and i love to suffer that's why


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?


I give you happiness.  That is my power.  I let people experience my joy.  My captivity.  My suffering.  My separation.  And finally…despair!  Show me your fury.  This is the pain of being powerless.  Your loved ones being taken away before your very eyes!

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Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.


Whoa…. Yana’s latest tweet about Sebastian was so harsh… _(:3」∠)_

Like… it’s nothing new that he is a demon that sees all humans as grasshoppers, but Yana’s words just reminded me once again that he is an ultimate sadist and bastard and that’s why I love him xD

in da2 there’s a banter between varric and fenris where they talk about the money fenris owes and whether he’ll come by the tavern for wicked grace later, and he says ‘never miss it’ and i got reAL fuckin weepy out of nowhere. it’s such a normal sitcom conversation and you wouldn’t normally think anything of it in a game full of Serious Character Development but it’s fenris getting to choose who and what he spends his time on and he sounds so settled and happy, he has friends and he has his own place (sortof) and he has hawke, he made a life where he gets to choose every single aspect of it, and he chooses to have a nice night out at a bar with friends. he has a reputation for being a grumpy loner but i think he was a loner by necessity, not innate character.

his character arc in this game fkcing kills my ass. he started out a fugitive ex-slave on the run, who had suffered abuses and a desperate pursuit for years, alone, ends with his freedom, surrounded by a circle of friends who love him, some time to have a little normal in his life, a little peace. or as much as anyone in hawke’s inner circle can have.

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Angst headcanon: Chase got his wife pregnant at an early age so they had to marry and get a job as soon as possible to sustain the kids. The wife kind of regretted it and that's why she wanted a divorce but no way she'll leave her kids alone with someone as irresponsible as Chase... I feel bad now

@markired since you love chase so much, you’re gonna suffer with me

why spirit tracks is a good game
  • genuinely funny moments
  • the train man HOW COULD YOU HATE THE TRAIN
  • the demon train
  • linebeck is back
  • no recurring temple *coughoceankingstemplecough*
  • okay technically the spirit temple but at least we had different levels instead of going through the same thing OVER AND OVER
  • oh and no time limit
  • zeldas a ghost
  • in a suit of armor
  • byrne
  • hes edgy i love him
  • if you loved wind waker this gives a wind waker feel
  • working with zelda
  • look at how dumb chanceller cole looks
  • edgy man works with tiny villain to take over a princess body
  • i honestly loved the spirit flute (besides blowing into the mic that was terrible)
  • THE DUETS !!!!
NaLu in the Grand Magic Games Arc. (Analysis.)

Warning. This is probably going to be very long. 

So, I do believe that Natsu DOES INDEED love Lucy and I think the GMG arc shows a lot of his feelings for love. I have WAY more pictures, but I’m to lazy to get them so here is my:


Firstly in this scene when Lucy lost to Flare and she was crying and the audiance was trash talking her because they didn’t realize that Raven Tail cheated no one was ever obligated to go down there and comfort her and tell her everything was going to be alright. But you know what? Natsu went down there anyway and told her that she did amazing. What I think Natsu means by “Thanks to you, I realized we can fight in this world." Of course he’s trying to comfort her, but he’s going to fight for her during the Grand Magic Games. He’s going to show her even though she got screwed over this round, it’s all going to get better because they’re together. Thats why he reassures her by saying ”Lets save the tears for when we win!“ and "Well turn it around from here on out!”

Ahh, Lucy gets fucked over part two. I absolutely LOVED the Naval Battle. Mostly because of all the NaLu but aww well. I think this part is the most significant because it’s a battle, you’re really not suppose to beg for mercy for your own teamate during it. But Natsu did anyway, why? Because Natsu absolutely can not standwatching Lucy get hurt or suffer. Especially for a stupid reason such as Sabertooth hated Fairy Tail’s confidence. So, he just swallows up his pride and begs for Minerva to stop hurting Lucy when the battle is clearly already over. While Lucy was getting beaten to death who kept calling out her name in concern? Natsu. Who was the one who didn’t wait to rush down to where Lucy was when the Ref called the match and he jumped over a wall? Natsu. Who was so pissed at Sabertooth for what they were doing to Lucy that there was a vein sticking out of his head? Natsu. Who loves Lucy? Natsu. 

Even thought Natsu isn’t even with Lucy in this scene, I think it still holds a lot of meaning. Natsu and Gajeel are about to go against the twin dragon slayers. Of course they’re going to be tough opponents! They should be mentally and physically preparing for the battle, but Natsu is going to take time out of his preparing to go and see how she is doing even though he knows she is ok. Maybe Natsu just needs to see Lucy is okay and safe before he goes into battle to know that she is protected and nothing will hurt her. Maybe Lucy is a calming factor for Lucy, like Lisanna told Lucy on Tenrou Island Natsu does better when his most trusted friends are around. Well Lucy wasn’t going to be around Natsu this time while he was fighting, so maybe he took time to go and see that she would be there mentally instead of physically.

Look how cute my husband is… anyways. Like stated before, Natsu should be preparing for his fierce battle against the twin dragons but instead he’s checking up on Lucy. I mean just look at how gentle his look is to her? Also, who knows how long he has been there? How much time he took out of preparing to go and watch her sleep? Not even mentioning that he was smiling the whole time he was watching her, whether she was asleep or not. Natsu’s usually a very rash, impatient, tempermental person. He’s not patient, he loves to charge into things head on. So, why is he so unbelievebly patient with Lucy? Because he loves her cough cough.

Natsu always makes sure Lucy is taken care of before anything. Whether its him protecting her, or him asking someone else to take care of her. Usually he always asks Happy to take care of Lucy when he isn’t around but since Happy isn’t around he asked Wendy and Carla. It was obvious that they were going to take care of Lucy anyway, so why did Natsu ask them to do something they were already going to do? I think it was to give him some peace of mind when he is out in the battlefield that Lucy is being taken care of and to make sure it was going to happen he needed to vocalize it. Lucy’s safety comes first to Natsu.

I think it is absolutely adorable that no matter what, Natsu ALWAYS puts Lucy’s name before anyone else’s. Of course Natsu wants to fight and win for the guild, but mostly he wants to fight for Lucy. I think we can all agree that Lucy got totally screwed over in the GMG Arc and, depending on how you look at it, Eclipse Arc as well. Natsu knows Lucy feels guilty since she thinks she’s the reason why they’re in last place in the GMG. Natsu however doesn’t think of it like that at all. He wants to reassure Lucy that even when all hope is lost, theres always a reason to keep fighting. Thats why I think Natsu is mostly fighting for Lucy.

Ahh I love this moment! Its the heat of the battle, Sting just came at Natsu with the attack that killed a dragon. Natsu isn’t scared as he counters it though, he just thinks about Lucy. And you know what? He kicks Sting and Rouge’s asses after he thinks of Lucy. I really do think that Lucy is always in the back of Natsu’s mind and she’s a reason why he keeps pushing himself to fight even when all hope seems lost. 

Aww, blushing Natsu is so cute. Honestly a person blushes for two reasons. They’re embarrassed or the person they like more than a friend just complimented them. Well guys, Natsu’s not embarrassed. In this scene Lucy told Natsu that she’s believed in him ever since she’d joined the guild. How is someone suppose to react when they hear that? Just smile and say thank you. No, not Natsu. He stands there dumbfounded, blushing, then smiles while still blushing  and tells her “Thanks, leave it to me!”He’s reassuring her that since he knows that she is with him, he’ll be sure to win because with Lucy, Natsu can do anything. 

After the battle instead of boasting and gloating to the crowd about his one on two victory with the toughest competition in the Games, he immediately wants to go over and tell Lucy about how he did and to indirectly show her that anything is possible when someone you love is with you physically, or in this case mentally. This just goes back to my point about Lucy is Natsu’s first priority and one of the first things he thinks and worries about, besides Igneel and Happy of course. That, and Natsu wants to go show off to Lucy about how awesome he is and did to hopefully get a smile on her face because he knows she likes his goofy side.

I saved the best for last, GiHi. I mean come on guys, do I even have to say that much? Look at his eyes! His smile! Who gives a “friend” a look with this much love in it. He’s relieved that she never doubted him in his battle with Sting and Rouge. That she believed in him enough to not even ask about the battle because she knew he won, because Natsu always wins because Natsu never gives up no matter the cost. And Natsu just fights better when Lucy is around, whether it be mentally for physically. I mean come on guys, do you look at a friend like this? Or do you look at someone you like more than a friend like this? I may be looking to much into it… but aww well, I will go down with NaLu.

And there you have it! My top ten NaLu moments in the GMG Arc, hopefully this all made sense and remember, THIS IS TOTALLY MY OPINION ON THE WHOLE THING. YOU CAN AGREE OR DISAGREE AS YOU PLEASE. 

Thank you for reading (: 


”I think he projects such power because of his total lack of egocentricity. A lot of actors want to be sexy, cute, adorable…do anything to win an audience to their side…cater to every cheap, trendy, obvious appeal that will make them laugh. Al couldn’t care less. He’s too honest, and he loves the characters he plays too deeply to go in for that sort of thing. That’s why he can turn acting into poetry.”   —Jill Clayburgh


My opinion on the true message 13 reasons why is attempting to convey.

So recently on tumblr i came across this post where a person was suggesting 13rw almost glorifies suicide, mentioning, that hannahs story is solemnly based on vengeance, allowing suffering viewers to gain an idea that by blaming everyone else, this horrible act is somewhat acceptable. By showing graphic scenes, and apparently irrelevant contributions to mental heath, the show is not sticking to ‘guidelines’ and is letting people perceive suicide without the real depth it truly holds.
although i am wary of what this person is trying to elicit to its followers and fellow viewers, i ask you to please hear me out on why i disagree.
13 reasons why, confronting as it is, showcases Complexity, resentment and, deceitfulness in a range of issues. This show is here to show you BEYOND the tapes.
You can watch this show, and suggest, her tapes are purely out of vengeance, to implement guilt and black aura in their lives, as they did to hers.
You can watch the show, and believe the tapes were a way to help someone else. To allow them to recognise that these behavioural offences are not okay and her life ended because of it.
Or, You can watch the show and believe these tapes aren’t even the sole purpose. Perhaps its the action that is most important. Perhaps its the reflection and the way this situation is dealt. This show is real. Whether you like it or not, This shit happens. And this show was not created to trigger people, but was created to send a message. We cant keep buttering issues as such, just because its confronting, or its overwhelming or doesnt live up to standards. This unfortunate issue is the truth. if this did happen to you, or a person of significance in your life, are you going to follow hannahs foot steps? Or are you going to find a way to prevent the problem, and bring others out of suffering.
THATS what the creators and cast are trying to do, and its our job to prove that we are more than this depiction of REALITY.

My heart really does go out to all those involved with these dilemmas, mental issues, and suicidal thoughts. i hope they take the chance to percieve the show, and their life, in a greater light.

Whenever I write fanfiction:
  • *clicks on the wrong file* wait what
  • *checks word count*
  • *writes oink instead of pink for like 6 times*
  • *does a lap around the house for brainstorming*
  • -ign instead of -ing
  • I swear I had a good plot there
  • *more house laps*
  • why aren’t they kissing yet
  • *internal and eternal demonic screeching*
  • suffer bitch
  • *falls asleep on computer*
  • haha I’m fine
  • no I’m not
  • *last word count check I swear to god
  • oh it’s five am nvm
  • my chapters are short I gotta beef em up
  • puts the letter b in eberything
  • why is writing so fucking hard?!
  • f i n a l l y I’m done
  • *forgets to save work* oh for fuck’s sake
things ive overheard kids say

-“get your hair,,, off,,, my dinosaur”
-“id marry a t rex”
-“i was born with lobster teeth”
-“and so there i am, screaming, four peanuts shoved up my ass–”
-“no sexy time for rich white men”
-Teacher: “we’re gonna have some observers in here”
Student 1: “can we feel them or is this like a look-dont-touch thing”
Student 2: “no of course dude you can touch them just,,, rub your hands all over their faces”
-*yodelling “if you love me let me go” in the very back of the bus*
-high white kid @ me: “i was born in africa but you werent you know how i know that im black and youre not”
-Teacher: “and overall it was very moderate”
Student: “if you or a loved one have ever suffered moderate to severe plaque psoriasis”
-Teacher: “i mean they couldve used something else like what else does fat come from? sheep, chickens–”
Student: “humans”
-“okay but how do we KNOW jesus didn’t have a chinese half brother”
-“and i was like ‘why would you put cheese inside a bronze scultpure’”
-some kid in the hallway as soon as the class us quiet: “maybE THATS WHY THIS COUNTRY IS A MESS”
-“yo wanna snort some cheerio dust”
-“guys,,, emilee has the softest eyelashes”
-“pretty sure the missionaries only wanted the opium”


GET TO KNOW ME MEME  [1/5] Favorite Relationships Joana & Rafael (3%)

“Joana we may have gotten where we are doing things the wrong way but I believe we’re doing the right thing now. In our own way. I don’t know what you did or what you saw in the tunnel. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t wanna know. I know, I feel  that you’re a good person. You’re the only one who doubts that.”

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Could you do one with Junkrat, Mei, Lucio, Roadhog with a s/o that has both of their arms and legs gone so they have robot prosthetics and they feel like no one should like/love them because they're not whole? Your writing is fantastic and I enjoyed reading it.

Would love to write for you, and thank you so much! I hope you don’t mind them as head cannons, and if you were hoping for short stories, just send me another with maybe two of these characters and I’ll write out a little scenario for them. Also, i’m REALLY sorry because after writing these, i realized i manipulated the scenerio’s a little. I seem good at doing that, never the exact same scenerio. So i’m really sorry but i hope these work


  • Fell in love with you after you lost your limbs
  • Junkrat was there getting himself a new peg leg when he saw you sitting on Mercy’s table, slowly testing out one of your prosthetic hands
  • There’s just something about a strong individual who has suffered so much and still goes through each day head on that catches his eyes
  • Is a bit of a goof-ball around you, unsure how to woo you but figuring you might fall for his silly ways at some point
  • Losing your limbs was rather hard on you and honestly, its really hard to think that anyone could love someone who isn’t whole
  • Yet you can’t help smiling when that stinky man is around, making silly jokes or faces or making sweet and yet ridiculous remarks
  • One time Junkrat said you were beautiful after a day of working out
  • You had to choke back your tears and tell him not to lie to you
  • Junkrat had straightened his back, offended, before pulling you into a long kiss that was likely the sweetest of your life
  • Then he’d said never to say that again, because it wasn’t the body that made a person beautiful, and it was the person inside it…and he knew what kind of person you were
  • The thought that your disfigurement didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest had your eyes welling with tears, and Junkrat in his panic just patted your back and spent the next 15 minutes going between ‘I love you’s’ and ‘Ohh smile! look at the silly face!’in an attempt to make you feel better
  • And honestly, you felt better then you had ever since the accident


  • Is more of the silent type, and had fallen for you before you lost your limbs
  • Never spoke up about it till after
  • Since Roadhog was always around Junkrat and seemed to have experience with people with prosthetic limbs, Mercy asked if Road hog could help you get used to your limbs since he had the time
  • The accident and losing your limbs kind of left you in a state of numbness. You wouldn’t speak to anyone
  • Roadhog didn’t speak either, and in a way you found comfort in that and how his non-judgemental his gaze was. For days you just spent time in your room, him going in and out and helping you flex and clean your prosthetic limbs.
  • One day, you noticed him come in without his mask and your eyes flicked up to him. It was the first real emotion you showed, as you frowned
  • Upon seeing your look, immediately Roadhog backed up slightly and started toward the door.
  • “No!” you had said, leaping to your feet and wobbling for a second. Then you carefully walked toward him and grabbed his arm. “Don’t go. Its okay, I like your face.” The words sounded awkward and after a moment, the two of you started to laugh. You noticed how warm his bellow was and giggled at how heartfelt it was.
  • “You should laugh more,” Roadhog grumbled, smiling hesitantly at you, almost a tad shy.
  • Blinking, you blushed slightly and looked away, reaching up to push back your hair…at the sight of the prosthetic limbs, you immediately felt sad again. “What point is there to laugh?”
  • Roadhog lifted your hand after a moment, and pressed his lips against it, before turning away slightly in embarrassment. “Because its one of the prettiest sounds in the world. Almost as pretty as the sight of you.”
  • What he said shocked you and at first, you didn’t believe him. But as Roadhog spent more time with you, and the two of you became closer and closer, you realized that maybe prosthetic limbs weren’t the end of the world, and that maybe there were still reasons in life to laugh

(Sorry for how long that one was. Not used to doing Roadhog, so i hope it was okay)


  • The two of you were dating before the accident
  • Was there when it occurred, and there when the doctors said your limbs would have to be amputated. It was optional but only at the cost of you staying in bed for the rest of your life
  • Honestly, you didn’t want to. It scared you so bad, even as Lucio tightly held fingers that could feel nothing, and you didn’t want to end up like that
  • Lucio though was more worried for your health, and finally you conceded after he begged and begged. Lucio wasn’t ready for you to give up on the world yet, to stop seeing all that it had in store for you
  • Your biggest support in the world was Lucio, though it was difficult to think of anything else other then that you’d be deformed and no one would look at you again.
  • At one point Lucio had gone for coffee and came back only to find you crying. The surgery was in two hours and you were terrified. These were your last moments with flesh limbs. Would everything be the same after that?
  • Lucio walked over, sat on the edge and leaned in for a soft kiss. Wiping away your tears, he’d smiled softly and watched you with understanding eyes. “Y/n, can you tell me…am i less of a man for having these prosthetic legs?”
  • Sniffling, you’d slowly shook your head. It had never bothered you, that he’d had prosthetic legs. It made Lucio who he was, had molded him. It had helped form a man you loved dearly.
  • “If it does not make me less of a person, then why would you having all prosthetic limbs make you any less of a person?” Lucio asked gently. “Y/N, you are a beautiful and strong person. That won’t change with these new limbs. And neither will my love for you.”
  • Deep down, you knew it to be true and attempted to stop crying. Instead of stopping you, Lucio crawled into bed and pulled you tighter to him. Together you two snuggled until it was time for surgery.
  • Lucio was with you every moment after, helping you get used to your prosthetic limbs and showing you that flesh didn’t make the person.


  • The two of you were already married when you ended up in an accident. That night she had rushed to the hospital in a panic, afraid and crying in fear that she might lose you
  • When the doctors said they couldn’t save your limbs, Mei wasn’t upset as much as relieved that she wouldn’t be losing you. You were her world
  • It took her a little though to realize though that you weren’t as happy as her about just surviving
  • When Mei realized that you hated your limbs and were deeply depressed, she tried all she could to help you. Therapy, sitting and talking, trying to get maybe Lucio or Genji to talk to you…None of it worked
  • You wouldn’t leave your stupor, wouldn’t leave your room…
  • One day she sat on the edge of your bed, taking your hand and her face was covered in tears. You wanted to hug her, to take away the tears but your own pain blinded you
  • “I…know that your hurting right now. Its unfair of me to think everything would just be..okay. And i know most people would quit…but…y/n, i want you to know i love you,” she had said tearfully in chinese, hugging you tightly. “And that i meant it when we took our vows. I will love and support you, till death do us part. But please…don’t leave me. Not yet.”
  • You couldn’t understand…why Mei loved you so much. Honestly, half of your depression, of your pulling back…was because you were so afraid that she wouldn’t love you like this. What person wanted to love a freak? Thats all you thought of yourself as.
  • Yet…it hurt, more, to see her suffering like this. Just as it touched your heart to hear her say that. Mei, although shy, was strong and very serious when she set her mind to something.
  • “But my body…” you whispered, and it was the first time you’d spoken in days.
  • “Is no different from when i fell in love with you. Flesh, metal…i don’t care. We’re married and I love you, y/n! Thats all that matters to me and i swear, nothing will EVER change that!” Mei whispered, hugging you tightly. And for the first time, you hugged her back since the accident and cried.
  • It felt good, letting out the pain and honestly, you realized that for her, you wanted to try. To try harder because she was worth the effort. Your love was worth the effort.
Day6 As Shit High Schoolers Have Said
  • (Original post by @writtenrain)
  • Jae: At least we have memes to dull the pain of existence
  • Sungjin: Why stop at capitalism? Destroy everything.
  • Brian: An AP Student: oh my god I thought seven was less than six
  • Wonpil: If cows ruled the world would they drink human milk?
  • Dowoon: We're in adult limbo. I'm not a teen and I'm not an adult. I'M SUFFERING, THAT'S WHAT I AM!

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Levi is a character that has lost so much, that has suffer so much. And he deserves the best. He deserves love, because he is a broken person. And that's why I pair him with Mikasa. Because the broken pieces complement each other and form a new object. And I believe it like that. I'm sorry if the rest of the fandom doesn't see it, if the rest of the fandom hates it, but... that man deserves a world. And Mikasa will be his world someday. When she is ready, I know that they can heal their wounds.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe many people think the same. Again thank you very much 💖