and i love this little girl's goggles

I don’t normally post photos of my family but I am so fucking proud right now.  She wanted to learn how to make beads.  She’s so much shorter than us, so her reach sucks, the fancy glasses that cut down on orange flare don’t fit her so she can hardly see the glass in the torch, and she was so tense she was shaking, which made everything fifty times harder.  I thought for sure she’d give up after the first bead, but she made three more and got so much better with each one and has plans for tomorrow.  Oh, and after the first, all the beads were carefully thought out to be gifts for loved ones.  Literally the first thing she did after establishing that she could do this at all was think of what colors her special people would want.

Little girls in grungy shops with hammers and flames and goggles is a hell of an aesthetic.