and i loved every time he lifted his shirt in that dance lol

Silk Robe (Johnny!!!)

My fav anons requested:

 - Hiiiii! Could you possibly do a Johnny smut??? Like idc what it’s about as long as he is dominant af because have you met him? Tysm in advance!
 - Can you please make one for johnny.
 - Could you please do a Johnny smut but something that has to do with Trey Songz- Love Faces lol please and thank you

- Can we get some lovely Johnny smut to celebrate his debut?^^

author: ADMIN NI, MAN

genre: smut

word count: 1,953

a/n: HIIIIIIIIII. It’s been forever, guys… Thank you guys for requesting so much of my bias, my baby, my Johnny… there’s still so much more I get to do for him!!! I hope y’all like it(;;;;;;;;;;;; seriously love you all so much, you request such good stuff.  btw I didn’t proof read so there is bound to be some errors

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Play With Fire

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: OFC x Thomas


Word Count: 11,023 

A/N: So this is my first Thomas fic and it’s really fucking long lol. This takes place in The Scorch and none of it is canon, I just thought it would make for a good story. I could have split it but I said fuck it and just left it as one long story. So I hope y’all enjoy it because it took me a while to get this done. Also, instead of Googling names for different explosive devices, because I’m paranoid lol, I just made up a name so that would be the name in Bold.  

Names. They give everyone their identity. Your name is part of who you are. I don’t have a name. Not one that I remember anyway. I was known as Subject 2184, according to WICKED. I have no memory of who I was before they got their hands on me. I spent most of my life locked in the facility.

Until he showed up.

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Percival Graves smut request

Here you go, anon! So sorry I took so long. Hope it’s decent enough to gain forgiveness lol 🖤

Master list

Imagine: Graves works so much, you feel neglected.

“Do you really have to go?” It sounded very much like a whine, but the past few weeks had been nothing but work for the director. While you understood his job was a big undertaking, you couldn’t bring yourself to stop feeling so…neglected. Sure the romance was still alive and well, but you were thinking more along the intimate side of things. By the time Percival got home most nights he was far too tired to even do anything. And you didn’t want to bother him either.

Graves stood in front of the mirror, running the blade across his jaw as he looked at you in his peripheral. He tapped the blade against the sink, wiping his face with a towel as he spoke.

“I have high priority cases that need my attention.” He leaned against the sink, watching you intently with those dark eyes that always made you go weak in the knees. “You understand that. Don’t you, kitten?”

And then he had to use that nickname, the one that made you yearn for his touch. “Y-Yes…of course. I’m sorry.” You began to turn away, ready to walk out and just sulk in the bedroom while he readied himself for work. But, Graves wasn’t quite ready to end this conversation. The brooding man grabbed your forearm, twisting you around to look at him. He lifted your chin in his hand, making sure you maintained eye contact.

“You’re an interesting woman, kitten.” He trailed his free hand along your arm, fingertips ghosting over your exposed skin and making you tremble. It always amazed you at how badly he had a hold on you.

“Why do you say that?”

The director just smirked down at you, stopping his little path of desire along your skin as he leaned forward just a bit. His hot breath brushed across your lips, making you swallow deep in your throat.

“You dance around the subject instead of telling me what it is you want.” Graves gripped your chin a little tighter, angling your face so your lips brushed against his. “So…tell me. What is it you want?”

Your nerves were aflame, and his domineering touch was doing nothing to help your desires. “I…”

He raised an eyebrow, his grin only stretching further as he awaited your demands. “You?”

“I don’t want you to leave. Please stay?”

“Why do you want me to stay?” He brushed a thumb across your lips, eyes now fixed on the perfect pout you had.

He was obviously going to make you beg, and you were starting to regret bringing anything up, because now you were just a mumbling mess of a girl before him. “Just take me, Percival. Please.”

But, you could forget your dignity just this one time, because you wanted him more than you ever have before. The director chuckled darkly, and he didn’t waste his time. He lifted you into his arms, trapping your lips into a heated kiss that was leaving you breathless. You felt the bed dip beneath you, hair no longer curled up but now a tangled mess in his hands as he prodded your mouth with his tongue.

“Percy…” You gasped, clumsily kissing him back as he pushed his hand up your skirt. He brushed his fingers on the inner part of your thigh, smiling into your cheek as you squirmed.

“Is this what you wanted, kitten?” He licked playfully at your ear, taking the lobe between his teeth as he curled a finger under your panties. He slowly pulled them down, enjoying the way you moaned and begged under him.

“Yes…god, yes.” It was almost pathetic at how turned on you were, but how could you possibly stop this? His very presence made you wet, but now you were practically dripping with need.

Graves slid his lips down your neck, fingers now teasingly sliding against your folds as he groaned. You were so wet, so damn hot down there it was taking every ounce of his self control not to give in and take you hard. But, he was still pressed on time, yet he wasn’t about to leave his woman completely unfulfilled. He leaned up a bit, keeping a decent distance between your bodies as he kissed a trail of wet kisses down your throat, stopping just between your breasts and giving each one attention. He unbuttoned the first few buttons on your shirt, pushing the material away with his nose as he sought your skin. Graves sucked hungrily at the top of your breast, leaving behind a very purple mark. He always did love to remind you of who you belonged to.

“Ah-” You arched into his touch, rolling your hips onto his hand as he cupped your heat. His middle finger circled your entrance, your juices clinging to it. “Percy, please!” You begged, closing your eyes as he licked across a nipple.

Percival just smiled, looking up at you as he pushed his finger slowly inside your entrance. Your body immediately reacted, lower back lifting off the bed as you moaned out for more. Which he was only so happy to offer.

“You’re so beautiful, my little kitten.” He kneeled down at the edge of the bed, pushing another finger in as he pumped them both out of you. Your walls clenched around them, hips jerking down to quicken the pace. Graves almost lost his breath at the sight, and he shifted around to make himself more comfortable down there. His cock was aching for you, and if he didn’t get relief eventually, he swear he’d lose his mind.

You gripped the comforter in your hands, throwing your head back as he started to kiss along your inner thigh. His warm lips dragged across your skin, leaving a little nip every now and then. He lifted your skirt up, throwing it a bit over your waist as he eyed your sex with utter desire. You were practically glistening just for him, and he growled at the very thought of that.

“You’re going to make me late.” He groaned out, his tongue flicking out to lap at the juices dripping down your thigh.

“I’m-oh my..” You weren’t even sure what you wanted to say anymore, all you could focus on was the heat of his tongue as he pushed it between your folds and licked all the way up. His fingers were still working inside of you, stretching you and rubbing around until he found that one spot that made you jerk back and cry out.

He chuckled at your reaction, and he buried his face between your legs as he sucked and lapped at your clit. He clasped his lips tightly around your swollen need, sucking quickly until you were arching up and squeezing your thighs around his head. You brought a hand down, tangling it into his slicked back hair.


Graves just continued his pleasurable torture, gently moving his head side to side as he brought you nearer to the edge. He held onto your upper thighs, rubbing at your hip bones as he pushed his tongue inside of you now. He trailed a hand up your trembling abdomen, hand pawing at your breast and leaving a trail of your own cum along the way.

This was absolute heaven for you, and now you were beginning to regret not saying anything sooner. But, those thoughts were quickly pushed aside as he pulled your leg away, shoving your thigh down so he could have access to you. His tongue ran up your folds quickly, the vibration of his grunts and moans making you shiver.

“You taste so damn good.” He growled out, his eyes staring up at you as he took your clit once more into his warm mouth. But, you were too far gone already. You turned your head to the side as you moaned deeply, feeling that familiar tightening of muscles as your orgasm began to hit. Your back arched off the bed, and you opened your mouth in a silent scream as waves of pleasure ran down your body.

Graves watched with delight, pulling back to see as your sex twitched and convulsed before him. If he had more time, he’d of thrust into you right now and feel the waves of your orgasm around his own need. But, being the director meant keeping a schedule and he was always a stickler for rules. He left one last kiss on your thigh, and he got up. Adjusting his tie, and wiping the last drops of your climax off his lips. He looked down at you, smirking at the flush of red on your cheeks and the messy state of your hair.

“I have to go to work. I’ll see you later tonight.”

“W-Wait…” You leaned up on your elbows, pouting at the man as he grabbed his coat from the rack. “But what about-”

He turned to you, pulling the sleeve over his arm as he winked. “Tonight, kitten.” And he promptly left the apartment.

Hope you liked! ❤️

Originally posted by ingu

Miscellaneous Clark Kent headcanons as relate to my little fic universe, that may or may not ever come up because who knows:

  • Little Clark was really susceptible to childhood superstitions for some reason. He didn’t go under ladders, he did the salt over the shoulder thing, he did not fuck with that Bloody Mary shit like NOPE I’M OUT THIS SLUMBER PARTY IS CANCELED, LANA GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND TAKE YOUR MURDER GHOSTS WITH YOU. He believes that he is over this as an adult but whenever his foot is about to fall on a crack in the sidewalk it actually stops like a half inch above the ground and hovers there. He does not notice he is doing this. No one notices, ever, because it is the weirdest subtle unconscious thing in the world. At least Martha’s back is safe?
  • I covered the picky eater thing in Christmas in Kansas but to be more specific his tastebuds are just really sensitive to certain chemical compounds? Not just in terms of things he won’t eat but also in terms of things that he expects to be there and he doesn’t really like foods that lack those things. Your two options to make him eat anything are to cover it in sugar, or cover it in garlic.
  • He goes through a lot of breathmints. Can you imagine if Superman saved someone and they were like “man i appreciate being alive but he had some really bad garlic breath”? He would be so horrified.
  • He has a ratty, fucked-up old shirt that he wears whenever he is making pasta with red sauce. Even Superman cannot stand against the ability of red sauce to end up on whatever you happen to be wearing. HE WAS SO CAREFUL THIS TIME, HOW DID A STAIN END UP ON HIS BACK THAT JUST MAKES NO SENSE. Clark Kent’s weaknesses: kryptonite, tomato stains.
  • His ability to perfectly imitate anyone’s voice was one of the first things to manifest themselves, but this wasn’t the kind of thing anyone noticed was weird. It definitely didn’t seem like a power. He was just a small child who could do a really good Kermit the Frog. He sang Rainbow Connection at a middle school talent show and all the moms cried.
  • He definitely has a playlist to cheer himself up and get pumped and it has Eye of the Tiger and You’re the Best on it. Probably also half the Top Gun soundtrack.
  • Clark Kent’s twitter is pretty standard snarky newsman except with more farming memes. No one can tell how ironic the farming memes are. They might not be ironic at all. Clark Kent might be really sincere, or he might just be so ironic that he has circled back around into sincerity. No one knows. He’s also really good at that thing where you retweet two things from a person that side-by-side reveal they are a dingus. I don’t know if there’s a word for that.
  • His Snapchat is all dogspotting, with occasional rare dance breaks. He’s a pretty good dancer since he found those YouTube tutorials. He does this thing with his hips that Lois finds deeply upsetting for reasons she cannot articulate.
  • Jimmy asked Clark how he got so fit once and Clark was like “uh, farming. farm. eyup.” But he kept pressing for deets and Clark ended up just telling him that he’d pulled a Milo of Croton??? He lifted a newborn calf over his head and then just did that every single day until he was lifting a cow over his head. Jimmy knows nothing about farming or cows or physical fitness and this seemed plausible enough to him.
  • He has a blog where he posts rejected articles and it is the wonkiest thing in the entire world because that is why they got rejected. Perry takes one look at these articles and is like “it will take more words than I want to pay you for just to explain the setup for this article and also there are five people total who care, in the world, including you”
  • He has to be really careful when he buys clothes because he needs to make sure that they aren’t too tight and he has full range of motion. He does not want to relive The Skinny Jeans Incident. Shirts that say ‘I flexed and the sleeves fell off’ are only funny until it happens to you, then they are just horrible reminders. Popped seams everywhere. There is no way to explain that without looking like a huge tool.
  • Even when Superman has a really shitty day he keeps it together until he gets home, but then he shuts the balcony door and peels off his costume and Clark does the Tina Belcher groan for like ten minutes while he takes a shower because he got covered in sewer mutant or space crab or god knows and UUUUUUUUUUGH. Fortunately the nice older lady in the apartment next door always seems to know when he has had a shitty day and she brings him pie.
  • She can hear his melodramatic bullshit from over at her place, that’s how she knows. They share a bathroom wall and it practically echoes. If she times it right he will answer the door before he has put a shirt on because he doesn’t want to leave her waiting in the hall. She does not know what his day job is and it definitely does not occur to her that he is Superman because her primary interaction with him is that he acts like a whiny bitch and she brings him pie so she can ogle him. She is a simple woman who enjoys life’s simple pleasures.
  • The Kryptonian language is really complicated in terms of tonality, context, word order, musicality, etc, and the written language reflects that. Things like the order things are in, how things overlap, colors, etc, are all important. So basically I really like the idea of his symbol being one that represents his family name and says that he is of the House of El. It’s really just basically his last name.
  • If Starfleet gets to have replicators then Krypton gets to have replicators and Jor-El definitely stuck one in the ship so his son would have, you know, food and clothing. But only Kryptonians can use their tech because they’re who the neural interface is designed for so whoops they got real lucky that Kryptonian babies love milk from Earth goats. Clark only started using the replicator later but it only knows how to make Kryptonian things and only some of those are useful to him.
  • Okay so here is where I tie those last two bullet points into something fucking dumb that you will take out of my cold dead hands: Clark got the costume out of the replicator. It didn’t necessarily understand what he wanted though? Like, the concept of a costume didn’t really translate, but it got the idea that he wanted an active uniform, so that is what it made. It’s brightly colored and has his last name on the front. Clark is wearing a Kryptonian football jersey is what I’m getting at. Later Kara will be VERY confused by this. Imagine ending up on an alien planet and meeting your cousin and he’s been fighting crime dressed like a quarterback.
  • Most telepathy does not work because different neural patterns. Diana can only manage it if she uses her lariat and even then it’s like trying to lasso a freight train that does not stop. It’s extremely disorienting. J'onn has just accepted that Superman can hear him but he’s not going to get anything back. It’s like the psychic equivalent of a dial tone for him. He’s trying to call his bro but their family has dialup. He tries not to fuck with it because he doesn’t want to poke around in Superman’s head blind and break something.
  • Clark can’t type with super speed because he’ll break the keyboard and the computer can’t keep up. Instead he uses shorthand along with a custom set of AutoHotKey macros and it is honestly infuriating how fast he can get things written with this setup. But also if he doesn’t have AutoHotKey on whatever he’s typing with then sometimes Lois will get an email like: ll] dyk f pw mde a dec wrt t $l stry? ]ck
  • A woman was told by her therapist to try talking to at least one person once a week but she decided to cheat by just talking to her empty apartment under the guise of telling Superman about her day because lol he can hear everything allegedly so this definitely counts and is what the doctor was going for with this. When she has to go to the hospital for a medical emergency she comes home and there is a note on her counter wherein Superman explains that he was worried because he hadn’t heard from her in a while, so he swung by to check on her. When he found out what happened he watered her plants and fed her goldfish and also that cat that he thought might be hers (she does not have a cat). She is completely mortified because she was just being full of shit she did not actually believe he could hear her oh god what all did she even say and whose cat is this???
  • Look if you are in Metropolis and you loudly say HEY SUPERMAN there is a very good chance he will hear it even if he doesn’t mean to. He is not trying to eavesdrop, that’s just what happens when you yell someone’s name in earshot.
  • He doesn’t wear the costume under his clothes because you may have noticed a running theme here where the universe is conspiring to ruin his clothes and leave him running around shirtless all the time. I mean thank god for the rest of us but he would rather not risk someone spilling their drink all over him somehow and suddenly his shirt is transparent and you can see the big S. It’s bad enough when it happens under ordinary circumstances. How often can one man get drinks spilled all over him? You would be shocked. Shocked. His eyes are up here, Lois.
i hate you

→scenario: You and Jungkook have always been rivals, but there seems to have been some unknown sexual tension there as well.

→genre: smut/fluff

→word count: 2,740

→a/n: i wrote this after i read that jungkook’s ideal type must be at least 168 cm, and i was upset because I’m no where near that height LOL. but this was the first bts smut I’ve written, so please enjoy!

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Chris Evans x Reader 

Summary : You and your best friends decide to spend the day in Disneyland, and you bump into the one and only Chris Evans. 

A/N : Sorry it took me so long to write this but I wanted it to be perfect! lol. I am going to Disneyland in June and I’d love this to happen! just saying. A girl can hope right?! haha. 

Word Count : 2,635

Warnings : Language. Thats about it. 


Tagging : @justanotherdeangirl25 @bovaria @official-batgirl99 @cassgracie @camster540 @hazuki22 @starswirlblitz @swing-dance-into-my-heart @zombi3gyrl07 @docharleythegeekqueen @jpthrough @blacktithe7 @ek823 @sometimes-iwritee @kaptain-zelda124 @youtubers-are-life-ruiners @miss123ma @xiomara-52 @purpleeyeddemon24 @supernaturally-potter @notrealdreamlife @uniquelyobsessed @time-lord-of-fandoms-97 @bulldozed88 @thegirlwiththeimpala @always-a-marvel-addict @driverpicksthemuusic @poemwriter98 @supernatural-harrypotter7 @chris-evans-shipping @multi-fan-dom-madness @so-many-fandoms-16 @thewinterchildren @chris-evans-forever @thitilde @helloomyyluvvs @thewintersoldierswife @chris-evans-whaaat @chris-evans-imagines @impala-lover-67 @iiharu-kunii @marvel1324 @evansscruff @shamvictoria11 @ilovebeingjoyful @specs15 @dreamwhisper87 @lil-ass-kicker @bowiegirl400 @summerbummer2001 @making-the-most-0f-it @lovelittledoyouknow @lady-meatball @myluvislikewow @marveltho @beautifulfound @faith-in-dean (thank you to everyone who reblogged tho cover! i hope you enjoy!) 

Chris pulled his thin shirt over his torso, feeling it fit around his body.

He was getting ready for the day, feeling excited to return back to the place that was like his second home. Disneyland.

There was a knock at the door, and before he could say anything, his brother strode in.

“Sure Scott, come in.” Chris chuckled.

“Sorry, the girls wanted me to see if you were ready.” He smiled.

Chris scrunched his brows as he placed his favorite blue cap on his head. “Where are they?” He asked.

“Downstairs with the kids, getting breakfast.” Scott watched his brother closely, leaning against the wall. “So are we going to talk about what happened, or–”

“Scott, Come on man. Not now.” He cut him off.

His brother nodded, his lips pursing into a thin line. “Sorry, I just–its been six months dude. Don’t get me wrong, having you here and getting to hang out with you is cool but–”

“But what?” Chris huffed.

Scott let out a breath, “I just miss my brother. I miss the crazy, risk taking kind of guy.”

Chris listened to every word he spewed, his lips pursing, as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I get what Minka did wasn’t cool, it’s just–you need to go back out there. Go take risks again, go make movies. And stop using us as an excuse to hide from the world.”

After finding Minka in bed with another man, the day he was suppose to propose, he just lost it. He packed his bags, and flew out to Boston that very night. And ever since then, he was home with the people he knew would never let him down.

The older Evans looked up into his younger brothers eyes, a soft smile forming on his lips. “I’m fine.” He muttered. “Don’t worry about me, okay? I’m fine. Besides I start shooting the last Cap movie next week.”

Chris walked over to him, and patted his shoulder. “Come on. Let’s go downstairs, I’m sure Carly and Shanna are getting anxious.”

Scott chuckled, nodding. “Alright. Sorry, I just needed to-”

“I get it man. I do. But seriously, don’t worry about me. I’m okay.” He lied. Forcing a smile to ease his brother.

“Okay. Race you to the elevator? Loser has to pay for dinner tonight.”

“You’re on.” He cackled.

Adjusting the Minnie Mouse ears, you felt your stomach begin to flutter as you and your four best friends made your way into the front of the park.

The sun was out, high in the sky with little to no clouds. Every flower blossomed, the colors vibrantly popping. Everything was breathtakingly beautiful.

Disneyland was your home. It somehow always made you feel at peace. And also, brought the inner child out.

The moment you step in, you are immediately filled with such joy, and excitement, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

“Let’s take a picture by the Mickey flowers!” Rashelle exclaimed.

You all followed behind her, pulling your phones out.

“Whose going to take our pictures?” Penny asked, lifting her glasses up with her nose.

You scanned around until your eyes landed on one of the workers with a camera hanging around his neck. Quickly, you strode over to him and tapped his shoulder.

“Hey, can you take a picture of us?” You asked, motioning over to your girls.

He glanced at you, and smiled. Nodding his head, “yea. Of course.”

“Sweet!” You gave him your phone and ran back to your friends, who were getting into their positions.

“Just stand anywhere.” Addie grunted. “It doesn’t matter.”

Charm and Penny switched spots to get their ‘good’ side. Something they always did every time you went out with them. You just laughed as you rolled your eyes.

“Okay, ready?” The guy asked.


He snapped a few pictures from your phone, and one with his camera.

“Here you go.” He smirked.

You took the phone and glanced at the picture that lit up your screen. It was a little too bright, which made it look like you and Rashelle both had your eyes closed. But with only being there for two days, you shrugged it off and slipped the phone into your pocket.

“Alright, what do you bitches want to do first?” Charm asked, fluffing her hair with her hand.

“Let’s go on space mountain!” Penny muttered.

“No, let’s ride Indiana jones.” Said Addie, as she fixed the straps to her bag.

You were walking behind them, shaking your head, a smile forming on your lips. They could never agree on anything.

“How about Rashelle and I get fast passes for space mountain, while you girls go wait in line for Indiana jones?” You exhaled, looping your arm with your best friend.

They all nodded, getting their tickets out to hand them to you.

“Okay. Just call me when you are walking back. I’ll keep any eye out for you.” Addie stated.

The three girls went towards adventure land as you and Rashelle started toward tomorrow land. One of your favorites there.

“It’s so hot!” She spewed, fanning herself. “How am I suppose to find a boyfriend when I’m sweating?!”

You let out a giggle, rolling your eyes. “It’s Disneyland! There are people from all over the world.”

“So? More to choose from.” She smirked. “Who knows, you might just find your Prince Charming.”

“Yea, when Captain Hook flies.” You snorted. “Besides, I’m not looking for anything. I just want to have a good time with my best friends and that’s it.”

“Whatever you say.” She chuckled.

“No one can handle all of this!” You cackled, as you playfully strut across Main Street.

“YAS girl! Work it!”

You glanced back at her, belting out into laughter until you crashed into broad shoulders, that almost knocked you off your feet.

Immediately, you pulled yourself together, feeling panicked. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t-”

The moment you balanced yourself and looked up, your breath hitched to the back of your throat.

“Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, his hand gently on the small of your back, scanning you over. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

You shook your head, still gazing into the depths of his alluring blue eyes. Here you were standing right in front none other than Chris Evans. The guy you drooled over for years since you first saw him on Not Another Teen Movie.

Rashelle watched the entire thing with her eyes wide. She couldn’t believe how close you two were and how worried he was over you. It was like part of a movie playing before her.

You were finding yourself leaning more into him, feeling the warmth of his body against you. You were so close to him, all you could inhale was his scent, which caused your heart to race.

His lips curved more the longer he stared, his hand never leaving you until he realized how long he had held you to him.

He cleared his throat which brought you back to reality.

“Well I’m glad you’re okay.” He chuckled.

You took in a deep breath and shrugged. “I’m glad YOU’RE okay, since I’m the one who ran into you.”

“Trust me, I’m fine.” He looked down at you, not able to tear his gaze away. There was just something about you that drew him to you. Like a chemical reaction. Chris couldn’t shake the feeling.

“A beautiful girl like you can run into me, anytime.” He smirked.

And just like that, your stomach dropped.

“Uncle Chris!” A little boy called from behind, running over.

He turned around, and flashed a cheeky grin, extending his arms out until the little boy ran straight into him. “Hey buddy.”

“Mommy said we can go on Astro blasters!” He cheered. He looked at you and Rashelle, and for a moment, felt shy.

“Sorry, this is my nephew, Miles. It’s his birthday today. Right kiddo?” Chris muttered.

Miles nodded, leaning his head against Chris’ shoulder as one hand clutched on to his shirt.

You smiled up at him, and scrunched your nose. “Happy birthday!” You exclaimed. You could just tell how shy he was. “How old are you? Twenty-five?”

His lips twitched, as he shook his head.

“Mm. Oh I know, you’re forty-eight, huh?”

Miles chuckled to himself, still shaking his head. The wall he had up, was slowly coming down. “I-I’m this many.” He exhaled, putting all fingers up into the air.

Your eyes grew wide as you dropped your jaw, pretending to be so surprised. “Wow! Five? That’s so cool!” You muttered. “I hear that’s the best age.”

Chris watched the way you interacted with his nephew. Which only drew him in more.

“So Miles, what’s your favorite ride in Disneyland?”

“I like the pirate ride! Where we go on the boat and see the Pirates! And then we go down super fast!” He exclaimed. “And there’s guns and treasures!”

You flashed a soft smile, hearing the little boy go on about why he loved it so much. There was something about a little kid talking about something he enjoys that makes it so interesting.

“Yea! That’s my favorite too. And the Peter Pan ride.”

Ethan glanced up to his uncle then back to you. “That’s my mommy’s favorite ride too!”

Chris chuckled, shaking his head.

“What’s your favorite Disney movie?” He asked.

You pondered your thoughts for a moment, and sighed. “Oh that’s a tough one!” You stated. “I love them all! I’m a HUGE Disney fan.” You leaned a little closer to him. “I’m probably the biggest Disney fan in the world.”

Chris huffed, stopping you right at that moment, his finger in the air as he pursed his lips. “I don’t think so.” He muttered.

You furrowed your brows, looking at him. “What?” You chuckled.

“You’re not the biggest Disney fan.”

“Oh really? Then who is?”

He flashed a smile, and pointed his thumbs to himself. “Me.”

A chuckle fell from your lips, as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Laugh all you want, but it’s true. I know everything there is about Disney. I know all of the songs, the movies, even the years they came out–I come out here all the time.”

“Thats funny. Me too. You can ask anyone. Disney is life.” You giggled.

Rashelle, belted out into laughter, “it’s true! This girl would rather watch a Disney movie than go out and party. I mean, she’s watched tangled at least a hundred times, maybe more.”

You shrugged your shoulders, “see. I told you.”

Chris locked his gaze with yours, his smile growing by the second. “Fine, then let’s see who the biggest fan is.” He muttered.

For a moment you scanned his face for bluff, until you noticed he was serious. “What do you have in mind?”

He pondered his thoughts for a moment, until he turned on his heels and looked back. “Scott! Hey–Scott, come here bro.” He called out.

Rashelle leaned into your ear slightly squeezing your arm. “Girl, Chris is definitely flirting with you.” She whispered.

You hushed her, shaking your head. “No he’s not!” You chuckled.

The guy that Chris had called over, strode over to Chris’ side.

“This is my brother, Scott.” Chris said, still holding his nephew in his arms. “Scott, this is–” he paused, looking to you.

“Y/N, and this is Rashelle.” You exhaled.

Chris smirked at the way it rolled off your tongue. Finally, a name to the face. One he would never forget.

Scott flashed a smile, quickly shaking both of yours and your best friends hand. “Nice to meet you, ladies.”

“Alright, so Y/N here 'claims’ to be the biggest Disney fan–which is bullshit.” Chris quickly winced, covering Miles’ ear. “Crap, sorry buddy.” He put his nephew down, and patted his back.

“Anyways, I need you to ask us a few tough Disney questions. Whoever gets the first few right, wins.”

Scott belted out into laughter, clutching his stomach. “Oh god!” He cackled. “Okay–okay fine. Anything specific or can I just make them up?”

“I-I don’t know, just something not so obvious.” Chris exclaimed.

His brother thought for a moment until something came to mind. “Okay, Who teaches Mowgli the bare necessities of life?”

“Baloo!!” You both yelled, feeling the competitive side of you coming out.

Chris glanced at you, a smile plastered onto his face as you chuckled.

“What?” You giggled.

He shrugged his shoulders, “N-Nothing! I’m just–” he snapped his gaze to his brother. “Alright, next question.”

Scott smiled, “sheesh, you two must really want to beat each other.”

“Just ask the question already! We don’t have all day!” Chris cackled.

“Fine!” Scott threw his hands up, “which hand is replaced by a hook on Captain Hook?”

Your eyes grew, “ahh I know this! Peter Pan is my favorite movie!” You exclaimed. But for the life of you, you couldn’t remember which one it was and it was driving you crazy. “Crap!” You groaned.

Chris furrowed his brows, squinting his eyes as he winced. “Um, left?” He drawled out, not certain of the answer.

“Correct!” Scott cackled.

“Dammit! I knew that one too!” You pinched the bridge of your nose, feeling disappointed in yourself.

“It’s okay Y/N, you’re just not that big of a Disney nerd as I am.” He winked.

You pointed your finger into his chest, and pursed your lips. “The game isn’t over yet, buddy.”

He let out a chuckle, “you’re right, it isn’t. But it will be soon. When I win.”

Rashelle raised a hand, grabbing your guys attention. “I have one.” She stated. “Who was the first Disney princess?”

Chris took in a sharp breath, “shit, wasn’t it–”

“Oh Snow White!” You cut him off.

“Hey! I was about to say that.”

“Well, you took too long.”

Rashelle’s phone went off before he could say another word, which made your body jolt.

It was Penny.

“Hello?” She breathed.

“Where are you guys?!” She asked. “We are about to get on the ride!”

“Okay, we are coming.” She muttered. “We will be there soon.”

The call ended, and she quickly placed it into her pocket.

“We have to go.” She stated, pulling on your arm. Looking at the boys, she sighed. “It was nice meeting you guys!”

You looked up at Chris. Your eyes locking as he flashed a soft smile. You honestly didn’t want to leave, especially since talking to him and being around him somehow made you feel whole. But everything has to come to an end, right?

“Come on! The girls are waiting.” She exclaimed, pulling you along with her.

“B-Bye!” You yelped. Just one last glance, until you spin around and followed her to adventure land. Leaving Chris with his brother and nephew.

He watched you until you faded into the sea of the crowd. Wishing you didn’t have to go. He dug his hands into his pocket, feeling a bit bummed.

“They were beautiful.” Scott muttered.

Chris snapped out of his trance, and turned his attention to his younger brother. “Yea they are.”

“Who knows, maybe we will run into them again.”

He slowly nodded, the thought giving him a small piece of hope. “Yea, maybe.”

Miles tugged at Chris’ shirt. “Uncle Chris, that girl forgot her Minnie ears.”

Chris looked at his nephew and furrowed his brows. “Oh shit, Looks like she did!”

In that moment, he felt lucky. Lucky that his nephew noticed the ears, lucky that now he has a reason to go after you and return your item.

“Hey, Scott. Watch Miles okay?” He said.

Scott took the little boys hand, his brows scrunched together. “Where are you going?”

Chris shot him a cheeky grin, “I’m taking a risk." 

Should I make a part two? Let me know here! 

Let Them Listen (Matt the Radar Technician x Reader)

Notes: Ok before I post this I personally blame thank @faestae for her actions in the Sims that prompted me to write this, also there’s a bit of Triplet!Kylo and Triplet!Ben being mean to their younger brother so forgive me. Also kind of Exhibitionism and Voyeurism… Does listening count? Does listening have a different name?

Summary: Ben and Kylo have tormented Matt with their sexual endeavors for years and you decide it’s finally time they got some payback.

Rating: Explicit/Mature

You were finishing your first project at your new job when you heard a familiar text notification.

“sweetie can i go over for the night?”

“Sure babe, what for?”

“Kylo just brought his girlfriend home… So yeah, I need sleep for tomorrow.”

“K love, remember to bring your boxers so you don’t have to wear my boyshorts hahaha”

“I will never live that down huh? I’ll bring extra clothes to leave there, be there in a couple hours dear, gotta finish up work.”

“Sounds good, and don’t feel too bad, they made your ass look great ;)”

“Thanks lol”

You smiled as you saved your project and rolled your shoulders. “Finally, I should clean up before Matt gets here and order some take out.” 

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TTYL <3 (Part 1)

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2,578

Summary: An incredible amount of luck leads to an unforgettable experience on a video-chat website with a sexy stranger.

A/N: This was meant to be a one-shot, but there could potentially be another story or two popping up in the future to follow the same storyline. Don’t be afraid to let me know if you enjoy it :) Requests are open!

I have a dirty secret.

I’ve always been a sexual person. There’s no denying it. And recently I’ve developed a little bit of a habit. It started off as kind of an exhibitionist dare to myself; I had been curious for a while about how exciting it might be for someone to watch me masturbate, so I took to the internet one day when I was feeling particularly brave.

Chatroullette was a website with which I was only slightly familiar. I had never used it before, but I knew the basic idea of how it worked. So, for the first time, I visited the site. I was greeted with a brief message about the website, as well as a few rules and warnings.

Before pressing the start button, I tilted my laptop screen down slightly so that my webcam would only catch my torso. Although I was excited (and a little nervous) about what I was about to do, I knew it would be a good idea to make sure that my face wasn’t captured. There was no way I wanted a masturbation video showing my face floating around on the internet. I also decided to leave the microphone turned on, but I told myself I would never speak out loud because I didn’t want anyone to recognize my voice. Those were my only rules: no face, no voice.

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"Ben! I'm Pregnant!" A cumbersmut/ Daddybatch fic for anon

Sorry for any mistakes, it’s very late, or should I say early in the morning (5:00am) and if I don’t wish to sleep all day again I better try to sleep.

Can you do like a cumbersmut/ daddy batch like the night the baby was conceived is just fluff and smut then ben in the hospital room when the baby is delivered. And all his joy and happiness lol.

“You look beautiful love.” Ben comes up behind you and kisses your neck as he sweeps your hair away.

“Mmm, you don’t look so bad yourself babe.” You turn around to look at him and run your fingers through his hair. He caresses your cheeks and kisses you lightly on the lips. One kiss, two, three kisses, heating up each time. Ben smirks to you and raises his eyebrow.

“You smell wonderful tonight” he leans back into your neck and takes a big sniff to smell your perfume. He kisses again and then nibbles and sucks lightly at your skin before moving down to you’re collarbone.

“Bedroom?” You asked as you pulled away

“Great idea.” He picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom, he kissed you and smiled all the way. Once arriving in the bedroom he placed you on the bed and began to touch you in all the right spots, he was smooth and sensual tonight. He kept his sweet kind look in his eyes, it wasn’t a lust and dark look. He wanted to feel the love the closeness between you tonight. He unbutton his shirt and you took your shirt and bra off. He then unbuttoned his pants and slid them off along with his underpants. He straddle you and kissed more, brushing up against your ear and then kissing and sucking your earlobe. He worked his way down to pay attention to your breast that were hard and ready for some playtime.

“Mmm” you moaned as he sucked and kiss your nipples, flicking each with his tongue before moving down to kneel between your legs. He pulled you bottoms and panties off in one pull and you lifted your hips to help him out. He kissed and rubbed each thigh softly, he moved to the inner thigh and kissed and touched. He moved closer to your center, he kissed each side of your belly where your hip bone ended and then took his fingers and danced over your pussy with them, he kissed your clit and licked and sucked it, making you so aroused that you felt yourself growing wetter with every move.

“Are you ready?” Ben asked as he looked up to.

“Yes” you nodded and he slipped a finger into your warm and wet center, you moaned at the feeling. He got deep inside of you and then pulled out and spread the wetness around and up to your clit, he moved his thumb in circles around it as he pushed his finger back inside and made you become even wetter. His cock was growing with every move and when he felt you were plenty wet he came back to kiss your lips and look into your eyes to make sure you were ready to have him inside you. You held his cock and guided him into your warm pussy and you both moaned out. Ben stayed still until you got used to him. He kissed and caressed your head. He wrapped a hand around your waist to the small of your back and you felt a sensation rise up your spine. He started moving gently, not hard at first, slow and meaningful movements. He started pushing harder and deeper into you. He rolled over and you were now on top, free to do as you please with him. You kiss and rub his chest, he plays with your clit as you begin to ride him, up and down you grinned against him. Harder and harder, faster and faster, he rolled you back to the bed and he was in charge again. He took your legs and raised them high and pushed them back so he could get deeper and deeper.

“FUCK…” Ben groaned as he got close to his release.

“Ben!!” You moan as your orgasm sweeps over your body.

“God…YES!!” Ben says so loud that the neighbors are sure to hear. Ben releases himself into you but he doesn’t remove himself from you. He leans back down and kisses you again.

“What did I do to deserve you?” He asked.

“What did I do to deserve you?” You returned his question.

“I love you, you mean so much to me. You are my world, my everything.” Ben spoke.

Laying like this makes you both feel as if you are one. Your both are so much in love, not just sexually. Physically, mentally, you both are so in sync and just belong together.

“I love you.” You speak. Ben pulls out and lays down beside, he cups your cheek and kisses your forehead. You both fall asleep in pure pleasure.

“Hmm.” You hum to yourself. You are looking at the calendar and notice you are two weeks late for your period, you are very regular so you grab the pregnancy test beneath the bathroom sink. Ben’s already gone to work and you decided to use the the test.

You sit it on the counter and walk off for a bit to try to pass the time. Thoughts race through your mind
“What if I am pregnant?”
“Oh my god, what do I do?”
“How is Ben going to take it?”
You finally shake your head and snap yourself out of the trance that had consumed you. It’s time to check the test.

“Oh my god…” You tear up with a smile on your face.

The rest of the day you thought of how to tell Benedict, he be gone till too late tonight and you couldn’t sit down so you decided to get dressed and head to the studio to visit him. You’d have no peace until you told him.

Pulling up to the studio you spot Ben walking to the set from his trailer, the gate keeper let you in as he had seen you before with Ben and the production team let you in. “Ben!” You shouted to him and he turned his head to see you walking toward him.

“Babe! What are you doing here? What a pleasant surprise.” He wrapped you in his arms and kissed you.

“Ben you’re on in five.” A producer called out to him.

“I’ll be right there.” He said and then turned back to you.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got to go babe, come watch or sit in my trailer I’ll be with you as soon as I can.” He said before kissing you again and walking away.

“Ben! I’m pregnant!” It burst out of you.

“Okay.” He called back to me as he walked into the studio. It hit him like a ton of bricks as he walked on to set.

“What…” He though and ran back out the door to find you still standing there, a smile appeared in your face before the tears began again.

“What did you say?” He asked as he walked back to you.

“I’m pregnant.” You beamed.

“Oh… PREGNANT?” It sunk in.

“Really?” Tears came to his eye and he smiled wide. All you could do was nod. He took your face into his hand and kissed you, he then hugged you so tight and kissed your belly. He was so happy he picked you up and spun you around before he realized what he did.

“Are you okay? Baby okay?” He asked panicked.

“Yes Ben, we are okay.” You smiled, You could tell he was going to be watching you like a hulk for the next eight and a half months, You couldn’t be happier.

“Ow!!!” You felt like someone was twisting my insides. You had spelt well durning the night except a few pains.
This spell had woken you from a sound sleep and it woke Ben up also.

“Darling?” He asked as he sat up, he saw you holding your swollen abdomen.

“Wooo wooo wooo.” You breathed through the pains you were having.

“Ben. I think it’s time…” You looked at him, he could see your frightened look. He got up to rush to your side and hold you and rubbed circles in your back.

You both had gotten to the hospital in a timely fashion and they had you set up in a room quickly. Ben comforted you all day long and catered to your every need, he offered support during the tough contractions and made you laugh when you need a distraction.
After twenty hours of hard labor it was finally time to push. The stress in the room was high, you and Ben couldn’t have been happier to meet your new little one but the pain and panic you were experiencing put a damper on it.

“Okay Mrs. Cumberbatch, we need you to push with your next contraction.” The doctor said as she set at the end of the bed.

You looked up to Ben, he looked down and kissed your forehead.

“You can do this sweetheart, I’m going to be right here.” He held your hand and you felt a contraction coming on.

“I feel one coming.” You told the doctor.

“Okay pull your knees back and push okay.” The doctor said.

“One two three four……” Ben counted with the doctor and nurses.

“That’s my girl.” He said as he placed a cool washcloth on you’re head.

“Again…” The doctor said.

Counting started again and then a few times more.

Several contractions later you could feel the baby’s head very close to being out. You cried in pain and screamed with each push.

“BEN, please I can’t do this…” You begged him.

“Your are doing so good babe, it’s so close.”

“Push again _______” the doctor said and you pushed down, grabbing your belly instead of your knees, the nurse pulled one back and Ben pulled the other back.

“Oh sweetheart you’re doing so good. The baby’s crowing honey!” Ben spoke as he teared up.

With a few more pushes the baby’s head was out and you screamed loud at the pain.

“Please…please just pull it out!” You begged and cried.

“You are getting it out babe, you are doing so good. A few more pushes.” Ben encouraged you.

“No, no more, I can’t…I’m sorry.”

“Yes you can honey, you have too. The baby is almost here darling. I’m so proud of you. Push once more for me okay.” Ben rubbed your cheek and your knee.

With one more push and a few more screams the baby was out and on your belly.

“It’s a girl!” The doctor said.

“A girl…” Ben cried and looked on at your new baby girl that lay on your stomach. You were out of breath and you breathed heavily, the nurses gave you some oxygen to help you out. Between the delivery and your cries you accepted the extra oxygen gladly.

“You did it babe, I’m so proud of you honey. Look, it’s our baby girl.” Ben bent down and ran his hands over your hair and kissed your forehead, his tears dripped down onto you. He whipped your tears away and took picture of the baby girl. He followed the nurses over to the table to get her cleaned up and weight and measured.

A while later your new baby girl was swaddled in pink and in her daddy’s arms.

“Hi, Amelia. I’m your daddy… That’s your mummy other there, she’s so though and brave and I love her so much.” He looked up from Amelia and looked to you with a big smile which you returned with your own smile. You’re perfect little family, all together at last.

“I love you babe, I’m so thankful for you. I couldn’t be happier…” Benedict got up and kissed you.

“I love you, thank you for being there for me.” You said.

“I would have never wanted to be anywhere else.” He said and looked back to his little girl.

“As long as one and one is two
There could never be a father
Who loved his daughter more than I love you” Ben sung to Amelia before he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and she wrapped her small hand around his finger.

Gangster! Jeongguk

• Use two switchblades to fight

•fights 5 people at time because he’s the leader and feels that leaders should fight the most

•like he would slit there throats open slowly and painfully while looking right into there eyes with he’s dark lifeless looking ones

• gets pisses when blood gets on his white shirts

• is scared to go home because you get mad when he comes home with blood on his white shirts

•is the biggest assholes to your ex yoongi

• like he would call him on your phone while you’re having sex and make him listen to you moan his name

• Is huge clingy cry baby

• Like let’s say you had to go over seas he would whine and start tearing up until you tell he could come with you

• hates being alone

•can’t sleep if you’re not there with him

•loves listening to you sing

• even if you sound like garbage he would just treasure every second of it

• loves being asked to sing with you

• you recording him and saving it as your alarm

• he would snapchat you the body he just killed with penis on top of it

• you hate when he comes home drunk because like he’s more of a baby

• he would rest his head on one of your boobs then while holding the other before falling asleep

• get shy when you ask to take showers with him

• once you two were coming from the cover store and one of his enemies saw you two and you got shot in the back by the asshole and jungkook turned his head so fast that it made a snapping sound and changed into the devil in front of you and ripped that guy lim to lim

• when you went to the hospital he was trying so hard not to cry, he was such a mess but then he saw you connected to all those machines he lost it and started crying

• you waking up and seeing his full head of hair resting on your arm then you run your fingers through it he would wake up Instantly and start crying again because like he almost lost you

• he would kiss the scar on your back every time you come out of the shower

• having dance off

• is a sore loser when you win

• he would keep making you dance until he wins

• would grab your hand before you could ruffle his hair and press his lips against your finger, each and every one

• would slowly bite the last one

• would teach you self defence

• but ends up in a heated make out sessions

• sex with him would be blushy and adorable ew or fuck me ????

• like he would be a blushing mess when you ride him because he feels so helpless under your touch and movements and he would moan and gasp so cutely

• when he tops, he would take you from behind and just pull your hair back and pull out fully before thrusting fully back into you rougher and harder

• when you wake up with sore legs, he would carry you everywhere

• when he told he loved you was pretty causal

•you two were watching a movie well you were he was watching you the whole time with a huge smile, just taking all your beauty and imperfections and just sighing lovingly before turning your head to face him and then leaning in and whispering I love you and smashing his lips against yours

•he just loves feeling your lips

• he would wrap one of his arms your mid back and the other would have your chin lifted while his lips would lock with yours with a little smile and his face would be completely red

• or his fingers would be tangled with your hair messily and his lips would be sloppy moving with yours as groans would fill your mouth ( WOWOOW idk what I’m doing with myself)

• he would be trash for you

• he gets jealous so easily

•if he see you talking to a guy who gives off a bad vibe, he would come behind you and wrap his arms around your waist before pressing his lips against your neck and look straight into the guy eyes with death ( how????)

•he would call you his sweet baby because your his tiny little love bug that he never wants to see get hurt and you make him feel full of energy

• he’s a just a tall baby so don’t make him cry like pls

Nette~ lol this why I don’t have a bts bias

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'd love to see JBxJr. couple where Jinyoung always shows lots of affection and aegyo to JB and wants JB to cuddle and love him but it's kinda awkward to JB, so he hardly responds to it and acts rather cold to his lover (but inside, he really loves Jr and his cuteness lol he just doesn't know how to react to it) *hot make out scene could be greattttt *-*

warning: uhh pg-13 kisses? /embarrassed/

word count: 2.5k~

author: angel

omg I’m not sure if this is what you meant but i hope you like it anon! :P thanks for the cute jjp request! /happy sigh/

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[fanaccount] toronto kpop con 2016 - vixx

firstly, a big shout-out to @robochorom (meg) and @coffeeprinceleo (maggie) for being the best seat partners! (will update this if i remember anything later)

the set-list went like this
☆ 사슬 (chained-up)
☆ 저주인형 (voodoo doll)
☆ beautiful killer 
☆ introductions
☆ 다이너마이트 (dynamite)
☆ spider
☆ talk
☆ 손의이별
☆ love letter
☆ say u say me
☆ b.o.d.y
☆ q&a > costume change
☆ error
☆ secret night
☆ 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (on & on)
☆ talk
☆ 기적 (eternity)
☆ encore > costume change
☆ 이별공식 (Love Equation)

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Accidental Tease, Taehyung.

Originally posted by taehyungifs

It was around 1 o'clock when Taehyung told you he was leaving to do the shopping. It’s been thirty minutes and now your in his kitchen. If there was one thing you loved about his apartment, it unquestionably had to be his speakers. He had one in nearly every room. Quickly plugging your phone into the speaker that’s sat on top of his small oak cabinet in the corner of the room, you pushed the play button; Turning the volume up as you ruffled your hair walking over to the window to see the sun shining over Seoul. Jooyoungs new song Wet flooded through the speaker. 

You smiled looking down at yourself wearing Taes t shirt that hung loosely on your body. Whenever you walk around in just his t-shirts he can never seem to take his eyes off of you. Now that’s the only thing you slept in when your were round his. 

You sighed as smile as Jooyoungs voice streamed through the speaker system. His voice is irresistible. As you rooted around the kitchen for something to drink you found yourself gently swaying your hips side to side. You’ve been addicted to this song ever since it came out a couple of months ago. Thoughts of Taehyung flood your head, the way he touched you to the way he’d tease you until you were begging for more. He knew your body better than you did. He knew where all your sweet spots were and would endlessly abuse them. He knows how to tease you until your begging him for more. Eventually looking for a drink wasn’t important anymore as you smiled rolling your body in time with the song. 

 Unbeknown to you Tae was already home and had his back comfortably leaning against the door frame watching your every move. He smiled lightly to himself, tilting his head as he watched you and the way your body sways from side to side in time with the music. It’s always been a such a turn on having you wearing his shirts around his apartment, he’s pretty sure you knew that too seeming that the only thing sleep in round his now. It was his fault for letting you know it was one of his weaknesses, his eyes filled with desire, scanning your body as you wore his shirts. Anyway it was incredibly sexy. As you body rolled to the music he caught a sneak glimpse of your panties. He could already feel his pants tightening at the sight. As the image of your deep red lace panties engraved in his mind he watched you dance till the end, with you still oblivious to his presence.

 As the song faded out you were shocked as you turned to see the face Taehyung, his eyes dark, clouded with lust and need. Tae lifted his back from the doorframe and strode slowly towards you as you still stood there bewildered. How much did he see? 

“Did you have fun dancing?” grabbing your hips and pulling you closer to him as a smirk formed on his face. Your reply was replaced with a quiet whimper that managed to escape as you felt Taes hard on against your heat. A small chuckle left Taes lips.                                                                                       “Hm? What was that, I didn’t quite catch that kitten”.                                        “I-I-I just..” You couldn’t control the stutters that were being pulled from you throat as Tae ran his hand slowly down the side of your waist. Without warning you felt Tae grab your ass roughly pulling you closer to him, grinding into you. Your fingers tangled in his hair and pulled on it, making him groan in satisfaction. His detached his lips from your making his way down your jaw, harshly sucking and biting on it drawing short breaths from your lips. His lips quickly pecking over to soothe the slight sting. He continued marking your neck, you knew you were going to regret letting him to this in the morning, his hickies are always a pain to conceal but none of that matters right now. You just wanted him. One of his hand found it’s way down, his long fingers brush past your underwear causing you to whine into his ear.                                         “What is it? What do you want?” His fingers continue to torture your, slowly drawing circles on it as deep sighs spew from your mouth.                              “P-please Tae” Your eyes full of lust and need looked into his hoping he’d give in to you.                                                                                                         “Please what? I’m not going to know what you want if your not willing to tell me kitten” he replied, full well knowing what I want.                                                  “I-I-I want you” you mumbled into his chest. 

 Within seconds he had your legs wrapped around his waist as he carried you to his bedroom, managing to stop and slam your back against practically every wall just so he could kiss you. Moments later you were thrown onto his bed, only for Tae to be on top of you seconds later smothering you in kisses. Only breaking contact as he lifted his top off of you aimlessly throwing it across the room before attaching his lips against your neck again.                                     “Tae” you mumbled impatiently hoping he’d hurry up. Chuckling at your impatience he purposely undone his belt slowly watching as you fidget beneath his warm body. With his top already off your palms rest on his chest as he kicked on his tight jeans. Flashing you his radiant boxy smile of his he lined up at your entrance, one hand tightly gripping to the bed post behind your head and the other caressing your cheek. The warmth of your arousal didn’t go unnoticed by Tae.                                                                                                  “I was only gone for 20 minutes, and I come home to find you being a tease” A smirk evident on his face.                                                                                 “You wanted me to see you dance all seductively, you were begging for this to happen” He giggled, loving the way you could never get enough of him. You whined in frustration                                                                                         “Tae please.”                                                                                                    That’s when he slammed into you, giving you no time to adjust. His eyes burned into the way your body arched for him mesmerising him. Your hands clawed at his bare back making him hiss in pain and pleasure. Sharp intakes of air escaped his mouth along with incoherent words that sounded like your name. “TAEHYUNG” you chocked out as he thrusted into faster as he could sense you getting closer. With your eyes screwed shut you felt Taes lips meet your for a passionate kiss. The kiss only broke as you wrapped you legs around him, pulling him in closer. Opening your eyes to look at him you saw his mouth agape slightly with loud grunts escaping and tiny beads of sweat rolling off of his hair. You mewled just at the sight of him.                                                        “Fuck y/n, are you close” Tae cried as he gripped the bed post tighter. Your didn’t even need to answer him as a cry was ripped from your throat with your legs quavering violently around him. Only second later Tae came after you, sloppily riding out both your highs before crashing down on the mattress beside you. Pants echoed throughout the hallways as you lay both lay there breathless. Your arms shakily reach up to gently pull his face closed to yours as you weakly pecked him on the lips, exhausted from the heated moment you two just shared. Pulling back with a rosy blush on your cheeks Tae smiled, carefully scooping you into his arms playing with strands of you hair.                                “I love you y/n” Tae panted as he gently kisses your forehead. Snuggling into his further you managed to mumble I love you back before falling into a deep slumber in his warm embrace.

 Hello! This is the first smut I’ve ever wrote, sorry I ended up finishing it a little later than expected but here it is:) Hope you all like it!~Admin Potato x

D&E 2nd Tour - Osaka Day 2

Introduction ment: donghae made a mistake saying ‘menna meccha sukiyanen’ (should be minna) and then he laughed and said that he was cute And hyuk was like 'yeah yeah you were cute’ AND PINCHED HIS CHEEK SAYING 'CUTE’

hae: good morning everyone
hyuk: what are you saying, it’s night already!
hae: i’ve been wanting to meet everyone since morning~

hyukjae did his usually greeting and donghae added '동꾸 동꾸 니’ and went to grab hyukjae’s jacket to wear LOL

hyuk took off his jacket and threw it on the floor, then donghae ran to the back and took off his jacket too, then he came back and put on hyuk’s jacket

hyukjae keep trying to touch Donghae’s right hand but donghae doesn’t let him and suddenly they are fighting LOL

Hyuk: This is my very important clothes, change it back quick. Hae: You are someone very important to me, so you just keep MC-ing

Hae was doing Aegyo and Hyuk threw the piece of tissue he used to wipe his sweat to Hae’s head

Hyuk laughed like an idiot, Hehehe, hehehe, am I sweet? Hae despised him and didn’t say anything

HJ: do u think im pretty?
DH: you’re crazy~

Hyuk said he wanted to tell us secrets about Hae, Hae didn’t let him, they started fighting with each other using both hands n legs

During intro, hyuk said 'it rained all day today didn’t it? Did u all bring umbrellas?’ Then donghae said if we didn’t, he could shelter… with his shirt and then he lifted his shirt up exposing his abs showing how we could go under it. Hyuk knelt and stared at his abs DEAD

When Hae discovered the big screen was focusing on his exposed belly, he pulled the shirt back down immediately

Symphony Hae on the moving cart shaked hands with every fan who sat at the first row

When hae was on the little car going around ELF he could touch ELF’s hand and he was so close. When he came toward us, he kept touching and even kissing all the hands on the frot row TT and smiling like crazy !! TT so sweet !!

Hae on the little cars touching ELF hands again awww
He also saw a little girl and made a cute face ~~^^

Hyuk said elf were cute and asked if we tought they were cool ! Hae did handsome faces to the cam and a kissssss

middle lcd had technical issues during mother. so during Kimi Ga Naitara eunhae rode the carts and performed at the stage at the back

Also hyuk made a sign to “eat” our love… i dont know what hyuk drank before LOL

Eunhae went to the cam, kneeled down and while hyuk was talking hae put the Whole mic INTO his mouth.. YOU KNOW THE ROUND PART ALL IN HIS MOUTH. And did it again, hyuk did it too but opened wide and didnt put as much as hae…. WTF GUYS OMG

hae said he’s hungry lmao and ate his mic again xD
then hyuk learn from him

When fans watching VCR, they sat tgr and analyzed the mics, when VCR finished, Hyuk wanted to get up, but Hae pulled him to sit down, Hae wanted to say sthg, but the pronounciation was wrong even Hyuk taught him many times, Hyuk laid on the floor looked helpless

Then they both found the camera and sat down right in front of the camera for the ment. IT WAS SO CUTE ARGH. donghae said he wanted water, and passed the water bottle to hyuk. Hyuk showed us that their water bottles are labelled with ’D’ and 'E’ (ehhh) Then donghae put down his water bottle AND TRIED TO SUCK WATER FROM HIS MICROPHONE Then he prob sat there laughing with the whole stadium for like five mins And hyuk took up the water bottle and microphone and was like 'this is water. This is microphone. Ok? This, you drink. This, you speak into.’ Donghae was like ok and started drinking from his bottle and hyuk pointed to the Mic again and said 'this is microphone’ HE WAS LIKE TALKING TO A BABY

they were about to choose which video of super show to show on screen, both eunhae were sitting down then donghae threw the draw papers on stage. hyukjae didnt look satisfied so he grabbed more papers and threw them on stage ㅋㅋ in they end, they /picked/ instead of randomly drew a paper from the box xD the song chosen was superman from ss4 tokyo haha they are really fond of it.

EUNHAE dancing to superman, Hahah hyuk made us sing superman and hae sang a little :) they were doing the superman strong poses ^__^

At the beginning of wine when they arrive in the big bottle hae was alone waving… Then a few sec after hyuk popped out XD he was hiding XD

eunhae were sitting at the small stage behind and fans in front all turn towards the back. eunhae asked those in front to face the front, so fans faced the main stage and sat with their necks turned to the back to look at eunhae.
hae: you all look so scary!! your necks turned to the back like this after that eunhae imitated them

during kiss kiss dynamite Hyukjae made a kissy face towards donghae but donghae pushed him away

Kiss Kiss Dynamite Hae tried to pull up hyuk’s shirt, didnt succeed the first time and he did it again

Hyuk Why can’t you even speak korean well? Hae Bos…l speak Japanese better.. Hyuk: But you don’t look that way. Hae: then you do it to show how to be fluent!

HJ: let’s go hotel~
HJ: its finish oh my god…

IWD, Hyuk chased after Hae wanted to blow air to Hae, but Hae pushed him away

During teenage queen hae on the little car took two flower that an ELF gave him and put him under his ear~
On oppa oppa eunhae didnt do the rock paper game and instead told us to do it together :)
During oppa oppa encore hae dis a big move and hit hyuk who was laughing !
At the end they came back on the main stage and started bowing and trolling us saying “goodbye” “its over”…
They were breathing so loudly and so sweaty hahaha
Hae damn hips move in front are sosjslsbskslsksms *dying*

Hae gave a signed ball directly to a little girl hands awww

after hello, both eunhae were frozen on spot. camera focused on hyuk who was standing still but doing cute expressions ㅋㅋ then suddenly
donghae shouted to the mic loudly, and hyukjae was surprised hahaha he patted his chest few times saying donghae surprised him ㅋㅋ

Hyuk is talking abt the meaning of present. Its also the present time :) they were thinking abt the 2 meaning when making the album :)
Hae said really really thank you for coming

Saturday Night, Hyuk said it was not Sat and wanted to sing Friday Night, but he couldn’t pronounce it, Hae did it for him, then Hyuk said it was not Friday Night, should be Saturday Night!

hae was talking while holding his mic slanted (like how heechul held during sry2), hyuk followed too and imitated heechul in sorry sorry then fans continued singing up till “baby”.
donghae: because it’s “baby” so fans are able to continue
then hyuk sang bonamana  everyone was singing well up till “will you look or not look” and it became softer then they started laughing

after that, they sang Saturday Night, fans sang softly until the “oh oh oh oh” part then suddenly sang very loudly and eunhae laughed super hard. then they imitated fans singing softly in front and super loud at “oh oh oh oh” part xD

They are making fun of us because when we sang saturday night we did the “oh oh oh” very strong but not the lyrics XDDD
We did the “huh huh” and hae was laughing at us because we were making it like boys XD He then asked us to make it with a very low voice

Hyuk said we are so perv and sang “you are like a sexual alien” and stopped the move his hand on his crotch and said “perv” lol

hyuk said 'you are all perverts. I know everything that you guys like.’ Then he pointed at us and said again 'I know everything’

Hae said thay he was strong and hyuk weak then actually hit him and hyuk complained that he was hurting

hae: it’s ok if you can’t remember the lyrics, but when there’s a joint concert, you must sing out loud~
hyuk: uh, so we’ll only sing motorcycle and teenage queen, the songs you all are good at
hyuk: i finally know the reason behind our popular songs, it’s all 2 syllabus, easier for fans to chant

They danced choki wa several times though they were tired and at the end hyuk flopped and said 'it would be better if we didn’t have it in the album’

During intro, donghae said his heart was doki doki (beating hard) and hyuk started to sing the doki doki part from kiss kiss dynamite

When they aired the new year video, we were looking at EunHae on the back stage instead of at the screen. So they kept gesturing to us to look at the screen haha

During intro donghae was trying to do aegyo but he failed soooo badly loool baby it’s okay

Before encore, they kept saying 'this is the last song’ but hae was dallying and finally hyuk yelled 'hurry up we need to prep for encore!’
When choki wa started, donghae was startled and made the cutest surprised face ever

donghae solo for choki wa
hae did choki wa but fell on the floor XD he hit his head stayed a but on the floor but stood up and smiled loool that baby

hyukjae solo for choki wa
when hyuk did his hip trust, he didn’t face fans, he kept facing lee donghae XDDDD i see…………… ;)))

Hae was caught yawning on the big screen and fans starting screaming. only then, hae knew he got caught and turned to the big screen. hyuk didn’t know what happened so he turned to the big screen too but the screen only showed their backs. so hyuk turned back doing the choki wa move … and choki wa started playing and they started dancing again hahaha. they did

They asked us what song from the Japan album we wanted to be tested on. Ppl were shouting and EunHae tried to understand but couldn’t, Then they were like 'all we can hear is shouting’ and started imitating us shouting away HAHA

when eunhae introduced the dancers, we were shown a hidden cam of the dancers being scolded by masao-san, the director. the clip ended with the dancers all dancing choki wa ㅋㅋ donghae said that this video can become choki wa’s PV (promotional video) haha

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Fuckboii! Yoongi

•flirts with everyone

•even the gym teachers

•is always smirking

• vapes 

•even if one of his friend get hurt he would smirk

• brings dirty magazines to class

• reads them, sells them and re-act them

• roasts all the teachers

• has a lot of detention

• lol you changed classrooms because you have big beef with someone

• yoongi liking the way you look

• calling you out in front of the classroom

• “ hey new girl, come and sit on daddy’s lap.”

• “ where ??? All I see is a 9th grader.”

• the class going OOOOOO loudly causing yoongi to get annoyed

• yoongi hating you a lot

• you two being sitting buddies

• finding the little things about you annoying but interesting

• yoongi would whisper deeply into your ear about how much he want to rip off your legging

• you snorting and kicking him in the leg

• he vapes less and less until he stops all together 

• him groaning your names at random times but when the teacher asked why he’s doing it he would say

 • “ she’s touching my weey weey and makes me wanna go peey peey, sir.“ 

 • you two getting detention

• yoongi bugging you all the time 

 • ” are you lesbian?“ 

 •” what ? No.“ 

 • ” when why don’t you wanna fuck ?“ 

 • grinding your teeth before grabbing his collar and looking him straight in the eye 

 • ” when you say stupid shit like that makes me wanna throw up on your chalk looking face.“

 • yoongi being straight up scared but turned on

 • he would smirk, flicking your upper lip before smashing his lips against yours. He’s lips were soft and warm to making you super surprised which caused your lips to move automatically with his. His fingers would dance with the loose strands that fell from your messy bun that you wore every Friday. The overwhelming feelings of him swallowing you whole ran through your body making you pull away.

 • you slapping him so hard that he’s face turned red 

 • running away with tears sparking at your eyes 

 • him stealing your Virgin lips 

 • him being in a daze about the kiss and for the first time in forever he was smiling 

 • he’s ears were red 

 • he felt magic 

 • him realizing the pain in his face 

 • cussing a lot and I mean a lot 

 • more detention 

 • you not coming to school 

 • having pictures of him 

 • ripping them apart and crying 

 • you highkey loving him 

 • yoongi always wondering if you’re going to come to school 

 • him looking at your empty desk and being sad 

 • drawing your name on paper 

 • writing little stories about you two

  • worried af about you

 •asking the office where you live 

 • going to your house 

 • meeting your mum 

 • becoming your mom’s fav 

  • going to your room 

 • finding you In a pile of tissues, empty ice cream containers and chocolate bar wraps 

 • yoongi staring at you sadly 

 • coming to your side and wrapping his arms around your small body before pulling you into his chest, resting his head on top of your chin while slowly rocking you two side to side.

• making funny sex jokes

• “what did the chicken say to the rooster?”

• “what ?”

• “ Let me suck your cocka-doodle-do “

• “ Ew stop you’re making wanna be around you.”

• Yoongi smiling at you and grabbing your cheeks before squeezing them together

• calling you cute

• you two dating on the low because you two don’t like people getting in your business 

• on your birthday you two went to the zoo and made really bad sex jokes and watched them mate and took thousands of pictures and made little kids grossed out a lot cause you two makes out a lot

• him lifting up your skirt 

• crying out of embarrassment 

• him kissing your tears

• you calling him your fluff bunny

• him saying he hates it but he loves it too much

• him sending you nudes every Christmas 

• you laughing and calling it small even tho YOU KNOW IT’S BIG

• when he first met your father he wore a shirt that says “ she calls me daddy now”

• lol your father not knowing your still dating him

• moving in because he hates being a day without you

• him making messes all the time 

•  never cleaning it

• you becoming a mum and taking his phone and making him clean up

• him whining and trying to act cute to get it back

• pushing his face away 

• you low key couldn’t stop smiling in the inside because wowo

• him calling you noona when he want something, you crying because he does it so cute

• you two just putting hands in each other’s pants at random times

• him grabbing your boob when he drives to makes sure your ‘safe’

• you just love taking care of him even tho he’s a little shit child

• you two are just two idiots in love 

Nette~ I am so sorry to the person who request this im probably gonna redo it but im moving at the moment so it wont be as good BUT ENJOY MY BABIES

jackyslittlesally  asked:

Can I get a TOP Quickshot? I don't know if you will do smutty quickshots but I had this idea last night and I have to see it in words. Basically the reader who is also an idol sings Dance For You by Beyonce on stage for TOP. When she gets of stage it TOP is standing there and everything gets steamy.

Quickshots can be smutty ;) *warning* TOP said no to it being a quickshot (meaning this is not short)

Me being me I looked up dance covers of the song (I hate when I can’t see the whole dance) and the dance is better solo lol. There also seems to be slight variations between covers but this one and this one are my favorite dance covers.

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mikasas-boob  asked:

Mikasa mentions her small admiration of Erwin and a jealous Levi decides to assert his dominance over her (thank you and I love your work!)

They don’t do much on their days off, choosing to relax and appreciate the downtime while they have it.  While Mikasa lays on top of the bed, her eyes lazy and her head swelling with unanswered questions, Levi sits beside her and polishes his blades.  (There’s really no point to the latter, seeing as how he always cleans them to pristine condition at the end of every work day, but the routine keeps his mind off other things.)  The peace is a nice break from the usual hustle and bustle, especially since most everyone else chooses to leave the compound for the day.

As Levi picks up a new cloth to smooth along the blunt side of his blade, she innocently places two fingers on his thigh.  He glances at her over his shoulder, one eyebrow raised.  ”Horny, already?”

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The GazettE Dallas Live Report!

The concert last night was definitely something I’ll never forget, being their fan for 5+ years I have been waiting for this moment so long and their performance was incredible! It still seems so surreal that I actually got the chance to see them; watching them on a computer screen does not even compare to seeing them in real life.

Right before Nihil started, the lights suddenly turned off. Soon after a man’s voice asked us if we were ready for the show and reminded us that there would be no photos or videos. Then he said “Coming all the way from Tokyo, Japan, here is the GazettE!!!” and everybody lost it!

Dogma , Rage and Gabriel on the Gallows got the audience really pumped up, and it got hot really soon! Ruki had to roll his sleeves up because of the heat and we got a glimpse of some of his tattoos! He even lifted his hat off of his forehead a few times to wipe some of the sweat/get a better glimpse of the audience, is what I assumed. Uruha and Reita were sticking their tongues out a lot, as if they were teasing us.

Ruki did a short MC after the first four songs! He spoke some English and some Japanese, and told us to “go fucking crazy!!!” Vortex and Leech was a mess of jumping and some head banging, but so much fun. BIZARRE and DERACINE had some audios right before the songs started playing that I didn’t recognize, but they were still incredible. Ruki did a lot of bizarre (haha) hand gestures during BIZARRE.

Somewhere in-between these songs Ruki had another short MC, this time doing that thing where he screams in Japanese and Kai responds with the drums.

During a lot of the songs the members would move and switch places on the stage, sometimes Ruki would be standing on Uruha’s platform, and even Aoi moved all the way to Uruha’s side as well! Both of the guitarists and bassist were dancing, sticking their tongues out, and even pointing to some of the audience members! Uruha and Ruki occasionally blew some kisses. Kai liked to sing with Ruki during a lot of the songs as well!

Chizuru and The Suicide Circus got the audience screaming a lot! Ruki moved his hips during the main parts of the songs, but he basically moved his hips during every single song lol. UGLY was loud, and some people even did the fist pumping thing that the fans did in the PV!

Ruki spoke in English once more, this time to introduce the new song UNDYING. Nobody knew how to move along to the song, and when it was time for the quiet, piano parts, the audience was so still. It was amazing.

Hyena had its usual fan service, but when it was time for Ruki to put his hand on Uruha’s shoulder, it looked like Uruha wanted to move before Ruki wanted him to go! Reita and Aoi played towards each other at one point, and once they were done Aoi punched Reita in the chest,  playfully. Ruki also hip thrusted to the beat of the song, I’ve never seen him do that before. The main setlist came to an end with Filth in the Beauty; Ruki touched himself quite a lot during this song lol. But when it came for the audience to sing the “so long” part, I think we did a pretty good job!

The staff came to record us chanting for the encore from the balcony of the venue, and between the barriers for VIP and General Admission! It wasn’t too long before the band came back; only Ruki and Reita didn’t change, but Kai wore the MALUM shirt, Uruha wore the VIP limited shirt, and Aoi wore a BOMB FACTORY shirt. Ruki brought out the Texas flag that some of the fans gave him, it was really big and it looked like he had a little trouble putting it on his platform. Once he got it situated though he was like “Yeah, alright!!!” and the audience cheered. Soon after a staff member came and took the flag away from the stage, probably so that it wouldn’t get ruined.

Cockroach, Attitude, and TOMORROW NEVER DIES were incredible. Kai and Aoi were smiling a lot! Ruki told us to sing during the beginning of ATTITUDE, the “noise” part. Ruki drank a lot of water towards the end of the set list because it was REALLY hot in there, and he did his little whale thing. Kai looked really hot as well; he had his hair in a small bun and kept pouring water down the back of his neck.

Ruki probably said “Thank you Dallas!!!” a thousand times, but then when he said “I love you!” we all got so emotional. Right before they left the stage, Aoi accidentally (or purposefully, who knows) pushed Reita which resulted in Reita stumbling backwards and falling into Ruki’s arms. Ruki “back-hugged” Reita for like 10 seconds, it was adorable. Afterwards the whole band held hands, held their hands up in the air, and bowed. Lots of people were yelling things like “I love you!” and “Thank you Gazette!”

After Aoi, Reita, and Uruha left the stage, Ruki and Kai stayed behind to take some pictures!!!!! Ruki took some selfies with the audience with his phone (which it looks like he cut out his face from) and Kai took pictures with his iPad!

There weren’t any cameras out from what I could see the whole concert, but I did see some photos online. The venue recorded some of it and put it on their snapchat however. I’m so grateful that the Gazette had a good time with the live, and so happy that this was their very first American performance! Ruki even said that would like to come back to Dallas in the future! I’ve had such a whirlwind of emotions since last night, I miss them so much and so desperately want to see them again, but at the same time I’m content with the fact that I actually saw them!!! Hopefully they will have a wonderful rest of the tour!

Luhan-Hotel Love

-lol just cuz I’ve been having major Luhan feels >.< So basically this is a kinda fluffy smut. It’s about you having your first time with Luhan :)

- Sorry if there are errors. I didn’t go back to reread and edit because this was super long haha

The hotel hallway was filled with the sounds of you and Luhan’s loud laughter. You guys were in the middle of one of your giggle fits. You had gone to have dinner with the rest of EXO-M but you decided it would be funny to ditch them and just go back to the hotel while they would spend time looking for you in the cold winter night. On your escape back to the hotel in China, rain had started to pour down on you and Luhan like it was karma for ditching EXO-M. The two you didn’t mind. You danced along under the rain on the streets as people were rushing to find shelter from the cold rain water. The two of you managed to make your way into the room that you shared with Luhan.

Luhan and the rest of EXO was in the middle of a concert tour in China and you decided to join him since you would miss him too much if you didn’t get to see him everyday. You and Luhan had been dating for almost 2 years and you were inseparable and you too spent almost every waking moment together. 

“ Shit, we’re all wet,” you said as you dropped the card key on the table and made your way to the full length mirror in the hotel room.

“ It’s okay, we finally got away from them and now we can spend some time alone together,” Luhan smiled happily as he wrapped his muscular arms around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. 

The both of you were dripping wet from the rain and you decided it was best to change out of the wet clothes so the two of you wouldn’t get sick. You dug through the drawers of the dresser and took out on of Luhan’s t-shirts that were super soft and has his scent lingering on it. You made your way to the bathroom the change out of your soaked clothes. You stripped yourself until you completely naked and slipped on Luhan’s t-shirt without bothering to put on a bra since it was more comfortable without one. The shirt was big enough just to cover your butt. You mentally cursed to yourself when you realized that all of your panties were dirty and you had no clean ones to wear. You hoped that Luhan wouldn’t notice that you were underwearless. You came out of the bathroom and Luhan was lying in bed with his attention on his phone. You turned on your music player and mimicked the dance solo that Luhan preformed on stage just a few hours ago. Luhan watched you and smiled that you took the time to learn his dance and he went up to you and picked you up and threw you onto the bed. He poked at your sides and let his fingers go all over your stomach as he tickled you. You tossed and turned trying to get out of his grip. “Luhan stooop,” you pleaded in between giggles and gasps for air. “I love it when you say my name,” Luhan whispered into your year before he pressed his lips onto your neck. Luhan moved until his body was on yours. You pressed your lips together as your tongues swished around in each others mouths. Your hands traveled around his body and his did the same before he pulled away and sat up. “ Why’d you stop?” you were slightly confused. 

You and never had sex before. Well YOU have never had sex before. You knew Luhan has had sex a couple times before since he had told you when you first started dating. You were always unsure about having sex because you were insecure and shy about your body. You felt that your boobs weren’t big enough since you were a size 32C and you always felt insecure about it. 

“ I don’t want to force you into anything. We’ve never gotten farther than making out and I know you haven’t done it before. I just don’t want you to do it with me and then regret it.” Luhan said to you.

“ No, Luhan I really want to. I love you, I’m just scared and nervous, and I’m not good enough for you,” you said and and crossed your arms around you chest trying to hide how small your chest. Luhan lifted your chin and looked into your eyes. “ (Y/N) you are beyond perfection. don’t ever think you’re not good enough. And don’t be scared, I promise I’ll be gentle.” Luhan said as he layed you down carefully before planting kisses on your neck. You gasped quickly as he started to lift up the shirt that you were wearing. His eyes widened to find you completely naked underneath. You avoided eye contact with him and just layed there awkwardly. “ So beautiful.” Luhan murmured as he took off his own clothing. Luhan’s hand crept down lower until he reached your lower region. He gently pushed on of his fingers into you causing you to whimper. It felt slightly uncomfortable but you didn’t say anything. Luhan slowly pushed a second finger into you and pumped in and out at a moderate pace which earned a few moans from you. He pulled out his fingers and you saw that they were covered in your juices. He brought his fingers up to his lips but you grabbed his hand and brought his fingers inside your mouth as you gently sucked and licked his fingers clean. Luhan carefully watched and groaned at that sexy sight. He positioned at your entrance and you gave him a small nod letting him know you were ready. He slowly pushed in and all you felt was pain. Luhan was HUGE and to be honest you didn’t think that he was going to fit inside of you when you first saw how thick he was. A few tears fell from eyes but were kissed away by Luhan’s warm lips. Luhan soon started to thrust in and out and within minutes all you felt was this amazing pleasure. It felt so good. “ Luhan ahhh, go faster Luhan,” you moaned desperately wanting him to go faster. Luhan picked up his speed and rammed into you forecully with power. “Oh my god Luhan this feels so good, don’t stop.” Luhan watched your boobs bounce up and down as he slammed into you over and over again. The hotel room was filled with the scent of sex and sounds of your skin slapping against each other. “ Nnnggh (Y/N) I’m so close, I’m gonna cum soon,” Luhan groaned out. Luhan reached his hand down and rubbed your clit vigorously trying to speed up your orgasm so you would climax at the same time. It worked, you were shriveling underneath him and your walls clenched tightly around him throwing him off the edge. He shot his liguid into you filling you up and you shortly came around him. The both of you were out of breath as he pulled out of you and layed his head on top of your chest. “ You were amazing,” Luhan whispered trying to catch his breath.