and i love you both so much

god, i loved getting to hear about Dan’s “week in march,” so fucking much, you can’t even imagine. It’s just like… hearing Dan explain what he went through being off meds for two weeks on accident without the proper monitored reduction by a physician both made me laugh and cringe for him. Like Dan said, it can be a horrible situation for some, life threatening, even, but also like Dan said, having gone the exact same thing as Dan, I can laugh at myself and how my body decided to react when I forgot my anti-depressants.

It was only one day, for me. One day, on accident, early one, when I didn’t know if I should wait until tomorrow to take it if it had already been like 6 hours since I USUALLY did, and oh man… oh man. For me, it was a numbness that rivaled the sensation of depression numbness, followed almost instantly by mania and a thrill seeking need that I have never before experienced in my life. I nearly hit another car because I went driving. I was a mess.

Hearing Dan experience something similar, and sharing that story with us… I was so happy to be able to laugh with him, and understand, and feel that same kind of strange kinship with someone who made a simple mistake with anit-depressants and came out the other end safetly. 

I know that for many of you out there, it’s not so funny. It might be terrifying and upsetting that he could laugh it off, or that I could laugh it off, and it might be the worst experience in the world when it happens, and for months after, but I promise that one day, you’ll look back and be able to laugh and cry at the same time, because look. You’re alive. You’re okay. You’re safe, and you understand your body and mind better, and you are still, STILL pushing through, despite how rough it must have been to be accidentally off of the thing that kept you sane. 

Thank you Dan, for sharing that story with us. Thank you, for making me feel able to laugh at my own silly mistake as well. Thank you for being open with us. 

Sweet Tooth (To Kill a Macaroon)

Summary: Your best friend is Natasha Romanoff, and she’s known to break hearts of many admirers in her wake. When you start working at a local bakery with a blue-eyed baker who has fallen for her, you do what it takes to make sure they both get the sugary-filled romance they deserve. However, things get a little complicated when your own feelings get in the way.  

Pairing: Baker!Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Word Count: 1,105

Part 1

A/N: For @theassetseyeliner ‘s writing challenge. Thank you all so much for the love and support for the first part of this series. You all have rendered me speechless with your wonderful messages and comments. You guys are the best :)

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“I hate you”

“You don’t hate me.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because you haven’t kicked me out of your apartment yet.”

You groan dramatically as you let yourself fall on the bed, your eyes staring up at the ceiling. “I still can’t believe you volunteered me to work at the bakery,” you mumble under your breath. Thanks to Natasha boasting about your love of baking, you find yourself earning a job at Barnes’ Bakery as a baker assistant. Quite honestly, you feel stressed since you need to juggle between college and work now, something you’re not prepared for.

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Can I just say your expressions for Pansy are so perfect, I love your version of her so much well done! xx

(( OOC: Fun fact, for Pansy I literally stuffed cotton wool underneath my top lip in order to give her a permanent sneer, and a bigger mouth than I had. Which worked really well, but also made it impossible for me to say my lines. So I have a lot of bloopers like this…

…..The things I do for you, @asktheboywholived. ))

@ dino if you’re reading this I love you and I’m so proud of you and I think you’re extremely talented and your voice is so wonderful and your dancing chokes me every time. you’re such a kind bright kid who works his butt off and I’m so thankful to have you apart of seventeen because they wouldn’t be the same without you do you hear me we all love and need you. you’ve grown up so well and you are so handsome and you are only going to get better and better looking as you age and no one is ready for those visuals. you’re like a little brother or maybe even a son or both somehow and I want to hug you tight and let you feel how my heart beats for you because i love you so very much. please eat all of your meals and take care of your skin and drink plenty of water and try to get to bed at a decent time. I know you’re so busy but I need you to get as much sleep as you can so you can be well rested and I won’t have to worry about you being tired. continue being the sweet respectful caring chan we all know and love. you deserve nothing but the best and if I could give it to you I would. I would do anything to make sure that you always feel loved and happy and surrounded by people who only have good intentions because you deserve it so damn much. I love you today tomorrow and always, chan ♡

Keith and I finally hit our 200 follower milestone recently and, with our ONE YEAR RP ANNIVERSARY coming up (which coincides with KEITH’S BIRTHDAY!!), we thought we’d commemorate with our very first bias list as well as a graphics GIVEAWAY (more information to follow on a separate post).

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for following us and making our experience here nothing short of extraordinary! We’ve both learned so much, we’ve loved, we’ve lost, and we’ve made some of the most rad fucking friends ever, so here’s to you all! This blog (and Keith) wouldn’t be the same without you.

To my RIDE or DIEs, you poor saps that have to deal with me turning everything I touch into angst (and who sometimes hit me back with much more than I was expecting I’m looking at you, Seka, I fucking LOVE YOU. Here’s to all the times we’ve said “I HATE YOU” ❤:

@blackether && @acrosstheunivcrse / @lanzazul / @drawntostardust / @rcversedmirror / @gogoing-gxne / @leoxirae / @roguehybridgalras

To these RAD AF mutuals who light up my life with their quality™ content (both IC and OOC) and who put up with all my crap on their dash. Some of you I haven’t really had the chance to interact with yet but I’m totally down to change that whenever! Y’all are THE REAL MVP:

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And a big thank you to everyone else who follows me even though we haven’t really interacted yet. Unfortunately, I can’t mention everyone so I apologize. ;3; I also know I have a lot of new followers that I haven’t had a chance to check out or interact with at all but I still hella appreciate you all! Thank you for your support! It means the worlds to us!

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Who's Selena Quintanilla?

yO i could go on forever about her

she’s this chic, 

she was known as just Selena as her stage name, there’s a whole movie about her, she’s played by Jennifer Lopez who’s legit was the perfect pic, I highly, like really highly recommend it

Today marks the day she released her first album so google doodle was like, hey we should put her on our logo today for that and also it’s Hispanic heritage month too so its perfect

my mom managed to go to one of her concerts before she passed (which is really unfortunate, similar to Richie Valens, they were both too young and had so much talent)

I think her famous song is Bidi bidi bom bom, also Como la Flor. She also made some English songs like Dreaming of You and I Could Fall in Love with you (which is my favorite<3) 

Any way feel free to add/share this because she’s such an idol

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Could I have some Historia headcanons? Thank you very much:)

  • Historia loves puns, and it will be the death of her. She gets so weak for puns, and can never resist an opportunity to use one. It’s both annoying and adorable. 
  • She has the singing voice of an angel. And she sings all of the time. When she’s doing chores, she’ll start humming a little song to keep herself and her friends motivated. She’ll sing in the shower. She’ll sing someone to sleep after a bad dream. She’ll sing to someone to distract them from the pain of an injury, no matter how serious that injury is. She just loves to sing and sing for people to help brighten their day. 
  • She says she doesn’t have a favorite color because all colors are equally beautiful (but her favorite color is actually an orchid purple, like the crayon.) 
  • She’s the ringleader in all the squad’s plans. When they suggest hanging out or having a party, she’ll be the one that actually follows up and makes sure that it happens. You can count on her to make sure that the group stays together and actually does things together. 
  • She isn’t a big cuddler, until it’s time for bed. She isn’t one to snuggle with her S/O or friends on the couch during movies or while hanging out, but once it’s time to go to sleep, she’s all hugs and cuddles. She just likes to feel safe and close to someone when she’s sleeping; it helps her fall asleep to either be wrapped up in someone’s arms or to have someone she can wrap her arms around. 

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preview - cannibal (e.d. fanfic)

i’m writing a thing, an apocalypse au to be exact, and i’m too excited about it that i want to give you a preview. it’s a dolan twins fic, meaning both the boys will be in it, but ethan is the main love interest (of the reader) and there will also be peeps of other youtubers, so you’ll have that to look forward to.

Originally posted by dolanbrows

below the cut is a teaser. heheheh enjoyyy

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you and ceo!tom went to college together, were both at the top of the class and became best friends; now you run 2 successful & competing companies but you're still besties and you always support each others work (and also roast each other bc you gotta keep him humble some how) (that's the entire headcanon that's it just being great ceos together)

o k a y can i say how much i love this simply because it’s so much different from all of the others ?? like it focuses on a friendship and supporting each other yES I AM LIVING FOR THIS



In the spirit of Holloween, I drew Anti and Darkiishu together! I worked so hard trying to find stuff to glitch it all together perfectly. I love Jack and Wiishu so much, and want to thank them both for inspiring me to achieve my goals and go to art school😁. Also a happy birthday to @anti-brxxdgee thank you for being the best internet friend I could ever have.

Thank you💫

(Tap for better Quality!)

I’m always skeptical with season premiers of Supernatural. I’ve been let down in the past - oh, have I been let down. But I liked season 13 premiere SO MUCH you guys!! I loved Jack! And even more I loved that his main “connection” was to Sam. I love both Sam and Dean, but I constantly feel like the writers shaft Sam’s characters (especially when it comes to interacting and connecting to other main/recurring characters). So if they keep up the whole Sam/Jack relationship (I would love a whole kinda father/so thing), bring back some unceremoniously and unnecessarily killed off characters in the other dimension, give us angst with a healthy dose of humor…I am in for this season…I am all in!

Morgan’s TTYA order finally arrived!! :D Can I tell you how much I love him in this hoodie especially with those shorts? It’s a lot. c:

Most of the clothes fit which is a huge relief because I’m usually terrible at measurements. Both pairs of jeans are a little too big and long but that’s a quick fix. All in all, a good day~

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Any chance a copy of Black Velvet will be on sale sometime soon? I heard you considering selling imperfect copies, & am I'm honestly willing to pay for it if you're willing to sell. If I just missed my chance, it's a bummer, but it's alright!Honestly love this AU & hope to see more from it soon.

I need to reset up my shop (turns out I have to stick to tictail, lol, because of terms, or make my own shop but that’s too much work) and now that I have a printer I want to get prints up with it, so it’ll be a bit just beause october I have a lot of deadlines and work between zines and otabek week and patreon to make ;; but yes, BOTH misprint copies AND normal copies will be on sale when I get to it! Thank you so much!

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All this time I thought architect cross was you. Lol You and your sister are super talented. I love the content you both create.

Nope, to keep up an extra blog would be even too much for me :D Thank you so much ♥

Can we just take a min to appreciate these two sweethearts who are pure rays of sunshine who are too precious for this world, but honestly i love leo and jordan so much and even though what happend in the last episode i think they did an amazing job a portraying a story which didnt have a name and was punishable by death and how you could feel the love that they had for eachother not through the body language, etc but through the emotion of the eyes and that is magical. They are both wonderful human beings and deserve the very best

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What is the most overrated and underrated ship, in your opinion? (if I can have both)

I’m guessing you mean in TMNT 2012 since it’s the only show I can’t shut up about. XD

Overrated I would say Apritello of course. I wouldn’t mind it really if their relationship hadn’t dragged so much and gone literally nowhere. :/ I’m still angry at the end of the Bigfoot episode, that could have been a great message to tell if April hadn’t gone up and send a bunch of mixed feelings to Donnie again who had just come to terms with Splinter’s wisdom that “you can’t force love on somebody who doesn’t feel the same way.”

Underrated I’d have to choose something less “praised” but also pretty plausable and logical with the show and characters…

I’ll go with Raph and Casey (as a platonic (or also romantic) ship). They’re pretty popular in the fandom but I’m mostly talking about the actual show. - They had a cool start with the two but then mostly focused just on Casey’s and Donnie’s rivalry (Again because of Apritello) and kinda cut out fun (idiotic) scenes they could have had with Casey and Raph. They just kinda declared “Hey Raph and Casey are best buds because it was so in previous reincarnations but let’s just not do anything to show their friendship, okay, here’s Donnie’s jealous face.” :) ;*

It’s just kinda sad this show hadn’t focused more on the relationship of characters instead of coming up with dozen and so mutants and aliens to defeat. The farmhouse arc still angers me because of this. They had everything planned out for an emotional ride and more character and relationship building. But instead we got a Kinder Surprise mutant per episode. :(

I guess we’re gonna have to make do with background scenes. Thank you show’s animators and storyboard artists for sneaking stuff into the episodes. :P

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ship ask post

anonymous asked:

I've sent in so many tonight ahh I love CEO! Tom so much!! I feel like he would have a checklist of all the places he wants to hookup with you in the building? He wouldn't flat out tell you, but one day when you're both fixing yourself back up after a quickie in one of the men's rooms or something he's like, "one more checked off the list," and you're just so confused ☂️ (I don't know if people do this but I'm too scared to go off anon so that umbrella means it's me :))

iM shOOkeN thank you for continuously blessing us
CEO!Tom Night

anonymous asked:

Lots of love and prayers sent your way. I'm very sorry to hear your morning went the way it did. Hope everything gets better. *Panda hugs* -Smol Slytherin Panda

((OOC: The support and love I get from you guys never fails to both shock and calm me. I have so many messages like this in my inbox right now and each and every one of them has made today so much easier <3 I love and appreciate you all more than I have the energy to articulate right now and I can’t thank you enough <3)) 

wussup i was tagged by @sanhatation and @illustre-bin to do this voice tag or whatever u call it thanks yall i love u so much ur both adorable as frick (also yeah i did a video too not because im incompetent but bc i’m hoping the fact that im Cute makes up for my goblin voice lmao !)

Questions !

  • Your name and username.
  • Where you’re from.
  • Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
  • Choose a book and read a passage from it.
  • Do you think you have an accent?
  • Be a wizard or a vampire?
  • Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
  • End audio post by saying any THREE words you want.

and i’ll be tagging @arohawe @laisgrl @lost-tearss @pupkitty-moonbin love u guys have a gt 

also side note i’m aware that i say grandpa twice nd sorry to disappoint but i don’t have gay grandpas i meant to say grandma oops !

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everyone always says to follow your dreams ... but at the same time I have to make sure to go after money to be able to survive ... do you have any advice on how to do both? (btw, you seem like a really nice person and you are always so helpful, thank you for that <3)

Thank you, I try to be cause it’s fun!! It’s super sweet of you too! ^__^

Well, this one’s a bit tricky because it’s more about who you are as a person, and what most of the time, what degree/career we choose has a bit of a compromise somewhere or another. If everyone loved their job 100% and found it super easy to do, well, no one would really pay people all that much to do things. For example, jobs which require a lot of hard labour are physically straining on the body, so they get paid more or else no one would do it when they could get a comfier job in something like retail instead. There’s a trade off a lot of the time. 

There’s no denying that there’s a particular set of jobs which people would fancy doing if the average pay was better. Not talking about the people who hit it big and make it famous, or the better paid people in the industry e.g. artists, actors/actresses, photographers, designers, teachers, fashion designers, etc. 

University is about improving your chances of comfortable living. It in itself is a compromise; you’re giving away 5 years of your life and investing a lot of finances too depending on what country you’re living in, for a better income than you would get without a university most of the time, with the exception of the few entrepreneurs which are able to innovate so uniquely they build multi-million dollar corporations. They’re the exception though and not the rule, as many start ups would like to believe. 

You only live once, quite literally, so it depends on what’s important to you. Why are we living if we’re not meant to find contentedness and/or happiness? Following your dreams is a good thing. So is choosing something slightly less “ideal” (and is it really your “dream”? I discuss below) so that you can live a comfortable life. Some people are married to their career, and others simply find their career a means to an end. Other people find enjoyment in their career and/but have something more important to them, things like family, prestige, honour, comfort, material goods, etc. 

You can’t live without money, you also don’t need too much of it. If you don’t have money, you feel stressed constantly, relationships are strained as well. You can’t really provide for people and children who may depend on you, and not literally in a dependent-type relationship, but emotionally as well, your person is taken up by worries. If you’re too stressed, people important to you lose out as well. On the other hand, people who make around $75K are as happy as people who make millions a year. The more money you make, the more responsibility you have, so millionaires also have stress. There’s also the argument that if you have too much of a good thing you can’t really appreciate it as much. 

In any case, if you’re the type of person who becomes unhappy and unfulfilled if you can’t work your dream job, then go for it. Even if you don’t make it big, you’ll be the type of person who didn’t regret spending all that time and money investing in your career. 

If you’re the type who is happy enough doing something that you’re pretty good at and are comfortable with the added bonus of good pay, go for it. You’d be the type to not miss chasing a dream with its associated risks and opportunity costs. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly mind what job you do as long as you have money for the important things in your life, then go for it. You’d be the type to care more about providing for a family then being 100% satisfied at work for a simple example. 

Those aren’t even close to all the situations possible. A lot of times people might not really know themselves that well and for one reason or another decide to go for something that isn’t really going to make them happy. Most often in popular media it’s the person who chooses becoming some businessperson and then bam, one day they slam their resignation form on the bosses’ table and walk out and chase their dreams belatedly. Sometimes people choose to chase after their dream job from the outset, or you get the person who decides to choose a more traditionally stable job from the beginning. 

You know, people often think the latter is a compromise, but don’t you feel like that’s a particularly Westernised concept? Compromise in the context of a career I mean. Not that I know anything about social studies, but compromise is important in life, and the skill should be valued. If you don’t compromise, you can never be happy. You want a house and nice car but you also want to blow millions on designer handbags, have a stress free life, 20 hour work week, go out to Tetsuya’s or some other high end restaurant every week, and a perfect family with a few dogs too? Most people can’t have everything. And in between these two media stereotypes is everyone else. There are all these shades in between, because humans, people, have a multitude of reasons why they want to pursue one recourse and not another, and I don’t think making a choice between the two (i.e. money or dreams), or literally choosing a course that is something in between the two (because there are a lot of well paying jobs you can get that are pretty enjoyable :D) should warrant negative judgement from others. 

So after the philosophical discourse, for some advice to balance between both, I think it’s important to understand that people’s dreams, or what people perceive to be their dreams rather, is usually formed by a pretty shallow understanding of what the job entails. When you work hard at something you become good at it. When you become good at something you enjoy doing it more. When you enjoy doing something, there is a good chance you will become passionate about it and it will become your dream. A lot of times, having an open mind and not rejecting from the start what you’re going to study means you’re going to find it interesting. 

Personally, that’s how I’ve somehow come to approach all my studies during high school which then led to an interest in science and eventually resulting in me choosing my current degree. To be honest, I kind of think it’s a difficult situation senior year students face. There are so many occupations out there, and how many do we actually know of, like literally understand what the day to day job entails? When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, there’s like a list of twenty jobs they list “I wanna be a doctor, lawyer, police officer, fire fighter, nurse, etc.” Gosh I even met a hairstylist-in-training my age who didn’t know what an optometrist was when I was in my first year. 

So you can totally balance both if you choose something remotely interesting and work hard at it. It’s very hard to hate something that you’re good at, particularly if it matches your personal values as well. For example, I really like helping people, so a health science was great for that. Optometry was kinda cool, but I was impartial to most health sciences, I felt like the optometrist career at the end suited me more because it was community-based. The more I studied optometry the more passionate I became about it. So I’m effectively making it my dream in that aspect, though I kind of like everything and anything so it doesn’t particularly feel like I’ve ever really had a “dream” just because 1. that word is raised on a pedestal and has the “best thing of my life” emotional baggage/connotations and 2. I would study almost anything if education was free (both literal fees and opportunity cost). 

Anyway, that was super fun to talk about! I don’t claim to know everything mind y’all, I just like discussing things so don’t witch hunt me :) I hope that helped you come to terms with whatever decisions that you decide to make, and helps you to understand the decisions that others make as well! 

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* Sleepover time! *:・゚✧*・゚✧