and i love them both sfm


from the “hey, you are my partner, okay? it’s a guy hug, take it” to the “i love you so much and i’m so worried about you that i just want to hug you to make sure you are okay”


( 1/18 ) Happy FuruSawa Day  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *: ⚾️ ・゚

Shea comforting Nina in Untucked and telling her to never get defeated bc it wouldn’t do Nina nor all the little black girls that they’re representing justice is why I love her so fucking much. Bitch both, I love both of them sfm! God bless these talented ass, black queens supporting one another.


Happiest Birthday Angel  ✺◟( • ω • )◞✺  ilu sfm, enjoy your day! /huggles

guys i know septiplier is just like anti. its for fun. doesn’t matter if you like it sexually or just a damn bromance. have some fun. don’t be mean to signe and amy and don’t show any of them sexual art or fanfics. most of this fandom is way to young to date mark and jack so don’t go getting jealous you cant have them for yourself. they aren’t “in the way” of “true love”….just let them be. i love them both sfm and they are actually in my twitter name. ship what you want. no matter what people will throw a fit over it. just ignore it and try having some fun :P

Things Genji and Zenyatta do when romancing each other

SFW things/Little-or-no sex headcanon

  • Holding hands
  • Leaning in or around or next to each other – sitting with their backs pressed together, leaning one’s head on the other’s shoulder or lap, lying down with one’s head in the other’s lap, etc.
  • They touch foreheads. The nine dots on Zenyatta’s forehead emit electromagnetic pulses at different frequencies and patterns depending on how he feels, and Genji’s sensors pick up on this, so it’s a very intimate experience.
  • Recharging together, or helping each other to recharge. If they aren’t in sleep mode while they research, they might play solitaire for the irony of it.
  • Genji likes to help Zenyatta refill his fuel and/or coolant reserves (fuel presuming he isn’t battery powered). This includes both serving his replenishments to him as he might have done in the monastery, or physically refilling his supplies for him.
  • Assuming Genji’s digestive system is not erased but greatly weakened, Zenyatta makes soft mushy foods or fluid foods that Genji is permitted to eat. He handfeeds him if he is ill or otherwise incapacitated or having a bad day.
  • Gardening. They have miniature gardens all over the base. Flowers go on windowsills and tables. Leafy plants in huge pots so they can show off their brilliant foliage, at the corners of various rooms. Ferns in darker rooms and crawlers over portions of the walls, over handrails and balustrades and fences. Succulents and cacti tucked wherever it’s possible. Bonsai on every bedside table, every shelf with empty place. Zenyatta had a terrarium phase. Their pet goldfish died so they started an aquatic garden in its tank.
  • Massaging over their sensor nodes, over thinner regions of plating, over the augmented muscle and cording. Sometimes Genyatta’s cabling gets disarrayed and Genji will help him arrange it back into order. Sometimes the joints between Genji’s augmented muscle will feel sore and Genyatta will massage those areas for him. Thin metal fingers are perfect for this.
  • Pulse massages/vibrating massages for the really bad days
  • Zenyatta weaves new scarves for Genji. He insists on a few in embroidered silk. Genji should take a page from his brother’s book, he says. It’ll look pretty on him, he says.
  • They really help each other with their frame upkeep, since they are the ones who understand it best. Cleaning, buffing, shining, making small adjustments where needed, fixing any issues with circuitry, repainting if it’s necessary – all of it that doesn’t require actual medical/engineering assistance.
  • One of their favourite poses is where they have a hand to the other’s chest, or a head on the other’s chest. For Genji, the former reminds him of his human heart and the latter reminds him of the genuine and intimate love and trust he shares with his Master. For Zenyatta, the former reinforces the belief that Omnics possess souls as well, and the latter allows him to comfort and protect and cherish Genji the way he wants to.
  • Meditating together
  • Taking long early morning or late afternoon walks with each other
  • Playing go or chess or other games of the like. They get very competitive and then make fun of each other for making it a competition. Sometimes they’ll devise new rules to play with to make the games more challenging, or to make it a pointless mess of a diversion because they both have a twisted sense of humour. If they’re playing board games with other characters, which they love to, they team up and do their utmost to ensure no one else can win, without actually attempting to win themselves, the little fuckers.
  • They light firecrackers together.
  • Genji braids new belts for Zenyatta, or re-braids his old ones if they fray.
  • Zenyatta gets a kick out of doing laundry and Genji gets a kick out of seeing him do it.
  • Genji really likes to play with Zenyatta’s orbs. It’s an affectionate gesture most of the time, but sometimes he’ll fiddle one (like a stress ball) if he’s anxious or restless and it’ll calm him down. Sometimes he’ll absently toy with one while he thinks about something, and sometimes he’ll study them with real wonder and amazement because his Master’s strength and abilities are a total mystery to him. Zenyatta indulges him but the answer as to whether he will juggle is always no. Genji tried once and Zenyatta ruined it for him by sneakily retracting the orbs one at a time to trip him up. (This idea is more or less taken from schmogg’s lovely sfm art.)
  • This is still a working theory, but depending on the extent of Genji’s cyborgification, he may be able to access, upload to and download from open networks/other systems? If that is the case, the most intimate act I can imagine Genji and Zenyatta doing is joining or merging their consciousnesses. It’s tiring and challenging for both of them, but it’s also one of those really powerful experiences they can claim for themselves that others cannot, and that means something to Genji.

NSFW things/Yes sex headcanon

  • They like to play with the sensitive spots in each other’s frames – Zenyatta’s orbs and dots, Genji’s scarf and antennae and the gaps between his armour
  • Their sex involves a lot of fingering and toys, besides primary sexual paraphernalia
  • Electric play
  • Circuit play
  • Denting as an indication of rough sex
  • Temperature play – considering the composition of their bodies there are some interesting they can do.
  • Playing with their power dynamic, which, yes is possible in any sort of relationship, but could be unique considering their history together.

i love pyro sfm…like its so funny we took so long to get together even if it also makes sense why we both were hesitant but wow. m'hearts been beatin so hard since this time yesterday over them and frank just fjskcks i got so much lov in me dumb heart wrow.png

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