and i love this interview with nolan a lot

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The favorite Louis characteristics post you did earlier was so good! Can you do one for Harry?

OK!  I’ve finally cleaned out my inbox and time to focus on this.  :) 

So when I first got this I was SO EXCITED.  Because it’s HARRY!!  and I love him!!  I was like “yo, this is gonna be SO EASY.”  But then as I tried to put it all down I realized…it’s actually NOT.  Because I just want to scream over and over “I Just love him???? so much??? because he’s so lovely???”  there are so many things i just…can’t put into words.  I just find that I connect with him on a visceral level, you know?  There are so many reasons I love him that are deeply personal that I just can’t explain.  He has just burrowed his way deep into my heart, but i”ll do my best to try to find the words to explain it.

I love how kind he is.  One of the first things people say about him is how kind and polite he is.  Even to people that don’t deserve it, people who have talked shit about him or used him or thought of him only as a trophy.  He is endlessly kind.  A friend of mine once told me this story of someone she knows who used to work for Syco who said he is the best person on this planet and I believe it. Do you realize how easy it would be for him to just say fuck it all and be a giant prima donna?  i’m sure he’s constantly surrounded by sycophants there to do his bidding, and yet.  He makes sure to always be polite.   

I love how Brave he is.  But brave in a different way than Louis.  He’s the kid that’s afraid, but does it anyway. From something as small as hating roller coasters yet going on one to do a bit to doing his own stunts in Dunkirk.  That takes a LOT.  Hell, just branching out into acting in general is scary when you’ve never done it before.  AND THEN having your first film be a Christopher Nolan film?  Do you know how terrifying that must have been for him? And yet he did it anyway and showed everyone what he’s made of.   

I love how smart he is.  In interviews you can always see the wheels turning in his head.  He’s very careful to choose just the right words.  He knows how to play the game.  He is my cunning Slytherin son. 

I love how weird he is.  God, he is such a strange being.  We always joke about him being an alien but sometimes I wonder if it’s actually a joke??? He’s just so STRANGE!  So I have a friend who knows Niall.  They’re not like friends or anything, but they have hung out on occasion (my friend is from a town near Mullingar in Ireland) and he’s met all the boys.  OF COURSE I had to ask him about it and he says that they’re all really cool, nice dudes, but that Harry is “really weird.”  I asked him to elaborate but of course he didn’t know how to explain it and just kept saying “I dunno…he’s just really strange.”  COOL.  THANKS, DUDE.  But I just love it??  Which brings me to my next point…

I love how unapologeticly himself he is.  Not only is he weird, but he owns it.  He’s out there layering up his hoodie with designer clothes, hair flying every which way, and he does not give a fuck.  He has grown SO MUCH over the past few years going from that kid crying because he googled “harry shit” to growing his hair long and prancing around stage with it flying in the breeze.  Which also goes hand in hand with…

I love how confident he is.  He knows who he is and he’s proud of that.  As well he should be.

I love how sentimental he is.  I love that he’s this multimillionaire who wears his favorite shoes and pieces of clothing until they fall apart.   I love that he still wears his jacket with a lipstick stain on it.  I love that he keeps his notebooks with him at all times and scratches things like “one and only” into them.  I love that he has worn certain bracelets until they fall right off of him.  Which leads me to…

I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve.  Now, yes, he has closed himself off a LOT publicly over the past few years, but if you look closely it’s still there.  Like the above mentioned sentimentality.  Or his writing- just look at the lyrics of If I Could Fly. He is not afraid to put his heart out there when it comes to music.  And speaking of music…

I love how he wants to create Good Work.  I think he’s a bit of a perfectionist. He’s said multiple times how he doesn’t like the word “Famous”.  He doesn’t want to be known as just a pop star.  He wants to make things that are good and that will last.  You can see it in his writing, you can see it in the fact that he chose a project like Dunkirk to be his first film rather than starring in a romcom. He could have SO EASILY chosen that path, but instead he chose the more difficult one and GOD I admire that so much.

I love how independent he is.  He’s not afraid to do things completely by himself.  Go off and take himself on his own lunch date?  Yup.   As someone who loves Me Dates, I really respect this in a person.  I think it also goes hand in hand with his confidence.

I love how Loyal he is.  Do you know how easy it could have been for this kid to be just like Camila Cabello?  They’ve been pushing him to go solo for years, they’ve been pushing the idea that he hates the band just as long, and yet here he is.  Most likely the last one to release any kind of solo material whatsoever.  Sitting back and keeping quiet and letting the others take the spotlight for themselves.  

I love how Good he is.  with a capital G.   this is one of those times where I have trouble putting it into words.  Because it’s different than his kindness.  There’s just this innate Goodness within him that makes me want to be a better person whenever I see him pop up.  I don’t even know how to explain it.

I love how hard he works.  He’s always trying to better himself.  Do Better.  Be better.  Never settling.  

I love how petty he is.  Now, i Know.  I KNOW it’s not a “good” quality, but there’s something about it that just warms my slytherin heart.  Because it humanizes him, you know?  It makes him a real person and not some God on a pedestal.  He can be such a petulant child sometimes and I know if I knew him in real life I would constantly be rolling my eyes at him as he drives me crazy.  But I still weirdly love it??? 

I love how much of an Old Soul he is.  His playlist from Another Man was my childhood soundtrack.  My dad was a HUGE elvis fan in particular and I see so many similarities between Harry and Elvis and their generosity in particular as well as their love for their mamas.  

I love how caring he is.  I love how when he meets fans who are crying their faces off he holds them tight and asks them if they’re ok.  Wanting to make sure they’re alright.  Wanting to make sure they feel good about themselves.

God…this kid.  THIS KID!!  I just want good things for him.  I want him to smile more this year.  MORE DIMPLES 2K17!!!!  I want him to feel loved and appreciated.  I’ve enjoyed watching him grow so much and can’t wait to see how far he can go.  What a Good and Precious Egg. GIVE HIM ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!! 

Capgras Delusion


The Capgras Delusion is the belief that a friend or family member has been replaced with an identical impostor. While most cases occur within patients suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, the delusion has also been found in those with brain damage and dementia. There is only one documented case where the patient had no previous diagnosis of mental disorders, and showed no sign of brain injury. Charles Malcolm was, for all intents and purposes, a perfectly healthy and sane man. Many theories have been presented to explain why Malcolm developed this delusion, the most common of which being that he held onto his late wife’s delusional beliefs as a form of mourning.

Harriet Starling-Malcolm developed a Capgras Delusion when an aneurysm severely damaged her brain. She began to believe that her younger brother, of whom she had custody, had been replaced. At first she kept this belief to herself, writing down her observations of her “other” brother in private journals. It was only when a CAT scan revealed the extensive damage the aneurysm had caused did she quietly inform her husband.

The night before her surgery to repair the aneurysm, Harriet asked to speak with her husband alone. The following is from Mr. Malcolm’s personal journal.

Harriet goes into surgery tomorrow. I know that I should focus on that, on doing everything I can to help her get better, but I can’t stop thinking about what she said last night. It’s crazy. I know it’s crazy. People with this kind of brain damage say weird things all the time. But, I have to admit that I can’t stop wondering “What if?”

She held my hand so tight, and her voice shook so hard it took a while for me to understand what she was saying. I thought that she was scared for her surgery at first. I know I am. There’s a big chance she might not make it. I tried to tell her that I was scared too, but that I was there for her, and that everything was gonna be okay, but she just shook her head and beckoned me to come closer. What she whispered in my ear sent chills up my spine.

“Nolan’s gone, Charlie. That’s someone else. I don’t know who he is, but it’s not him. I’m so sorry.”

She kept saying “I’m sorry” over and over again. I didn’t understand why and tried to tell her it was okay, but she wouldn’t listen to me. I stayed with her until the nurses told me I had to leave.

I keep looking at Nolan, wondering what she could have meant, but I just don’t know.

Mrs. Malcolm-Starling did not survive the operation. Charles received custody of then 15 year old Nolan Starling. While they both mourned the loss of their loved one, grief seemed to push them apart instead of bring them together.

“He kept accusing me of doing things that he thought I normally wouldn’t do,” said Nolan Starling in an interview last year. “Like putting the dishes in the wrong cabinet or tying my shoes the wrong way. He said it was evidence that I wasn’t really me. It freaked me out, and we fought a lot. I would sneak out at night and sleep at a friend’s house sometimes, just to get away from him. He was always watching me, trying to catching me in the act of something. I don’t even know what.”

Malcolm’s paranoia escalated over the course of several months, until he finally had enough of the Other Nolan, and attacked him with a kitchen knife. The teenager suffered three stab wounds to the chest and stomach, and suffered severe blood loss, but managed to survive the attack. When Starling recovered, he was put into a foster home, while Malcolm was placed in a state-run mental institution where he remains today.

Now in his mid-twenties, Starling visits Malcolm regularly.

“I see him on his birthday and on Christmas,” says Starling. “I’ve forgiven him for what happened. I know it wasn’t his fault. He’s sick, you see. He can’t help it. In the end, he’s still my only family. My sister would have wanted me to take care of him.”

In a rare interview given two months ago, Malcolm only had one thing to say: “The real Nolan would never forgive me.”