and i love the opening

“Awfully close, don’t you think?”

“Inquisitor Varawell has a bodygaurd, it seems.”

“I heard they are lovers.”

“I heard she’s a half-elf.”

“The Inquisitor being an elf himself wasn’t enough?”


@lycheemilkart peope gossip too much in the Winter Palace for their tase


I know who he is now too, and he’s finished.

Nathaniel (Nate) Lloyd

  • He’s 24.
  • American.
  • Hairdresser/Barber.
  • Still goes by Nutsack.
  • He is a sassy mother fucker.
  • Takes 0% of life seriously.
  • Wants to screw Jeon.
  • He has twitter.
&&. starter call!

     [Hey, guys! So, I’ve been lacking sleep lately and I’ve got to rest up because I start my new job tomorrow ( I’ll be putting an activity notice out about that later ) so while I take a short little nap, like this post for a starter from me! If you’ve got any specific ideas/length/whatever in mind, feel free to message me. I’ll get started on these when I get back!]

I love deep talks. Like, hell yeah, tell me about why you’d prefer to talk to your mom rather than your dad. Tell me about your favourite lyrics in the songs you listen to everyday and why they’re your favourite. Tell me about the dog you had when you were growing up and how he was your best friend. Tell me about what kind of books you like to read when you’re alone in your room. Tell me about the things you think about right before you fall asleep. Tell me anything and everything.

if that’s not a confession of love idk what is


tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.