and i love this little girl's goggles

Tommy Shepherd Rated by Me

Jailbreak Tommy from Young Avengers vol. 1 (first appearance)

This Tommy makes me so sad. Look at him. He’s like, 15/16 years old and he has 0 innocence left from being experimented on and tortured in a high security prison!! Props to a good aesthetic wearing white scrubs matching his hair tho. Still, I am sad. 5/10

Actual Speed original design vol. 1

CLASSIC. SHINY. HOW DO THE GOGGLES STICK TO HIS FACE??? wispy hair. Nothing beats this 11/10

Civil War

He’s got an important job. Fuckin Maria don’t shoot my boy. He’s doing a great job and A+ art (i’m crazy for lots of solid black in line art) 9/10

Civil War (Runaways crossover)


Secret Invasion

ANIME TOMMY. here’s him out of costume. Innocence slightly restored. Very smol and soft. A good look. 8/10

Secret Invasion in costume.

STILL SOFT AND CUTE weird new colors for suit?? just roll with it. Still 8/10.

Dark Reign.

I couldn’t find any good pictures because there are none what was this art style doing? (lies, I liked this art. It fit the comic mood so well!!!) 6/10

Dark Reign (Tommy’s Date)

HE’S CUTE! 7/10



Young Avengers Presents: Speed & Wiccan

a perfect boy, pure, flawless, fast, and goes to hell. 12/10

Young Avengers Presents: Hawkeye

Douchebag Tommy. He’s literally just wearing a blazer over a t-shirt with jeans. One of my fave Tommys. 9/10

I am an Avenger

Damn right u r. 7/10

More I am an Avenger

He’s in a bad mood. But he reveals he’s a huge fucking NERD. I love him. 7/10

Young Avengers vol. 2: Work Tommy

He is happy to make a friend. He misses his brother. He misses his friends. WHy thE hECK Havent theY CALLED????? 6/10

Young Avengers vol 2 in costume

depressing. I hated this. never again. -100 points.

New Years Tommy


Tommy drawn by McKelvie

The only part of the entire volume 2 i enjoyed besides tommy dancing at the party. Billy loves you Tom!!!! Hug your drunk brother! 10/10

House of M: The Return of Tommy

AFTER 3 YEARS WE GOT TOMMY BACK!!! AND HE’S SO SMOL AND CUTE!! little elf boy!!! Original dark green suit color restored!! face goggles!!! 11/10

House of M design 2

Easily his coolest design ever. TOTALLY new look. New colors. AMAZING. 15/10

Adult Tommy future AU

He never changed his hairstyle. Okay. He looks handsome anyway! He’s happy he has twin babies coming!!!! Good job dad Tom!!! 8/10

Avengers Fairy Tales #3


the end.

I really want Plance to become canon in Voltron, or at least let Pidge’s obvious feelings for Lance be revealed. She blushed when he was asleep in the cryropod, she gets annoyed when he talks about other girls, she lets him borrow her stuff unlike the others…its obvious there’s something there.

I mean, yes, anyone could say I’m looking at the show with shipping goggles, but if any of those moments were between characters of a ship that is more popular , you know the fandom would not stop talking about it. And maybe I am a little, but also, I would love Pidge to be with someone because it’s sad how much this fandom puts her on a pedestal of “age imbalance”, “too young”, etc. I know some people also want ace or lesbian representation, but why just Pidge? Personally, I think Keith is more ace. And Allura could be a lesbian? Who knows (I mean you are free to your headcanons and ships)

Sorry, I could go on and on, but there really is something there, and I hope, in some way, it gets mentioned in a future episode…

Abe Portman, King of Sass

Yakob, I assume you want to hear about the Peculiar children again? No? Well too bad. Once upon a time there was a peregrine bird. Except she was not a bird. She was a human that could turn into a bird. She was part of a subspecies of human called peculiars. She could bend time and turn into a bird. She ran an orphanage with peculiar children There was a particular necromancer named Enoch and he was moody as hell. He came from a family of undertakers. The irony is strong. There was a dreamer named Horace, who had dreams of the future. And an invisible boy named Millard who was, well, invisible! And a girl called Emma who could make fire and hold it with her bare hands. And Emma was super hot. Like she was as hot as her fire hands.

Millard was a creep. He’d follow us around and he probably watched Emma and I make out a few times. Ew.

And this kid, Hugh, had bees living inside of him. He had a thing for this girl who could make plants grow and other shit. I think that that bitches name was Fiona? She never talked because I bet she thought she was better than the rest of us. Her hair was a damn rats nest. And Hugh loved her for some reason. I never got that boy. Him and his stupid goggles. He always wore this one pair of tacky ass goggles.

And don’t even get me started on Olive. That little girl had no damn brain I fucking swear she was so stupid oh my bird. She was lighter than air because she had no damn brain.

AND ENOCH. THAT LITTLE MOODY SNITCH. He told the bird that Emma and I were a thing. I beat him up later that day but him and his stupid dolls would follow us around ALL THE TIME.

And Horace and his shitty nightmares. He’d wake up in the middle of the damn night and wake me to help calm his little ass down. Bitch, I ain’t your fucking slave. I never got a full night if sleep at that God forsaken home.

And Bronwyn was so damn sensitive. Her brother was no better. They were like human bulls! They were hella strong but holy shit. They were almost as bad as Olive! Bronwyn called the little girls “maudpie” and I wanted to tell her to shut it, but if I did her brother would beat me up and she’d cry.

I still can’t get over this girl Claire. SHE HAD A MOUTH ON THE BACK OF HER HEAD. WHAT THE HELL? One time she but me with it! Like listen here you Lil shit don’t fucking bite me with that damn it. That hurt like a fucker.

I loved the fuck out of Emma but damn was she angry. One time I went through her dresser and she got mad at me! I’m sorry, but I thought we were dating! God she was a bitch sometimes. That’s why I left her ass.

I’m happy that I left that hellhole. Everyone thought that I was leaving to fight. Bitch nah I hated everyone there.

"I-is....the mood gone?!" A Jasper Jordan Smut/Imagine

Being John Murphy’s slightly younger (and more attractive) sister had pros and it most definitely had its cons.
For starters, most people respected you due to whom you were related to and while you were most definitely kinder, they still also feared of hurting you knowing they’d certainly get a visit from the devil himself. Pro
More people liked you over your brother. Which you can rub in his face (not that he even cared). Pro.
Most boys were afraid of going near you out of fear of losing their balls. Con.
But one special boy, one by the name of Jasper Jordan (whom you couldn’t deny your crush on) just so happened to be brave enough to be with you.
You and Jasper had been secretly dating for awhile now and both of you being inexperienced in the whole ‘love’ department caused a lot of awkward moments. Especially those time when almost both of you were caught. So far the only people who knew of this innocent love was Octavia, Raven and Monty (Monty thinking both of them were crazy for having such a large death wish). Nothing was going to ruin this love.
Well. Um. Nothing soon?
Right now Jasper was staring at (Y/n) from across the camp. They both were grinning at each other as she talked with Octavia. Jasper’s face suddenly fell and he turned away quickly. (Y/n)’s brows furrowed till she felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking she saw her brother who had a raised eyebrow as he tried to follow his baby sisters line of sight. Just being a year younger than Murphy, this caused them both to practically have the same mind.
“Whose the dude.” He smirked.
She merely scoffed.
“What makes you think it’s a dude?!” She asked sassily.
“Just a figured. Plus. You’re being defensive.” She rolled her eyes.
“Would it kill you to actually let me have a crush on a male.”
“Yes. A knife right through the heart.” He stated.
“I’m about to go shove it somewhere else.” She threatened.
“Chill there, diva.”
“Go away.” She whined having her hand in a dismissive way. He held up his hands in mock surrender before walking away to go over to where she was looking.
Biting her lip till she had hands around her waist as someone nibbled her ear. She tensed and went to punch whoever was showing her affection till she heard a soothing voice.
“Hey-BABE.” Her boyfriend, Jasper quickly told her it was him and she relaxes before letting out a giggle. Leaning up to kiss him.
“Wanna head back to the tent?” She whispered. His eyes widened as his jaw dropped a bit. He couldn’t deny he’s been waiting for that simple sentence to fall from her beautiful lips. He’s waited to know she trusts him to see her in such a vulnerable state.
(Y/n) pushed Jasper on the makeshift bed. Smiling innocently as she pulled off her shirt and gently tossing it to the floor. Jasper sat up as she got on her knees. Sitting on her hind legs. Before she could unhook her bra straps he stopped her.
“A-are you sure about this (Y/n)?” He whispered. She held his hand up to her face before reaching back and undoing her bra.
“I love you Jasper.”
“I love you (Y/n). So much.” He whispered as he took off his shirt. Connecting their lips. Jasper took charge as he gently laid her onto the floor. Unbuttoning her pants and pulling them down her legs. Laying gentle kisses down her thighs as she sighed in bliss. He kissed his way back up. Up the valley of her breasts before reconnecting their lips.
Murphy looked around the camp. His brows furrowed as he looked for his baby sister. Grabbing Monty, who’s heart picked up, was blunt.
“They’re in Jaspers tent!” He said nervously. Murphy’s eyes widened as he immediately sprinted.
“I’m gonna move okay?” Jasper whimpered as her back arched in pleasure.
“Please.” She murmured as they kissed passionately. Jasper pulled out before pushing back in in a steady rhythm. She let out a moan as Jasper kissed down her neck sweetly.
“God you’re beautiful.” He smiled sweetly as she grinned. Her hands on both sides of his face.
“JASPER. FUCKING-OH MY FUCKING GOD.” Murphy screamed as he walked in on his naked sister.
“HELL. FUCKING. NAH.” Murphy said grabbing Jasper as (Y/n) quickly covered up.
“(Y/n)! Help!” Jasper squeaked.
“EVERYBODY SHUT UP!” She screamed. Murphy stopped as he brought his arm back to punch Jasper.
“Murphy I swear if you hit Jasper I’m telling every female in this camp that you use to wear princess dresses with me on the Ark.”
Murphy stopped. Jasper held back a smile.
“Good. Now you’re going to shut the hell up and listen. Okay?! I love Jasper. And there’s nothing you can do. There. Discussion over. Now give me back my boyfriend. Now.” She glared. If looks killed Murphy would be dead in a flash. In Murphy’s mind, he still saw he little girl who lived in a closet in fear of being floated. He lowered his fist.
“I swear. Your scrotum will have permanent damage if you hurt my baby sister. Your head will hang from a tree. Got that. Goggles?!” Murphy growled.
Jasper nodded in fear. Murphy let him go before all but sauntering out of the tent.
(Y/n) covered her face as Jasper laid down next to her.
“I-is…the mood gone?”
“Yes Jasper. The mood is gone.”

Lucky Part 50 (Final)

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 2,353

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24,Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30, Part 31,Part 32, Part 33,Part 34, Part 35,Part 36, Part 37, Part 38, Part 39, Part 40, Part 41, Part 42, Part 43, Part 44, Part 45, Part 46, Part 47, Part 48, Part 49

Wow….This has been such a big part of my life. I can’t believe this is it guys. The FINAL PART. I love you all, and I want to thank you for all the love and support throughout this whole series. Hopefully y’all will stick around lol Enjoy Guys!!

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I find it so abso-freakin-lutely adorable that Pidge not only kept the Trash Lance but also those adorable little puffballs from that same place!!!!!! (Aso seriously where did this girl find fairy lights in space tbh)

I KNOW her room was a mess but it was a mess in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY and i’m SO GLAD that her keeping some of the fluffballs was canon bc i always hoped it was true but!!! CONFIRMATION!!! and the TRASH LANCE i cannot BELIEVE her. ijaskjfd;kasdjf


In honor of tomorrow’s release of Finishing School Book the Third: Waistcoats & Weaponry, this week has been declared FINISHING FASHION WEEK

Throughout we’ll provide tips, tricks & lessons on how one may use fashion to confuse, manipulate, deceive, disguise, defend, seduce and, of course, finish.

To begin our week of finishing fashion, we have been graced with the presence of our favorite author with an eye for accessories, Ms. Gail Carriger.


They say the devil is in the details, but I say the steampunk is in the details. It’s the little touches to any costume (or any cosplay for that matter) that strike a cord with others. I don’t know about you, but I dress up so that I can meet and mingle with fellow enthusiasts. I want people to ask me why I have teaspoons attached to the neckline of my favorite corset. (My answer: Who doesn’t want spoons on their boobs?)

The best steampunk outfits that I’ve seen employ tiny details and nifty tricks to bring out the personality of the wearer or the character they are portraying. Since I am an author who is awfully fond of tea, most of the details in my outfits hint at writing or the sacred beverage. However, I also nod in the direction of my books and my former profession. That’s part of the fun of steampunk—hinting at persona with apparel.

Here are a few of my very favorite and most useful steampunk accessories…

1. Holster

My parasol holster is made from an old pair of cargo shorts.  You can adapt the idea for any oddball accessory you may have from a Nerf-modded steampunk gun to a wine bottle or a burrito (I support the idea of packing food at all times).

2. Goggles

Yes goggles and steampunk get a bad rap, but I still love them. I go so far as to mock the pervasiveness of this accessory in my books. (In my final Finishing School book, the young ladies of quality wear floating goggles while cutting onions.) However, it doesn’t stop me from being the proud owner of my very own pair. But here’s the thing, they have that little twist that make them me-ish – they have tea strainers for lenses. So useful! Brute Force Studios made these goggles, but it’s pretty fun to make your own using found objects that have meaning to you.

3. Fan

Speaking of Brute Force Studios,  I love their leather fan. Perhaps not the most practical accessory but one thing I have learned at conventions is that temperatures vary widely. If a girl can arrange her costume to be cool in some rooms and warm in others, it’s never a bad thing. This fan is always welcome. I love it so much I mailed it to my publisher in the hopes that it might be part of the cover of my latest book. And they used it! They added blades because my character is a spy meets assassin, thus blades must be part of the equation. However, I’m glad mine is just leather, otherwise I’d never get it through TSA.

Tune in all week for more on the fashionable side of matters deadly.

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What are some good 80s cartoons?

Oh, gosh.  Well, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.  What I considered “good” as a little girl in the 80′s doesn’t necessarily mean “good” to a teen or adult today.  There were many properties that went hand-in-hand with their toy lines, so any love for the show may be a byproduct of a love for the toys.

There are plenty of shows small children might still enjoy, but that adults (even with nostalgia goggles on) might find lacking.  But, there are also shows that–at least to me personally–still hold up in terms of entertainment value.  I will try to separate them into different categories accordingly:

80′s cartoons that might still entertain children, but are a bit too watered-down for older audiences:

  • Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails
  • Shirt-Tales
  • The Adventures of David the Gnome
  • Care Bears
  • Rainbow Brite
  • Maple Town
  • Belle and Sebastian
  • The Littles
  • Kissyfur
  • Monchichis
  • Paw Paw Bears
  • Adventures of the Little Koala
  • The Noozles
  • The Wuzzles
  • Popples
  • Pound Puppies
  • My Little Pony

80′s cartoons that work well for average audiences, but still might not hold up to modern standards:

80′s cartoons that I personally feel hold up to this day, and/or continue to have a strong adult following:

Obviously, this doesn’t include every animated show from the 80′s (if that’s what you’re looking for, you can find them indexed here).  Hopefully you find a few here that interest you. :3


Taylor Alison Swift.

To some those words mean nothing, but to me it means everything. Taylor is my world, ever since I searched her name up on goggle and love story popped up, ever since I was seven, ever since the 6th of March 2012. She has been a big part of my life. She has been through everything with me and has never left my side. She was there for me when those mean girls thought they were the better than everyone else and when that little primary school crush didn’t like you back. Though I have never been through a heart break yet I know she’ll be there for me. She never left my side as I will never leave hers. I remember the day I made my wall for her. I had plastered anything I had of her on my wall, from magazine covers, to newspaper articles, and even old calendar pictures of her. Years past and I was still obsessed with her, my parents thought it was past as my love for one direction did. But boy were they wrong. To this day whenever her name is mentioned I look around desperately trying to see who had mentioned my idols name. Whenever her songs play I start screaming and slapping people out of excitement. I remember that year where I heard Taylor Swift was coming back to Brisbane Australia. I remember being asked if I wanted to go, and I remember jumping up and down screaming yes. That was the Red Era. That was my second ever concert, well my first real concert (I don’t really count Miley probably because I wanted to say taylor was my first). I was going with my best friend. We wore red tutu’s and red vans. I knew a little about club red but not a lot, all I knew was that you could meet Taylor, It was on my mind all night and I regret not taking in the concert experience. That was an amazing concert! I remember getting permission from the people behind us for if we could stand, the said yes! So my friend and I danced all night. I remember screaming out I LOVE YOU TAYLOR when she was on the b- stage! I swear she looked directly at me but everyone thinks she didn’t because she could have been looking at anyone. Just after that 1989 the album was released. At first I didn’t know what to think of shake it off, my friend hated it and ended up stopping being a swiftie. Well sucks to be her because this is the BEST ERA EVER! On the 5th of December I will be seeing my idol once again. I can’t wait, because to be able to see the girl who I’ve been dedicated (my friends use the word *OBSESSED*) to again live, means the absolute world. And I can’t wait to sing with 50 million other swiftest ‘shake it off’ because in that moment, I will feel safe again.

Taylor I will forever be your side.

taylorswift officialtaylornation