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2x21 // 2x22

Lance had been born blind, which of course made it hard for him, but he didn’t want to give up.

Everyone at the Garrison doubted his ability to be a pilot because of his blindness, but Lance ended up proving them wrong, even if he only got to be a cargo pilot.

Blah Blah Blah, skip forward to The Castle of Lions.

Lance only catches Allura because he could hear her tripping, and flirts with her to keep up his playboy front.

Lance asks Lance and Coran if he can feel there faces so he can think about how they look, and Allura isn’t really comfortable with this but she lets him do it anyway.

Allura actually doubts Lance’s skills as a pilot, considering he can’t see and he is always flirting, so when anything goes wrong, both her and Shiro seem to blame him.

Lance can’t change himself, can’t change the fact that he can’t see anything, and is slowly falling apart because of it.

Blue ends up becoming his ‘service dog’ and likes to do some amazing stunts while in mid battle so Shiro and Allura have to praise her Paladin because he just saved there fucking lives 💙


quality content, but one question? Do Alteans not have blindness? @ziaraderosa


He might press her close now till the muscles knotted on his arms […] There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.”


“Did Jumin really just say that!?!?”

“So Jumin has a heart after all!”

“It is nice to hear you say such things, Mr. Han~”

“Aha!! Mister Trustfundkid isn’t a robot! I knew it!”

A happy ending~

They’ve already set up a scenario for season 5 where Madi is prime to spill the beans about Clarke radioing Bellamy everyday lmao if they don’t seize that Bellamy-bonds-with-child and realizes-he’s-still-in-deep-with-clarke opportunity I will riot

track fourteen: when i’m there

“Jane and I have met,” he said, smiling straight at her.

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I know you've spoken before about Len and when he chooses to wear gloves/ hide his hands in his pockets as a sign of not being truthful about his plans. I found it therefore cool that during the planning stage at star labs we saw his bare hands a lot and I don't know if it's intentional as a way to know he's being truthful but I thought it was cool.

I love that you’re pointing this out omg it’s so true.

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Not wearing gloves, hands showing. Whereas he is for half of Rogue Air (1x22) - he’s got his hands in his pockets at STAR labs, and gloves on when he’s in the alley with Barry and Lisa, and gloves on for the rest of the episode after that I think.

I also commented on this when we got hallucination!Len (not real, wore gloves) vs. aberration!Len (real, wasn’t wearing gloves pretty much the entire episode even when punching Mick and holding the cold gun???). Pretty sure speedforce-apparition!Len also wore gloves. Flashback!Len (also real) didn’t in 3x04. The hologram did. Definitely a pattern…

Not that Len doesn’t wear gloves at all in The Flash 3x22, just that he does so on the job and after (including when he shakes hands with Barry, hm…) but not when he’s agreeing to help and making the plan with the team. He’s not trying to deceive them and it’s really him.