and i love yours

beetlesnout: ah yes. “corrupted” david telling max that he’s awful. which eventually leads to him just. sitting in the middle of one of a hallway and. he just. c r i es. david feels no remorse.

(corrupted david is a big asshole btw. in the first game, he was all shits n giggles w/ the tests and he was super nice to max. but now, its just. what happened to him?? max is super confused abt the whole thing. thats the main reason why he broke down??? i guess??)

Ohhhhhh this is SUCH good angst

AAAAAAA corrupted DaVID turns into the cold remorseless robot he was meant to be


And such wonderful cute art?!?! POOR MAX NEEDS A HUG. AND SOME MILK


Nasty Foxboy’s reign begins.

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You probably get 100+ asks a day and so many messages so Im not expecting a quick response but a while ago I submitted a Yuuri for the crop top thing that was going around and I know you gave me some amazing feedback about my art since I was just getting back into it at the time. And Ive been working really hard to improve over the summer and I was hoping I could dm you a picture of something I made to show you my progress bc youre one of my biggest inspirations. Sorry this is so long thank you

!!!! of course you can!! I’m really happy that you’re drawing and improving too <:

you know that feeling when you were first obsessed with some show or book or movie? and i mean <i>really</i> obsessed

i want that back

W O W I haven’t posted any Mob Psycho 100 content in a while all the old MP100 art on this blog is crusty as fuck haha

SO I was talking with my hella cool friend Elia and she was like ‘AU where Mob becomes a shadow monster when he hits 100% that acts according to which 100% he hits and ??? is just a creepy fuckin silent hill monster version of himself’ and I got HELLA INSPIRED BECAUSE GOOD AU???? So yeah have this drawing I threw together of a local cryptid.

(also wtf are hands)

this ain´t my pic, but damn would you look at him?

is this man freaking hot, or what?

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alright, alright. what a stupid question. of course he is


So I got my persona 5 tarot set in today and I can honestly say this is the best fanmade anything I’ve ever bought in all my life and I am so beyond blessed. I got the $50 super extra special goodies set and I’m in love. I want to marry it. And have glorious persona babies with it.

Everything was so well put together and designed, it came packaged so neatly. Not everything is pictured here bc I don’t wanna spoil the fun stuff for anyone else getting this but I just had to share some pics, including these goddamn Morgana socks that made me cry because I don’t deserve this. Obviously the cards are perfect and gorgeous. Sorcery.

I feel like an old, shriveled but caring granny gave me this incredible, lovingly packaged persona care package and my heart is overflowing. I’m gonna go to slep with my Morgana feet now