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Love is hard - Chapter twelve

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: Ashley comforts you and you talk with Maddie.

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2100

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A/n: Once again, thanks for all the support! Love you all

You politely chitchatted with Chris, Kelly and Madison in the car and once you were back home. You didn’t want to talk about what you’ve heard, especially with them. After a cup of coffee, you went upstairs, ready for another sleepless night, overthinking everything that happened. “So, did you have fun?” Maddie asked you as she also got ready for bed. “Sure, they are very nice people and the dinner was lovely.” You replied. You had already decided you weren’t telling Maddie anything. First of all, you didn’t want to talk about ‘Josh-problems’ with her and second, you were kind of annoyed by her attitude lately, though you couldn’t put your finger on what exactly rubbed you the wrong way. “I had a great night as well. Laura and Bill have always been so nice to me and I’m so close to them; I love hanging out with them.” Maddie said. “Anyway, I’m meeting up with Annie tomorrow, so I’ll probably be home late. Goodnight.” She turned off her light and rolled over in bed. You were wide awake, staring at the ceiling in the dark. Once again, your mind started racing. Question after question came up; Why don’t Bill and Laura like me? Why didn’t Josh invite me for the dinner? What is the deal with Maddie? And why did I panic? You texted Ashley, asking if she wanted to meet up tomorrow. You figured she was the best option to talk to, hoping she could shine some light on the issues you were having.

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BILD article

just a note in advance: BILD is a bit like The Sun - the more dramatic the better it sells so don’t expect any ground-breaking revelations in here ;) (also: some bits I translated a bit more freely because the grammar and writing style of the BILD are awful!)

BILD meets Oscar-hopeful Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch takes a seat on the sofa in a red-and-black lumberjack shirt. There he lies and yawns, the Oscar-favourite.


His performance in the psycho-thriller “The Imitation Game” (in cinemas January 22) - where he portrays the secret genius who won World War II - is just that: genius.


  • Benedict Cumberbatch (38) is the global superstar of the future. His biggest fan: Harrison Ford (71!). He is Sherlock, the villain from Star Trek, and the dragon in The Hobbit, etc

  • Privately, he is British and a gentleman. His wedding was announced in an advertisement in the Times (he’s becoming a father). In England he’s a superstar. The world will get to know him soon.

  • He is lean, quick, lanky, relaxed. He has the deep, rich voice of a serious teddy bear. He loves watches (Omega), country life, motorcycles, pubs, London

BILD: You play Alan Turing (died at the age of 41), the forgotten genius, that helped win the Second World War by breaking the Nazi-Code?

His voice is almost piercing: He is one of the greatest minds of the century but almost no-one knows him. He was the pioneer of modern computer engineering. Because he broke the German Enigma-Code, the allied forces were able to win the war. That’s what Churchill said. But for 51 years it was a secret.


Are you a computer freak?

No! I try to stay away from it all. An iphone and a laptop are great devices but also dangerous. We don’t understand them really and you become transparent. I use laptops for work and mobile phones, too, of course. But I prefer to live offline.


What’s the person like behind the celebrity?

I’m Cancer and it’s my nature - I’m caring, protective, strict. But also a dreamer, a little bit crazy, cautious. Never would I tweet or post on facebook.


What makes you happy?

I love the countryside, the ocean; my favourite time of the day is dawn.


The price of being famous?

My parents were both actors and for them it was much harder than for me. I love my job and it pays the bills. Amazing. Since I play Sherlock Holmes I get recognised in London as well, of course. But I have a trick: I tend to look over people’s heads at some distant aim and walk very quickly. A scarf functions as my disguise. I try to become invisible amidst the people. But I have the best job in the world.

He isn’t handsome but magnetic. A longish-sharp face, almost like the sloth from Ice Age. Small, narrow, intensively blue eyes.

“I believe through someone’s eyes you can look right into their soul. I tend to look into people’s eyes first when I meet them.”


You have millions of female fans who call themselves Cumberbitches. Are you considering yourself to be a sex symbol?

He’s laughing: No!

He’s an optimist. A minimalist. He loves books (favourite: Catcher in the Rye). He went to boarding school (elite school Harrow - just like Churchill!)


What motivates you?

Each film is a new and different story of a life. I try to make superhuman people appear more human. We all have flaws, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Life is a human tragedy and comedy. Alan Turing was the genius of a century - and a homosexual. Given the choice between imprisonment and chemical castration he chose the latter to continue his work. In the end he committed suicide at the age of 41. That’s madness!

He slips into his Belstaff leather jacket. “I love driving through the city and across the country with my motorcycle.” It’s a sense of freedom.


You are all so sweet, thank you x

#87: The 'L' Word

Liam: “Scary, isn’t it?” He whispered, hardly audible to you. You stood about a metre in front of him. “Scary?” You asked quietly, reaching a hand out to grip his bicep lightly as he avoided eye contact. “I think it’s beautiful.” His trail of sight flashed away from the vase in the hallway to your bright eyes, glossing at the surprise of his comment. “You’re not upset?” He asked, his muscles relaxing as he took in a deep breath of relief. “I couldn’t possibly be mad. You’re-” You stopped, looking up at him, taking a breath yourself. “-In love with you.” He finished for you. You connected your lips to his, them moving perfectly together as you balled his shirt in your fists. “Well, while we’re sharing tips.” You said quietly as he then travelled down your neck, littering kisses. “I’m absolutely, 100%, head over heels-” He kissed your mouth, interrupting your speech before pulling back and staring right into your eyes, pleading for you to continue. “-In love with you.” You smiled and he smiled back, connecting your lips once more.

Zayn: “Why are we doing this, Zayn?” You yelled, finally coming to terms that things were getting too difficult to handle with him. It wasn't him though, it was his fame, his life. Being the girlfriend of a celebrity was shit more than half the time. “What are you talking about?” He groaned, pulling at his hair, trying to come up with a way to convince you that you were overlooking things. “This.” You spat, gesturing to the two of you. “Oh,” He shuddered, looking up at you and coming over to you, guiltily. “Don’t say that.” He trembled. “Why?” You sighed, anger dying down, being washed over with sadness. He didn’t reply, looking down at the hardwood. “Exactly.” You sighed disappointedly. “No, wait.” He caught your wrist as you turned, ready to make an exit. “We’re doing this because I need you-” “Zayn, you don’t need me, you-” “I’m fucking in love with you.” You froze, his eyes glossed over as he waited for your reply. “And I need you so fucking much.” He continued and your eyes also welled up. “Do you?” You whispered, a ghost of a smile playing at your lips. “Yeah. Of course I do.” He mumbled, looking again at the hardwood of his living room floor. “Thank heavens.” You giggled, lightly tugging out of his grasp on your wrist and wrapping him up in a hug. “I love you, Zayn.” You whispered and you swore you could’ve felt his heart race beneath your chest. “Oh, baby.” He sighed, relieved.

Louis: “And your eyes.” He sang softly as you swayed around the ballroom, your sister and her new husband not too far away, “Your eyes, your eyes.” You echoed quietly, smiling up at him as he held you to his body. “They show me how much you care.” You both sang together, eroding into a burst of soft giggles as you leant your head on his chest. “Have I ever told you that I love you?” He whispered into your hair, a voice only made for you. You pulled back to look up at him. “I don’t believe you have.” The confidence didn’t leave his face as he smugly pursed his lips, tugging his eyebrows together. “Well, this is awkward.” You smirked, leaning your head against his chest again as if to act like it didn’t really matter, but your heart was pounding through your chest. “Well, I do. I hope you know that.” You looked up at him and smiled, “Well, is there anything else you wish to tell me while my heart is already about to explode?” You giggled and smirked when he matter-of-factly pointed out that he did. “One day, they’re gonna be us.” You blushed as you followed his pointed to finger to the bride and groom. “Holy fuck, do I love you.” You smiled, tucking your face into his arm. You felt him release a lengthy breath before stroking your hair lightly, kissing the top of your head.

Niall: “How can I make sure that you’re coming back?” You asked, a little louder than anticipated. “Well, you’ve gotta trust me, love.” He sighed, running a weak hand over his tired eyes. You froze for a moment, silence hung in the air around you as you sewed through your thoughts. This was the first time you had truly discussed the seriousness of your relationship, it happening to come up as Niall informed you of the upcoming tour. “Niall.” You whispered, sitting next to him on the bed as he sighed, looking over at you. “Yes, baby?” He sighed, rubbing your bare stomach as you laid back onto the bed. “What are we?” He stopped his soothing circles for a moment before continuing. “I need to hear it from you.” You sighed, looking up at him. “Well, I think we’re pretty cool-” “Niall.” “Sorry. I don’t know, what you want to hear, baby.” He sighed looking at you carefully, studying your face. “On this tour, I know I won’t be on the look out for any ladies, I will come back to the hotel whatever as a happily taken man, and I can call you every night just to remind you how much I love you and we can Skype all the time and I can’t get out of this tour and I’ll do anything to keep you happy while I’m gone.” He stared at you with a smile. “Why haven’t you said anything? What-Fuck.” He hissed. “Princess, oh shit, I’m so fuckin-mph.” You pressed your lips to his so ferociously you thought you could taste blood. It took him a second to understand, but as his mouth started moving with yours, you pulled away. “Oh my god!” You squealed, rolling off him, right next to where you were before. “Are you fangirling?” He scoffed and you giggled, wrapping an arm around his stomach. “That is such a relief.” You giggled and he smiled at you, lust filling his eyes. “Oh god, I am so in love with you.” You sighed before he crawled on top of you.

Harry: “Are you baked?” You asked, jokingly, lifting his eyebrow to get a good look at his eye, checking his irises and looking for blood, easy signs. “Of course not.” He laughed, as he tucked you under his arm, pulling you back into his side. “I actually think this’ll be good.” He smiled, pleased with his idea. You were still trying to process that he wanted to invite your crazy, rich-bitch parents over for dinner. “Harry, my parents won’t even go for a walk without one of the butlers at their side with an umbrella or some shit.” You laughed, but your heart wrenched because you knew it was true. “Well, the butler can come too.” “I’ll call them tomorrow.” You sighed, redirecting your attention to the TV. “Why do you even want them to come over?” You asked curiously, wondering if something was actually up. “Because I love-” He bit his lip thoughtfully, “families.” He spewed nervously. His arm retracted from around your waist to grab his phone to dismiss the topic. “Oh.” You pursed your lips disappointedly before dropping the clearly touchy topic. “Fuck (Y/N), I’m absolutely in love with you. You deserve to know.” You grinned like an idiot at him and he sloppily kissed your forehead. “I love you and your rich and famous parents even if they can get crazy, and I love your hair and the way it falls around your face and your eyes are so perfect.” “Harry.” You stopped him before he could go on. He smiled expectingly at you as you stared at all the features of his face, silently checking once more if he was actually high. “You’re perfect, and I love you.” You sighed finally.