and i love the man

Keep me
in your necklace
in your smile
in your heart.

Love me
in your words
in your thoughts
in empty nights.

Hold me
in your eyes
in your book
in the name of love.

Remember me,
not all the time
just the happy times
never the sad times.

Please remember me.
Please remember.

—  Lukas W. // Remember me

still makes me laugh that in 2007 patrick stump was literally obsessed with shoes and had about 95894458939 pairs of sneakers.. but now he just doesn’t care and has about 1 pair of velcro shoes that should belong in a kids store…iconic


The remaining shuffle units have been announced! 
Their names are QA, Warlock and Yaseiji

There will also be a shuffle unit mini album! It will contain 5 new songs by the shuffle units and cards illustrated by the shuffle unit leaders’ artists.

The songs are:
Victim Collection ~Gokujou no Ikenietachi he~ - Warlock
Setsuna no Ma Chérie - Grandmaster
Do!Do!Journey! - Yaseiji





i meant to make a post about this earlier

ok so like

i know size doesnt really need to be taken literally in dark souls but hawkwood is so short??? compared to the rest of the abyss watchers??????????

im just imagining him as the lil brother of the group and if they got a painting of the team he’s like, only the stupid pointy helmet visible because they couldnt get his short ass in the full painting

 im laughing

make him sit on one of the guys’ shoulders its fine

It makes so happy that we could see in 2a how Alec’s life didn’t become worse after he came out, but it actually improved. Like, of course there is so much shit going on and so much for him to worry about that has nothing to do with that and shadowhunter society is still homophobic as fuck and he is still going to face challenges because of that for the rest of his life like we all do but despite all of that you can see that when it comes to his sexuality he’s so much lighter, and so much happier. He’s more open, he’s confident, he has a boyfriend he loves very much and you can tell that is something he always dreamed of having but thought he couldn’t, only now he does

If you compare season 1 with seson 2 you can clearly see the weight that was lifted from his shoulders and that’s the most beutiful thing I’ve ever seen


               yes hello im online wow amazing    im sh00k too
i’ll be online for a short while today.  replying to mostly ooc things since it seems those’ve piled up worse than my replies. maybe no ic replies yet, im still in the process of re-making my luke blog, sorry!  that’s taken up my time here on tumblr.  not a fan of themes.