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☆ a n d r o m e d a  t o n k s ☆

one night when you are watching a storm, you will understand what she and you have in common. you are both lonely creatures. the difference is that the storm loves her lonely so much that she lets it dance and sing as loudly as she wants, whereas you despise yours.

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Hi! I hope you are having a great day. As someone who likes DCAU's Wally West I always wanted to know your opinion about him in the episode "Flash and Substance" (the Flash apreciation episode): Do you think Wally being caring and super nice is a reflection of how awesome he is or he has became a better superhero/person by working with the other Leaguers? Maybe both? Sorry for the lenght of the question, take care :)

Both, I think!

“Flash and Substance” really pinpoints why I love Wally so much as a character. Even with powers, he’s the most human member of the league–and, in a lot of ways, he not only serves as the heart of the team, but keeps it grounded in its collective humanity. That’s been canon since before JLU: in “A Better World,” the sole difference between the Justice League and the Justice Lords is a living Wally West.

But “Flash and Substance” is the first time we really see the Flash in his element. In the League, he comes off as a goof-off and often as a minor player, and “Flash and Substance” is where we learn why. Wally is essentially a local hero. His heroics, and even his relationship to his villains, are grounded in his community. His day job is in law enforcement–specifically, the less flashy end of it. He fights supervillains, but that’s a relatively small aspect of how he engages with the people of Central City. (We get a glimpse of that earlier, too, in another of my favorite episodes, “Comfort and Joy.”) He’s just a really, really good dude.

If Batman is the mastermind/general of the league, Flash is the social worker. He’s not solving global problems, but he knows every single person he’s encountered by name, and he treats them all like people.

There’s a scene midway through the episode that gets discussed a lot, where the Flash, Batman, and Orion encounter the Trickster in a villain bar. They’re trying to get info on a rogues’ plot to attack the opening of the Flash Museum–and this, above all other moments, is where you see why the Flash is so goddamn great.

Batman and Orion, true to form, are ready to beat the information out of the Trickster. Flash, horrified, calls them off, sits down with the Trickster at the bar, and gently convinces him not only to tip the heroes off to the other rogues’ plans, but to check himself back into the psychiatric hospital from which he’s escaped with a promise of a visit and a game of darts (”the soft kind”). (And you know he’s gonna follow through, too, because of “Comfort and Joy.”)

Orion is floored. Batman is impressed. Flash is nonplussed: to him, this is how being a superhero works.

And that’s why Wally West is the best guy in the Justice League, and “Flash and Substance” is my favorite episode of JLU.

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What is the difference between shrinkyclicks and shrunkyclunks? Thank you 😊

Shrinkyclinks is the name given to art/fic/content featuring Winter Soldier!Bucky (as in, looking like he does after TWS, with the long hair and the metal arm, but not necessarily with him being in WS mode) x Skinny!Steve.

Shrunkyclunks is used for Captain America!Steve Rogers (so canon!Steve) x modern!Bucky (basically Bucky was born in modern times and they didn’t actually know each other before Steve was thawed)

And you’re welcome :DDD

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May I please request Mikasa and Levi and 9? Thank you so much! :)

Ugh this one was hard to do and im not happy with how it came out :/ still, hope you like it, Love! The pair getting ready for bed… and Mikasa passing out almost immediately lol perfect time to secretly shower her in affection

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I work at a school and am out to my students, but one study group forgot that my gf and I aren't married, so they keep asking about my "wife" and if she cooks or if I cook and that kind of thing. We're both in a "not thinking about it yet" place abt marriage but it felt so nice to hear her called my wife. I just love her so much <3

this is so cute! thank you for sharing <3

Bear with this Mod

Hey everyone this is Mod Jundy✨,

you can call me Jund if you like i dont mind.

I’m a genderfluid PoC. I use he/him or they/them pronouns, i pretty much love any genre of music, and i do both traditional and digital art in my spare time and not so spare time, i can read and understand Portuguese and Spanish however i am not great at all at responding

i hope i can get along with the Mods and the community here 

Nice to meet and get to know u all 

p.s i really Love bears and puns
* Edit sorry forgot pronouns

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I'm having a lot of Jensen feels after jibcon & I can't help feeling sad how one-sided cockles is. I don't doubt they're friends but things like when it's J2M Jensen plays 3rd wheel while Jared & Misha talk around/over him ie jibcon & comic con. Jensen tries to include himself but if he didn't I think they'd just forget he was there. As much as I find them cute together Misha just doesn't seem all that bothered with Jensen in comparison to Jensen showing he loves being around Misha :(

You have to remember that people act differently in any given situation. Depending on who’s around, what other personalities are in the room, and where they’re standing at that very second– that all can change their personality drastically. 

That is why cockles is so cute! Yes,  Jared and Misha are both dominant voices. They can light up a stage, take over a conversation, and make everyone just want to stare at them. But they’re not leaving Jensen out. Jensen is always more quiet and docile, so when he’s on stage with Jared and Misha, he is kind of a spectator like the rest of us. Jared and Misha just steal the show. However when Jensen gets on stage with only Misha, his entire personality changes– he’s different with him than he is sharing the stage with any other person. He becomes the open, crazy, over the top one. And by association, Misha calms down. It is the change that they bring out in each other that makes them so wonderful. 

Yes this last jibcon, Misha did seem a little more restrained than normal, but he was also just trying to balance out Jensen’s more extreme craziness. And there are plenty of times (on stage especially) where Misha turns into a giggly, blushing, lovesick fool because Jensen started complimenting him, or touching him, or just tried to make him feel special. If you look at other panel videos, with Misha being on stage with absolutely anyone else, he actually is more composed then the majority of the people he’s with. That is because that’s his wheelhouse. When everyone else is cracking up, that is when he manages to stay calm. It’s when everyone else is keeping a straight face  that he really cracks, which is where all his stories from messing up takes come from. 

But then get Jensen and Misha together, and suddenly they’re both pretty incapable of keeping it together. They know each other’s weak spots inside and out. Jared and Misha just try to say the most outrageous things in order to outdo one another, but Jensen and Misha will make each other smile and have to turn away just because they’re blushing too hard. It’s adorable, it’s subtle, and might be quiet at times, but it’s what makes them so unique … it’s what makes us drawn to them. 

“...Of Your Life.”

Requested by an anon. I’ve probably never said it before but I really love Christian my guy. 

Originally posted by highgrnder

Christian and you were goals, no one could deny that. You’ve known with Christian since his C-Clown days in 2012. You bonded over so much. Both of you were apart of KPOP groups, you both had the same position in the group. Both of you were leaders. But when his group disbanded, you were there for him, that’s when he confused his love for you.

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I really like your theory about Winn and Lena being half-siblings, that would be the best thing! We need more scenes with them in s3... Seeing nerds geeking out is seriously so adorable to see. And with the way Winn acted around Cat in ep 21, I feel she would be a great mother figure (or mentor perhaps? More for Lena than for Winn...) for both Lena and Winn. We already have J'onn as the father figure (our Space Dad or as Winn called him, Papa Bear).

Thank you so much! I think it mostly works as a cute headcanon but the fact that it could actually work with the narrative makes it even better for me. I love seeing them together and I am definitely anticipating more of them in season 3. At this point Lena has someone that she is quite close to within the inner circle and building a friendship with Winn could add to that as well. Considering they can relate to one another so well, it would be a foolish waste of an opportunity to not capitalize on it. 

I fear that we won’t be seeing Cat very much aside from special guest appearances but I agree 100%. We know that Lena needs a prominent mother figure but I think Cat would definitely make more of a professional and personal mentor in her life. From a mother figure, Lena is in need of not only guidance but validation as well. Cat has more of a tough love approach that is separate from what Lena would be seeking but could still be quite valuable to her. Someone that could validate her but not be a ‘yes woman.’ Winn could definitely use that in his life as well! 

I certainly would like to see some interaction between Cat and Lena next season so I am adding that to my Lena Luthor wishlist for S3! We had our cute Cat and Winn moment. 

So lets have Cat and Lena being bad ass women together too!

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I love how you make all the worlds seem so real and functional! I feel like im actually there 0-0 How do you decide what goes where and how it works? I know youve got the description to work off of but itd be nice to hear about your process as well! Have a nice day~ ^^

First of all, thank you for the compliment, it means a lot. 

I try to strive to make places which are consistent both within the setting of SBURB and with themselves. Fantastical things can appear but they pretty much always have an explanation which aligns with the rules of the game world.

After the break is a fairly detailed spread of stuff that goes on when I am designing a land picture:

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(okay i've calmed down now) i can just imagine dan finding out he's expecting a child and being so excited he calls everyone he knows and then being such a supportive expecting father during the pregnancy and then the baby arrives and he posts one of those cheesy 'i thought i knew what love felt like but nothing will compare to this' new-parent tweets completely unironically, just letting the world know how much he adores his precious child. my heart is swelling i love #daddydaniel so much

You would roll over in bed and find his spot empty at two in the morning so you go to try and find him. That’s when you find him and the baby in the rocking chair sleeping soundly. With the baby on his chest as they both give little snores. You decided you have to wake him because you don’t want his back to hurt in the morning so you wake him up gently before taking the baby and putting it back in the crib before you pull him along to bed cuddling back up. “Night daddy.” And Dan would fall back asleep with a giant smile on his face.

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I'm baaaaack! “I made this for you.” For MadaKaka please! Someone has to be blushing. Both of them have to be blushing. Ok they don't have to be if you don't want them to be but blushing madakaka just gets me lol! Thank you so so soooo much!!!

It was obvious that Kakashi was hiding something behind his back and that was not a good sign. His lover was eccentric, to put it mildly, and his imagination immediately took off in all sorts of strange directions wondering what he was about to get himself in to. 

“Kakashi,” he said. “I can see you hiding something.”

“I, uh, I made this for you.” Kakashi brought his hands in to view and held out a scrap of blue cloth. Madara took it and unfolded it to see an adorably lopsided henohenomoheji sewn on one side. In fact, opened like this he could see that there were two identical pieces. 

He looked up with a bemused smile to see a slight flush on his lover’s cheeks. Before saying anything he could not resist leaning over and kissing that line of red. 

“What’s this?” he asked. Kakashi rubbed at the base of his neck. 

“They’re for your cat summons,” the younger man explained. “Me and the boys wanted to give them something so that they know they’re part of the pack too now. And…and so you know…that we see you as family…if you want.” 

Madara’s eyes went wide as his own face turned cherry red. He fought the urge to lift the small scraps of material and hide his face in them. He’d never been so touched by such a small gesture in his entire life. For someone like Kakashi to see him as family - to include his beloved summons - he couldn’t think of a higher honor. 

“I…thank you,” he choked out in a thick voice. Kakashi gave him a tiny grin and rubbed at his hairline again, awkward in the face of his emotional offering. “Oh get over here,” Madara demanded gruffly. 

Kakashi laughed and came closer for a hug, snuggling up against him in a way which always made Madara wonder if they shouldn’t switch summoning contracts. His love was more cat than he was dog and he himself had quite a large bark. 

“I love you, you know,” Kakashi murmured in to his skin. 

“I love you as well,” he replied. “And I’m glad to be part of your family.”

Sibi-wife I live and breathe for blushing MadaKaka! Thank you so much for giving me an excuse to write these awkward boys again!

Undeserving Pt. 2 (We)

Originally posted by bled

Part 1 

Jeff’s hand gripped my wrist and pulled me back to face him, he had tears streaming down his face, a mirror image to mine.

“No. I’m not going to let you go, not like this y/n. I love you, okay? So much and I’m not going to let you walk away thinking I’m trying to hurt you, because we both know that’s not true”

“What do you want me to say Jeff? I never thought I’d hurt this much again. When I lost … When I lost my mother, there was this unbelievable pain in my chest and I couldn’t stop crying, you know that, you were the only one there for me. And now, you’re the one causing this pain"

His silence was deafening to me but gave me an answer to my unspoken question so I tried to leave again but Jeff’s hold on my wrist didn’t change.

“You’re feeling this pain because you know you’re going to lose me if you continue this path, y/n. You’re letting go of our relationship without even thinking, but I can’t let you do that because I love you and I know you still feel the same about me. You once said to me that every other guy you dated, when you wanted to break up with them they either let you go or didn’t fight enough for you. So here I am, fighting for you to stay with me and I know you want to be with me, but I hurt you, I understand that, I’ll give you time and space, anything you need, just please don’t let us go without thinking this through because you are the love of my life and I don’t want you to go”

I was speechless, Jeff was right none of my exs has fought hard enough for me, after my last ex it seemed like no one wanted me but then Jeff came into my life and made my life like a dream come true.

“Okay Jeff, I’ll sleep on it”

He let out a sigh of relief “thank you" 

I nod in thanks as he began to slowly let his hold loosen but instead of letting my hand go his traveled down and gently held mine. I smiled, a familiar warm feeling filled me, he brought my hand to his lips and kissed my knuckles.

"I’ll see you again, when you’re ready princess” he mumbled and leaned in kissing my forehead.

I nodded and forced myself to back away from him in order to leave and head home. 

It was finally Monday, I spent the weekend thinking of everything Jeff and I had been though, and he was right, the pain I was feeling came from the thought of him not being in my life anymore. Jeff really had hurt me when he said his drunken words but I didn’t want to let one mistake cost me the love of my life. 

Walking into the school ground I noticed Jeff’s car parked near the front door of the school, with him leaning against the hood, he was dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie but looked extremely attractive than most people would look. I felt my heart swell and beat faster, just like it did on our first date, I smiled knowing that even though we had a fight I didn’t lose him.

I walked closer to Jeff watching as his eyes lit up as they met mine, I couldn’t stop the grin that formed on my lips, Jeff returned it, slowly pushed off his car to stand and opened up his arms to me. I teared up and instantly ran to him, jumping into his arms and wrapping myself around him.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you and I don’t want to let you go either”

“I know princess, it’s okay. I’m sorry too. I love you with all my heart, never forget that and don’t think I won’t fight for you, very time until you tell me to stop because you deserve to be happy”

“No … We deserve to be happy, together”

Option 2: I

A/N: Hey guys this was requested so I hope you enjoyed it, I had some fun writing it and made two options of the ending. Some truth is sprinkled in this one about my past relationships, about how I wished one of my ex boyfriends had fought for me this like, and maybe if they did everything would be different now. But whatever about my messed up life, thank you for reading, I hope you liked it and please don’t be afraid to request ♡


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Hi there! Just wanted to say that I love your blog. The lore, the art. It's amazing, keep up the good work! Also wanted to ask what your thoughts are on Djura, what his story is etc. His quest was super short and kind of pointless, but he's still my favourite NPC. From his dialogue and armour set I managed to put some pieces together, but I love to hear what you got. Thank you :) & stay awesome!

Thank you so much >////v////

About Djura, I agree with you! He is a really interesting character both design-wise (I love his set) and as far as his personality goes but sadly there’s very little to be said about him.

We know he is one of the last remaining Powder Kegs and was most likely present when Old Yharnam got burned to the ground. His set has high frenzy resistance which may indicate that he was able to resist blood drunkness enough to stop himself from taking an active part in the slaughter.

Djura is known through his contact with the Powder Kegs, the heretics of the workshop. He is said to have been both uncommonly kind and dreadfully foolish.

uncommonly kind and dreadfully foolish” sound like two extra good reasons why what he witnessed/took part in would affect him to the point that he decided to retire from the Hunt completely. It would be interesting to understand if he became a Hunter of the Dream after or before that happened but as far as I know nothing in the game provides any sort of real indication.

He never mentions any of the other hunters (unlike Eileen who knew both Gascoigne and Henryk) but he doesn’t protect Old Yharnam completely on his own since we can find his ally there. So well, at least we know he did not completely exile himself from human society XD

Some people suggest there may be a connection between him and Paarl since crossing Yahar’gul and getting  to Old Yharnam from the other side is a requirement for befriending him but killing Paarl isn’t an actual requirement which makes the whole thing even more confusing @_@

His quest not only is really short, but also pretty weird and convoluted if you ask me and smells of cut content just like the Altar of Despair :(