and i love the ethereal quality here

i hadn’t really planned to do any drawing today (O  wO) but then the time presented itself and i’ve just been… (=   w =) really into back lighting lately… and was really inspired by the selfies posted by my friend @sailershanty … and now here we are!!! (O  wO);;; If there was ever a human being in all the world who seemed to embody the quality of being “ethereal” it’s Sailer - they are just… utterly aesthetic and beautiful in a way that my scribbles don’t do any justice to! they are very much the kind of person one could see as a muse. And on top of that they’re kind, and empathetic, and truly unique. They could never be duplicated. So thank you for the inspiration Sailer! <3 and thank you for being kind to me even when you didn’t have to be <3 <3 <3 it has meant a lot to me! (-^  v^-) i hope you enjoy this <3 <3 <3