and i love you both so much

Package Deal

I like to think that Saitama and Genos have the sort of relationship where they’re a package deal. Like if you invite one of them to something then there’s like a 99% chance the other one goes too. Maybe the Hero Association gets upset because Genos keeps bringing a B-Class hero to S-Class events and Genos is pretty much like “fuck off”. Or maybe their friends don’t bother giving them both invitations to thinks because they know that invitation automatically includes the other. And on the rare occasion where only one of them shows up to something people just freak out and ask a billion questions like “What happened?” “Did you two get into a fight?” “Is everything alright?”. And their responses are always so domestic or mundane like “Genos is parking the car” or “Saitama has a stomach ache” or “Genos is over there. Jesus, calm down. We’re fine.”

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On a scale of 1 to Alya, how much do you love Nino?

Alya + 1

like i love them both so much but Nino wins by like a point cuz the lack of him in canon fuels my love for him 

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i love this au, but just wanted to warn you of some stuff in your tags post. the 'stories' link is broken, 'theology majors' has a comma on the end of the url, and your 'brigadoon' tag (linked from the masterlist) is empty because your one post on it is tagged 'brigadoon hall'. i wish you the best of luck with both storytelling and managing this wonderful universe!!!

Thank you so much for the heads up! Theoretically everything is now working.

Soundtrack (Song 2 of 5)

Word Count: 4582

Summary:  Steve is still human. He makes mistakes. Though you love each other so very, very much, you fear your time is running out.

Warnings: Language, angst, mentions of blood and injury

A/N: I’m sorry that this took so long. This series has been floating around in my head since before this blog even existed, so I really, really want to get it right. The song of the chapter is “Liar” by Mumford and Sons. Lyrics are in italics.

Song 1

Originally posted by uuuhshiny

That little episode made you both cocky. Steve left; you fought; you yelled, but at the end of the day, he still came home. At the end of the day, you forgave him and moved on. You loved each other, and that was enough. But it didn’t stay that way.

I know that things are broken

Because that one mission opened the door for him. There was always one more mission, one more bad guy, one more fight to be fought. It didn’t seem to matter when Tony told him it wasn’t worth losing you over. Losing you didn’t seem like a viable possibility anymore.

It didn’t matter when Bucky gave him that look, told him they didn’t need a punk like him around, that they could survive without him, that the same couldn’t be said about his family.

It didn’t matter when Sam looked him in the eye and told him to get his goddam shit together and stay with his family where he was meant to be.

It didn’t matter. Because it was just one more. It was just a little longer. Just need to see this mission through. Just need to see this guy brought to justice.




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What did you guys do once Jeremy arrived? How surprised/excited was he to be spending the day with you?

It was so cute when he saw us, first his eyes started tearing up then he gave us both, at the same time, a long hug! He really was surprised, he knew we were in SF but he didn’t even think it was possible that he’d see us. It’s kinda funny that he tears up so easily, because that’s so like us. I guess we are all criers!

We walked around Union Square to show him one of the spots we love so much, then got in the car and went to Coit Tower, Lombard St (the crookedest road in the world) stuff like that to show him more of the city. We ended up taking him to lunch, pier 39, fisherman’s wharf, so pretty much touristy stuff. Before we left we parked at the Golden Gate Bridge and walked over part of it. It was an awesome day for sure! We also bought him a cool SF sweatshirt that he seems to love (yes he wore it to school today)

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me and my best friend have been shipping nygmobblepot since before their 1st scene even aired here in australia. i remember we saw their scene (pictures and gifs) online and so when we saw it on tv we got so excited. ah memories!!

Ah when life was easy, for both us and Ed & Os ugh. Let’s happy ship s1 Ed and s3 Oswald, adoring and loving each other til no end. Ah I imagine when ep15 trailer came and we saw a second of their meeting it was unbelieveable aaah omg, much feels! Also you know after that meeting I hoped their relation would start to develop like it did in season 3 haha like Oswald went home and just couldn’t stop thinking about that dork he met and they would cross paths again VERY soon. But man did I do my waiting! but FINALLY! But now they need to solve their shit huh, yes they will. 

Only frustration

There tends to be this subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) in the Richonne fandom to put down Rick. Sometimes it’s just playful fun, but other times it’s very serious.

I love Rick and Michonne. I can’t stand anyone saying anything negative about either of them. If there is honest and intelligent discourse about flaws and frustrations, I’m all here for it, but if it’s just putting Rick down to build up Michonne, I ain’t here for it. If it’s putting Michonne down to build Rick up, I ain’t here for it.
They are so amazing because they are equal, Ricks weaknesses are improved by Michonnes strengths, Michonnes weaknesses are improved by Ricks strengths. However, you cannot compare Ricks weaknesses with Michonnes strengths or Michonnes weaknesses to Ricks strengths and then say one is better than the other.
I love this ship so much because of how amazing and caring and flawed and human both characters are.

She paused to collect her thoughts, before continuing, ‘You and I are both so instinctive in a way that they just aren’t. It’s not anything to reflect negatively on them at all– I love hanging out with them and I know you will too –but at a point, there’s only so much we can relate to each other when I can predict everything they’re going to say before they say it and still be writing a story in my head at the same time.’ Another pause. 'They totally know it too, they tease me all the time for being a ‘freak of nature,’ but in a nice way– I think you’ll see what I’m talking about after we all spend some time together.’

—  👁‍🗨

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Are you still into Trollhunters? Because I just found your blog and fallen head over heels in love with your OC Cassandra, and I MUST KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER.


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

…we need a gif of that moment where Jim imagines Strickler laughing manically, I just realized that.  


So, I don’t know how much you’ve learned about her from the posts I’ve made about her already, but here’s the general run down plus a few more little tidbits:

  • Cassandra gets her name after the infamous prophetess of Troy, because Strickler is a History Nerd and a lover of symbolism and no one would have ever predicted that such a child could be, one born of a Human and a Changeling and loved by both. 
  • (Strickler confides to Barbara that it also happens to be the name of the woman who raised him, whom he cared for very much.)  
  • She has Barbara’s hair color (only a few shades darker), and Strickler eyes, both in that their human gaze is a gorgeous shade of green and in that they will glow like the fires of hell when she’s in the midst of a temper tantrum.
  • When she’s older she totally uses them as a weapon/means of intimidation 
  • As several fuckboys have learned to their detriment 
  • But yeah, given that her parents are the resident Hot Teacher and Dr. Hot Mom, Cassandra grows into an heart-stopping and striking beauty and everyone is pretty much sighing and swooning after her
  • And that includes her Troll form too
  • She gets a lot of her Troll/Changeling features from Strickler (big surprise I know) but because of her mixed parentage she’s even more human looking than other Changelings and actually is quite like how I envision Changeling Barbara to be. 
  • once I get that picture of Changeling Barbara posted up here/start writing the story that focuses on Changeling Barbara, you’ll see what I mean
  • She has teal skin and horns that she inherited from dear old Dad, only a wee bit smaller, and while her hair stays red it gets SUPER wild and curly. 
  • She’s a super sweet kid and LOVES her Mama and her Daddy and her Big Brother, but she has a mischievous side 
  • She learns to scamper about at a pretty early age compared to human other babies, which unfortunately leads to one of her favorite games: Pouncing. 
  • Pouncing on Big Brother Jim while he’s cooking in the kitchen
  • Pouncing on Daddy when he’s grading term papers at his desk
  • But with Mama, she doesn’t Pounce 
  • With Mama, she Snuggles
  • She used to have the bad habit of using her horns to headbutt things, but learned her lesson when she tried it on the bathroom door and got them stuck in it
  • It took both Strickler and Barbara to get her out
  • Jim would have helped but he was too busy laughing and recording it
  • Jim still has the video of her thrashing and wailing and trying to get free, and Strickler will threaten to use it for blackmail if she seriously misbehaves
  • When she was little, it was a coin toss on which form she would “wear” that day, be it Human or Troll 
  • It got better when she got older and learned to control it a bit more, but on the days when she was happily rolling around with nubby little fangs and stubby little bumps of horns, Strickler would take the day off and teach her some of his lesson plans
  • Because of this, she loves history (to Strickler’s never ending joy)
  • She especially loves the myths and legends about ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and monsters in general. 
  • Her favorite is Medusa, and many a Halloween has Cassandra gone toddling off with rubber snakes in her hair and fake fangs and raspberry jam smeared over her mouth, causing several other children to cry
  • Strickler is so proud 
  • She gets VERY disappointed when there is no monster under her bed like the other children at school told her there was. She left a sandwich and everything! 
  • Daddy promises to have her meet with some just as soon as she’s old enough 
  • Her babysitters would alternate between Jim and Claire and Toby and she adores ALL of them
  • But Toby is totes her favorite
  • Jim AND Barbara AND Strickler all train her in fighting, and she becomes a very proficient fencer and Krav Maga student. 
  • She likes to travel, and works very hard to afford to go on several study-abroads. 
  • She’s whip-smart, and I can see her doing a double major in History and in Literature, with a particular focus upon folklore and stories and essays about just what makes a monster a monster…

Anything else you wanna know about her? Feel free to ask anything at all, I love talking about Cassandra/any of my OC’s! 

Not Your Possession

Theo Raeken X Reader 

Word Count: 898

Requested: Anon @theo-damn-raeken

Request: Hi, could I request a Theo Raeken imagine where they both work for the Dread Doctors separately and then they meet and he instantly falls in love with her and kind of like decides she’s his. She starts going to the Beacon Hills High School and he gets really jealous, protective and possessive over her because guys are all over her and they discover they’re mates please? And if yes thank you so much!😆 I hope you have a great day/night by the way!😊

Could you do a Theo Raeken one shot about how Theo is jealous? Thanks

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

The Doctors needed a way to get information and find the right people for their experiments and you were the one that got it for them, you’d go in before them find a number of people that would be eligible for the experiments, then when they get there they choose who they want from what you found. Usually, you worked alone but recently they were trying to introduce you to a new Chimaera, one of their successes, they decided that you were both ready to start working together.

Theo looked at you and immediately decided that you were his, he loved everything about you, his eyes flashed when he looked at you but no one seemed to notice. He smirked at you and stuck his hand out “Theo Raeken.” He smiled.
“(Y/N) (L/N)” You smiled. You both got on well and you were close, Theo was always with you and he had no idea why. When he wasn’t with you, he sought out your voice or heartbeat, he was always touching you whether it be a hand on your waist or playing with your hair. You never really had a problem with it, you just assumed that most of the time it was part of the act.
“Are you ready?” Theo asked.
“Well yeah!” You smiled over at him, he squeezed your hand which was resting on the console.
“You’re going to be okay?” Theo asked.
“Why is this time different?” You asked.
“There are real werewolves here, a were-coyote, kitsune and there was a nogitsune,” Theo informed you.
“I know I told you that.” You rolled your eyes. “I wonder what happened up there.”
“Dunno probably a crash,” Theo mumbled.
“Uh huh.” You grunted resting your head against the glass. A while later there was a bike driving down the road and Theo looked over at you.
“You know where to go right?” Theo asked and you rolled your eyes and nodded.
“Okay I’ll catch up with Scott okay?” he asked as he climbed out of the car, you climbed over into the driver’s seat and used the time to adjust everything so that you were comfortable, Theo kissing your temple before running off.

You been in Beacon Hills for a few weeks and Theo’s plan was going well or so it seemed and you were starting to make plans for once he’d gotten his pack because he wouldn’t need you anymore and the Doctors would mostly call on you to leave with them, you were trying to distance yourself from him and get to know other people. “So are you free tonight?” (B/N) asked as he leant against the locker next to yours.
“Um, I’m not sure I was supposed to be hanging out with Theo today.” You answered gesturing the boy across the hall.
“You’re always with Theo how about you ditch him come hang out with me?” he asked pushing himself off the lockers and stood behind you as you changed your books for class.
“Okay…” You agreed reluctantly and he smiled kissed your temple and left when you looked back you saw that Theo was gone too.

Later that evening you were at (B/N)’s house but your night was cut short when Stiles called you “(Y/N)! Theo’s hurt and he’s not healing.” Stiles informed you. “Maybe you should come pick him up and take him home, you’re the only one who knows where he lives.”
“Yeah, I’ll be there as fast as I can.” You agreed hanging up the phone and grabbing your bag “I’m sorry something happened with Theo, I have to go.”
“Seriously!?” (B/N) asked. “Okay fine but I’m never going to ask you out again it me or him!”
“I choose him.” You answered almost immediately before walking out.

You got to Scott’s and he helped you get Theo into his truck before handing you the keys and you both started on your way home. “Theo, why aren’t you healing?” You asked.
“I don’t know.” He answered shortly and it was now that you realised that he wasn’t holding your hand which was on the console and he hadn’t looked at you at all.
“Are you mad at me?” You asked glancing over at him when he didn’t answer. You helped him into your room and went to find the first aid kit that was originally for you. You tried to clean his cuts but he kept jerking away from your touch and when you skin finally came into contact properly it burned and you snatched your hand away. “What the hell?”
“You have a good time!?” he asked finally speaking and you could her the anger in your voice,
“What?” You asked.
“You were supposed to be mine, you were supposed to be happy with me! Not some human you found by accident!” Theo glared and you looked at him.
“I’m not your possession.” You said through clenched teeth.
“No, but your still mine!” Theo growled moving across the room faster than you could register and caging you against the wall.
“What do you mean?” You asked your voice low because he was so close. He leant down taking a deep breath his nose buried in your neck.
“Mine.” He mumbled leaning back his eyes glowing, you lifted your hands up to his cheek your touch calming him.
“Okay.” You whispered gently “okay…”

Requests and general question!

BestFriends!Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield moodboard

“I don’t know what my future holds but i’m hoping you guys are in it.” You said to the the two boys. Tom and Harrison wrapped their arms around you and you three hugged each other for two minutes. “I love both of you so much.” You confessed. “And we love you to y/n.” Tom said. 

Things I need in life

Yuri and Otabek going on friend dates with each other and gushing over their crushes at each other (or at least as close to gushing as these two can get lol).

Like Otabek listening to Yuri enthusiastically talk about Yuuri and then Yuri playfully teasing Otabek because when Otabek talks about JJ he gets all shy.

or if you want angst, they both comfort each other because both of their crushes are engaged :’) 

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I was a little bitch about the spoilers when I first saw them and then I was like ???? But regardless of what does or doesn't happen (and lbr when are spoilers ever accurate-esp at this stage) Robert is falling to pieces without Aaron and is so worried he can't cope and I'm just thinking about finally seeing Robert cry actual tears down his face and I just can't even be mad. (That shit better happen or is2g I'm gonna fight them) (and then we could make a post of both aaron and Robert tears :)) )



hahaha i’m fine he’s fin everything’s fine ok i’m dying

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THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I actually squealed!! They were both so in character despite the angsty storyline!! I loved that so much - thank you for making my crappy day so much better!

Thank you so much! I loved writing that, I think it’s super important to write about serious topics and help people understand these situations aren’t as cut and dry as we all assume . It’s extra cool to involve your favorite in the stories!

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When Friday comes around, Peter is so nervous during the whole date, fidgeting a bit & anxiously bouncing his leg while you try to chat idly with him as you both eat. You notice his discomfort & reach over to gently grab his hand & that instantly makes his foot stop bouncing & he looks at you as you comfort him "Hey, you're doing just fine. I'm having a lovely time" & he blushes a little & smiles cutely "Really?" "Really" & you bring his hand to your mouth & kiss it softly & he me l t s

i can’t even add anything bc i feel dizzy, that’s how much i love this

Being married to Jonathan Archer would involve:

  • Especially after he becomes President of the Federation, be prepared to be in the limelight. Even when he was Captain, Archer was very well-known by most people. So being his spouse would also push you into the attention
  • Jonathan always tries to sacrifice himself for others. Always putting himself in danger. Expect to constantly be scared for his safety
  • But when he comes back after a mission, you both just spend the rest of the night with each other
  • Normally, I don’t think Archer would be very romantic. But every once in a while, he’ll surprise you with some dinner or a flower or something small like that
  • (Especially when there’s something to celebrate or he did something wrong oops)
  • So so very protective over you. If anything were to happen to you, Archer would tear everybody apart to either get you back or avenge you
  • He has a tendency to not remind you how much he loves you until something almost happens. So Archer tries to tell you he loves you a lot more
  • Having at least 5 dogs together when you’re living on Earth
  • Slow-dancing to your wedding song on your anniversary because whenever Archer is romantic, its cheesy af

Requested by lilacrevontulet~

I finally figured out my problem with KOTFE/KOTET

(Well, it’s not so much a problem as it is an observation.)

A note before I begin: I love KOTFE and KOTET. The overall story of both combined (aside from, you know, the gaping plot holes and hastily erased/returned companions) is awesome. The characters (old and new) are awesome. The cinematics and animations are awesome. It’s all pretty awesome. But there has always been something that felt off about it to me, something my mind had pinpointed but didn’t have the words to express until now:

To me, this is not a Star Wars: The Old Republic story.

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top 5: for your own writings on here!

Holy hell in a handbasket… this one was really difficult, but thank you for asking because it made me think about my own writing (and that I’m probably too self absorbed in the stuff I write!)

1) This one where Jude and Eden both got a stomach bug at the same time!

2) This one where Blake forced himself to go to a gig where he ended up spewing! 

3) This one where Jude was an A+ drama king about feeling sick but ended up infecting Eden!

4) This one which was based on a YOI prompt but Aiden just fitted it so perfectly! 

5) This one where teenage Eden tried not to throw up while in school!

Word Count: 1274

Triggers: None

Part I | Part II

Requested by Anonymous

Work had been crazy. One con after another after another was just too much. Everyone at Leverage Inc. was tired. You and Hardison were supposed to go on your second date when the week was over, but you both agreed that you were too tired. You decided to reschedule.

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Heyy, can you make a headcanon for this too? How would Rfa react to a mc who gets flustered really easily and for the first time she says the words 'I love you' to them while stuttering.

So cuuuute!!!


- You’re not able to make eye contact with him as you stutter out the words.

- “Y-Yoosung….I…..I love you!”

- His eyes widen and a blush makes it’s way to his cheeks.

- “R-really MC?!”

- looking at the ground shyly, you nod.

- “I-I love you too! So much!” He tells you.

- That makes you look to his face, and for a couple seconds, you both just stare at each other.

- Then, Yoosung takes a step towards you and puts both hands tentatively on your waist -

- And brings you closer for a shy, feather-light kiss on your lips.

- He pulls away, but keeps his forehead resting on your own.

- You two stay like that for awhile, with shy, goofy grins on your faces.


- You’re not able to make eye contact with her as you stutter out the words.

- “J-Jaehee….I…..I love you!”

- Her face gets as red as your own.

- “MC…”

- She’s wanted to tell you how she feels for a long time now but couldn’t find the courage.

- And now you’ve said it first, despite how difficult it must have been because of your shyness.

- Her heart feels like it swells in her chest as she looks at you.

- You’re very cute!

- She leans in and pulls you into a tight hug.

- “I love you as well!” She admits while burying her face in your neck.


- You’re not able to make eye contact with him as you stutter out the words.

- “Z-Zen….I…..I love you!”

- He blinks at you, surprised that you beat him to saying it.

- Oh man, your face is so red. It’s too cute!!!

- He just wants to kiss every inch of your blushing face.

- So he does. Cupping your face in his hands, he kisses your forehead, cheeks and the tip of your nose before placing his lips on yours.

- He kisses you deeply for several moments, before slowly pulling away.

- He lightly brushes his thumb across your cheek as he smiles down at you.

- “I love you too, my Princess.”


- You’re not able to make eye contact with him as you stutter out the words.

- “J-Jumin….I…..I love you!”

- His eyes widen very briefly in surprise at your confession.

- But then, his face melts into that soft, gentle smile you love so much. The one he reserves for only you and Elizabeth III.

- He loves it when you get flustered.

- The sight of your flushed face is always so beautiful to him.

- He gently cups your chin and tilts your face so you’re looking into his eyes.

- “And I love you, my beautiful MC.”

- And with that he kisses you deeply.


- You’re not able to make eye contact with him as you stutter out the words.

- “Sae-Saeyoung….I…..I love you!”

- Critical hit to his heart! x100,000 points!

- His heart’s slamming against his chest.

- It’s something he’s dreamed of hearing you say to him, but he’s also afraid of what it could mean for you.

- “Are you sure MC? That you want to give your love to someone like me? I’m dangerous, you know.”

- You tell him that yes, you do love him and that he’s the only one you want. No matter what.

- Well…you try to tell him through a lot of mumbling and stuttering.

- Luckily, he understands what you’re trying to say anyway and takes pity on you as he pulls you close.

- “I love you MC. I always have.” His voice is thick with emotion. And are those….tears in his eyes?

- You don’t have time to tell as he kisses you with a passion you feel through your whole body, right down to your toes.