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I’ve done it… I’m so proud of myself. Now, I’ve got to plan the next steps. This week will be very annoying for me, so I won’t get to draw so much. So I will use my free time to scetch some more pages and finish maybe 2 or 3 if everything is going smoothly.

Now… Puppy has angered his lord so much… but he’s still such a good Puppy <3

so last night as i was laying down to sleep, i started thinking of that scene, you know the scene, at the very end of episode 12 where genos says, “and his disciple” with that sweet little smile on his face, and the pig monster guts flying in the background, and i couldn’t help but feel a little emotional as i thought to myself, “genos just loves saitama so much, omg” <3<3<3


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

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Imagine love. imagine care and peace and understanding. imagine the happy future that Star Trek tries to show us a glimpse of. Not without it's own problems or conflicts, of course, but still a future that is more understanding, more peaceful, more caring, and more loving. Imagine we will get there. Imagine that it wouldn't be your imagination at all.

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okay but let’s be real here. the thing about relationships is that neither one of you is a mind reader, and neither of you can ever really put yourself in the other’s shoes. everyone has baggage, absolutely everyone and that creates complications. you could have two people with abandonment issues stemming from different experiences and creating different defense mechanisms, one person could run from commitment when they get scared and the other could hold on for dear life. you could have two hopeless romantics who find themselves getting lost in each other because they never felt enough on their own. nobody is perfect and whether you like it or not, people hurt each other - not intentionally of course but everyone through no fault of their own will remind the other person of at least one thing that has hurt them before and that’s just a part of life and more times than not, it encourages us to move past bad experiences. relationships are about compromise. they’re about learning about and paying a lot of attention to the little things that hurt each other and being able to avoid them. they’re about being able to talk about these things without the end goal being for them to understand you 100% and vice versa, they’re about believing the other person when they say they’re feeling a certain way instead of criticizing it. they’re about recognizing when you have hurt the other person and not debating it - you do not get to decide whether or not you have hurt another person, it’s about owning up to that shit and apologizing. It’s about respect, and something my uncle has always told me about respect is, you can love someone more than anything in the world, but unless you respect them, you don’t give a shit about them. 

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the only one of those youtubers I've heard of is Jenna but she's pretty cool! What about blog recs?

I’m assuming you mean phandom blogs. Some of my faves are @ukulelephil @darkphannie @cringe-attacks @feministdan and @legslester!!