and i love this photoshoot


“I’ve shown enough of the cute and humorous me. Of course that is a part of my true self, but I am going to show a lot of more of my serious and hardworking Jackson. I am not a native Korean so I am fully aware that my activities are restricted. Backups to that restriction is what I need. I broke into entertainment with my bright image and I enjoyed it. I want to keep doing that. In China, I want to do acting. If I get recognized there first then move over to Korea, I would have a lot more confidence.” 

–  Jackson Wang for Kwave Magazine


Keanu Reeves photographed by Simon Emmett for Esquire Magazine (March 2017)

“I loved to go to the movies as a kid and I loved watching movies. I don’t know if it was escapism. Even the act of going outside to the movies for me, and watching them in a room. I wanted to be there, you know? I wanted to do that. And that happened in Hollywood! So, I wanted to act in movies. In Hollywood. It was my dream! Whatever that meant.”


Trying to evoke different Star Wars villains through the Mortis character, Dave Filoni, at the end of that working experience, of doing those three episodes, he goes “Hey, what do you think about the idea that Darth Maul maybe survived the fall and being cut in half?” Cause there was some rumbling at that time that that had happened. And I’m like “Yeah…I don’t know. That’s a little weird. That’s strange.” And he’s like “Yeah. Anyway, there might be something down the road for you.” And I’m like “What? Like a bounty hunter?” And he’s like “Yeah, maybe.” And then I leave. And I had no idea what he was trying to tell me there at the time. Even though he made it fairly obvious. And then a year later I got a phone call, he calls me up and he goes “Listen, man, I need Darth Maul. Can you do it?” Like any smart actor I did what you must do: I lied.