and i love when women dunk

the-stray-liger  asked:

Allow me to add to your presentation that Altaïr was the one who allowed women into the Brotherhood after meeting Maria and aknowledging she could kick any man's ass, and slam dunked the rule that said fathers were forbidden to show love to their children, and correct me if I'm wrong but he destroyed Al-Mualim's "garden" where he kept girls and built a motherfucking library, and apologized for all his mistakes in the end which is amazing bc when he started his pride was huge.

Oh fuck, I did not know most of this!! I knew he was about equality but I didn’t know he did this!!!

Seriously, I have no words how great Altair is. He was everything and more an Assassin SHOULD be. AC1 will always be the true AC game not because of the gameplay but because the idea of it was the right one.

*grabs a tissue* the only tears worth crying are for him idgaf