and i love them for loving me

Artists tend to be pretty blunt when it comes to these things? It’s like not even compliments to them, they’re really just facts. 

“I love your face, it looks great”

I feel like Scout could be like that kind of artist hahahaha

Here is another commission. Its for a fanfiction that hasn’t been published yet. I will link it when it is though! 

I’m excited to read it!

And my commissions are still open if anyone is interested!


Twenty One Pilots accepting the Billboard Chart Achievement Award:

It sounds like something that would be based strictly off of facts. But for some reason it is a fan voted award and—they shouldn’t have done that. Don’t let our fans have access to that.

Because we have the best fans in the world.


I’ll wait, however long it takes.

anonymous asked:

Draw Elphaba and Glinda as cats

Elphaba is a Somali, Glinda is a Turkish Van

OK so a co worker who has never had one of my cookies before was just ranting. Like.. preaching the good word to me about my own cookies. She said “ya know when you said you brought chocolate chip cookies I figured they would be like anyones shitty old chocolate chip cookies but after one bite I knew these were something special!” and I just… even though everyone who tries my cookies tells me this.. I never tire of hearing it. Then she went on to tell me I should really start selling them again. I know I know.. I just don’t have the time right now. 

since i draw farina so often anyways, i decided to finally do something like a character sheet for her