and i love to fix 'em

victor & yuuri: *are engaged*

cecil & carlos: *are married*


Grammys: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Sorry this one’s kinda short, I just did a little drabble (but it’s longer than a series chapter) let me know if you want a part two maybe and I’ll whip something up ok love you guys!!! And btw some of these requests I’ve been getting lately are super amazing I love em I love you xoxo

Anonymous said:
Hi! Can I request a josh dun x reader where they’re at the Grammys and Josh goes with her and he is very happy to show her girlfriend to the world? Please 😁

*female reader

Staring at yourself in the mirror, you examined your dress, your makeup, your hair, everything about you. You had to look perfect. There would be millions of people watching you, eyes fixed on you, giving you the title of the girlfriend belonging to the one and only Joshua William Dun of Twenty One Pilots. And completely honest, you were not ready at all. Josh was handsome and hot and talented and famous and you were, well, you. Your smile faded away as you looked at yourself in the mirror, trying to take a deep breath and search for that lost self-confidence, closing your eyes and beginning to tell yourself you looked just fine when you felt two arms wrap around you, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your neck before resting on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. “You look absolutely gorgeous, y/n,” Josh murmured quietly before placing a quick kiss on your cheek. “Damn I don’t think I’m going to let you leave the house looking like that.”

“Whatever,” you giggled, turning around and looking up at him, both of you sharing a rather passionate kiss. When you pulled away, you stared into your eyes. “Really? I look okay?”

“Okay?” he raised his eyebrows. “You look absolutely stunning.”

“You sure?” you insisted.

“I swear,” he chuckled. “Gosh, I have to give it to Jenna, you do look really amazing in yellow.” It had been Tyler’s idea for the two of you to wear bright yellow dresses to match Josh’s new hair. While you seemed a little skeptical at first, Jenna insisted, saying it complimented your eyes, and even dragged you out to a shop for the day to go searching for the perfect one for you.

“The dress looks like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast,” you nodded, twirling around in it once, the fabric flowing around your legs and Josh’s smile grew even wider.

“Exactly,” he grinned. “You’re a princess.”

“More like the beast,” you teased.

“Oh shut up,” he rolled his eyes, pulling you into a huge hug. “I’m not lying when I say you look like the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You’re too kind,” you smirked. “Now come on. Let’s hurry over there and kick butt! I bet you’re going to win more than one!”

“We’re lucky if we win one,” he laughed. “But I agree, we should head over.”

When you were both driving to the venue, you could feel something was off. Josh kept biting his lower lip, knuckles turning white because he was clenching the steering wheel too hard, or constantly darting his eyes around nervously. “You okay, babe?” you raised an eyebrow, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Huh?” he whipped his head around to look at you when he reached a stop light. “I’m okay.”

“You look nervous as hell,” you softened your eyes.

“I am,” he admitted. “I’m scared to death.”

“Don’t worry,” you soothed. “You look amazing, your music sounds amazing, and you guys are amazing. I know you’ll win.”

“Yeah, but everyone will be staring at me,” he mumbled. “A million eyes all watching me if I go up on that stage. Even if I don’t. I have this bright yellow hair and these gages and-”

“And they’re all tiny reasons that add up to why I love you,” you reminded.

“I feel like I’m going to look like a fool,” Josh whispered. “I mean, I already do in this tuxedo and bowtie.”

“Don’t say that,” you argued. “You look like Prince Charming. Perfect for a princess like me, right?”

“Right,” he smiled. “I just don’t want to mess up.”

“Sometimes I wish I could just punch your anxiety in the face,” you frowned.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “Me too.”

“Look sweetie, you’re going to do absolutely amazing,” you reassured. “And besides, I’ll be right there beside you. Got it?”

“Definitely,” he nodded, turning into a parking spot. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. Gosh, I can’t even believe we got this far.”

“I’m so proud of you guys,” you beamed.

“We’re just two guys from Columbus, Ohio. We were literally just playing in front of handfuls of people in a basement and now we’re selling out Madison Square Garden, being televised nationally, and now we have a chance at winning a Grammy. That’s absolutely insane,” he sighed, parking the car and staring at you. “I don’t even know how it happened.”

“I’m so happy for you,” you kissed him on the lips. “Ready to add another accomplishment to that long list?”

“You bet,” he agreed.

When you arrived, there was already plenty of people there. Luckily, you hadn’t spotted anyone else wearing such a bold shade of yellow, and it made you excited and happy. It wasn’t long before a teenage boy was running up to Josh, huge smile plastered on his face. “Hey, uh, I was wondering if maybe I could get an autograph, please?” he wondered, grinning up at Josh. “I’ve been listening to your music for years. I’m a huge fan.”

“Absolutely,” Josh nodded, receiving the marker and piece of paper he handed him.

“So who’s this lucky lady?” the boy asked.

“Oh, y/n?” Josh laughed, tugging you right at his side and wrapping an arm around your waist. “This is my lovely girlfriend.”

“Sweet,” the boy grinned. “She’s very pretty.”

“Isn’t she?” Josh beamed. “You know, before we came here she was being all flustered acting like she didn’t look good in this dress. Can you believe that?”

“Josh,” you turned red, stifling a chuckle.

“You guys are the perfect couple,” the boy laughed. “Thanks so much for the autograph, Josh.”

“No problem,” he reassured. He ran away happily and you slapped Josh on the arm.

“Why’d you say that?” you joked.

“What? Say that you’re beautiful?” he raised an eyebrow. “Because you are.”

“Flirt,” you smirked. “Come on, let’s go look for Jenna and Tyler.”

“Wait! Joshua Dun!” an interviewer raced up to the two of you, microphone in hand, a camera crew following close behind. “My name is Stacey. I’m a reporter here tonight, I was wondering if you would be open to sharing about the lovely lady you brought with you tonight possibly? She isn’t a familiar face, but she definitely will be remembered after tonight. That’s a lovely dress dear.”

“Thanks,” you blushed.

“This is y/n, she’s my girlfriend,” Josh presented you and thrust out his hands, waving them up and down as if he was selling a product or showing a prize on a gameshow. “She’s the only award I need tonight.”

“How sweet,” Stacey gushed. She shook Josh and your hand and then grinned back at the camera. “Look at these two love birds.”

“Love birds indeed,” he chuckled, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “But I think it’s time for us to fly away now.”

“Oh yes, you two run along. I think Tyler and Jenna are over by the red carpet,” she informed. “Good luck tonight!”

“Thanks so much,” Josh responded, linking his arm with yours and plastering on a smile. “Come on my little chickadee, we’ve got a lot more stuff to do before we win that Grammy.”

“Chickadee?” you giggled. “You’re awfully cheerful now.”

“I’ve got good vibes,” he shrugged. “Oh look! There’s Tyler and Jenna!”

“Where?” your eyes instantly darted around in search of the matching bright yellow, and when you saw her, your face lit up. “Goddammit she looks like a Queen.”

“You look better,” he whispered in your ear with a sly smile as you approached them both. You were about to protest but Josh was already unlinking his arm from yours, engulfing Tyler in a huge hug, and Jenna approached you with a huge grin.

“Oh my goodness gracious, y/n!” Jenna exclaimed. “You look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale, sweetheart.”

“Me?” you laughed. “Look at you!”

“She looks smoking,” you could hear Tyler whisper to Josh. “I could barely breathe when she walked out of the bedroom.”

“I know, same here,” Josh agreed in a low murmur. “She didn’t even notice me staring at her from the doorway. Dude, I was floored.”

“I don’t know but I think we should start doing more of these Grammy things if they’re going to look as hot as this,” Tyler teased.

“Hey!” Jenna snapped, giving him a playful tug on the ear. “You boys should work on your whispering skills. We can hear everything.”

“Then that just means you’ll know how much we think you look so freaking sexy tonight,” Tyler smirked, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her closer. “Right, babe?”

“Sure,” she rolled her eyes, planting her lips on his for a kiss. A couple flashes went off and Josh chuckled.

“Come on guys,” he laughed. “Let’s keep the PDA to a minimum.”

“Shut up,” Tyler narrowed his eyes when he pulled away from the kiss, squeezing Jenna’s hand before letting go. “I bet you guys are going to be all over each other by the time we sit down.”

“It’s the Grammys,” Josh argued. “We have to be well behaved.”

“Well behaved,” Tyler scoffed. “Like that’s something we know how to do.”

“You’re being so silly,” Jenna sighed.

“Just wait until we take our pants off,” Tyler winked. “Then it will get real.”

“What?” you and Jenna both exclaimed at the same time.

“Nothing,” Tyler reassured. “Just a joke.”

“It better be,” Jenna warned.

“Sure…” Josh smirked, leaving both of you curious of what the hell that meant.


oi oi meus pãozin de mel!1!! fiquei muito feliz quando vi que chegamos a 2 MIL seguidores. tenho muito que agradecer por vocês confiarem na gente e por nunca terem desistido de nós, amo vocês coisinhas lindas szszsz enfim, pra comemorar fiz esse mega post, espero que gostem! :)

bios random em inglês:

you touched me and suddenly i was a lilac sky

worry less, smile more. don’t regret, just learn and grow

you can’t be fixed by the same person who broke you

real eyes realize real lies

when the stars go out you can rest your love on me

nothing is sweeter than the together we share

a certain darkness is needed to see the stars

we were born to be real, not to be perfect

is it true that pain is beauty

love in my arms and the sun in my eyes

she was like the moon, part of her was always hidden away

bios friendship/coulpe:

i wanna sleep In your arms @user

i promise to be your umbrella when life rains down on you @user

i love you and i’ll never leave your side @user

you were you, and i was i; we were two before our time @user

i was yours, before i knew, and you have always been mine too @user

you are a poem that breathes @user

users laurenj:






users spn:

supernwaturaI (é um L no lugar do I)



cwastieI (é um I no lugar do L)

users zayn:



JAVADDlA (é um L no lugar do I)


users kehlani:





users kehlani + camila c:




users camila c:




users little mix:

Iittlewix (é um I no lugar do primeiro L)





users selena g:





clica no heartzinho se pegar alguma coisinha, tá bom? beeeijo

BTS reaction to their SO getting into fights

requested by @canyoufeelmyheart-


Passive aggressively buys the cutest and pinkest band-aids. He’s actually proud of you for standign up for yourself and your friends.

“See, I love and support you. But if you keep on getting into fights I’ll keep fixing you up. So you just have to put up with the Hello Kitty band-aids.”

Originally posted by theseoks


Totally stands behind you and holds your earrings or purse. Also occassionally takes pictures and may or may not carry a bag of popcorn with him.

“Tell ‘em, babe.”

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie


Tries to go all Knight-in-shining-armour on your ass and tries to fight your fights. It ends up with him getting his butt handed to him.

“I wasn’t trying to help, because I think you’re capable of telling people off just fine!”

Originally posted by syubto


Similar to Yoongi but he would actually try to get you to be more calm.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t stand up for yourself, I’m just saying that your blood pressure will go through the roof and I will be a widower at 30. Actually…black really suits me.”

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Listen, no matter how much you like to fight, a loof of those puppy eyes will calm you down in no time. Only when the one you’re fighting is a total jerk, he will gladly cheer you on.

“Baaaabe, why worry about those idiots when you could pay attention to me? See, I will give you many kisses, they just give you headaches.”

Originally posted by daeguboy


He will mostly let you do your thing, afraid you will be mad at him if he gets involved. But if you need it he will have your back and he’s always there when you need to cuddle it out.

“Hey, why don’t you just tell me about what they did?”

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Kookie is so into this. He would be like your coach giving you advice in the corner of the metaphorical boxing ring. He also always flexes in the background and mouths threats toward your opponent.

“You almost got him, babe. Just one good left hook and he is down.”

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Request: Ive had this idea but idk how to write it so Im giving it to you. Its where y/n is in love with Bucky but he is dating and in love with someone else. However the girl broke his heart and finally realizes a year after his heartbreak that he loves y/n.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst (?), fluff (I like ending things on a happy note I’m sorry)

A/N: this will probably hurt my soul. Also, if there’s any mistakes, I’ll fix ‘em later :)

Giggling erupts in the hallway and you sigh, closing your eyes for a couple of seconds. Bucky and his girlfriend were back from wherever they had went. With a frown now etched on your face, you grab the container of Oreo’s and your glass of milk and make your way into Steve’s room where you would be watching some Disney movies.

“Took you long enough, I nearly started the movie without you.” he joked as you went to sit on the floor beside him.

“Yeah well I had to wait a while. Bucky and Ella came back and I didn’t want to run into them in the hall.” you respond, placing the Oreo’s between the two of you.

Steve looked at you and frowned. He knew how you felt about Bucky, hell, the whole team did, except Bucky of course. You had admired him for so long. He was perfection in your eyes but you were always too scared to ever make a move, worried that he’d reject you. When you finally decided to tell him how you felt, you discovered that he had a girlfriend.

He had barely started dating Ella and it crushed you. Steve would always tell you that it wouldn’t last, that he’d break up with her soon because Bucky just wasn’t the type for long term relationships. It’s been 2 years now and they’re still going strong. You pretend to be happy for him but deep down you want to be her. She gets to hold him and kiss him; you want that. You want to be the source of his happiness, the reason he smiles all the time.

But we don’t always get what we want.

“They’ll end it soon Y/N. Bucky isn’t the-”

“Long term relationship type of person.” you finish for him. “You’ve been saying that for two years Steve.”

“Well it’s true.” he shrugged, turning his head towards the tv where The Little Mermaid was playing.

“I think you’re wrong.” you say, grabbing an Oreo and dipping it into the milk.

“And why’s that?” he turns back to you.

“Because he looks at Ella the way that I look at him. With-”

“Love!” Bucky suddenly bursts into the room. “I’m in love!”

He waltz over to Steve’s bed and plops down behind you with a sigh. You bite the inside of your cheek before stuffing the Oreo in your mouth and turning to Steve who was already looking at you. He felt bad for you; everyone did. You loved someone who didn’t love you back.

“What are you guys watching?” Bucky turned to lay on his stomach. “Ooo The Little Mermaid, I love this movie.”

You sighed and closed your eyes, leaning your head back on the bed. When you opened them back up, you were met with Bucky’s face. He smiled at you, that goofy grin making your heart melt.

“Hi Y/N.” he spoke.

“Hi Buck.” you sighed out, lifting your head back up to watch the movie.

The rest of the night consisted of Bucky playing with your hair and stacking Oreo’s on top of your head.

1 year later

Exactly 4 months after the movie night in Steve’s room, Bucky had his heartbroken. He had found out that Ella had been cheating on him for a while. He broke things off instantly. He stayed cooped up in his room, crying and wondering what he did to deserve such a horrible thing. While he did that, you were moving out of the tower and into your very own apartment. You decided it was about time to move out. The rest of the gang helped you move, all of course except Bucky.

He didn’t even know you had moved out until he walked over to your old room for some advice. He remembers it like yesterday.

Deciding to get out of his room and go to you for some advice, Bucky made his way over to your room. He was exhausted, eyes burning from crying so much but he was determined to go and talk to you. You always had great advice which made you an amazing friend.

Bucky opened up your door, expecting to see you sitting on your bed watching a movie or browsing the web on your laptop but instead he was met with nothing but an empty room. Confused, he walked over the common room and walked straight up to his best friend.

“Where’s Y/N?”

The blonde turns his gaze to the brunette and smiles. “Hey Buck, you’re finally out of your room. How’re you doing?”

He ignored the question. “Where’s Y/N.”

Bucky had now gained the rest of the team members attention and they watched as Steve broke the news to his friend.

“She moved a couple of days ago, Bucky.” he spoke softly.

That night he went over to your apartment, asking why you left and begging you to come back as it ‘wasn’t the same without you’. You declined but said he was welcome at your place anytime.

It had now been a year since the breakup with Ella and Bucky sat on the couch in the tower with Steve and Sam. Somehow you came up in the conversation and they had been talking about you for a while.

“I don’t think she ever had a boyfriend while living here.” Bucky comments, leaning on the couch.

“Of course she didn’t, she was in love with you.” Sam chuckled, saying it as if Bucky had known all this time.

The soldier sat up quickly. “What?”

Steve glared at Sam who ignored his friends look. “Don’t act like you didn’t know. She made it pretty obvious.”

“I didn’t know.” Bucky said. “Steve, did you know about this?”

The blonde put his head down in a way of silently giving Bucky an answer but Sam spoke up.

“Of course he did, everyone did.”

Bucky scoffed. “And no one decided to tell me? She didn’t think to tell me something this serious?”

“She tried to Buck.” Steve sighed, lifting his head to meet eyes with his friend.

“When was that because during all of our conversations not once did she tell me that she was in love wi-”

“She tried telling you the day you told her about you dating Ella.” Steve cut him off and Bucky slowly leaned back in the couch, mentally replaying that day.

Bucky had barely began dating Ella but the both of them decided to keep their relationship a secret. It had been a week and Bucky wanted to tell someone - anyone about him and Ella but of course, he kept his mouth shut. So he sat on his bed, thinking about Ella and when he’d be able to see her again. He was head over heels for her.

A knock on his door tore him away from his thoughts and he yelled a ‘come in’. There stood you, hands clasped in front of you as you shut the door behind your figure.

“Hey Bucky, I have to tell you something.” you spoke softly. On the outside you looked calm, but on the inside you were freaking the fuck out.

“Y/N! I have to tell you something too!” he shot up from his bed and walked over to you. “Me first.” he then grabbed you by your shoulders, a smile upon his lips and you almost thought he was going to kiss you until he started shaking you. “I have a girlfriend!”

Your heart dropped instantly and Bucky continued. “I actually wasn’t supposed to tell anyone because we’re keeping our relationship a secret but I couldn’t hold it in any longer!”

“That’s.. That’s great Buck.” you say. “When did you two start dating?”

“A week ago. We’ve been talking for a while though. Her name is Ella. Isn’t that such a beautiful name?” he was practically drooling at the thought of her.

“It is.” you nod, forcing a smile. “I’m happy for you, Bucky.”

“Thanks.” he flashed you a goofy grin. “What is it you wanted to tell me?”

You had almost forgotten the reason why you came to his room in the first place. “Uh.. I just wanted to tell you that dinners almost ready.”

Bucky nods and thanks you before you exit his room, instantly making your way to your room where you broke down in tears.

“Oh my god.” Bucky breathed.

Something clicked inside of him. There was a reason why he always came to you for advice, a reason why he’d always go to you when he felt down. He loved you - he was in love with you. He couldn’t believe how long it took him to realize this but he decided to not waste anymore time.

“Where’s Y/N? Is she at home?” he questioned the two men sitting before him.

“She should be. Why?” Steve answered.

Bucky jumped up from the couch and ran over to his room to put on his shoes before grabbing his car keys and rushing out of the building, heading straight for your apartment. He couldn’t believe how stupid he was over the years. There you were, always there for him when he needed you, in love with him and he chose someone else who ended up breaking his heart.

Upon making it to your apartment, he parked his car and instead of taking the elevator, he dashed up the stairs in a hurry. Out of breath, he knocked on your door repeatedly until you swung the door open, thinking it was that annoying kid who liked to knock on your door then run away.

“Oh hey Buck.” you say. “Sorry about how I answered the door. There’s this kid that-”

He shut you up with a kiss. He put everything he had in it. It was rough, but soft; needy to be more precise. You pulled away first, confusion written all over your face.

“Bucky, what the he-”

“I’m in love with you.” he blurts. “I always have been, I was just too stupid to realize it back then. I thought Ella was the one for me but really, it’s you. I can’t believe it took me this long but Y/N I’m so madly in love with you, it’s unbelievable.”

“Bucky, where did all of this come from?” you question, that obviously not being what Bucky expected you to say.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean just the other day you were telling me about some girl you met at the bar the night before and now you’re telling me that you’re in love with me.” you say before groaning. “Oh my god did Steve tell you about how I feel about you?”

“So you love me back?” he smiled, full of hope.

“Of course I do you giant idiot! I made it quite obvious.” you respond.

“Am I really that oblivious?” Bucky nervously chuckled as he scratched the back of his neck.

“All signs point to yes.” you nod, causing Bucky to groan.

“Are you gonna keep bashing me for being stupid and idiotic or are you gonna let me in so that I can make out with you?”

You tap your chin for a bit before answering. “I think I’ll go with the first one.”

Bucky laughs, stepping forward and taking you in his arms. “Stop being mean and kiss me.”

You let out a laugh, lips connecting with his as he moves the two of you inside, shutting the door behind him.

“Took you long enough.” you mutter throughout the kiss.

“Shut up.” he chuckled, attacking your lips once more.



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Leonard Snart x Reader

Summary: After months of being together, you finally convince Leonard to tell Team Flash about the two of you. Going to Cisco for help, however, is more mortifying than you thought it’d be…

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1800

Note: This was a request I fulfilled a couple of weeks ago for a group blog I’m with, @fanfiction-writers and I thought I’d share it with all of you (also to make sure I get something else posted and so you Snart lovers can get a fix)! Now, this was my first time ever writing for Leonard but I’ve started watching Legends so y’all will definitely see more of him (and the rest of the team) in the future! Also, go check out the group blog! We are always looking for new requests and we write for a HUGE variety of fandoms. There are tons of amazing writers in the group and all of you should definitely check ‘em out!

Originally posted by hopelessidiotsinlove

Falling in love with Leonard Snart was not on your bucket list.

Then again, neither was aligning yourself with vigilantes and working with the Flash, but at least they were good, not on the fence all the time and “in between” good and evil.

Plus, Barry didn’t freeze your feet to the ground and give you severe frostbite (you almost lost, like, six of your toes), and you kept asking yourself why you couldn’t have fallen for him instead. Seriously, when you do the comparisons, Barry seems like the better choice, and yet here you were, rambling off to Cisco, about your confusing love life.

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Big Bang Reaction: You ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them

anon asked: big bang when you ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them

Thanks for your request again anon! Please enjoy! ~Em

Jiyong: *gets all intense about it* “Jagi…please let me kiss you.”

Originally posted by iangallghr

Seunghyun: “Jagi I love you, please don’t be mad at me anymore! I hate when you ignore me.”

Originally posted by coeursofia

Taeyang: *sits with you and listens to why you are upset and fixes it*

Originally posted by kim--hanbins

Daesung: *offended* “Jagi, did you just? What did I do to you to deserve that??”

Originally posted by ssonqs-archived

Seungri: “Okay. Fine. But next time you want to kiss me I won’t let you.”

Originally posted by wntersoldierr

can I not have a story about emotional growth and healing that doesn’t feel the need to have everyone fixed by romantic love like. No. Just cause you fall in love does not mean you get better all of a sudden, and people don’t need romantic love to get better. Thats so… insulting? Even when I find a character who has issues I can relate to it feels like the creators just give em some romance and call them fixed?

On that note Natsume Yuujinchou doesn’t do that and I’m so happy.

“You really don’t trust anyone, do you?”
“Never met anyone worth trusting.”

Love Bites!

The Bronze Interview

Sebastian Stan x Reader 

Prompt: Could you do a Sebastian Stan/ Reader where the reader was a Olympic gold medal gymnast when she was a teenager and she’s Seb’s wife, so when he was approached to do The Bronze, he went to her to sorta learn about the gymnastics world and how to get into character as a gymnast. Could the imagine be perhaps he talks about it in an interview or something? Thanks, if you can do it xxx :) The interview is taking place on Graham Norton.

Warnings: none

Word count: 831

Originally posted by dailysebastiangifs

“Your tie is wonky. There, its fixed. Knock ‘em dead Seb.” You wave as he heads to the stage door. He mouths an “I love you” and steps up to the curtain. 

“Next up on our couch tonight, you’ve seen him play countless tortured characters, he’s broken more hearts than that puppy with no legs! It is the wonderful, outrageously handsome, Mr Sebastian Stan!” Graham shouts as the audience screams over him.

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Here is the reason I didn’t work on requests today!! I made conchas for the first time and I gotta say, I’m impressed with how they turned out!! They’re a little dense but I think I’ll fix that over time (or y'know, not let em rise in the fridge overnight, that wasn’t fun to work with).

I will resume the request work throughout the week but my finals are coming up so they’ll be coming in short spurts :)

For now, enjoy my conchas eye candy ;3

Soul for a laugh

A/N: Just me and my thoughts. No request. but I do take em. 

Warnings: Hurt, Lonely reader fluff

Pairing: Crowley x reader 


You were just…lonely. You couldn’t really put your finger on why. You had a family, a mom, a dad. You had a job. But you just didn’t have that “full” feeling.  You had friends too. Sam, Dean, Charlie, Castiel, Crowley…Crowley…Him. Maybe he could fix it.  

You sprung up from your bed, running down the stairs to the basement. You ignored the looks from Sam and Dean.  You needed this.  You knocked violently on Crowley’s door.  You stopped when he opened the door, in his black and more black suit.  “Now what do you want?! You come slamming on my door. Who the bloody hell do you think-”

“I want a deal.” You spit out in a burst of anguish.

Silence filled the air between you two and you started to feel uncomfortable.  You shifted your weight from one foot to the other, as you let your gaze fall to the floor.  

Crowley stepped aside and made room for you to walk in. “Come in, rabbit.” You hated his animal names, yet you still walked in and sat on the small trunk at the end of his bed. He stood in front of you, letting his door shut behind him.  “What hit you in the knocker??”

You rolled your eyes and sighed, “A lot of things. But nothing to make me want this. I wanted this on my own.” He furrowed his eyebrows, “And what could you possibly want from me? Last time I checked love. You had all you wanted or needed.”

“Listen Crowley.  Im lonely. Im empty. I dont want to feel that anymore. I want to sell my soul, to feel wanted. Loved. By more than just a freind.” You blushed, your true intentions revealing themselves. He growled and hit you upside the head. You screeched in slight pain. 

“You blundering idiot.”


“Dont ever sell your soul for that stupid reason!”

“Its not stupid! I want to feel loved!!” Tears surged forward and you started to cry. Crowley had never seen you cry before and he’s seen Dean cried. He sat next to you and awkwardly wrapped his arms around you.  You turned and cried into his shoulder.  

“Now dont cry.  You’re too pretty for that, pet.” You blushed softly and sniffled, starting to calm down. He nodded and sighed. “Thats better. Can’t have my favorite crying.”

“F-Favorite?” You looked up at him. He nodded. “Yeah. Dont make me regret it.” You gigled and laid over his lap. “Hey! Hey! No! No! Don’t do that!” You laughed and rolled off his lap.  He rolled his eyes. 

“You care about me!!”

“Hey! I said dont make me regret it!! Im regretting it!!

You smiled giddely and looked up at Crowley.  He almost squinted his eyes while looking into yours. He found something. He found happiness.  Not only in your eyes, but in his…soul? Wait he doesnt have that. Maybe its his colon. 

You jumped up and hugged him. You whispered, “I dont think I’ll be needing that deal.”

I was going to draw who my fav duo is, which is obviously maxwell and wes, I don’t know why but I really love the idea of wes being a HUGE ass face towards people he hates, or people who wronged him. ,,, but then it became a wes fest! He’s very simple to draw and very CUTE!

Wanda Maximoff Playlist ♫
  1. Coldplay - Fix You 
  2. Adele - Send My Love 
  3. Pink - Just Like Fire
  4. Beyoncé - Haunted 
  5. Coldplay - Yellow 
  6. Oh Wonder - Without You 
  7. Linkin Park - What I’ve Done
  8. Little Mix - Wings 
  9. Sam Smith - Writing’s On The Wall 
  10. Birdy - Let It All Go 
  11. Evanescence - My Immortal 
  12. Grace - You Don’t Own Me
  13. Boy Epic - Vampire Sunrise
  14. OneRepublic - Stop And Stare
  15. Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams
  16. Adele - Set Fire To The Rain 
  17. Beyoncé - Rocket 
  18. Linkin Park - New Divide
  19. Coldplay - Paradise
  20. Grace - Hell Of A Girl
  21. Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness 
  22. Sia - Freeze You Out
  23. Meghan Trainor - NO
  24. The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
  25. Avril Lavigne - Bad Girl
  26. Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head
  27. Marina And The Diamonds - Primadonna
  28. DNCE - Cake By The Ocean
  29. Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer
  30. Dorothy - Raise Hell
  31. Paramore: Ain’t It Fun
  32. Foxes - Cruel
  33. New Years Day - Kill or Be Killed
  34. Boy Epic - Scars
  35. Clean Bandit - Tears
  36. OneRepublic - Wherever I Go
  37. M.I.A. - Borders

“You know…I could be a little bias, but I have decided I have the best damn kids goin’…all five of em’ they’re just so kind and considerate…”Evan spoke to the person who’s car he was currently fixing. “And I don’t even care if I’m begin an embarrassing dad right now.”