot like Isak and Even
  • also like just the general dynamic of like flowery perfect vilde with the mess of a hair and flannel shirts that is Eva
  • and then we’ve all said that - sharing clothes!!!
  • it would be soft electrizing touches, longing looks, a lot of questioning from vilde side about whether eva feels the same or not (i’m imagining similar to doubting Isak in wlfa here), but then also hot hungry kisses when they finally do make out
  • I saw another hc of someone about how eva and vilde would bond over the mutual loneliness they both felt (eva in the past and vilde now) because Eva totally understands the insecurity and how “the opinions of others mean more than your own” and I feel like in general Eva understands Vilde a lot
  • Vilde would finally go down on Eva and vice versa thus we would get that nice end to the whole Norwegian guys don’t go down on chicks debate
  • Eva being bi realising that she had a low key crush on Ingrid and Noora
  • another hc I saw from i believe it was Faiza is Vilde at some point staying at the Bakkoush household because of her mother and while staying there she would learn about Islam but also about the support of family and what it means to be loved by your family
  • sapphic soundtrack!
  • also if jonas had s5 than I wanted eva and jonas to have an honest conversation sometime near the end of his season where eva would admit to him she might be falling for vilde and he telling her in his very chill way like girl you’re gonna figure it out and i support you no matter what
  • that fic where vilde clumsily speaking to isak about his (her) sexuality and ask dumb questions only to reveal that she’s asking for herself
  • Eva being bisexual would literally make so much narrative sense because we started the show with her break up with jonas and to end up the show with her starting the new relationship would be a nice circle. It would also be a good representation because both relationships would be portrayed as very real and loving ones.

Please feel free to add more

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50, for the fic questions thing: what tropes do you like best about the Kala/Wolfgang ship? I'm in mourning over Sense8 and want to write some stuff for them.

SAME FRIEND IN MOURNING SO HARD. Although I’m firmly in the first stage of grief for these two aka PURE DENIAL so I while haven’t hit the point of despair yet, it’s clearly creeping up on me.

Some of my favorite aspects of the Kala/Wolfgang ship are:

  1. The gravitational pull. I’m not a big fan of ‘love at first sight’…except when it comes to these two. They just can’t escape each other. It’s pure magnetism, and it’s hard to look away from.
  2. They’re only truly themselves around each other. One super telling moment is when Kala laments why Wolfgang isn’t asking for help?!?! and the other sensates are all like….well, it’s Wolfgang. And while Kala registers that, she also can’t quite wrap her mind around it. Because while he hasn’t explicitly asked for her help, he always shows up to her when he’s in trouble. She’s seen this piece of him—a softer, more vulnerable piece—than any of the others have.
  3. They complement each other. I love that they come from completely different backgrounds (geographically, economically, professionally) but are always able to (effortlessly, it seems) meet in the middle. The “you have something beautiful in you, as I have something wicked in me” conversation really encapsulates this.
  4. Wolfgang really just wants her to be happy. He’s so in love with her, but he literally won’t tell her that until she forces him to, because he thinks she deserves better. When he suggests that she might have been glad if something happened to him, because it would make her life easier? My heart. She is, as he says, basically all he thinks about, but no one would never know it because he keeps it so close to his chest.
  5. He’s softer around her, she’s sharper around him. Wolfgang’s out there with a rocket launcher in the back of his car and then he’s literally making heart eyes at Kala singing karaoke. Meanwhile, Kala’s in her gorgeous flower dresses, casually blowing things, a skill Wolfgang wholeheartedly appreciates. It’s the best.

…I shouldn’t have made this list I’m GETTING UPSET ALL OVER AGAIN. I just love them.

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hi! I want to ask your thoughts about it. I was in believe tanaka knew all the time but in belief that tanaka wasn't the one who kill agni right? I'm so confused some ppl said he's siding with r!ciel but he seems like torn apart w the situation :(

Hi. :) Tanaka definitely wasn’t the one who killed Agni. And I’m sure he cares about both twins. It’s now confirmed that he always knew the truth about our Ciel’s identity. So this scene…

…showed Tanaka’s true feelings for our Ciel. Which actually makes me very glad because this is such a heartwarming scene and now that we know that Tanaka was fully aware who of the twins this was it shows perfectly that our Ciel was honestly loved the same as his twin. :3

So yes, I think Tanaka is torn now. He has his duty to the rightful Earl since he’s his butler. But you can see in the current chapter that he doesn’t really seem all that happy. He’s very serious this time.

He wouldn’t be able to side with one twin if that means going against the other. He cares for both of them. Which is why this is a difficult situation for Tanaka, as well.

Coward (Destiel Fanfic)

Summary: A fluffy/angsty one shot. Thinking Cas is dead Dean writes Cas a Eulogy after the Season 12 finale. He confesses things. I seem to like Dean writing Cas letters.


Fuck…where do I begin. Damn I don’t even know if I’ll have the strength to read this Buddy. Not this time.
You’re really gone aint you? I’m gonna miss that face. I should have told you this when you had breath in your body but…it’s a pretty face. And what’s crazy is I can practically hear you now. Telling me that its Jimmy’s face, not yours. Because you never really loved yourself, did you? Never really knew how loved you were.
And that’s my fault, Cas. I take my responsibility for it. I was a coward.

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Tommy x Reader

Prompt: #12: “I just want you to be happy” (Requested by smashablepieces)

When you first met Thomas Shelby, you could tell he was a very depressed man and not a lot could make him happy. However, even with knowing how depressed he was, you couldn’t help yourself from talking to him. His icy blue eyes lured you in and the next thing you knew you were sharing a drink with the handsome man.

Over time, he would find you in bars and offer to share a drink with you. He did eventually ask you out though and you couldn’t help but say yes. You didn’t know you were getting yourself into a world of illegalities and gang wars. You didn’t mind though; Tommy kept you out of it as best he could.

You had moved in with him and you were a part of the family. You spent your days with Polly while he was busy at work, and at night, you were with Tommy. You didn’t mind that you two didn’t see each other much during the day and when he got home at night he was always exhausted. You got to take care of him every night because of how tired he was.

You did notice, though, that he wasn’t really getting any happier. You didn’t think that you coming into his life would really make a difference, but he didn’t even seem happy to be with you. You had talked to Polly about it and she only said that he had his troubles and that they hindered him from really enjoying anything. You knew all of that though. You knew of his father abandoning him when he was a child. You knew of his night terrors from the war; hell, he still had them and you would have to calm him down. You knew there was a woman he loved who had left him for New York. You knew so many things that had happened to him and why he was never happy, but you only wanted him to be happy. That’s the only thing you ever tried to do for him, but nothing seemed to work.

So, you asked him about it one morning while you were watching him dress for another day at the betting house.

“Tommy?” He grunted in response as he buttoned up his shirt. “Are you happy?”

“Yeah, I suppose.” You sat on your knees on the bed.

“Tommy, please be truthful with me.” You muttered, causing him to turn around.

“I’m happy with you. Why are you asking such things?” He removed the cigarette from his lips to place a kiss on your head.

“Because it never seems like you’re happy. You always seem so depressed, and I just want you to be happy. Especially with all of the shitty things that have happened to you in your life.” He looked down to you before sitting next to you.

“I love you, (Y/N), and you make me happy. I may not show it, but you are the one person who makes me like my life. I may not smile, and I may not laugh; but that’s just who I am now. But, you need to know that when I’m with you, I’m always happy. You’re my girl and you wouldn’t be my girl if you didn’t make me happy.” He said all of this with a straight face, but you saw the emotion in his eyes. You smiled and pulled him to you in a hug.

“I love you too, Tommy,” You pulled back to kiss his lips before shooing him off to finish getting ready for his day at work.


So sorry it’s short! I hope you still love it!

Dear Future Husband...(Nam Joo Hyuk)

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: Can you do a Nam joo hyuk scenario which you can see the future in your dreams.I mean you can see your wedding your husband your children and the beautiful memories in your dreams and then in reality when you see your future husband you know who he is but he doesn’t who you are.Happy end please.Thanks a lot.

~Changing it slightly! Hope you don’t mind!~

~Also this one is pretty long because of how I wrote it haha~

Since you were young you could remember dreams like this. You swear as a preteen you saw what you would look like when you were an adult and now you could see you looked just like you did  when you dreamed. Then their was the blurry faced man who was always there as well. His tall slim figure as you two hung off of each other. You always smiled in your sleep according to your friends when you had your dreams like this. You could see your son, your daughter, the adorable baby bump you could hear your mother’s voice cooing out “they look just like their father” which made you want to just stare at them and build a perfect face of your husband. 

That’s when you started writing down in a notebook your thoughts about this guy, your future lover.

Dear feature husband, 

What did you do today? Did you have a sweet dream like me about our life together? Mine was a time when you took us, our children and I to the carnival. I wasn’t sure why you did that though. We have two. A boy and a girl. Our daughter can’t even walk yet and you’re wanting her to ride rides. So cute. Our son is a few years older than her, maybe 6 or something like that and he’s a lean boy just like you!!! With a black mop top on his head. 

 I don’t know the name yet of our babies but I think our son’s name starts with a D and our daughter’s starts with a T. We have such cute babies, you know? Chubby cheeked and and chubby little tummy, you know they will be super gorgeous when they grow up. My mother says they look just like you and since they are so cute. I know you have to be too. 

It seems so lame to write to you, like you would see these. I would die if you did. It’s embarrassing to think these things about you. But it helps me relive my dreams of you and I together as the days go on and the dreams become clearer. I’m only 12 there’s no rush right? I won’t meet you tomorrow, Will I?


Y/N  Age: 12


Dear future husband,

This boy in my class asked me out today, I almost told him I was taken by you haha. Just not yet right? I don’t have much to say today, I didn’t dream of you last night sadly. But I think I started dreaming of us before the happy memories I had a 12 year old. :(


Y/N  Age: 14


Dear future husband,

I’m actually really disappointed in you. Today you left me. I told you I was pregnant and you left telling me you weren’t ready to be a dad :( why though? Don’t you love me? Didn’t you want to start your life with me someday? You left me. Do you get it? My sweet little boy. I finally know his name, it’s Daeyeon. I only know it because you made me sob so hard that I was crying to my baby boy. 

How did you make me forgive you? How could I trust you would stay the rest of my life?


Y/N Age: 15


Dear (maybe) future husband, 

I haven’t dreamed of you in a year, that’s why I haven’t been writing much to you. Up until this one I’ve been writing to Daeyeon. To show him his mommy loves him. Even though he’ll never see it…hehe. 

Daeyeon looks like he’s almost a toddler now. Knowing you still aren’t back hurts still but I’m writing this because I met someone else in my dream tonight…he’s really really handsome but I know he’s not the one I end up with because his face isn’t blurred but he’s so kind to me and Daeyeon. I seemed so happy today with him then I saw you. Well you know everything but your face. You had your arms around some other girl and you looked so happy with her. We said our hellos and you told me something that broke my heart so much. You were engaged! I just smiled the whole time, I didn’t want you to see my pain. 

Now I’m really questioning if I really ever forgive you…

The broken hearted ex,

Y/N Age: 16


Dear Man, 

I’m calling you man now. You have become a horrible thing to me. You had the guts to invite me to your wedding. You even hand delivered it to me. I was really proud of myself though I told you to wait and I picked up a pen and marked ‘Not Attending’ and I can’t believe the only time I saw your lips was when I made you frown, when I shoved the invitation into your chest and told you to never come near me again. That I hated you so much. You looked like you were trying so hard to tell me something but I just slammed the door in your face.

My life seems like a Kdrama with you. Are you really worth all this?

Not so happy, 

Y/N Age: 16


Dear future husband, 

I guess I can call you that again. In my dream today it was raining so hard, it made me happy though because I knew it was your wedding day with her. But a cute moment between Daeyeon and I happened when we played in the rain, he was wearing such cute rain boots and jacket. We played until I was soaked because I wasn’t dressed like him just simple clothing. 

We went back inside after that and took a bath together (it was still cute because he’s so young) until the doorbell rang. I answered it in a robe after I wrapped Daeyeon up(can’t leave a child in a tub unattended, he could hurt himself). You were there. Soaked head to toe. Shivering heavily. You told me you couldn’t go through with it. Inviting me was a way to see me, to see Daeyeon again. That you couldn’t stop thinking about me. You told me you didn’t leave when you were saying your vows though, you left when you were at the entry of the reception in front of everyone. 

I know I would forgive you there but I knew it was the start.

Slightly happier. 

Y/N Age: 17


Dear Husband,

Yay! I’m calling you this because we finally married!! I’m dreaming of you less which worried and excites me. Maybe we meet soon! Who knows. I’m kind of glad though, I don’t want to know my whole life with you, I want some mystery. Last night I felt your lips on mine when I woke up, it tingled so much! So much love was there but back to the actual dream!! 

You looked so handsome in your suit. I felt like a princess when all eyes were on me when I was walking down the isle. Daeyeon was our ring bearer. He isn’t sure yet what to think of you but I think he knows you his daddy, that makes me happy. I learned your name started with a ‘J’ as well. I know now that when I meet you, I might not be able to know for sure you’re my ‘J’ until I feel the tingles on my lips when I finally kiss you. I’ll be waiting for you now and think this is the best way to end my letters to you.

Forever your love,

Y/N Age: 19


You closed your journal as you glanced around the park smiling. It wasn’t your first journal, in fact it was like your 4 or filth filled with your dreams from yours since you were 12. Your life with ‘J’ was growing closer. At least you prayed it was or spend your youth dreaming of a man you would never have or meet. You rested your face on your hands as you took in everything completely and you were glad you did because a frisbee with throwing star-like accuracy hit the spot of where your head used to be positioned. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” a voice calls as you were offered his hand as you stood up locking eyes with him. 

A sweet smile crossed his lips as he looked at you “my name is Joohyuk” he said as you couldn’t contain yourself and pulled him in for a kiss. He didn’t pull back either as he simply melted into the kiss, the world seemed to disappear around you two until you sadly had to pull back for air. Lips tingling the whole time you rested your forehead against his. “I’ve waited so long for you” you whispered “what?” Joohyuk panted as you smiled pulling him in for another long kiss with a lack of protest again as you pulled him down into the grass where the kiss continued until someone kicked him. 

“Dude you ditched us like 10 minutes ago to suck on this chick’s face” the male told him as Joohyuk looked at you before reaching behind you tossing the frisbee out. “Sorry I’m gonna stay here with…” “Y/N” “Y/N okay? Okay, see you later” he said waving him off his friend who rolled his eyes and left as you were pulled in for another kiss by him. It was much short but you ended up straddling his lap “this feels really right for some reason” he whispered as you chuckled. “You don’t even know” you tell him before you kissed him again. His hands rested on your back as he tugged you closer to him. 


Joohyuk looked through many boxes in your closet looking for the box you had marked as baby clothing just in case. In this case it was for your third child. Swear words left his mouth as one of the boxes tipped from beside the baby clothing sending the box to the ground. Sighing he caught sight of the bright notebooks, he couldn’t make out what they said so his curiosity was even more peaked than ever. 

He walked the box over to your bed with the journals on top before he grabbed the top one. He noticed the messy writing on it but could still tell it was yours. The first one had hearts around the title ‘Dear Future Husband’ he smiled largely before grabbing the next one the hearts went to ‘:/’ beside the same title of ‘Dear Future Husband Daeyeon’ he grabbed the next frowning as he saw the sad face clear on it and grabbed the next where he saw it was happy again.

He glanced at the open door before grabbing the first journal again and opening it to the first page. ‘Dear future husband’ he smiled as he could hear your cute little 12 year old voice ring through his head before he continued reading.


You carried your 2 year old daughter Taehee to her room. Her legs were swinging different ways as her limp passed out body was against you. You opened her door and tucked her into bed before you heading to check on Daeyeon the ever so cute 7 year old who was passed out on his bed as you turned off his light, tv, and saved his game before shutting down his gaming device. Your hands pressed to your belly as you waddled slightly entering your room. 

You caught Joohyuk wiping his eyes as he sniffled “baby what’s wrong? You’ve been in here for hours. Did you not find Daeyeon’s old clothing?-” “I’m so sorry” he spoke as you looked at him in concern. Your eyes drifted to the journal in his hands before he sniffled again. “You weren’t supposed to know about these” you mumble as you sat down on the bed. “This all came to you in dreams? Your future husband, our life played out almost exactly like this” he starts as his voice wavered and eyes welled again. 

“You knew all the horrible things I was going to do to you somehow” he said as tears slid down his cheeks. You fanned your face feeling the warmth take over and the fear you were going to cry take over. “Why?” he asked as you gave a shaky smile cupping his cheek rubbing some of the tears away. “Sweetie, I knew that in the end we would have a great love” you whispered as he took your hand. “I wish I never hurt you. I wish I stayed with you told me about Daeyeon. I missed so much about him” he rambled as you shushed him “I don’t wish anything different. because I have my dear husband” you say pulling him in for a kiss. “I love you so much” he whispered as pressed his forehead to yours. “I love you too Joohyuk” you told him.

Welcome Back (Chapter 1)


Samurai Jack, Rated M for later Chapters

Plot: Ashi is gone, Jack doesn’t know what to do with his life. But the Gods decide Jack deserves one wish after defeating Aku. Jack uses this wish to bring back Ashi. But at what cost? Jack will have to get through new troubles in order to be with Ashi, but she’s back; and that’s all that matters to him. (M for lemon in later chapters)


Jack smiled sadly as the ladybug flew from his finger. He slowly lowered his hand, watching it fly off in the distance.

He sighed, sitting down against the tree and closing his eyes. He couldn’t contain how he felt. He… missed her. He missed Ashi. He missed…his Ashi. Slowly, Jack began to fall into a restless sleep.


A booming voice made Jack open his eyes, he looked around lostly. This was not the place he had fallen asleep to. It looked almost like the sky, but much brighter and in more colors Jack has only ever seen a few times before in his life. He slowly blinked in realization-…wait…
He spun around, only to be before the three gods he’s only seen a few times in his life.

He starred, speechless, as the one in the middle began to talk. “Samurai…You have done a great deed for us.” The one on the left began to talk, “You have vanquished the evil that was Aku!” The one to the right spoke last, “And for that, we will grant you one wish.”

All three spoke now, “Anything of your choosing.”

Jack blinked, “..A-a wish?” He muttered, his gaze searching all three of them. For a moment, Jack didn’t say a word; until a desperate sputtering came out of him. “A-ashi! Bring Ashi back!” He said. When the gods said nothing, he got to his knees. “T-the girl. W-without her Aku would still be ruling. Please. That is my one wish. Bring her back to me.” He begged in a shaky voice. Usually Jack was able to hide his despair, but here… It was all coming out. He was on his knees to these gods, his body shaking and his eyes watering at the thought of Ashi.

There was a moment of silence, before the gods slowly nodded. “Very well.” The middle one said. Jack looked up, his eyes wide.

“But…” The left one pointed at him, “That girl had Aku within her. She will be different than she was before.” Jack frowned, “…H-how so?”

The right one chimed in. “She will be weak. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will have to nurse her back to health.” “That’s fine!” Jack quickly cut in. “I will do anything for her. If it takes every second of my day that will be fine.” He whispered shakily.

“Alright then, Samurai. This is the wish we have bestowed upon you.” The three gods all moved their hands up, a light began to shine from them and onto the ground in front of Jack. Jack had to shut his eyes due to the extreme bright light, but after a minute- everything went pitch black. Jack had kept his eyes closed up until he heard a weak fit of coughing. He cracked open his eyes to see… “ASHI!”

Jack quickly scrambled up and ran to her, tackling her into a hug and pulling her into his lap. His hug only got tighter, his eyes brimming with tears as he breathed out shakily. “A-Ashi…I thought… I thought I lost you…” “J-ja…Jack, you’re hurting me…” Jack gasped, instantly loosening his hug as he looked at her. He studied her eyes for a minute, shakily running his hand into her hair. She wasn’t in anything, so Jack took off his robe and put it on her. She sat up, but looked like she was having trouble. “W-what…happened, how am I here?” She coughed again, rubbing her eyes as Jack continued to stare at her; as if looking away would mean she would disappear again.

“The…the gods. They…gave me one wish, for defeating Aku… I-i wished for you to come back.” Ashi’s eyes widened, and she starred at Jack for a long moment, before letting out a small cry. Her eyes began to water and tears began to slowly fall from her face. “I-i d-didn’t want to go…J-jack… I didn’t want to leave you. I-i was…finally happy for once…” She rubbed her eyes, crying out freely now as Jack instantly held her again. “Shhh, shh. it’s okay. I’m here now. You’re not going anywhere, Ashi. You’re here to stay. For good.” He told her quietly. His hand began to pet her hair again, her cries eventually went to light sniffles.

Ashi clutched onto his shoulders, snuggling herself into his robe as she looked up at him. She now noticed how Jack’s hair was done and messy, his eyes looked baggy and tired, but his face seemed happy with relief. “…How long…have I been…gone?” She trailed off in a quiet whisper.

Jack frowned, “About two days, perhaps. Maybe longer. I…didn’t really pay attention to the days.” He explained quietly. Ashi slowly sat up, but closed her eyes tightly right as she did so. Jack frowned, “What’s wrong?” After a moment Ashi sighed, “I just felt dizzy.” She whispered. “The gods did mention that you’ll be weak…” He murmured, “Perhaps it is because you no longer have Aku in you.” Ashi frowned, “…Which is also half of me. So I basically lost half of myself.” She murmured quietly.

Jack frowned, “Well… at least now I don’t have to worry about you kicking my butt.” He gave a small smile, joking around with her. Ashi blinked, suddenly hitting his shoulder as he flinched, letting out a small laugh. “Alright, alright. You can still do that.” He said, rubbing his arm and giving Ashi a loving smile. Ashi glared at him with anger, but her lips betrayed that- showing a happy smile.

After what seemed like hours of them just sitting there, holding each other and enjoying just being near each other again; Jack slowly got up, holding Ashi bridal style in his arms as he looked down at her. “We’re going to go straight home, so you can get some rest.” He whispered. Ashi blinked, frowning and shaking her head. “N-no, no. I don’t want to go to bed. I want to be awake, with you.” She said quietly, looking at him with wide; scared eyes. Jack’s own eyes softened, and he gently kissed her forehead. “Ashi, you won’t disappear again. It’s okay to close your eyes.” All Ashi did was look away and shake her head, it was obviously she wasn’t believing that. Jack let out a simple sigh, and began to walk back home.

There was a lot of commotion when Jack returned home. Everyone was confused on how Jack had got Ashi back, but after a quick word with his father- things slowly began to calm down. It made sense Jack was gifted by the Gods after all he had done for the world. Jack was now with Ashi in his room, she was being looked over by one of the many workers here. The lady moved her hand along her skin, making sure her body was doing okay. “She seems quiet weak, so we’ll put her on a specific diet to hopefully raise her energy levels.” She said softly, placing her hand on Ashi’s head. Ashi flinched slightly, her eyes glancing over to Jack who gave her a reassuring smile. Ashi seemed a bit more jittery after coming back, but she wasn’t as strong as she used to be. Her punch from earlier was something he had barely felt, he didn’t want her to think of herself as weak though; he knew with enough love she would be back to her old self.

Ashi was starring at her feet, letting the nurse do whatever it is she needed to do without much protest. Her eyes glanced back up at Jack when the nurse backed up a bit. “Lady Ashi, could you stand up for me?” She asked. Ashi blinked, glancing at Jack. “Lady?” She murmured. Jack blushed a bit, glancing away. “Heh, well…you are…my wife.” He murmured. Ashi gave him a soft little smile, slowly sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Even though we weren’t able to finish the ceremony?” She asked, in which Jack shook his head. “That doesn’t really matter, you’re still my wi- Ashi!” He gasped when Ashi attempted to get up, but fell- the nurse caught her in time and tried helping her stand up. Ashi was shaking horribly as she tried standing upright, the nurse was holding her hands tightly, but Ashi fell back onto the bed. She breathed out shakily, “I-i can’t.” She murmured.

The nurse frowned, she moved closer to Jack and whispered; “She’s going to need some physical therapy.” She murmured, “Keep an close eye on her, I’ll bring in her food in a moment.” She did a small bow before exiting the room. Jack glanced back at Ashi; who was quietly starring at the ground.

Slowly Jack sat beside her, moving his hand onto her back and rubbing it up and down. She gripped her robe that the nurses had put on her, it was black and silky. Ashi closed her eyes tightly, letting out a quiet sigh. “…Was I worth being brought back, Jack? I’m…not the same.” She trailed off. Jack grabbed her chin gently, tilting her head to look at him. “…You’re still Ashi. I’ll love you no matter what.” He whispered quietly, leaning in and kissing her lips. Once they pulled away Jack noticed the tears in Ashi’s eyes, she hugged him; her arms wrapping around his neck.

“I love you too.” She whispered.

I Only Want You (Mark Tuan Smut)

Request: Got7 Mark Tuan smut where it’s your first time and you’re really shy and nervous with a little bit of angst because you think he might not like your body please
Band/Member : Got7/Mark Tuan
Genre : Smut
Warnings : there’s a bit of self hate so if your sensitive to that you might not want to read it

Also if there’s any typos I’m sorry, please tell me so I can fix them. Also keep requesting! ~Park : )


You had just arrived home after a very special day with your boyfriend Mark, you had gone to the arcade to mess around with the rest of Got7 and then Mark took you out to eat at a nice restaurant. You removed your shoes and set down your bag on to the couch, plopping yourself down next to it while Mark sat down next to you and wrapped his arms around you. You both decided to turn on the TV and watch the Titanic because it was the only thing on and honestly it’s not half bad. While Jack and Rose are trying to get to know each other, you feel Mark’s lips gracing your neck before he plants a small kiss. You freeze up at the action, this has never happened before an it could only mean one thing, he wanted to do the diddly frick frack do.

“Hey um, we’ve, uh, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to try to uh have sex? Only if you’re comfortable with it of course!” Mark frantically tried to say, stumbling over every word out of fear that he might upset you.

“I don’t know Mark, I would but-”

“We don’t have to! If you want to wait till marriage that’s fine too!”

“No Mark, I just uh… Well I don’t look like other girls…” Your throat went dry and your voice became soft. How could you even think to be with Mark looking the way that you do, it’s a ridiculous idea to even try to imagine it.

Mark pulled ur hands over to him and laced ur fingers together, “of course you don’t look like other girls, you aren’t other girls.”

“I mean, my body doesn’t… It doesn’t look good..” You looked to the floor in shame. Mark deserved better, he deserved the most beautiful girl on the planet.

“I don’t care!” He suddenly shouted, tugging at your hands to get his point across, “I just want to show you I love you and be happy with you. I don’t care about your looks, I’d rather stuff you full of muffins so that you cant go anywhere because then you’ll have to stay and cuddle with me. I don’t want a skinny unrealistic Barbie doll, I want you just the way you are.”

“I want you just the way you are too.” You replied softly, leaning in to hug Mark.

“I don’t want to seem like this is all I want but.. would you maybe like to-”

“Yes, because I trust you” you smiled and leaned over to Mark and gave a slow kiss to him and he moved to lay you down on the couch. He hovered above you and removed his shirt, forgetting it’s existence by tossing it aside.

He reaches for the heam of your shirt and grazes his fingers across it, looking up to you for approval. You nod and he removes it, sitting back to admire your beauty. You begin to feel like your too chubby and he’s judging you so you bring your arms in to cover yourself, but he grabs them and moves them away.

“I love you just the way you are,” he says while planting small kisses to your body, “you’re perfect, please don’t hide yourself.”

He slowly kisses up your body, attempting to kiss every part of you as he works his way up to your lips, capturing them in a small peck. He continues to kiss your lips sliding his tongue into your mouth and wrestling your tongue for dominance, which he easily wins. He pulls back and removes your pants and underwear after asking for permission.

He dips his head down to your dripping heat and groans at the sight of it. “You’re so wet baby, is it okaie if I have a taste?” You reply with a simple yes and a surprised gasp as he licks a long stride up your heat. He swirls his tongue around your clit and sucks on it while he runs his fingers along your wetness.

He pulls back and inserts one finger, letting you adjust, before thrusting it in and out of you slowly, making you lightly moan at the sensation. He curls his finger around, making you gasp, before returning his mouth to sucking your clit. Mark licks up your juices as you lay withering and moaning at the sensations he is giving you. He pulls back and removes his finger, pulling down his shorts and boxers to reveal his long length at full attention. He gives himself a few pumps and rolls a condom down his dick before lining himself up with your entrance and looking up to you for a confirmation nod.

“Mark please fuck me” you moan, making him chuckle as he slides himself into you filling you up completely. He gives you some time to adjust before he begins thrusting in and out slowly, both of you groaning at the sensation. He begins to speed up, causing you to moan more as he repeatedly hits your spot. He brings his hand down to stimulate your clit as he pounds into your tight walls. You moan out his name and his hips start to sporadically thrust into you before you come, walls clenching around his member which lets it’s seed it deep inside you.

He pulls out and cleans himself off, removing the condom and grabbing a towel to help you clean up too. “So how was that?” He asks while wiping fluids off the couch.

“That was…”

“Please say at least good”

“That was amazing!” You pull Mark down and give him a kiss on the cheek and lips, “I love you Markipoo~”

“I love you too Jagi”


I know this will sound dramatic as hell but I just have to express how I feel. I will probably delete this in a couple mins but.. I miss him. I miss his extra ass. I miss his hyena laugh. I miss the squirtle smile. I miss the wild & sexy. I miss the “JYP” whisper he does, I missed his thick thighs. I miss his confidence. I miss his organic tea. I fucking miss everything about him. I miss Jia Er Wang. To others he is just an idol, just a person. But to me, Jackson is so much more. I honestly hated my body image and hated my thick thighs and my chubby body growing up. But I fucking gain some sort of confidence because of Jackson. Everytime I felt down or sad, I would just listen to Jackson say anything funny or inspirational. Getting into Got7, Jackson was my bias and to this day he still is. There is something about him that fills my heart. He means the world to me. I honestly feel empty without him. I am worried sick thinking something horrible is going on with Jackson and not being able to know what is up. Like is Jackson’s health that bad that JYP can explain? Is Jackson just tired of the whole idol life? Is the whole China-Korea thing affecting this? Also I worry about how his parents feel about this. Like as everyone knows Jackson is quite close with his parents and calls them everyday. How do Mama Wang and Papa Wang feel about their son fainting for being overworked? As for me I feel as if I did something wrong. I know I can’t do much right now but wait for a statement of Jackson’s health and him coming back, but by what I mean I feel I did something wrong is that I wanted to have got7 to be well known because the boys deserve so much more than what they are getting credit for. I wanted Jackson to be in so much variety because he seems to enjoying doing them but I didn’t noticed is that he barely slept and barely ate because of the travel. Jackson to me is my world, I really love him so much. I know this seems like it’s just a crush but it doesn’t feel like it. It feel so much more powerful. I honestly fell in love with Jackson because he sticks to being himself and is not afraid of showing his true colors. I just want him to post anything, even the slightest “I love you” in his social media so it can reassure me that he is alive. I honestly go to bed everyday since the day he fainted crying myself to sleep because I worry so much for him. Please come back healthy and happy. Don’t overwork yourself so much to make us happy. Take care of yourself This is hella dramatic and I’m sorry.

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry to hear you had a rough day😓You are such a sweet person - take some time and take care of yourself and do something that makes you happy❤ If you want to do it and have time to (it's totally up to you - put yourself first) could I please request #38 from the prompt list for Draco? I hope tomorrow will be better to you💓

Hey love,

Yeah, I am writing a Draco request right now - seems to be making me happy.

“Show me your scars.” “Why?” “Because I have to know how many times you needed me, and I was not there.”

Name: Scars

“Y/N,” Draco stops you, as you are about to leave the Slytherin common room - it is very late, so there is no one, but him, sitting on the couch by the fire. You simply can’t sleep, and he seems to have the same problem.

“Draco?” you pull your sleeves down and sit down by his side. “Need some help?”

“Y/N, you know that I care about you, don’t you?” you nod. “And that I promised to be there for you?” you nod again, and he swallows slowly. “And that I wasn’t?” you nod again. “Y/N, I need you to show me your scars,” he gently takes your hands, your palm up, so you automatically grab the sleeve hems.


“Because I have to know how many times you needed me, and I was not there,” Draco carefully strokes your fingers. “Y/N, please.”

“It is not your fault,” you lie, as you release the hems, and Draco slowly rolls up the sleeves, opening the old and relatively fresh scars that cross your wrists on both hands. He tries to not gasp, but can’t help it - following the scars with the tips of his fingers.

“It is. This one,” he takes your left hand with both of his hands and strokes one of the scars - especially long one. “And this one,” he touches the short one. “Every single one.”


“How many are there?” you shrug your shoulders, and he counts them, whispering every following number quieter, until he stops, his finger trembling over the last one. “I am… I… I am so, so sorry,” he covers the scars with his palms and looks you in the eye, his own eyes about to drip all of those tears. “I can’t explain how I feel… I…”

“Draco,” you smile at him. “I am good now.”

“No. You were not good. And I was not there to make it good. I was not there to hold you in the night when you felt bad, I was not there when you needed someone to repeat how endlessly amazing you are. I was not there. I had to be.”

“I had to be stronger…”

“Love,” Draco rapidly moves you close, trying to crush your bones into his body, and you can feel his vein popping on his neck. “No. No. Please, don’t say that. You needed someone to be there for you, and I, the one who had to be there for you, was not there. It is my fault,” he gently kisses you on forehead. “But I am not leaving you now.”


“You are never feeling like no one needs you,” he frowns, pushing your chin up and looking you in the eye so close, you can see every single sparkle in his grey eyes. He sighs, stroking your skin right under your eyes. “As long as you let me.”

“Let you?”

“Do you still want me? But, before you answer,” he presses a finger to your lips before you manage to say a word. “I swear, I give you my word and everything you want, I will never do anything like that. Whenever you will need me, whatever you will need me for, I will always be there for you. Please. Just let me,” you smile because he just wouldn’t let go of your hands, so you just lean forward, pressing your nose against his. Draco grins like an idiot, then quickly tilts his head and kisses you.

If I was a writer for a TV show, I would write a pairing that develops to the OTP of all the fans but never really seems to be more than friends in canon. And I would ask all the actors to keep saying that it’s just friendship and all this fanfic and fanart would start but the fans would think that it will just never actually happen.
But in the last episode of the show I would make the two have their big reveal and kiss just so that all the shippers could be happy and say I told you so, because it was planned the whole time.

That moment when you see a SD&S tag and this is what you’re working with…sorry @tuesdayswithrachel… The reality of #Iwokeuplikethis is NOT pretty, especially today.  Dark circles for days and days…

I haven’t slept well much at all the past couple of nights.  I’m usually excellent at compartmentalizing.  But, things with my parents have gotten so bad that I just can’t.  I am feeling so stressed that I have this weird feeling of being underwater all the time.  So much pressure, shortness of breath, and anxiety.  Fun.

At least Conner has been behaving himself.  It’s difficult sometimes to drag things out of him, but talking is so important.  I recently finished Beartown, and it was SO good.  One of the many things I totally identified with is how the parents in the book struggled with the concept of giving their kids enough space but also trying to make sure they still stayed in the loop of what was going on with them.  Parenting is freakin DIFFICULT, man.  Mother’s Day is coming up again, and I was just looking at the Mother’s Day card Conner made me last year.  One line meant so much in particular: “I know that you always love me even when you get mad at me.” Having my kid never doubt that is pretty high on the list of life goals, so I treasure that card so much.

When you’re feeling this exhausted and stressed, it’s important to acknowledge the little things that bring some brightness to the day.  Conveniently, @neurotic-rob tagged me to list five happy things–thanks, friend–so here goes:

  1. My house has remained so clean that it’s almost miraculous since this past Thursday when I hosted gym book club.  HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??
  2. On Sunday, my family spent the whole afternoon together–dinner on the patio, countless Uno games, and a two hour walk in the woods.  So much laughter, and hugs, and that rare and perfect feeling of time slowing down.
  3. Good books! Always.  I LOVED Beartown, and I’m currently enjoying American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
  4. Being “that” couple.  When you go to a barbecue for your newly engaged friends and are asked, “So, how do you guys do it–you seem so happy!?” Still loving the crap out of my husband and flirting like teenagers. Heart eyes for days! :)
  5. Leftovers and part-time work.  If ever I needed a day with no responsibilities, it’s today.  Because of those two things, I get to have it.

Sad yet glad to say, I finished watching Hannibal. Hands down the most beautiful, mind boggling, sensual piece of television I’ve ever witnessed. Beautiful not only in its cinematography, but in its way of adapting characters and creating them into relatable beings. I felt myself indulge heavily in this show, I felt feelings I have never experienced, and the overall take is one of a melancholic happiness.

I refused again and again to watch this program, not because it looked uninteresting to me, but because this website made it seem incredibly obnoxious.
How wrong I was to think so. I very highly suggest viewing it for your own pleasure, if you can stomach it. Brilliant in its grotesqueness. You fall in love with the twisted storyline, and you fall in love with the wicked sick. Watching it feels wrong yet feels so right, and how could it not with its violent nature? It adds an extra sense of it truly being there in front of you.

The acting is sublime, story magnificent. It makes me feel empty not being able to continue watching what these characters go through. I do hope they choose to continue on with a fourth season. Though, if they do not, it will still create a very heartfelt and gorgeous sense of perverted, disgusting, exquisite love.

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Oh my god I really hope you get into bnha bc seeing todoroki (the red/white haired Good Boy) will cause my spiritual death. I also hope you like Bakugou (the blonde, angry dandelion) because he's my fave and ur my fave so it just makes sense

anonymous asked: tbh if u get into bnha and post art of todoroki (the boi w the red and white hair) i’ll probably cry. i love him and i love ur art sm dhshhs

LOLOL im happy that you guys are this excited to see me start it!!!!!!! i’m sure it’ll be a great show too, seeing how it seems to have powerful girls (YES) and many lovable characters so i’ll keep u guys updated ~


Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom surprises the reader. That’s it.

Word Count: 1.5K

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my second request, people! (Requested by: @literallyrozie812) Hope you enjoy this as well and please feel free to send some requests! Btw, this took me like 2 days to write it and a life to upload it, sorry.

Request:  Can you do a Tom Holland x Reader when the reader is a singer for band and she touring for band (something panic at the disco)and the tom decides to surprise her while she tour. Fluff plesse

You felt a tap in your shoulder and pretend you didn’t notice. Someone shook you from your shoulders and left you no option but to open your eyes. You didn’t want to, though. You still wanted to sleep and finish your dream. You looked around looking for the person who woke you up and for a brief moment you thought you saw the person you wanted the most, but then realised it was just your agent.

“Hey, y/n. Wake up!”

“I am already.” You responded snarky. You didn’t want to sound like that, but you were mad about him waking you up.

“Yeah, whatever. You were smiling in your dream…” He said looking at you. He seemed to be sorry about waking you, so you decided to let it go. “Was Tom in it?”


Your boyfriend and the love of your life, of course he was in it. Like every day since you were on tour.

“Yeah, he was.” You and Tom had been dating for 3 years now and everything was wonderful, except for the distance. You were a singer and he was an actor. It made your relationship harder. Not because you were afraid he would cheat on you, but because you loved him so much that being far from him was soul-crashing.

“Don’t worry, y/n. It’s almost over.” Right. Almost. 10 more shows and it was over, but somehow the closer to end it was getting, the most impatient you were. You felt like you have been without him for a million years. You were a singer in a band that was on tour with Panic! At the Disco as the opening act in the concerts. It was a great opportunity for your band to become even more know, so you took it without thinking about it. “You’ll see him again. Maybe sooner than you expect.” He added wiggling his eyebrows.

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Update on my decision to continue writing for Tony!

So in a recent post of mine I was talking about how I am deciding wether or not to continue writing Tony imagines. I’ve gotten some messages from people that are expressing their point of views on writing Tony as a straight character in some of my imagines. Now, with the feedback that I’ve gotten from my earlier post I am still not quite sure what to do. Most people have been telling me that I should continue writing Tony imagines (as a straight guy) because they enjoy reading them, and a few others say that I shouldn’t because it’s not right to portray a character that is expressively gay in the show as a straight guy. I want to try to be fair and understanding to both different opinions, but it’s seeming quite difficult to do so. I just wanted to let you guys know where my heads at right now. If anyone has any suggestions on maybe a compromise that could satisfy both parties or a solution, please message me:) I love talking to you guys and I only ever want to make you happy💕