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Day 17: Graceful

“Say hup, it helps!”


There is a scene where Emily jumps into the lake to escape. It was very cold, and the crew and producers were concerned because it was so cold. So, you put on the scuba gear and so forth, and then you put on your costume on and then you go out into the middle of the lake and… everybody’s kinda holding their breath and you’re kinda holding your breath because you don’t know what to expect. What struck me though, about that moment… we talked about some of the themes that are recurring in this story and this theme of rebirth, recovery and surviving, I think fully plays out in that scene. Showing this character coming out of something very deep, very dangerous, and… she was not going to give up. And she overcomes it, and keeps going, keeps pushing even though everything she was facing wanted to extinguish that light. 
Stana Katic’s favorite scene in Absentia 1x05

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Flower crowns, meat, really? everyone keeps giving you weird gifts, fortunatelly Imma gonna give you the best gift in the world *gives him a bucket* yes a bucket, enjoy!

@asktheslightlyinsaneinkdemon “I finally found the best solution for your melting problem! Thank me later demon :)”

i didn’t think they could shock us like that. i didn’t think that they wouldn’t spoil it, that we wouldn’t get a preview shoving that glorious wonderful moment down our throats with big capitals letters and a flashing neon sign we couldn’t ignore.

i didn’t think that they would do it - of course, we all hoped the heist was going to end up this way, but i was convinced that it was never going to happen, that it was too early, that it would happen in the 99th ep if it happened at all. i thought fucking hitchcock and scully we’re going to win tbh. i didn’t expect us to all win.

i didn’t think that they could completely just surprise us, and have it be literally the most perfect and well, them proposal and - holy shit, i literally just realised it happens in the evidence lock-up, fuck fuck fuck fuck i can’t deal

and then to have us seeing their first meeting, and seeing the exact second that jake peralta realised he wanted to marry amy santiago, and see how radiant and happy these two are.

i didn’t think they could shock us like that.

i have never been so happy to be wrong.

i recognize what the “your spouse should be your best friend” thing is in response to but it feels like it’s just saying “only one person in your life can be Really Important” and i Hate it

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That’s really not surprising - Leia grew up in a healthy, loving, supportive family with all of her needs met financially and emotionally. Makes a HUGE difference in coping mechanisms. It also makes me very sad, though, because we’ve seen that Anakin gets along just fine with people just like him (re: Ahsoka). They could’ve been best friends, and instead…it’s just ash and bitterness.

A lot of it does have to do with the circumstances that one grows up in–one of the biggest differences between Luke and Leia is that they both had this core desire for more than a simple life, but Leia was in the position where she could do something about it, she could live that life and do the things she was itching to do.  Luke, on the other hand, was stuck on a desert planet, knowing he was meant for more, was so eager and untested that all the loving support from Owen and Beru that he got couldn’t touch that core of how he practically vibrated with a need for more.

One of the important differences between Leia and Anakin is that she doesn’t hold onto her anger about something in a way that she can never let go of or it really trips her up.  It’s understandable why Anakin has trouble with that!  He has so much anger about his childhood and how he sees the galaxy and he never really lets anyone help him with that despite that they do try to, he cannot let it go, cannot control it before it controls him instead.

I think that’s the one of the big differences between Anakin and Ahsoka as well, that she has all this tremendous well of feeling in her, including a lot of anger at the same things that make Anakin angry, but she doesn’t hold onto it beyond what’s necessary, she listens when others reach out to her and help her, she lets go of it when she needs to.

Like, I’m not sure Leia would want to be a Jedi, she already has an outlet for her desire for that greater calling to help the galaxy, but if she did, I think that’s why they were interested in her and why she would have made an excellent Jedi, in the way Ahsoka was and Anakin never really quite was meant for it at his core! He was a great Jedi in a lot of ways, but ultimately I don’t think he was happy with their way of life (which is nothing against either of them!) and instead of the clarity he needed to find his focus and priorities, he just kept digging deeper and it ended so, so badly for him.  We see that Ahsoka does have the clarity to know when she needs to walk a new path and I think Leia has that same kind of clarity, about herself and her path.

psa: can’t remember the last time i mentioned this, but i really appreciate you all. i hope you all have a beautiful day and that you are greeted with many happy moments.


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ST: Disco - I can now in good conscience rec this. Hard.

Ok y’all, buckle up. This is gonna be spoiler-free!

I have to admit, after watching the first few episodes, and hearing about it from asides, I was Worried. There was, purportedly, so much Angst and Violence, and on watching it, it felt totally unlike what I always turn to Star Trek for.

This most recent episode, takes the previous episodes, raises them by 100 and sells the series to me on a golden goddamn platter.

It’s still kinda grim, angsty and violent, yes. But it’s finally, finally showing me Star Trek. The characters are established, and now we get to see wildcards and development and the progression of arcs you barely noticed being set up until they are being paid off. There is hope, a spirit to the show, a sense of morality and integrity that is at last being pushed up against the previous episodes spirals, and that is what Star Trek is.


I realise this is a bit cryptic! I will analyse further, but I’ll do it under a cut. For now, all you need to know, is that I can now in good conscience, recommend the show. Hard. Please, give it a chance. 

If Episode 5 is not a turning point for you, then fair enough, be on your way! But if you are willing to give it a try, I’m telling you that it is categorically worth it, at least from my point of view.

See below for further analysis! (Warning: it’s kinda long!)

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