so I was watching Dragon Ball Super the other day and screenshot some scenes and I’m going to share them with you I hope you don’t mind 

Beerus complimented Chi Chi for buying them some time and then she got all bashful about it and it was precious

look my babies faces especially Goten bc Monaka is crying he looks so concerned 

then Goten comes up with the idea that Monaka can transform and then Trunks like yeah so Beerus can pretend to be him 

and look how proud he is of himself it was such a good idea I’m so proud of him the little cutie 

Trunks telling off the God of Destruction like it’s no big deal this kid just like his mom who was doing it earlier I love them 

Vegeta keeps trying to get Trunks and Bulma to stop bc Beerus could actually destroy them but they just ignore him and it’s great okay 

I don’t remember the exact context of this one but LOOK AT HOW VEGETA IS HOLDING BULMA 

LOOK AT TRUNKS HE’S SO WORRIED and this whole ep he kept holding on to Vegeta’s arm and Vegeta wasn’t bothered by it like it was normal thing for him to do and it was precious 


thank you 

all time low are such a unique and different band. they act like lil goof balls and are cute idiots yet they still are so interested and fascinated by their music and put so much effort into it. their personalities really reflect on their music too and makes it so upbeat and positive and i think that is one of the many reasons of why they are my favourite band and also people


ok but seriously how fucking real is it that the boy who never felt cared for ended up with the Blood player, whose Stuff is all about bonds and relationships and providing support and taking care of people, and the boy who sought an escape from feeling his own mortality too fucking keenly every god damn day ended up with the Time player, whose Stuff is about facing and accepting reality, inevitability, mortality and working within those confines to achieve greatness regardless.


max domi: lion whisperer