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Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Prologue 05-07 Translation + Video

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This is part #2 of the test run, finishing up the prologue~

If you want to find other game translations I’ve done that’s not DL, here is my list.

~~[Prologue: Part 5]~~

-Scene: Living Room Area-

We were brought along to a room. Beset with old-fashioned furnishings, it gives off a warm atmosphere.

You could call this spacious living room a lounge even. There is a table set, couch sofa, and a game table. It also seems to lead off into a kitchen.

Me: (Who knew there’d be a room like this here… …It feels livable. I may be able to relax in it… … … …Eh?)

Right as I stepped foot inside, butterflies with cream-white wings pass in front of me.

They flutter around in my line of sight, as if they’re playing. Suddenly, they disappear to somewhere.

Me: (What just happened… …?)

Droopy Eyes: Uhm… …, those gashes you have were done by a monster, right? It seems like they did a number on you.

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