and i love when blaine stands up for himself

Klaine fic reaction to 6x07 because I needed an outlet to blow off some steam in my post-episode, hatred-fuelled, half-awake state. So here’s a little taster of what I want to see in 6x08, but which I know will never happen. (warning: spoilers)
word count: 2600
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Kurt wandered aimlessly up and down the supermarket aisles, basket full of every low-salt, low-sugar, low-taste ingredient he needed for his dad’s meals for the week. The heart attack and the cancer may have passed them by some months ago but Kurt was not one to take chances when it came to his family and their health. People can lose loved ones all too easily, and Kurt had learnt that fact the hard way, multiple times in his life. So, his dad would just have to suck it up and enjoy the quinoa salad he was planning for dinner that night.

Kurt was about to turn the corner onto canned goods when he found himself face-to-chest with what seemed to be a very large gorilla in a leather jacket. It wasn’t until he stumbled over and stepped back that he saw the last person on earth he felt like seeing.

“Oh. Hi, Dave,” Kurt tried his best to smile politely but he was sure his shifty eyes and fake grin were enough to tell Dave exactly what (or who) he was on the lookout for.

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Fic: What Is This Feeling?

Fake dating AU. Kurt’s coworkers keep trying to set him up, so Blaine volunteers to be his date at the next work party.

~1500 words, PG, obscenely fluffy.

The first thing Blaine heard when he walked in the door was “Noooooo.”

“Glad to see you too, Kurt,” he said, confused.

“No, it’s not you,” Kurt said, scrubbing a hand over his face. “I just got an invite to another work party in my email.”

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Strike a Chord

some rockstar!Blaine for you

klaine advent drabble challenge: ache

Blaine has dreamed of this life since he was old enough to pick up a guitar. He’d close his eyes and picture himself onstage, spotlights skimming along the sea of faces fixated on him. He’d lose himself in the fantasy for as long as he could, and then snap back into reality, pick up his most prized possession, and practice until his fingers felt like they could fall off.

Thumb running along the calloused pads of his fingertips, Blaine takes a deep breath and hops in place to shake the nerves out. In a locket bound by leather in the bracelet wrapped around his wrist, a picture of the people he loves most is pressed tightly against its heart-shaped frame. He kisses it twice for good luck and joins his band in the wings.

The audience cheers loudly from a hundred feet away, sending the adrenaline coursing faster through his veins. This is his dream. This is what he’s worked his whole life for. He gets to live it every night.

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Having your wost nightmare come true can be the best thing that has ever happened to you. For Blaine Anderson, this is going to be the case.

Of course there was a lot of anger directed at Kurt when the news broke about their break up, because he has essentially just made Blaine’s worst insecurity come true. The confrontation in Tested was so very present in our minds, so was the solution that wasn’t really a solution. As it has become customary with the two frustrating idiots that we love, they dealt with the surface effect and left the inflamed wound beneath untreated.

But the thing about Glee is that pain is never the end of the story, neither is fighting the pain and prevailing over it. It’s the lessons learned that matter. From where I’m standing, season 5 left me with a Blaine who was so terrified of losing Kurt that he kept reacting in a way that made things worse, clinging to Kurt and lying to avoid hurting him, a Blaine that was unable to breath when Kurt was mad at him and whose reaction to Kurt forgiving him was flooding gratitude, a Blaine who was reacting to what Kurt needed and going out of his way to do it when it didn’t suit him, a Blaine who was getting so lost inside the relationship that I had trouble deciding what he wanted for himself and what he wanted because of Kurt, and who was viewing himself and Kurt as one entity, a Blaine who was trying too hard to be perfect to be worthy of love and since perfect was unreachable, he was crumbling, a Blaine whose self worth and validation came from his relationship.

Well, his relationship is gone. And he gets depressed, flunks out and stops singing. They say you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself.

Rock bottom, he has been there, lost everything, lost himself and his voice and he is clawing his way out. He has to learn how to go on and function and live without Kurt, without even the possibility of Kurt returning. I don’t think he has dealt with everything yet, his anger is still simmering beneath the surface looking for an out, he is still struggling to find a balance between who he was at Dalton and who he was outside it, struggling not to be sucked into the persona of Blaine Warbler. He still has many struggles.

But the lesson is that he survived without Kurt. He breathed without Kurt. He is building something that is no one else’s but his. He found a purpose, even if it’s temporary. He stood up for himself, to an extent, during the break up. I was so terrified that he was going to follow his “Was it something I did?” with “I can change” (And damn, isn’t that a cliche? And isn’t change exactly what Blaine tried to do once he started at Dalton? Still reacting to external circumstances. But then he realized, he doesn’t have to change) But his anger at Kurt was good, his “I will never forgive you” is good, his anger and distrust of Kurt after the Jane debacle is good (Yes, I know. Weird. But if you broke your arm and it healed wrong, you break it again so it would heal right. Blaine had trust issues just as much as Kurt did but he was silent about it. Now he can learn to trust again that Kurt is safe) Honestly, did you ever think we’d get to a place where Blaine doesn’t let go of his anger just because he loves Kurt? Where you can see him stand and call Kurt out on his part of their issues and on his mistakes? Because right now, I can see him do those things. And it’s about freaking time.

(A lot of people pointed out what Blaine said about his therapist telling him to focus on what he loves the most, which is music. Remember when his dream, in an episode about schools and professional dreams, was Kurt? Insert achievement gif here)

Blaine’s worst nightmare comes true and he overcomes it. He stumbles and hides and denies but he works through it and he remains standing, reinvigorated, someone who trusts in his accomplishments and takes validation from them, someone who stands up for himself, someone who realizes that he doesn’t need to try to be perfect to be worthy of Kurt’s love, someone who doesn’t need another to breath, someone who is whole on his own and not part of a whole. He does this. Or he will. He’ll fix it, he just needs a little time.

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PARENTS ARE CEO'S OF RIVALING COMPANIES AU klaine (is this a city-based modern version of the star-crossed lovers trope?)

Looks like a romeo & juliet trope …

“Is it all about pissing off your dad?”

Blaine stops stretching in the bed, the sheets wrapped around his body and covering him in the “KurtandBlaine” scent permeated into them, to look at Kurt who is coming out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.


“Are you sleeping with me just to piss off your dad?” Kurt repeats, taking the towel off of his head, his hair sticking out in every direction and making Blaine crave to bury his fingers in them.

“Do you really think,” Blaine starts slowly, disentangling himself from the sheet to stand up, body still shiny with sweat and marred in bite marks and finger-shaped bruises, “that I would sleep with you, and go to dinner with you, and to shows and gallery openings with you, and hold your hand whenever we can, just to piss off my dad? And for months, at that?”

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Kurt's moments? Moments when you fell in love with the character.

Oh Gods… too many to count. But here are some of my favorite gems.

1) In the pilot, when Rachel dismissively ran her hand through Kurt’s hair while performing/flirting with Finn and Kurt got the most wonderful “I will kill you in your sleep” expression.

2) Preggers - The entire fucking episode. From Single Ladies to Kurt coming out to his father.

3) Rosie’s Turn - The first of the seminal Kurt solos where he uses music to make a statement about his state of being. And then the scene with Burt immediately afterwards. Followed up with As If We Never Said Goodbye, Being Alive and I’m Still Here. Despite a decided lack of solos, Kurt has gotten some of the most profoundly meaningful in the series.

4) Grilled Cheezus - As a study of Kurt’s relationship with his father, it was pretty amazing, but then we also got into his personal beliefs and how they were yet another thing that set him apart from those around him. I loved how despite all the pressure being put on him by the rest of ND Kurt didn’t break and stayed true to his beliefs (or lack thereoff).

5) Kurt’s response to Teenage Dream - This was well before I was completely soured on Klaine and it was just so wonderful to see Kurt openly interested in another boy (rather than trying to hide it the way he did with Finn) and enjoying being flirted with.

6) Kurt’s expressions of just being so over it when Blaine was serenading Jeremiah and during the Misery performance.

7) All those moments where Kurt just wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself. Grilled Cheezus when his atheism was coming under attack by his friends (while Kurt was worried for his father’s life), Standing up to Karofsky in Never Been Kissed. Telling Rachel off in Diva and Bash. Then we also had the times when Kurt was ready to defend others. He stood up for Tina against Karofsky and Azimo in Theatricality, was ready to take on VA when Rachel got egged (even though he and Rachel were hardly friends) and then taking on the assailants in Bash. Kurt has repeatedly proven himself to be the bravest character on the show.

8) That moment after he performed Being Alive when he was getting his well-deserved standing ovation. It was the first time when Kurt was performing in front of an audience that wasn’t made up of his friends when he was getting acclaim for his talent and how shocked and surprised he did, not knowing how to respond.

9) Not the Boy Next Door - One of the many amazing moments when Kurt showed that he had the balls to be true to himself as a performer. The gold lame pants didn’t hurt.

10) All of Kurt’s moments when he stood up to his bullies. Whether it was how he told Finn and Puck that one day they would work for him right before they threw him into the dumpster, to how he mouthed off to Karofsky and Azimo, to snarking back at Sebastian. Kurt had the biggest balls of any man on the show.

11) His relationship with Sue. Sometimes antagonistic but more often than not quietly supportive because they understood one another. He held that rarified position (along with Becky and the Unholy Trinity) of Sue having genuine affection for. She might tease him, but he would always be her “Sweet Porcelain”.

12) Nearly all of season 5 when we saw Kurt’s maturation as a person and as a performer. We were now seeing the man that Kurt had matured into, one who had a confidence that he’d earned and who wouldn’t shy away from challenges, even when he would have a harder path to his goals than anyone around him.

 13) Four Minutes - that first moment when we saw just how sexy Kurt could be (and he was still a baby at the time).

This was just what  came up with off the top  of of my head. There are many, many more moments. I don’t think that there was a single moment that Kurt was on my TV screen when I wasn’t totally in love with him. And with the absolutely masterful way Chris portrays him.

Fic: Filthy Chainsaw Murder Party

I gave truffles options for what I should write, and she told me to go with Santana forcing Kurt to watch a horror movie, leading to Blaine being a protective snuggly boyfriend. ~1000 words, PG-13, no sp-oilers.

The sound of screams coming from the loft actually doesn’t phase Blaine too much as he jogs up the stairs, purposely early to Monday night potluck in the hopes that he and Kurt can have a little alone time before the loft fills with their exuberant friends and roommates. He’s used to Santana and Rachel getting into semi-daily screeching fights about whatever trivial offense one of them supposedly committed, so he figures Rachel’s harping on about Santana drinking her fancy herbal tea again or Santana’s threatening to cut Rachel for using the last of her shampoo.

He finds out that’s not actually the case when he gets to the door.

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In which Kurt is surprised Blaine came alone and it gives him the courage to talk about his feelings again (6.06 reaction fic)


Kurt was pleasantly surprised when David Karofsky didn’t walk in after Blaine. Therehad always been a possibility that Blaine wouldn’t bring his boyfriend, butafter Mr. Shuester had told them all to invite anyone they wanted, Kurt had almost resigned himself to having a miserable night of watching his ex-boyfriend with his current boyfriend while his best friend flirted with Sam – and Kurt really didn’t want to know what was going on between them.

“Hey,” Mercedes said and grabbed his arm, pulling him back into the party.

It was nice to have everyone together once more. Of course there were a few of them missing, but any kind of get together was nice.

“Looks like your boy didn’t bring his boyfriend,” Mercedes said.

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