and i love this city


Lots of people out at the San Jose March for Science. I have a lot of mixed feelings about marches like this but it was nice to see so many people in one place who believe that we shouldn’t be destroying the planet for fun and profit. There were several tables for groups signing people up for local action. I got a free sticker from the lady with the trump banner. I followed them to get a picture and she said she was selling stickers but I didn’t have any cash so she was like here just take one. (They are selling them at if you want one too.)

The weirdest interaction I had was with this guy flyering for a socialist group. It wasn’t clear what he was handing out so I walked up to him. He couldn’t really look me in the eye and said something like “yeah you can have one” when I was trying to see what his flyer said?

Apparently San Jose Comic Con was also this weekend so in between all the pro-science sign holders were random cosplayers, my favorite being the Quail Man guy who looked slightly embarrassed.

I used to be a runner...

I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my running roots over the past few years. A move from a city I loved (Conway) to a city I tolerated (Hot Springs) was the first know. I had a great group I ran with most mornings, and they really pushed me to be better. A job change in January 2012 coupled with some life difficulties firmly knocked me off the wagon.

In Hot Springs, we took to the trails and found solace. Rachel in particular found her home in the woods. I’ve always liked it, but missed the pure running. In Hot Springs, there wasn’t a morning group to run with, we couldn’t run near our house, and the city didn’t have great running roots. I tried to make lemonade out of it… I did. But I struggled with my running and it wasn’t the same. Mother’s Day 2012, I ran a great half marathon in 1:30, but that was the beginning of the drop off. Since then, I’ve slowed more and more. Some pain in my right knee hasn’t helped either.

It wasn’t all bad. We started the LOViT 100 in 2013, and have really enjoyed highlighting the trails we loved. I ran the Thunder Rock 100 in May 2015, and had my most positive 100 mile experience to date. Rachel broke 24 hours for 100 in there sometime too. Also, we started backpacking with the kids, throwing in some adventures in some really cool places in the Ouachita Mountains.

A job change and a move to Charleston in August 2015 was a big change for the family. While it is an overall improvement, it hasn’t been the easiest transition. However, I think we’re happier here than we were in Hot Springs. We love our house and neighborhood, our church, and our friends. In my work, I took a new job based here, and then have gone through two promotions. I get to lead a pretty big team now, and really enjoy the work we do. The kids are growing and changing, and it’s a new adventure every day. Rachel has come out of her shell here, and really likes it.

Running-wise, I haven’t quite caught up. Charleston has some great running routes. It’s pretty nice to run in my neighborhood too. But, I haven’t taken full advantage of it. My normal 50+ mile weeks are now 10 to 20 mile weeks. I’m a lot slower too.

I’m ready to change this. While Rachel is gone, I should use this opportunity to get into better shape. I need to push myself more. I’m still capable of running fast… I just need to find it again.

I will. Let’s go!

And I curse thee, wretched princess
With a gift
That will taste like poison to your sweet lips
(lips that i would have kissed, lips that i would have worshipped)
I grant you the gift of sight
Of predicting the future
(your eyes would not meet mine; i will fill them with horror)
(for it is the destiny of your sacred city; for this you can trust the god of oracles)
Here lies not my curse
It is much more cruel, much more insidious
No one will ever believe that you tell the truth
(oh sweet Cassandra i would have loved you long and true)
I sentence you to witness the doom of your family, your city, your loved ones
I sentence you to misery and ruin
I sentence you to be deprived of love
(this favour you denied me, you will never be able to give it to anyone else willingly)

Oh, cursed, lonely, forsaken princess
How I regret my rage, how I wish I could undo the past
For as I cursed you, I cursed myself
(an eternity of suffering and sadness, before time can soften my grief)
The sun god is now sentenced to gaze at you from his chariot in the sky
(do you remember playing with snakes in my temple when you were a child?)
(how i miss those simpler times)
Forced to see his beloved mistreated, taken away, lost in a foreign land beyond his reach
Left unable to act
(forgiveness is not a quality the gods possess, how i wish i had been less divine)
Cassandra, I’m sorry my love, he sings in every sunrise, forgive me, I regret
And now the sun god weeps every evening, tears of light and tears of sunset
(it’s too late now. the world has changed. the sacred city of Troy has fallen)
—  apollo’s complaints (l.m)

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WTF? High Life a porno? That's the deep space movie right? How in the hell would anyone reading the synopsis think it's a porno? Good lord these trolls are stupid. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to see Lost City of Z. :)

It takes a particularly sick and twisted shiteater to think High Life is a porno let alone that either Rob or Kristen would do such a film!

I hope you love The Lost City of Z as much as I did!

Saw it earlier this afternoon and it was mesmerizing. Rob was utterly unrecognizable and so so good. Great really. Charlie was also good and Sienna was amazing!

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Well, I agree with that anon about that I wpuld love to see Jimin jealous in Sin City, but...oh well. -\O/- Thank you for sharing your works with us. I really love how organized you are! I love that you have an update link, where you write when hopefully fics are coming out, and also that way no one have to ask you and pressure you about when they are coming out. Really I want to tell you that I appreciate very much your work! 😊

You’re such a sweetheart, thank you so much for sending me this :) Thanks for being here!

a substantial amount of my interest in the new DW is due to how much i love Santiago Calatrava and the City of Arts and Sciences in particular so i guess if you’re ever feeling down on yourself for being too nerdy or w/e just remember you’re not as bad as the person who got excited about buildings in a SF show

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How long have you been a Sonic fan:  I first got into Sonic when I was about to turn 11 (late 2010) but it was a really short-lived phase and I didn’t really get into Sonic until 2014, so three years.

First Sonic game played:  Sonic Rush

Top 3 favourite characters:  Sonic, Blaze, Shadow

Favourite vocal track:  This is such a hard one because I pretty much love them all but Live and Learn. 

Favourite non vocal track: A tie between Speed Highway and Wrapped in Black. I know both of them have small vocal parts, but they’re mostly instrumental soo I think it counts. :P

Top 3 games:  Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rush, and Sonic CD (Even though I haven’t even completed CD, I love it!)

Top 5 stages: City Escape, Night Carnival, Speed Highway, Starlight Carnival, and Cyber Track

Favourite team: Team Sonic

Favourite game intro: Sonic Unleashed

Which game has the best story: I know the story is flawed and has plot holes, but Sonic Adventure 2. The somewhat dark story combined with the bittersweet ending, the music, and the presentation of it all is just so good in my opinion. It always tugs on my heart strings and it really connected with me the first time I played it. 

Plus, S P A C E.

2D, 3D or both: Gameplay wise, both. But the 3D games have my vote overall because of more character interaction and such. 

Sonic Mania or Sonic Forces: I’m excited for both but I think I’m more so for Forces because the story has me intrigued. :O

Which character(s) would you want to see in the Boom show: Blaze, Rouge, and Silver 

Best Sonic show: Sonic X

Favourite era (Classic, Adventure, Modern, Boom): Adventure

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My cousin is visiting rn from a different city and as much as I love him I’ve been in such a weird headspace for the past couple of weeks and I just want him to go home. I just want to sleep and be alone. I’m over everything.

Happy Things!

5 things that make you happy

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When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. ♥ (I’m gonna skip the tagging because I am late and probably missed a lot of people doing this)

1. Fluffy animals: rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, puppies, kittens, rats, guinea pigs…really anything like that makes me smile. I especially love when they happen to show up in my yard. Just today, there was a fluffy butt squirrel on our old, unused clothesline and I watched him for a bit from the window.

2. Skylines: I love looking at pictures of city skylines. It makes me think of riding on the bus towards New York and seeing the endless outline of Manhattan ahead of us. It’s magical. Even driving through the Fort Pitt tunnel and arriving at the ‘entrance’ to Pittsburgh makes me happy, even though I’ve seen it for ten years now.

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3. Bookstores: any bookstore. Big box, used, independent, whatever. I love to walk in the aisles and smell the pulp and coffee and candles burning and pick up new books and old books and glance at the words or pictures (I spend a lot of time in the comic aisles). I love finding the little trinkets and things that are sold near the counter. Bookstores are like friends: every one is a little different, and they all make me happy in a unique and specific way.

4. Solitude: I love taking myself out on dates that are just for me. Sometimes I’ll go see a movie or take myself to a cafe or travel to another state or city all by myself. I’ll warm myself in the feeling of being completely at my own pace, laughing and thinking and talking about things that only I can appreciate. I write. I create. I thrive. And when I return, I am utterly refreshed. 

5. Friends and Family: I live far away from my family, so any time I get to see them or talk to them is refreshing and awesome. I laugh with my sisters, I drive around with my dad, I hold my mother’s hand and talk about life. My husband is awesome; we curl up on the couch and watch ridiculous television shows and we call each other into one another’s office to look at crazy things we find on the Internet. And my friends are the best. All of them, even the ones I don’t get to see personally, or don’t get to see as often as I like. But I love talking to them all the same, no matter where they are – sharing ridiculous headcanons and stories and exchanging thoughts and ideas, even if it’s absolutely the silliest. We write and draw and work on things together, and it fills my heart with so much joy that by the end of the day, all I think about is how I can’t wait to hear from them again. 

I’m…pretty damn happy, y’all. And I hope you are too.