not to be totally correct,, but percabeth is the most well paced, healthy, non problematic hetero relationships in the whole we-grew-up-together/enemies-to-friends-to-lovers tropes. Like, usually in these kind of relationships, especially in kids books, it’s rushed, not helpful to the girls’ story line as she’s just used as a romantic plot device, and it’s just heteronormative and uninteresting. But with percabeth, their crushes on each other were well established (and not just out of the blue @ the end of the story), it was well paced, Annabeth obviously had her own characteristics and plot and her character didn’t revolve around her romantic life, and if anything, percabeth only made annabeths’ complex storyline more wholesome (she lost luke, she lost thalia, and she grew up not happy in her home. She was used to having the people she love disappear or turn their backs on her, and that created trust issues evident throughout the story. her and percy getting together shows that she moved past this and she now has a stable person she can put her trust in). At this point im rambling but yeah. percabeth is non problematic, very healthy, beneficial to both Annabeth and Percy’s storylines, and rick made it cannon in a way that did not enforce heteronormaty. thanks for coming to my TED talk.



“When creating Leviathan, we considered the work of Yoshitaka Amano , the designer of the original version. To make the creature realistic, we paid special attention to Leviathan’s scale and texture. We tried to visualise Leviathan as a real, living creature based on the original image. This approach vastly differs from what was done in previous installments of the series. In addition, we assigned a gender to all summons. Even though she is not a human being, she features beautiful, silky smooth lines characteristics of a female being.”

- Tomohiro Hasegaw, Final Fantasy XV official guide