and i love this family

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What does jeast look like?

like this

Victor wake up in the middle of the night with something poking him and when he see it was Makkachin with his doggy eyes, probably wanting to sleep in the bed with them. Victor laughs and pat him. In the next morning, Yuuri is the first to wake up and he realize that Victor was sleeping and hugging Makkachin. He take a photo of them sleeping.

A practice picture bc I freaking thought shading was possible and it’s NOT. But I love these two.

The best part of that episode was the Lightwood family.

Isabelle sticking up for Alec? Love it.

Jace and Izzy being supportive of Alec? Love it.

Alec and Izzy comforting Maryse about Robert’s affair? Love it.

Alec insisting Isabelle hear about her father? love it

Maryse being supportive of Alec and comforting and loving towards Isabelle? Love it.

The Lightwood family is always the best part of the show.

So my sibling talks in their sleep

@thekittyhat is my sibling and roommate and will occasionally talk in their sleep. Here’s some of my favorites:

- they once just yawned back and forth forever and then started making exaggerated mouth noises like “mlem mlem mlem *lip smacking sounds* hmmm”

-“you gotta look out for the snowflake guards” over and over until I said “Em, shut up!” and they just said “okay” and went back to sleep.

-“who’s there?” “hello?”


- and most recently, “hey before I forget is anyone in here? Hello?” way louder and clearer than I would expect from a sleeping person. I went “shhhhh” and they quietly said “oh ok” and went right back to sleep. I was so terrified that I stayed up for another hour after.

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I saw that "AU where Berkut grew up in Ram Village too" ask and I have to add in because that could be a very interesting version of events. We have Berkut who doesn't look down on commoners and who loves Alm, the two of them being close cousins and friends like canon Alm wanted. That being said Berkut is still prideful, somewhat arrogant, confident of his strength and believes he will become great when he grows. He's protective of Alm and falls for a saint named Rinea they meet in Rigel. (cont)

However, throughout the journey, as he sees Alm’s natural leadership in action and it becomes more and more clear that Alm is the one destined for greatness, Berkut can’t help the seeds of doubt and jealousy growing inside him. And it is these growing insecurities that Duma and the Faithful latch onto to try and manipulate him against Alm, Rinea, and his comrades. It has to be seen if the love Alm and Rinea have for Berkut and his love for them is enough to break him free from the manipulations.

i love everything about this so much every au yall give me only make me love berkut more and then i get The Sads when i actually play the game