and i love the ethereal quality here

anonymous asked:

Can I just say that since I started following you back in your Marvel ship art days, your art has FUCKTUPLED in skill and quality. This is some prime shit right here. I have loved watching your skill develop from adorable and ethereal to AWESOME.

you’re sweet! kudos to you for putting up with me for so long!

im also laughing because you’re right. i started doing marvel/spn/ffxiii stuff around the time i was getting used to drawing on a tablet

and now i have like… a full-fledged degree in illustration and a whole graphic novel and like….actual work experience as an artist

all i can say is develop an unhealthy obsession with some fictional characters that you wanna draw all the goddamn time and practice, practice, practice!


aerial ethereal challenge: day six ~ favorite relationship

His lips tic, and this time they really curve upward. “You have some demonic-looking eyes, myshka.” He stares right into them, and I barely graze over the foreign word myshka. “They’re nearly black.”
    They are. Add that to RBF and I can’t really denounce my demon-like qualities. My eyes flit to the red glow necklace that he wears. “If i’m a demon, then you must be the devil.” It may be the corniest thing i’ve ever said. 
    “Maybe I am,” he replies, very deeply. “And yet, here you are.” His gaze remains on me and only me. “And myshka…” His voice turns to liquid sex. “You can’t possess me, even if you tried.

It’s that time again! It’s been like 249438 years on this website and I’m in a completely different fandom again yikes so here’s a special shoutout to those of you who have been with me forever and to those who just found me thank you all you’re beautiful and make my dash perfect ok? ok (´ω`) ♥ ♥ ♥

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Apparently autoplay annoys a lot of people so I posted it on youtube this time! 

The skirt is like 97% finished, I added the tulle layer and train to it this morning and now it just needs a big bow on the back!

I really love how the tulle looks, it adds the ethereal quality I wanted it to have.

I don’t want to post photos of it yet because I’ll be doing a write up on how I made it, and I want to get that done first. So in the meantime here is a video of it with all the lights turned on in a dim room!