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Someone Else (Evan x Reader Drabble)

25. “No strings attached.” with Evan 

Okay, so this wasn’t even a angsty prompt, it was a smut prompt. But your getting no sex and maybe some feels so sorry bout that. And this idea wasnt even requested and no one wanted this but I wrote it anyway??? Also I’ve never written angst so please please p l e a s e give me feedback. And I sort of tried some different things in this so let me know your thoughts?? please???

Warnings: none, more dialogue than needed, and unedited, terrible writing as always when it comes to these drabbles.

~ ~ ~ ~

“You know Zoe Murphy?”

“The girl you’ve been talking about everyday for literally 2 years? No I don’t think I know her” you laugh. You were currently staring at his face (well, where you assumed his face was) in the darkness. 

Tonight’s situation, you sleeping at Evan’s house, wasn’t arranged. It was spur of the moment, something you were used to. Like a hundred times before, you’d dragged the spare mattress from the other Hansen bedroom and placed it next to Evan’s bed. As always he’d offered his bed to you, and as always you refused, thinking that allowing you to stay at his house was kindness enough. Heidi hadn’t even questioned it because you were just friends right? Of course you and Evan wouldn’t be having sex because you’re just friends, best friends, but nothing more, so why would she need to be worried? 

He laughs with you, pulling you away from your own thoughts. 

“I’ve been thinking about asking her out?” he says after a silence.


You just didn’t know what to say. He’s had a crush on her for years, his anxiety was getting better, and he was happy. There was no reason for him not to ask her out. They’d make an amazing couple and would make each other so - just so goddamn happy, wouldn’t they? Yeah, they would, and they deserve to be happy - at least thats what you’re trying to convince yourself. 

“So whats stopping you?” 

“i’ve just been - well, I’ve just been over-thinking it I guess. Like even if I ask her out and even if she says yes, which I think its a long shot anyway -”

“Of course she’ll say yes, Ev, why wouldn’t she?” You interrupt him. 

“Oh .. um thanks, I don’t know? But then if she wants to kiss and i’ve never kissed anyone before, and I’m going to be so bad at it and there be no … no fireworks and she’ll break up with me before we’ve even started dating”

You don’t even know why you said your next sentence. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t thought out, and it certainly wasn’t rational. But maybe it was because you said crazy things at 3am, or maybe because you were in love with your best friend. 

“Kiss me” you blurt out, not realising what you said until the words were already falling from your lips. “You know, for practice” you practically tripped over your own words, second guessing every response he could have as you continued to babble on. 

“it won’t be your first kiss, not your first proper one as I’m just - I’m just a friend, it won’t mean anything, no strings attached, and you can have your proper first kiss with Zoe, fireworks and all” you say, feigning a smile even in the dark. 

“Are you sure? I don’t want to ruin our friendship” Evan practically whispers.

“You’re my best friend, Ev, and you have been for years, and one meaningless little kiss isn’t going to change that.” you laugh, hoping it covers the nervousness you were feeling. 

He doesn’t respond. 

“But if you don’t want that its fine, I get it, I was out of line -”

“I want to - I mean I would really appreciate you doing that … for me” he says, sincerely. 

“Uhh sure thing.” 

Through the darkness, you clamber onto the bed next to him, as Evan reaches over and switches his light.

You couldn’t deny he looked cute. His blue t-shirt was crumpled, and plaid pyjama pants were bobbled and worn at the knees as he sat crossed legged on top of his bed. His hair was already ruffled from laying down, and a sleepy smile graced his lips. 

“Didn’t you want to keep it off? Pretend I’m Zoe?” you joke, trying to diffuse whatever emotions were in the air. 

Evan just looks at his lap, but you see the corners of his mouth still turned up, your comment obviously not offending him. 

However his lack of a verbal response intensifies the doubts already playing around in your mind. 

“Maybe this was a stupid idea, I’m obviously sleep deprived -” you start but then his hand interlinks with yours and you stop in your tracks. 

“Its not a stupid. Not to me” he says, “Thank you for doing this” he says smiling at you. 

“No worries” you say, a small smile forming to match his.

“So … where do I put my hands?” he asks after a pause. 

“Just put them on my waist,” you say, “or keep them in your lap, whatevers comfortable for you Ev” 

His hands move to your waist on top of a tee of his you had borrowed to sleep in. You just stare at each other for a moment, an awkward feeling passing between you. 

“Ok I’m going to … kiss you now” you say, cringing at your words despite trying to diffuse the situation. 

“Ok, yes, please.” he stammers, his hands nervously grasping at your tee, clenching and unclenching it in his hands. 

You cup his cheeks in your hands. You close your eyes as you brush your lips to his. They’re softer than you expected, and warm, and you almost lose yourself already. 

After barely a few seconds, you pull back and smile, taking it slow for him. 

“Ok?” you question, your hands still on his cheeks. It was barely a peck but you still wanted to check everything was ok. 

“Was I … alright?” he questions genuinely. 

“Well you didn’t hyperventilate so…” you laugh, removing your hands from his face. He smiles

“Can we go again?” he says. “I just want to be prepared you know”. 

“I know”. You knew what reassured him and comforted him because knew Evan’s anxiety inside out. You were the one he called when he was having a panic attack, when he was feeling anxious, or when he just needed someone to talk to. 

You were the one who was there. The one who was always there. 

You lean in again. This kiss is deeper but its still sweet, and tender, and innocent. 

You savour every second and every feeling: your nose pressed into his cheek, your foreheads touching softly, his blush radiating onto your skin. He’s soft and warm and gentle. He’s kind and loving and generous. And he’s not in love with you. 

You break away. You’re unsure whether these breaks were more for his benefit or yours. Either way you don’t have too long to ponder the thought until you feel Evan’s hands pull on your waist. 

He leans in this time, and suddenly your lips are connected for a third time. For a third time you’re getting far too invested in a kiss that wasn’t meant to be shared, in feelings that weren’t meant to be felt, and in a boy that could never be yours. 

His hands tighten on your waist, bunching the material of your t-shirt in his hands as he deepens the kiss and begins to take control. He runs his tongue across your lower lip like you had just done to him, and soon your the one who’s blushing, your kiss getting hotter by the second. 

He moans softly, involuntarily, but that doesn’t stop him. He continues to kiss you like his life depended on it. 

And yes, your teeth and noses were bumping together, but that barely registered. There was only one thought on your mind: Evan. You were surrounded by him - his sheets, his clothes you’re wearing, his smell. You were overwhelmed, losing all sense of time and place, not knowing how long you spent kissing him. He was the only thing that mattered to you. 

You didnt want to do this, to get too into the kiss, to fall for him even more than you currently were. But here you were, falling in love with your best friend even though he was in love with someone else.

You needed to stop this. 

But it felt incredible.

But it was wrong, and you knew it. He was your best friend for god’s sake and he was in love with someone else.

You broke away, your breathing noticeably heavy as you tried to steady your thoughts. You were reeling. 

“Why did you stop? Did I - Was it ok?” Evan asked, meeting you eyes despite his nervous manner. 

“Oh yeah, you were … really good” you said, trying to steady your voice. 

You didn’t even notice your hands had weaved through his hair until you moved them down to your lap, breaking the contact completely. 

“So why did -” he stops. He just stares at you, saying nothing and some how saying everything.

“Maybe we should get some rest?” you say awkwardly, breaking the eye contact. You couldn’t do this. You couldn’t talk about what just happened. Not tonight. Not ever. You couldn’t let him know. You couldn’t ruin this friendship with your selfish feelings - this was the thought replaying in your mind so you didn’t relive that kiss. 

Evan bites a fingernail awkwardly before nodding. 

You quickly move back to your borrowed bed before Evan switches the light out, the darkness consuming all your unspoken words.

“Thank you, Y/N. I’m glad my first kiss, real or not, was with you” he says. 

“Me too Ev” you whisper. 

And one fact was undoubtably clear in your mind: you loved him, and it took him loving someone else for you to finally realise that. 


an imagine in which good ole suggy boy gets a little jealous

Word Count: 1,750

Rating: PG-13

Getting a hey, you busy? text from Jack Maynard was never a good sign. You responded with a no, and he replied back quickly with a plea for video help and an offer of free lunch.

“Hey babe?” You called out across the flat. 

“Yeah?” Joe called back from his office. 

“Do we have any plans for the day? Jack wants help filming over at his.”

“Not really, no. Does he need you like right now? I’ll be done editing in a few hours and I can go with you.” Joe offered, rolling his chair to the doorframe. He seemed a bit off, but you didn’t push it. Joe always told you if something was wrong in his own time.  

“He seemed pretty urgent, I think he wants to upload tonight. I shouldn’t be long, and I should be home for dinner. I can cook if you want!”

“Nah, I’ll cook tonight and film a gaming video while you’re out. Just text me when you get there safe, yeah?” Joe gave you a smile and came over to give you a goodbye kiss before heading back into his office. 

You called an uber and gathered your things, and you were at Jack’s flat before you knew it. You let yourself in, announcing yourself as you entered.

“Y/N!” Jack grinned, coming over and scooping you up in a hug as soon as you were in the doorway. You hugged him back with a laugh. You’d missed him, and the rest of the boys, since it’d been a while since you’d all gone out together.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of catching up, grabbing a quick nandos and setting up everything for the video.

“So what’re we filming today?”

“I wanna do another tinder message video, but I need someone to go through and react to them. Kinda like what Joe and Zoe did, but you give me advice on how to pick up girls as well. And seeing that you’re one of the few females I know that I haven’t actually met on tinder, I wanted you to do it.”

“Oh hell yes, let’s go,” you grinned, already excited. Jack was probably who you were closest with out of all the other boys, so you were excited to finally get a chance to be nosy.

It didn’t take long for the video to get rolling, and you were loving every second of it. It was as if the camera wasn’t there, and you were just helping your mate out, and embarrassing him at any chance you got. You gave him some legitimate advice, talking about all the good things that Joe did as a boyfriend, and how it made your relationship so fun and easy. Filming went smoothly, and you kept him company whilst he edited. He only had one request before you left. 

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Dating Evan Hansen Would Include...

Alright it’s time my friends. I’ve been keeping this from you for far too long now so here it is (it might be a let down sorryyy)

- stuttering, sorry just get used to it, him and you both, the Stuttering Couple

- but it’s a good, cute stuttering don’t worry 

- anyways nature walks through forests and parks are a must 

- Evan loves to make you smile and he quickly learned that bad puns made you laugh really hard so he memorized about fifty in one night for you second date 

- also Evan loves to make you blush so he compliments you all the time and you just love it so much and he just loves that you love it

- hanging out with The Gang and becoming really close friends with Zoe and Jared and Alana and Connor 

- hand holding (do I need to say anything else)

- “that was fucking adorable Evan” “i-it was?” *screaming* “you’re so cute I’m gonna die” “please don’t I love you” *screaming intensifies 

- singing together when you’re alone (bonus points if it’s while sharing headphones and studying)

- NSFW: really vanilla sex at first but getting to watch Evan become more sexually confident and experimental 

- cuddling on couches and watching your favorite nature documentaries

- making out, but never ever in public. don’t get me wrong Evan will show affection in public but he is way too social insecure to make out with you, which he apologizes for constantly

- reassuring Evan that you love him for who he is and being honest about it

- being the only person who really, really knows Evan and loving how much he trusts you 

- falling apart when Evan tells you about certain things because you had no idea how much he’d gone through and wanting to just away his pain, all of it, because he doesn’t deserve any of it

- knowing every spot in the school where you can hide or be alone and have no one ask questions. not because you’re off doing drugs or risqué things like most kids. it’s because Evan hides there when he’s having a panic attack and you’re the only one who can ever find him

- not being able to smile for a whole day after you learned why Evan really broke his arm

- telling Evan that he is found, you found him

(okay that got really sad hold on)

- Evan buying you a stuffed animal as your one month anniversary present and it reminds you of him so much (it’s an elephant) 

- Evan is super big on hugs and when he’s anxious he just gets double-y clingy 

- alternating between texting Jared memes and calming Evan down while also giving Zoe music recommendations 

- taking advantage of every calm moment life gives the two of you

DEH crew on a road trip!

this is only my second headcanon and i think people kinda liked my first one?? so i made another. bc who doesnt love DEH aaaannd roadtrips?!
it’s DEH crew + reader!!

- the day has come!
- finally its time for the roadtrip you’ve all been waiting for
- evan, connor, zoe, jared and alana all join at your house early in the morning
- after deciding who’s gonna drive (its you) you all pile into your car and hit the open road!
- zoes sitting shot gun!
- five minutes in you realize you forgot to buy road-trip snacks!
- you make a quick pit stop at 7-eleven
- you buy you’re favorite, go-to on the road snack (insert favorite go-to on the road snack)
- connor buys a ginormous package of twizzlers and beef jerky
- zoe buys an entire box of lucky charms
- evan of course couldnt decide so bought of bunch of different candy bars and some starbursts
- alana gets some good old m&ms and chex mix
- jared bought popcorn and just couldn’t resist some pop rocks.
- you also all bought some slurpees
- now its officially time to hit the road!
- since its pretty early you guys are one of the only cars on the road
- but you start blasting songs immediately
- your road trip playlists consists of: mr. brightside, semi charmed life, come on eileen, wonderwall, just like heaven, dancing queen and so many more
- connor and zoe keep fighting about directions
- and you cant hear yourself think
- but alana always tells you the right way to go
- jared keeps putting pop rocks in his mouth and putting it up to everyones ear so you can hear them crackle inside of his mouth
- its kinda annoying now but you think he’s funny
- youre a speed demon on the highway and you can tell evan is getting a little nervous
- he’s holding the handle above the window
- you tell him to calm down and he’s like “ok keep your eyes on the road”
- you can see the sun rise and you’re all kinda quiet because you’re looking out the window
- but then the sun is finally up!
- you roll down the windows and turn up the music
- you put down the sun roof and alana stands up and through it and puts her arms out (perks/wallflower reference anyone?)
- oh no you see the flashing lights behind you
- oops you got pulled over
- evan has launched into a full blown panic attack and is asking if he should call his mom
- jared is whispering to you all these one-liners to say to the cop
- zoe is laughing at you
- alana is just afraid this will go on her track record
- connor is actually kind of nervous because he has pot in his bag so he not-so-suspiciously throws it in the trunk
- the cop let you off with a warning
- seriously evan is wiping beads of sweat off his face
- soon enough you’re back on the road and laughing about everything
- you decide this is a great time to put on some good ol showtunes
- the entire group indulges in an overdramatic yet sincere sing alone to seasons of love
- well except for connor, who is pretending to be all cool but then out of nowhere hits the last note on “measure your life in loooOOOOOOVE”

- there is no place you’d rather be than on the road with your best friends

i went a little overboard sorryyyyyy hope you liked it

dear evan hansen characters as things my friends have said
  • Evan: I'm second-hand shook
  • Connor: I'm wearing these (sun)glasses so that no one can tell I'm dead inside
  • Jared: I love being cool and hip with the children!
  • Zoe: Girl same I'd rather not be in 19th position with syncopated 32nd notes thank you very much
  • Alana: This isn't AP Joke Telling! It's AP Humor!
  • Heidi: Make (Evan) get a friend!
  • Cynthia: Silver Spork School, much like the Silver Fork School but way more efficient at eating soup.
  • Larry: You're a bonus giver, not a back talker! Don't sass me!
Zalfie Meddles

a/n: any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and requests are open! (also, i know this is a pain in the ass to scroll through. i put it under a read more and it doesn’t seem to be working on mobile :-/ sorry! i’m trying to figure it out.)

word count: 2.6k+

summary: thanks to zoe and alfie, you and joe talk about taking the next step in your relationship.

“Oh, hi! Come in, come in!” Zoe greets the two of you, beckoning you into her home. “I wasn’t expecting you until later! It’s only eight in the morning.” She gives Joe a hug and does the same to you, laughing, “Look at me! I’m still in my pajamas.”

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anonymous asked:

What about a Connor x reader hc when it's Con's birthday and no one gretted him, and he's alone in the house,when he started to cry Y/N knocked on the door then comforted him and sOMETHING A PERSON WOULD DO ON SOMEOME'S BIRTHDAY.

woo! I like this one since my close friend’s birthday is close. sorry I’m slow updating, upcoming school stress.>

•He knows he doesn’t have a lot of friends but he thought that his close friends, or even family would remember. I guess he was wrong? When he woke up, everyone acted like it was a normal day. Maybe they’re throwing a surprise party?

•When he got to school, Evan and Jared greeted him like normal too, no “Happy birthday dude!” or something. Maybe they’re in on it too?

•No one, no one said anything to him. He kept to himself about it, too. He didn’t want to seem obnoxious, like “oOh! mY bIrThDaY iS tOdAy, bow down to me.” He just waded through his day.

•He hadn’t seen you yet, you had planned to come over after school since you guys don’t see each other during the day due to different schedules. (You know, A lunch and B lunch, AP and not, that thing)

•You had started to drive over to Connor’s house, when Connor got home himself. He immediately went to his room, realizing that everyone forgot. He locked himself in his room, and cried? Isn’t a birthday suppose to be special? Why not for him?

•When you had finally gotten there, his parents were home from work and Zoe was home from jazz band practice. None of them had seen Connor but they let you go to his room to check if he was there to find it locked. Your natural response was to think he was doing something bad to himself but that’s when you heard muffled crying noises.

•A wrapped package was in your arm. I wonder.

•"H-hey Connor?“ “W-what, what the fuck do you want?” “Con, it’s your girlfriend, you know?”

•After a second, you hear a thud and footsteps. Then, the door finally opened for you before you were greeted with Connor trying to run back to his original spot.

•You sat besides silently, before placing the wrapped box in his lap for him. He stared down at it, confused.

•"Happy birthday Connor, I love you.“ “No one remember but you.”

•You were shocked by those words. The fuck? Zoe? Cynthia? Larry? Jared? Evan? Alana? They all forgot?

•"Christ, that’s so shitty-“ "Don’t need to remind me.” “Uh uh uh, let me finish but then forgetting doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. Okay, yeah, that sounds shitty too. But maybe they had a lot on their mind, like a big test, or they stayed up late, or some shit. Either way, I’m so sorry, but let’s not droop around and go get ice cream, pretty sure some quality time can make this up.”

•You both loaded up into your cat to have a birthday date with your mind. He left his gift at home for his mom to find and fuck? she really forgot? oh no.

•After you dropped off Connor at his house and gave his parent’s a few choice words for forgetting his birthday, Connor felt better and better. Maybe the gifts he found at his door helped?

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could you do fluffy headcannons for sincerely three + the girls x reader on their period? i looooved your last bit of fluff!!

I’m glad that you loved it!

A/N: This is my first headcannon, so hopefully it’ll turn out a-okay! Sorry if it’s kind of short. 


- he knows when you’re in pain so he tries to comfort you the best he can 

- this may include: CUDDLES, back massages, playing with your hair, and    bubble baths 

- he looked up ways to relieve your cramps and he read that exercise may    help 

- so, he takes you on walks in his favorite parks 

- he just wants to make you feel better because your happiness is his    happiness 

- lots and lots of hand holding and butterfly kisses 


- always complains when you beg him to hold you 

- “You never cuddle me when I’m in pain”

- he secretly love giving you back rubs until you fall asleep 

- Jared would do anything for you even if it meant getting slurpees from 7/11 at midnight 

- he takes extra special care of you even if he acts grossed out 

- his favorite thing to do with you is to nap and give you forehead kisses 


- he knows how to care for you because he’s used to Zoe having her period 

- Connor can tell when it’s your time of the month because you get moody and sass him 

- he lets you borrow ALL of his sweatshirts

- it may or may not turn him on when he sees you drowning in his hoodies 

- he reassures you a lot with plenty of kisses 

- “I *kiss* love *kiss* you *kiss*”

- if you invite him over, he’ll be at your house in two seconds flat with your favorite snacks and movies 


- she always has your back 

- when you need a pad/tampon she has one in hand and vice versa 

- she loves to binge watch whatever Netflix series is on with you 

- lots of ninja turtle fruit snacks and cereal 

- possibly always down for cuddles and smooches?


- you guys are somehow in sync when it’s that time of the month 

- she’ll get you everything you need 

- sometimes she’ll go above and beyond, but you love her anyway

- lots of baking sweet treats and junk food 

- your favorite activities are napping together and ranting 

- smooches smooches smooches 

Things Zoe will experience while growing up with the Squad

(This ended up a lot longer then I intended)
(I love Zoe so much)

Birthdays and holidays will never be the same again

Everyone: “NO!”

Her mom trying to have ‘the talk’ with her, but finding out she already knows EVERYTHING
(Thanks Digger)

Them scaring off her first boyfriend/girlfriend

And the second one

And the third one


Ya sorry Zoe, you’re not getting any until you’re 30

Chilling with June when they’re on a mission, and they just read and drink tea

Also June and Harley are the ones that Zoe comes to when she needs help with school because they’re the only ones that got past high school

The whole squad pretty much adopting Zoe

Like even Waller loves her

Harley picking Zoe up from school in the Lamborghini that she stole from Joker

If anyone even thinks about bullying Zoe, they’re dead

Like, this one little bitch will smack Zoe’s books down, and Zoe will tell the squad, only for them to go to the school and wreck havoc

Chato being really scared for a while because of what happened to his own kids, but quickly getting over it

Zoe coming out and the squad not giving two shits

Zoe: Guys…I’m Pansexual
Rick: You still aren’t dating anyone until you’re Croc’s age

Zoe hugging Waller on the anniversary of her family’s death, and they end up actually bonding, and Zoe may just be the person to make 'The Wall’ have a heart

She comes along on a bank heist, and when Batman comes in he just sees Zoe sucking on a lollipop.

Waylon doing push-ups with Zoe on his back

The one time she does end up dating (secretly, not telling the squad), they hurt her, and she ends up punching them in the face

And then telling the squad about them, and Zoe gets grounded, but then ungrounded when she tells them that she punched them (It doesn’t end well for Zoe’s ex)

At first Katana’s like 'how does one interact with children’, but then she teaches Zoe martial arts and they become an unlikely dynamic duo

Floyd and Rick teaching her how to shoot a gun

Zoe only being able to go see the squad twice a week or something, but when she turns fourteen (the legal age children of divorced parents can decide who they want to live with) Waller ends up taking care of her so she can see the Squad a lot more

Waller using the excuse that Zoe is having a 'positive psychological impact’ when a judge questions the presence of a child at a maximum detention facility

Zoe learning how to take care of Digger when he’s hammered

The squad taking her out for her first drink

When Rick and June finally have a kid, Zoe babysits

Whenever Digger swears, the rest of the squad covers Zoe’s ears

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Just a random question lol- how did u create the name zoecam37?

As odd as how the universe was made. It was a combination of nicknames people gave me once I first started my first job.

“Cam” means orange in Vietnamese, they were talking about the size of my boobs. My first company are all crazy and dirty mind people which made me who I am today (I’m grateful to be in that company).

On my second company, a international company we have someone with the same name as me, so I choose to be called “Zoe” because I love that name. It sounds pretty impressive to me, and hey, I got to name myself for the first time.

A year later a friend of mind gave me a box of Marvy pens for drawing, the first one ever did that, and thus, Zoe Cam was born.

37 was added by Tumblr I have no idea why? Porquoi Tumblr?

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Supercorp Prompt What happens when, after a few weeks of Kara working for Lena, Kara walks in on Lena with her ex at her office. What methods will Lena use to convince Kara to talk to her again so she can explain? Will they tell each other how they feel? How far is Lena willing to go to show Kara & make her understand just how much she really means to her (& vice versa)?

When Lena heard that Kara had been fired from CatCo she felt terrible; after all, she was the one who had convinced Kara to publish her story online.

As fate would have it, an opportunity to help came up the following week; Jess wanted to take some vacation days as she had the bar exams coming up. Lena convinced Jess to take off the next few months, paid of course, to really focus on her exams, and assured her that she would find a temporary replacement, and that yes she would fully vet them for any links to Cadmus, as Jess had opened her mouth to protest.

That evening over dinner, Lena mentioned to Kara that Jess was taking some time off. Kara paused for a moment and pursed her lips. ‘You know I could cover for Jess?’ Kara questioned, ‘I was Cat Grant’s assistant, plus I’m kinda looking for a job…’

Lena had mulled it over, there was no question that Kara was more than qualified, plus she had encouraged her in the endeavour that got her fired… the problem was the unspoken nature of their relationship; the stolen glances, the flirtatious banter. If she was being truly honest, Lena wasn’t quite sure if they were friends out to dinner, or something more…

In the end Lena agreed to a trial period but was slightly worried about what adding a professional aspect to their relationship would mean.

Kara was a natural and had settled into her role with relative ease; Lena’s schedule ran in a very similar manner to Cat’s had. Nothing flustered her, nothing that is, until a red head wearing a very expensive Prada suit breezed towards Lena’s office.

‘Excuse me!’ Kara called out, ‘do you have an appointment with Ms. Luthor?’

‘I don’t need an appointment darling’ the woman replied, the British accent dripping from her lips, ‘Lena always has time for me.’

Without another word, the woman pushed the door to Lena’s office open. Kara was up from behind her desk as fast as she could while still appearing human.

‘Kara, where was the place you wanted to try for lunch?’ Lena said upon hearing the door open, not looking up from her computer.

‘Is Kara your girlfriend or secretary?’ the intruder quizzed.

Lena looked up and her eyes widened in shock as she saw who was in her office. She purposefully left the question unanswered; both..?

‘Zoe?!’ Lena gasped in surprise and stood, smoothing down the front of her skirt, ‘you look amazing!’

‘Not too bad yourself Luthor’ Zoe replied, raking her eyes slowly over Lena’s body as she walked towards her.

Lena spotted Kara hovering in the doorway and felt a twinge of guilt. ‘Kara, this is Zoe Simmons’ Lena introduced, ‘CEO of -’

‘Simmons Industries’ Kara interrupted, ‘I knew I recognised you…’

‘We knew each other back in Metropolis’ Lena explained, unsure of how much she wanted to divulge to Kara.

‘Oh, don’t play us down darling; you were my first love!’ Zoe chuckled, ‘we dated for three years before Lena made the move to National City to run L. Corp.’

Lena smiled and watched Kara’s reaction; she saw the slight widening of her eyes in surprise combined with a flash of what Lena could swear was jealously.

‘I’ll… er… leave you to it then’ Kara coughed out while backing out through the doorway. She sat back down behind her desk and sighed heavily; slightly unsure of what to do with the new information that Lena had had a romantic relationship with a woman. She had been harbouring a rather large crush on the youngest Luthor for a while, but just assumed nothing would ever come of it. She had been content to develop a close friendship with Lena, no matter how much she craved more.The news that Lena was open to dating women changed everything…

Kara decided to busy herself with sorting the documents needed for the press conference that weekend to distract herself from the fact that Lena was in her office with her rather attractive ex…

She suddenly swore under her breath as she realised the bulk of the information she needed was sitting on Lena’s desk from when she had given it to her the day before. She walked back towards Lena’s office and hesitate for a moment before knocking and quickly entering.

‘Ms. Luthor, I need the documents I gave- shit!’

Of everything she had expected to walk into, she had not expected to see her new boss, her friend, the woman she was really trying not to fall in love with, kissing the woman she had recently discovered was her ex.

‘I’m so sorry!’ Kara flustered and swiftly left the office, the image of the two women kissing, fingers caressing cheeks, firmly etched in her mind.

A few seconds later Zoe sauntered out of Lena’s office, wiping a smudge of brighter lipstick than the one she went in wearing off the corner of her mouth. She nodded and smiled in Kara’s direction before getting in the elevator.

Lena slinked out of her office a few moments later, coat over her arm, looking slightly embarrassed. ‘Did you still want to go for lunch?’ she questioned softly.

‘I have too much work Ms. Luthor’ Kara mumbled, unable to meet Lena’s gaze, ‘I’ll have something later.

‘Kara…’ Lena started, ‘I…’

‘It’s OK Ms. Luthor, I should have waited for you to call me in, rather than just barging in’ Kara breathed out slowly as she reached for one of her highlighters.

Lena sighed, her incredible IQ unable to put into words how much Kara meant to her, so left in search of food. A little while later, the bundle of documents finally finished and neatly piled on Lena’s desk, Kara decided to walk to Noonan’s for some lunch.

Lena returned from lunch to find Kara’s desk empty and her stomach churned; she had been hoping to talk to Kara, to explain herself. Seeing Zoe again, the easy manner in which they joked with each other had brought back a lot of memories. They had parted on good terms, both of them wanting to focus on running their families’ businesses, but a rush of excitement had led to a lapse in judgement.

She placed the paper bag with the sticky bun in on Kara’s desk and went back to her own to continue working, smiling sadly at the neatly arranged paperwork Kara had placed there.

Kara returned to her desk and stared at the sticky bun, unsure of what it meant. Was it an apology bun for being caught kissing her ex? Did Lena feel bad? Why would she feel bad? Was it because she had feelings for someone else? Kara shook her head to bring herself out of the spiral of thoughts she was having.

‘Kara, can you come in here please’ the intercom buzzed.

Kara took a deep breath before rising from her chair. She reached the door and found herself hesitating again, unsure of whether she should knock or not. In the end she just pushed the door open and walked in to find Lena staring out of the window.

‘Yes Ms. Luthor?’ Kara said, trying to keep her voice even.

Lena whipped round upon hearing Kara’s voice, a smile on her lips. ‘Kara, I wanted to explain about earlier -’

‘There’s nothing to explain Ms. Luthor’ Kara interrupted, ‘you were reconnecting with an old flame, it has absolutely nothing to do with me.’

‘It has everything to do with you…’ Lena exhaled.

Kara met Lena’s eyes for the first time and the CEO cringed at the hurt she saw in them.

‘Please, let me explain -’

‘There’s nothing to explain. Let me know if you would like me to make any dinner reservations for the two of you’ Kara turned to leave the office but stopped as she heard Lena’s voice break as she called after her.

‘Ka-ra, please. I slipped; I kissed her because I was too scared of my feelings…’ Lena faltered, ‘I… She’s safe, she always was. Zoe is my what if… what if I had stayed in Metropolis? What if we hadn’t both bowed to the pressure of our families?’ Lena paused and decided she had to lay out all her feelings, ‘it wasn’t her lips I wanted to kiss…’

‘Who do you want to kiss?’ Kara asked quietly, almost too scared to hear the answer, scared because what if the answer wasn’t the one she wanted to hear?

Lena stepped towards Kara, ‘I think you already know who…’

Kara unconsciously moved towards Lena, her breathing heavier at the implication of Lena’s admission.

Lena had the slight height advantage on Kara due to the heels she was wearing and bowed her head forwards until it rested against Kara’s. ‘Tell me I’ve imagined this, tell me that this isn’t real’ she whispered.

‘I can’t…’ Kara uttered.

Lena bit her lip.

‘Can I kiss you?’ Kara requested.


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I love the Cassian x Reader fics on here but I've only read a couple one shots. Any reccomendations for a series???

Oh, yes!! Sadly there aren’t many series type fics here on tumblr dot com (my opinion) but!! To each their own.

May I suggest:

Remembrance by @the-new-fanfic-order: A brilliant series about second lives, an alternate universe where you work for a company and have a crush on Cassian even though you have met him before. It’s so damn amazing and Zoe is a FANTASTIC writer! You got that angst, that fluff, all this shit that makes my ass cry. I remember having to wait for the last chapter nd like….reading the last chapter nd crying right before class.

Devil in the Details (AO3) by @marvelouswritings: A story about the reader being a medic for the Empire but finds that breaking free with the wounded rebel is the best decision for her life. BOY! Even though it’s an unfinished series, this fic takes you for one hell of a ride. I’m talking about plot twists, adventures, and just…fuck it’s rly awesome, my dude

Shameless self plug in pero…I made a series!

No Surrender (though I suggest you read on AO3 as I made small but big revisions) by yours truly: u want that angst? i got u. need some fluff? u bet i got ya! want an extra side of sass from k-2? coming right up! The mission from Kashyyyk goes awry, resulting in Cassian getting severely hurt and the reader feeling guilty about it. 

And…that’s about it? Zoe also has another series called Let’s Make a Deal so go check that out! If there are any other series that any of my followers have, feel free to hop on here and leave the deets below!

If I Could Tell Her- Evan Hansen x Reader

A/N: I’m trying so hard not to get into this, I swear I like one song from this musical but here you go.

“You knew him?” Y/N asked softly, her eyes wide. Evan gulped.

“Um-um- yes?”

She slowly sat next to him. “Did- what did he- you liked him?”

Evan bit his lip. “Um- we were- were best friends?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t think he could have friends. I didn’t think anyone- anyone could like him.” Her voice cracked and tears filled her eyes. “Is- I’m sorry, but is it bad that I don’t miss him? He was mean- not mean, he was- he was awful.”

“He talked about you.”

Y/N looked up. “I’m sure. He always told me how annoying I was.”

“He loved you,” Evan said slowly. He took a moment to study the young girl in front of him. He had never noticed how pretty she was, even more beautiful than her older sister, Zoe.

She huffed out a laugh. “I doubt it. He hated me.”

“You’re gorgeous,” he whispered breathily. When she turned to him in confusion he quickly retracted. “I mean- he thought- you looked- looked- cool when you got that shirt with your favorite band.”

Y/N’s face brightened. “I thought he hated that!”

“He loved it!” Evan said quickly. He went on to compliment her, tell her everything he loved about her. He had thought Zoe was the one for him, but she was so beautiful and sweet- he found himself inches from her. Suddenly, finished with his rant, he pressed his lips against hers.

She kissed back for a fraction of a second before pulling back and lightly placing her fingers on her lips. “Oh- thank you?” Y/N ran out of the room, her face bright red and flushed. Evan, more embarrassed than her, followed.

If only he could tell her.

I’m bored and can’t sleep so I typed up a detailed synopsis of Dear Evan Hansen (The Arena Stage Version) at the request of  official-booby! For all of y’all who can’t see the show but still want to know what happens. Keep in mind I saw the show nearly a year ago, so some things have changed and some things I just don’t remember. Enjoy!

(Full synopsis under the cut because spoilers)

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Summary: Dean, Sam, and the Reader take on a witch who’s been making women kill their boyfriends/husbands. Little do they know her true intentions. Dean finds out a lot about the reader.

Word Count: 2298

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, maybe some mild self loathing, self esteem issues.

A/N: Italics are flashbacks or the reader’s thoughts. This is my first ever fanfic and really the first piece of creative writing I’ve done in who knows how long. Send me any critiques you may have! Thanks guys! @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond

Your name: submit What is this?

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You woke up to the sound of incessant beeping. Where the hell am I? The only thing you wanted was to find the source of the beeping and beat it to death, and go back to sleep cuddled up next to Dean like always. Oh, right. Dean. Witch. Spell. Wicked head shot. I have to be in the hospital. Dammit. You tried to open your eyes and move your arms and legs, but everything felt like lead. You couldn’t find it in you to do anything but lay there, useless. Even trying to move exhausted you. The last thing you were aware of was a warm, calloused hand running through your hair and a gravelly whisper right by your ear. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m so fucking sorry. I’m not leaving you. Not ever. I just need you to wake up. Please.”

Dean. Then you faded away again.


“So you think it’s a witch huh? What’s the crazy bitch been doing to people Sammy?” you asked, after he pulled you into library, oozing with excitement over finding a new case. 

“So get this…” he started and you stifled a laugh, “from what I can tell, she’s putting spells on girlfriends and wives somehow, and their killing their significant others.” You thought about it for a second before you responded. 

“Do you know why? A pattern, personality type, anything?” 

Sam sighed and ran his hand through hair, “no, nothing yet, Dean’s looking into it right now though. He went to talk to one of the women who killed her boyfriend.” You nodded, 

“Awesome. Let me know when he gets back. I’m gonna go pack my gear.” 

“Sure thing Y/N/N” you heard Sam say as you went to the room you shared with Dean and started packing your duffle.


About an hour later the door to the bunker slammed open and you heard Dean yelling for you. “Y/N/N! Baby where are you?” You couldn’t help but smile a little at one of his pet names for you. It wasn’t lost on you how lucky you were to have Dean. Deep down, you knew you didn’t deserve him. You weren’t even really sure why he loved you so much. Sure you had been there since you were kids, but you thought that, if anything, that would drive him further away. Knowing how broken you’d been, it should have driven any sane person away. But not Dean. 

“In the library with Sam, babe!” you yelled back to him.


Dean came running up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your neck. You turned around and pressed a kiss to his lips. He kissed you back, gently, full of love, and you smiled into it before pulling away when Sam just had to interrupt the moment. 

“So Dean, I hate to ruin this oh so tender moment, but did you find anything?” Sam questioned. 

“Actually killjoy, I did. That Zoe chick I talked to said she had a happy relationship with Josh, until that day. For no reason at all, according to her, she suddenly had so much pent up rage toward him she couldn’t help but kill him. Said she just knew he was cheating on her and never truly loved her.” Dean started, but you interrupted. 

“So wait…she loves him one second and hates him the next? It doesn’t make sense. What’s the connection between the vics?” you wondered out loud.

“I was getting to that, princess” Dean winked at you and you nodded your head, telling him to continue. “The vics all went to the same coffee shop with the same barista. So I dug a little into the barista’s background. She’s only been a barista there for a little over a week. She filed for divorce over a year ago because her husband was kind of a cheating dick bag, but they never got the divorce. He turned up dead in a fire.” Dean slammed the file folder he was holding down with a triumphant smile on his face. 

“So do you guys think she’s just a man hater now or do you think these guys actually were cheating assholes?” you asked the boys.  

“I dunno. Let’s pay her a visit and find out.” Sam said as you all grabbed your gear and piled into the impala.


“Ok so here’s the plan one more time,” Dean muttered. “Y/N and I will take the front. Sammy you take the back.” You all nodded and went off in your respective directions. It should have been the perfect plan. You vaguely remember bursting through the front door with Dean, but somehow the witch knew you were coming. She managed to separate you and Dean and trap you in different rooms, which unbeknownst to you was exactly she wanted, to get you alone. 

You remember Dean banging on the door, screaming your name, demanding to know if you were ok and threatening to kill the witch when he got through. You remember a whole lot of Latin, and then a seething anger flowing through you like nothing you had ever felt before. Dean never loved you. You were nothing more to him than a good lay. But you weren’t the only one, of course he had all those bar skanks to fuck too, but you were old reliable. Dean finally was able to break the door down and found you, with a cold stare directed right at him, knife firmly gripped in your hand.


“Y/N what are you doing?! You could’ve killed her!” Dean pleaded. No response from you. The witch however, started laughing maniacally. 

“Oh Dean” she smirked “your precious little Y/N isn’t gonna kill me. She’s gonna kill you. You did some great work researching me, Dean, but all three of you got my MO totally wrong. I pick the most insecure women. They’re the easiest to turn.” 

“What the fuck are you talking about? Y/N/N isn’t insecure at all! She has no reason to be! She knows that!” Dean yelled. “Y/N you know that! I love you. Always have. Always will. You can fight this!” 

With that, you ran full speed and took Dean down to the ground, holding the knife to his throat. “Bullshit, Dean! You never loved me. Nobody has, but especially not you! I’m only convenient to you when you need someone to fuck but don’t wanna go to the bar and pick up some skank!” you seethed. 

Dean flipped you over, trying to gain the upper hand, knowing that Sam would be there soon to kill the witch and break this spell. “Y/N look at me! LOOK AT ME!” he bellowed as he turned your face to meet his. “I fucking love you, you’re beautiful, you’re right you’re not like those bar skanks. You’re so much better. You’re real, you’re you, you’re perfect, and I love you!”


“You used me Dean! We both know I’m not your type. Never will be! Now get the fuck off me!” you screamed in rage, but suddenly you heard a gunshot and you saw the table break into pieces out of the corner of your eye. Of course, Sam killed the witch. But you didn’t care about her, or Sam, or anything. All you cared about was killing Dean Winchester. 

You flipped Dean back over and held the knife to his throat, pressing down just enough to draw blood. 

“Sammy! The witch is dead why didn’t the spell wear off?!” Dean was panicking at this point, not wanting to hurt you, but not seeing too many other choices to subdue you. You may be small, but you’re an excellent fighter, and he knows that. 

“I don’t know Dean! Let’s get her back to the bunker and see what we can do. Maybe Cas can fix it.” Sam yelled over the sound of your screams.


The next thing you remember is Sam grabbing you and pulling you off Dean, which caused you to scream incomprehensible things at Sam while thrashing around, pulling yourself out of his grip and lunging at Dean with the knife, aiming straight for his heart. Sam grabbed your arms and tried holding you back, but you were determined. You saw Dean reach one of the broken table legs, and while Sam had both arms pinned behind your back for the time being, Dean whispered “I’m so sorry Y/N/N, I love you, forgive me” and everything went black.



You woke up again, still not able to open your eyes or move, but dammit you were more determined than ever this time. You could feel your eyes moving around under heavy lids, and you felt Dean’s hand, still stroking your hair. He must’ve noticed how fast your eyes were moving, because the next thing you heard was “Hey sweetheart. Are you trying to wake up? Come on baby give me something. Squeeze my hand or even better, open those beautiful Y/E/C eyes for me.” 

You tried. Dammit you tried, but you just couldn’t. “Maybe you’re just dreaming, it’s OK if you’re not ready to wake up yet. I told you, I’m not going anywhere. I meant that.” he whispered, as he placed the hand not running through your hair in your hand, and laced your fingers together, then kissed the back of your hand.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I never wanted to hurt you like this, not you, never you. I love you too damn much. There’s never been anyone but you…I need you to know that.” His voice broke as he talked to you and kissed your hand again. That was when you felt something warm and wet on your hand. Is he crying? Over me? 

You dug as deep as you could this time. You used every bit of strength you could muster to gently squeeze his hand, you just hoped he felt it, it was pathetically weak. He felt it. Of course he had. “Hey Y/N/N…I felt that. Come on, open your eyes for me princess. You can do it.” he whispered in your ear, softly like he was trying not to break down. 

At that, you fought like hell to get your eyes open. A small noise came from your throat from all the effort you were expending. It was probably meant to be a grunt but sounded more like a whine. You managed to open your eyes about halfway; just enough for Dean to know you were going to be ok.

“Oh thank God. Y/N please forgive me, I never wanted to hit you but you weren’t gonna do down without a fight and I couldn’t shoot or stab…” 

“Dean stop.” You managed to croak out. He immediately grabbed you some water, which you took gratefully and downed it as fast as you could. “None of this is your fault, Dean. If anything, it’s mine.” You sighed. 

“Yours? Jesus, Y/N, why would it be your fault? It’s obviously mine for not showing you how much I love you. You never would’ve been susceptible had it not been for me.” Dean said as a tear rolled down his cheek. 

“No, Dean. It wouldn’t have mattered. I’ve always felt like I don’t deserve you, that I’m not good enough for you. I’m so broken it doesn’t make sense to me that you’d want me. That’s on me to work through, not you. I know you wouldn’t cheat on me or use me, none of that was really what I think.” You explained, tears of your own falling down your cheeks.

Dean moved you over a little in the bed, crawling in with you. Wrapping his arms around you as tight as he could, and looked directly in your eyes as he spoke, “If anything sweetheart, I don’t deserve you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me in this shitty life. You’ve always been there for me, ever since we were kids, and I intend to be there for you, for as long as you’ll let me.” It was in that moment it finally hit you, you knew then he really did love you more than anything. 

“I love you Dean. I promise, if I ever start feeling insecure again, I’ll come to you. But I don’t see that ever happening again.” You giggled a little and you felt a deep laugh coming from his chest.

You rested your head on his chest, emotionally and physically exhausted. “I love you too, princess. Forever.” He cooed and your eyes started to droop a little bit. 

“I’m sorry…I can’t even stay awake and I’ve been asleep for…wait how long was I out?” you asked. 

“4 days” Dean quickly replied “and no, I never left. Don’t even try to kick me out now, I told you I wasn’t leaving, and I’m not. Sammy’s holding everything down at the bunker. Everything’s totally fine.” he told you in no uncertain terms. 

“You better…not leave me…Winchester,” you told him, your voice barely above a whisper “I’m sorry…I’m just so sleepy” you said as you buried your head in his chest. 

“Shhh it’s ok sweetheart, it’s the drugs, just let go I’ll be here when you wake up” he whispered in your ear as he kissed the top of your head. He knew you were already long gone, so he wrapped his arms even tighter around you, and ran his hand through your hair again, as he drifted off to sleep himself.

That was how Sam found you both. He slowly shut the door and smiled to himself as he took a seat in a chair across the room, burying his nose in a book. He’d have to tell you both what he learned from Cas just a little bit later, but he was sure, deep down, you both already knew. You and Dean were soul mates.

I love having some friends who are in deep in the Star Wars fandom as some others who don’t know jack about it bc I get to have 3-hour-long discussions on the aspects of how the production and use of clones by the republic configures a system of slavery while on the other hand I can explain stuff like “what happened to Anakin’s hand” or “what is a porg”

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I didn't need my heart anyways.... It was such a good chapter (even though it was short) and I just spent the last few minutes balling my eyes out. It takes a damn good writer to make cry reading and you just made cry. Take your time with chapter 27 though it would be nice if you could keep from tearing out my heart with a fork again.

I love that this chapter is considered short. I think it’s the second shortest? But it’s still coming up on 4k words long. 

But like hi I’m Zoe thanks for welcoming me i like to write convoluted chapters one after the other (pls send help it’s an actual problem at this point) 

Thank you hun!!!!! I’m so happy you like it!!!

Almost is Never Enough

Prompt: HS!AU where Caspar is a jock and Joe is the brightest kid (x/x)

Joe skipped a grade so he’s in the same year as Zoe. Caspar’s two years behind them in school. In terms of age, Caspar and Joe have about a half a year age difference



Joe met Caspar when he was nine and Caspar was eight (or eight and a half as Caspar liked to proudly announce). Caspar had moved to England from South Africa and his new house happened to be a couple houses down from Joe’s. Joe and Caspar hit it off immediately after Joe’s dad forced him to introduce himself to Caspar.

Caspar turns out to go to the same primary school as Joe and despite the age difference, Joe sticks to Caspar’s side. Some people laugh at him, being in Year 5 and hanging out with someone in Year 3, but he doesn’t care. Caspar’s his best friend. (Well really, his only friend aside from his sister).

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