and i love that the writers actually never let us forget that right until the end

Free The Animal

Word Count: 6k

Genre: Smut, Angst (will I ever stop being emo?)

Author’s Note: You ever forget that you’re a fanfic writer then you write a fic so bad you remember how much of a hack you are? Yeah welcome to my fic :’D

dom!jungkook- fuckboi!jungkook- fuckbuddy relationship- dirty talk- thigh riding mention because damn even I am not immune to his thighs- inspired by Sia’s song and part of the song drabble game. You can find links to the rest of them on my masterlist

Loving You To Death (Sequel)

There he was with his hands up some girl’s skirt, grinding on her like he was trying to fuck her through their clothes, the fucking pig. You huff and turn to your friend who gives you an exasperated look, “___, just go and grab him by the dick and tell him he can’t fucking do that.”

“He can do whatever the fuck he wants to do, even if that is a bleach blonde bitch with a tan that makes her look like an Oompa Loompa.” That was pretty low, you admit. It wasn’t the girl’s fault that Jungkook had chosen her for the night. But seriously, there was a limit to tanning, this was just harmful to the eyes.

“No, he can’t because you’re together.” Your friend, Hwasa, sounds pretty fed up with you.

“No, we’re not. We’re just fuck buddies and we agreed that we’re not exclusive right from the start.” Why wasn’t she understanding this? You’d explained it to her a thousand times.

“I don’t care what bullshit you told each other. All I care about is what I see, and that is two idiots constantly doing all they can to piss each other off because they can’t communicate like adults.”

“What are you even talking about? Jungkook is not trying to piss me off. He’s just being himself. Which is admittedly annoying in and of itself but you know…”

“Then why did he do nothing the past three days but play video games while you were off galavanting with Jin, only to start making out with some girl the minute you make an appearance?”

“He did?” You asked surprised, only to check yourself back and shrug it off. “I don’t know, he must have just not felt like it.”

“Oh my god, save me from these two idiots.” Hwasa cries then takes you by the shoulder and starts shaking you, “He’s fucking jealous because you took Jin to meet your family and not him so he’s trying to piss you off. Why? Because he likes you. And you’re pissed off. Why? Because you like him. Now can you get that through your thick skull or do I have to beat it into you?”

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You’re Writing Romance Wrong? How To Tell, And How To Fix It.

Why Your Romance Isn’t Reaching Your readers.

There are a few ins and outs to writing romance, and usually, there’s a problem fan fiction and novel writers run into- and that’s that none of their readers connect with the romance the same way they do- or they simply don’t know why the romance is working. Here are all the common pitfalls to watch out for the next time you approach a keyboard or notebook with romance on the mind.

We Need To Know the characters As Individuals

You can’t have a romance between two characters that have no personality. If we don’t understand them as individuals, both you and the reader how are we ever going to be convinced that the romance is interesting at all? The one determining factor of a romance novel, shipping fanfiction, or a romantic subplot is that your reader becomes invested or hooked. If they don’t care about the character then they won’t care about the romance. Would you care about Veronica’s love for J.D in Heathers if he was a blank slate deadpan? Would fangirls claw over Mr.Darcy like they do if he wasn’t as witty or funny, and was nothing but a nice piece of ass? THe more we care about the two characters no their own, the more excited we become when they get together. You cannot Start the romance in chapter one- because then our brain immediately is interested. If I just met this character, and he’s already asking for a stranger’s piece of ass? I’m still not in a position yet to trust his opinion. I don’t know why (s)he’s doing that! People first, sex toys and makeout sessions later.

Make Them Like Each Other!

This one is clear, but I see all the time happening. If you have a bad boy character- or a bitchy woman- or an insane off the hook kinda guy ( which can be some of the best written characters if you do it right) They can’t abuse their partner. Unless it’s intentional- your characters have to care about one another. Playful teasing goes a long way, but you know what goes even further? Little acts of kindness. Simply with this following sentence, that you can insert ANYWHERE:

“Hey, did you empty the dishwasher?” “Yeah, I heard it finish up and saved you the trouble.”

You can see that they care about each other’s well being, but more importantly it shows that they’ve made a habit out of that kind of affection. Whether or not they are together when they say that line, you know what’s happening. You can have love without sex, you can have sex without love. BUT if you want a relationship to be portrayed as healthy you can’t have the broody character lashing out at their partner every chapter. If all they ever do is fight, no matter how compelling, it’s a relationship the audience will root against, rather than for if you make a habit of it.

They Need To Share The Same Amount Of Vices And Virtues

So, you have an ugly werewolf and a pleading popular girl falling for each other. The werewolf boy is ugly and foul- but he has a kind heart under that thick skin. He’s rude and cruel and turns into a werewolf, he assaults people and talks down to the girl who loves him- trying to despise her. THe girl is self-sufficient, popular, smart, and never needs any help ever.

why does this not work?

Because one character is perfect and has all the strengths and all the good things in life, but the other has nothing but problems.

Take a brief moment right now and list off the strengths and Weaknesses of your characters (This is important in the next point too) and count them up. If a character has more than a ⅔ to the other in virtues OR vices, You might need to adjust that. Most people on the planet have the same amount of good qualities as bad. That’s being human.

They Should Compliment One Another

Still, have that list from 30 seconds ago? Good. Most people write romances like this, They are identical and share all of their interests and passion, or their total opposites. Now, there’s an important distinction to make here. Identical characters ARE PISS FUCKING BORING and aren’t remotely realistic. They should be similar. Similar. Not identical. And Opposites are incompatible. However. Opposites are unhealthy and will not work, complimentary characters do. Again, this is an important distinction to make.

Complementary characters are ideal. They cover one another’s weaknesses. Look at the chart you just made, even if you didn’t write your characters to be different, even if they are similar, look at the list.

Do you see different strengths and weaknesses there?

THat’s all you need. If your characters have different good and bad traits, and the overflow of positive traits for one character can cover the bases of another, that’s a good dynamic. Having an impulsive character helping a hardass planner loosen up a bit, or having a happy go lucky character held to responsibility by the other. People who work together.

They Have Boundaries

This is something I see missing from a lot of fanfiction. People who don’t have editors, or in fandoms that are so engrossed in other content about a couple that you lose your own work in a reader’s expectations. Writing a couple that people have already probably seen porn of is weird- but getting to a milestone is way more satisfying if you tease it for a bit- and bonus points, it’s way more realistic. And realistic writing is engrossing writing. It makes it seem, well, more real. Less in your head.

They Need To Work Together

Couples shouldn’t be fighting all the time. They need to have actual teamwork. The real word gives us piles of shit all the time. We consult friends, we rant, we ask for help all the time. It’s a human thing to do- but ideally, this lover should be the first person your character goes to with their issues. They need to be able to support and collaborate. But everybody does it in different ways, maybe your quiet character lets a lot of his support left unsaid and shows more by doing. Maybe one can’t offer the best advice but tries their best for support. Guidance, advice, and support are all different ways of helping- and maybe your characters can’t do one or two of those. It can be problematic, but that happens in the real world.

How They Meet?

This is so, so important. What history do these two have together, if any? If they don’t have history together, what romances have they had in the past- have and how did those end?

Only under VERY rare circumstance do characters not date until they meet ‘the one’ Marina and the Diamonds once said: “every boyfriend is the one until otherwise proven.”

How does their romantic history affect them? Do they talk about it? Does the other character understand those boundaries?


I’m not talking about Characters not working. I strongly believe that the right writer can make any two characters have the ideal dynamic. This is all about the writer. If the characters hold hands in chapter one? Slow down, I need to get invested. If they say “I love you” on the first date? Slow down, that’s pushing it way too far and being creepy. Your characters should never do anything that you would be uncomfortable with a stranger. You have to understand, your MC shouldn’t know their love interest like the writer knows them. You might feel it’s natural- but realistically your reader is viewing the world through your MC’s eyes, not yours. Also, if you rush, rush, rush things what do we have to root for? “THIS TIME THEY DO BDSM ON THE FLOOr! A-again…” isn’t a very good selling point. If something feels unnatural, try going back and reading through it again with the eyes of a new reader. Forget what you know about your own characters, because your readers don’t know what you know, take a deep breath- and accept that it won’t be perfect.

Can’t Change To Be Compatible

Sometimes characters just. Aren’t. Compatible. Before you start smashing your keyboards there are EASY WAYS TO FIX THIS. THat broody emo anime teen from your fan fiction earlier? (trust me, they can be compelling too) He can’t and shouldn’t pull a total 180 on their personality just to suit their partner unless you’re trying to write a dysfunctional relationship. Look at it this way, your two characters shouldn’t change each other. They should compliment each other. A character falls in love with another character for who they are already. They should never fall in love with a different version of a person. They fell in love with them, not an idealized version of them. There can be gray areas, where a character suffering from something can be trying to fight it, and a character, after they fall in love with that person, tries to help- but that’s just the key difference. It’s something the person in question is fighting for- and it’s apparently something that can be healed. Love can’t make depression disappear overnight.

If you’re Writing Smut Or Erotica, Here’s What You Need To Accept:

There will always be a better written or drawn character that has a better butt than yours.

As a smut writer, you cannot rely on sex to be the selling point. The reason your readers will flock to your story and stay there is because they enjoy the idea of these characters doing it. Not these cardboard cutouts of penises. If one of your characters has lackluster personality, whether it’s the MC or that hunky man love interest Don’t write your story. The only people who will come to read your story will read it once, read just the sex part, then move on. They don’t care about the story- and even if you don’t care too much about plot either, and just want to roll the sexy times forward the whole book? You still need to have character. Character is different than plot- and subtle character writing comes from imaging this character with a full understanding of them as a person. Would they be hesitant to lose their virginity- would they be kinky for that- or not so much? Do they need after care? Even the little details of How would they word that Sentence or phrase? Is all important for writing sex scenes that will really stick with a person and keep them coming back for more.

Giving Up

Request:  Hi! Can you a sis fic based kind of like 11x12 in which the reader is staying with Jody, Claire and Alex because she screwed up a few hunts and when Sam and Dean come they see she is sad because she doesn’t have many friends and gave up hunting because Dean told her she was bad at it? Just basically really fluffy and angsty. Maybe she ends up saving Sam and Dean? I know it’s kinda long but I hope you take it into account :)) @newyorkrebel

A/N: As always, sorry for being dead to the world. I literally have hardly any free time and the free time I do have I don’t have the inspiration to write. Would love your feedback if you have any to give! Thanks guys I appreciate you for sticking with me even though I’m not a frequent writer. 

Characters: Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, Claire (mentioned), Alex (mentioned), Jody, John (mentioned)

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence, arguing, self doubt/harsh words about self to self?, Dean being mean, fluff, mention of death but no dying.. I think that’s it, as always let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl @mycuddlycorner @percussiongirl2017 @wonderange @leenasleena-blog @tolaughistolove 
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You were laying in bed with your headphones on, blocking out the world, listening to your favorite song that helped you forget how much your life sucked right now. You were thankful that Claire wasn’t in the room you both shared and both frequented, since you had a somewhat similar outlook on life. Pushed away and abandoned by those you cared about most, and hating your life. You had one difference, and that was that you no longer wanted to hunt, whereas Claire wanted to hunt more than anything, in fact, that’s where she was right now, investigating for a possible hunt. You figured that Claire only wanted to hunt because no one told her she sucked at it. She was a good hunter for sure, and you thought you were, but according to your brothers, who you loved more than anything, you were no good.

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Photos at the Movies Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: michelleloc17


Hi, I love your Bill Skarsgard x Reader stories. I was wondering if you can do one where Bill is at a premier of a movie of some sort and the reader is a photographer and they somehow end up TOGETHER! I’ll leave you to think of how the rest will continue because I trust it’ll be great! Thank you so much! :)

Warning: None

Note: Movie Theaters are awesome to work at cuz you get to enjoy free movies during your breaks. I was planning at working at one but then I decided not to cuz I’d rather not come home smelling like buttered popcorn thanx.

I mean I LOVE popcorn but to have that smell all over you but no popcorn is like torture cuz then you’d be constantly craving popcorn. Don’t think I’ve said popcorn enough.

“Because they pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!” One of the most CUTEST scenes with Georgie’s giggle.

I’m sorry I love Georgie he’s just the cutest little thing ever X3!!! 

Okay enjoy! :D! 

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Originally posted by dailyskyfox

(OH MY GOSH THIS FOX GIF IS CUTE!!!! X3!!!!!!!!!) 

You were so excited as you started your job at the local movie theater in Hollywood, California. You worked at the local movie theater but you were also a photographer, a writer, and a little bit of an artist.

Well your boss had heard about your photography skills and how you had won 15 blue ribbons and at least 5 trophies due to your photography skills. You had a natural born talent for it from your grandmother who had first taught you how to take good photos at a young age when you used a small plastic camera.

Ever since then you gradually blossomed until you had won a ton of contests and trophies and prizes. Well a new movie called IT was such a highly anticipated movie that the theater was sold out on tickets for a whole week.

So your manager thought it was a brilliant idea to set up a 3D-cardboard scene with a life size cut out of Pennywise standing there with his pointed grin and a handful of bright red balloons.

He was standing in the sewers with Georgie just barely noticeable in the background. You had set up a tripod to take pictures with the incredibly life size and detailed cut out.

It was $5 for a picture and your manager said you’d get half of whatever the total amount was. Well you were sure you were going to be able to buy a yacht at the end. Crowds, upon crowds came in some dressed as clowns and even if they weren’t going to see the IT movie they still took pictures with the scene.

Eventually you heard cheering and screaming and your heart raced when you saw the main cast of IT including the directors were walking your way.

“Hey there.” Andi greeted, “Do you mind if we take a picture?”

“Uh. Yeah totally.” You replied.

You took a picture of the directors with the Pennywise, the Losers club with Georgie, the Bowers gang, and then the killer clown himself.

Bill Skarsgård.

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PLL 7x14 Power Play - (long, sorry!) Thoughts

- Yep, one of the best episodes of the series. Call me dramatic, whatever. But in my opinion, it was. The story was constantly moving and I loved that. That is all I need to classify a PLL episode as good. And, combined with answers.. they had a formula for success. I wished I recorded myself watching it because I genuinely had a smile on my face from start to end, and two particular reveals got a great reaction out of me. Even the romance scenes I appreciated. Ugh, such a good episode! So many feels. Happy, intense, OMG, frustrated, emotional.

- Well… after this post, you know where I’m off to… my unanswered questions post! Finally I get to cross off more! SHOUTOUT TO US TUMBLR FANS FOR THEORISING EVERY SINGLE ANSWER WE GOT TONIGHT WITH 100% ACCURACY!! 

- I don’t know how you guys did it, but theorising that Ted is Charlotte’s father… what the hell! I always dismissed that theory. I thought it was too out-there. But it happened! I was sooooo shocked. I thought Ted was just a random guy from the church that liked Ashley. End of story. Apparently not end of story! Loved it. There is no way they had that planned all the way back then. I really do think that Ted was brought to the show just to be a love interest for Ashely. Then they created the Charles story and realised “oh shit, we need a male to be Charlotte’s father. Lucky we made a character like Ted!” I refuse to believe they intended to use Ted for more than just a pastor in love with Ashley. Anyway, not that that matters. I’m happy with this answer.

- Last week I complained that PLL has severely lacked good production since the dollhouse episodes; production in the sense of unique camera angles, music, etc. Well today they finally returned to its glory. The ending scene was so good and dramatic with the music, that camera angle where Ali finds her hidden puzzle piece and also when Mary steps out from behind the door to reveal herself with Ted… little things like that, I appreciate. 

- The reveal that Lucas knew CHARLES… wow!!! OMG!! I actually said “no fucking way” for once in a few years in PLL. They’re going somewhere with this. Lucas built that board game, he is an app developer and has the resources/money. 

- Another reveal that made me actually throw my blanket off and sit up… when they actually SHOWED that scene from 4B of Mary creeping up on Spencer!! We all kind of guessed that it was Mary in that scene, but to actually SEE the writers SHOW US that link very explicitly rather than let us just guess… it was AMAZING. I hope the series finale is like that, where they actually SHOW us past scenes like that, rather than expect us to make the links. Such a good scene, learning the backstory behind that.

- Mary killed Jessica. I knew it! I was not shocked one bit. But hey. After 7 seasons of this craziness, I am totally happy to take logic over shock. “Sydney killed Jessica!” like no. Get lost. Zero logic. Mary killed Jessica, yeah, I’ll take it!

- People are probably disappointed that it was Sydney under the hoodie… I told myself it’s not AD so I was expecting someone like that. I was happy with that.

- Aria going dark.. I’m all in. But please don’t cause a massive divide in the group. The small divides it causes now is fine, but I don’t want to spend the final 6 episodes with the girls pissed off at each other/Aria.

- Amongst all the storylines going on, they still managed to have scenes relevant to Archer. Thank god! See, that’s what we want. Forget the ping pong, and just keep us updated on other side mysteries like that. We don’t have to solve the side mystery, but just keep mentioning them in the ‘filler’ scenes. That’ll keep us going until the finale.

- I thought finding out who killed Jessica, and that Ted is Charlotte’s father, would be enough for this episode. Nope, they revealed what we’ve all been thinking since August last year! Emison fans on Twitter telling Marlene to go kill herself: fuck off. NEVER wish that upon anyone. As if I’m actually saying that. I know Emison fans are really passionate, and rightfully so, but chilllllll. Spencer said it very well: they are feeling violated. Emily isn’t saying “yippee, let’s have a baby Ali!!” Yes it’s controversial, yes it’s diving into areas of rape, but don’t tell a woman to kill herself.

- Not gonna lie. I did laugh at AD’s hoodie talking to Aria. The concept was cool but it looked far too fake. This show never is good with visual effects and stuff like that (*cough* CeCe watching the girls in the window in 610 *cough*)

- Shoutout to Paily. I really enjoyed their scenes. All of them. I was a shipper of Paily during season 4 and so this brought me right back to those good old days. Paige has barely smiled since she came back in 7B so it was so good to see her be happy for once. 

- There was one thing that someone said that really made me think Spencer has a twin!!! I can’t remember what it is! I’ll rewatch later in the week and update you all.

- Thank god Ezra is being dismissive of Nicole. I mean, it’s sad for Nicole, but at the end of the day and putting realism aside, just get lost Nicole. Ezria is endgame and you’re just making PLL fans frustrated.

- Next week’s promo!! Directed by Troian!!!!!!!!!! Wren’s return!! “Every theory I come up with leads back to you” is Furey hinting towards a Spencer twin? Not that he knows, but if all his research keeps pointing to a Spencer, it’s only a matter of time before he finds something? It is in 2 weeks but I’m so happy because it means the finale is pushed out to when my uni exams finish!

- 9/10. I can’t give it 10/10 because I’ve forgotten what a perfect PLL episode feels like. It’s been way too long. Maybe this is what a perfect PLL episode feels like? Again, I can’t remember. But it’s up there!

- Sorry this is long, but hey, 6 to go. Need to summarise it all and it’s better than sharing thoughts all over the place with scattered messages. Compare this to 712, which never even got a post!

fawert  asked:

Since Sam and Dean don't exist in au, Michael and Lucifer definitely skipped the true vessel bs then went to war with angels and demons in their true forms (angel blades sticking out of the ground proves it). That means au Cas is in his true form and Jimmy Novak is probably dead in a ditch somewhere. I hate the idea of Jack resurrecting Cas cause that'd be too easy and basically turns him into god. So when Misha comes back, how can they bring Cas back with him?

Nonny 1: i saw the ask in which the Anon is wondering if they would make Misha play AU Cas, but i don’t believe they would do that, in fact it really wouldn’t make a lick of sense, because Cas in that AU aint Cas, what made Cas the angel we know and love is that he was the one who pulled Dean out of hell, Dean who changed him and taught him free will, and in that AU dean was never born to begin with, so AU Cas would be just an angel.

Nonny 2: Hello! I was wondering about the possibilities and any possible theories on the bizzaro-Narnia AU-where-Dean-and-Sam were never born world. Do you think that it could be explored, or that we might see AU! Cas? Not as in an outright replacement, but maybe 1 or 2 episodes with him as a commander of a garrison of angels? You’re by far one of the most optimistic meta writers I’ve met and I really need some happy speculation to get me through hellatus. Sorry if you’ve covered this before. Thanks!

Hello, lovelies!

So, three wonderful asks that all have to do with this AU World that’s been so suddenly thrown into the mix. I’m glad I get to tackle this topic! Thanks fawert and Nonnies! (and forgive my reply taking sooo long!)

The basis for the following speculation is that I believe the narrative is closing as the writers are moving it towards endgame. Everything in S11-S12 is telling me this because S11 began the movement by forcing Dean Winchester to admit to himself that he is properly, truly, madly and deeply in love with Cas. Read more on my thoughts about this here.

In short:

  • Dean Winchester is our Protagonist
  • His character growth is what informs the narrative
  • He wouldn’t have been set on this particular path of character growth if he hadn’t met Cas
  • Dean’s growth is what is allowing him to let go of Sam, ending the brodependency, and granting him the insight to find his true self-worth, through self-acceptance
  • His self-acceptance has a whole lot to do with letting go of his toxic masculinity spiel
  • His letting go of this will be most clearly demonstrated by him fully embracing the fact that he’s in love with a man
  • Happiness with the man he loves is Dean’s reward for completing his character growth, reaching the internal goal of his character arc: which is self-acceptance

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

(yeah) (he knows)

Now, I don’t know that this is where they’re taking the narrative, okay? Let me be perfectly clear about that. No one knows exactly what they’re planning (except the fuckers themselves) and they might go absolutely crazy in order to drag the narrative out for six more seasons.

However - and this is a big however, you guys - the writers have consistently, and with extreme due diligence, built a slow-burning love story between Dean and Cas that is beginning to peak - that’s what S12 gave us - meaning that going absolutely crazy to drag this love story out will jar with everything that’s come before.

Let’s not forget that our story is about love, and sacrifice, and love.

Love is mentioned twice by Metatron because our story has always been foremost about love.

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Darkness Devours Part 2

Summary:  Reader has been in Purgatory for a few years surviving as best she can with her companion Benny.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Benny, Castiel

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2041

Warnings: SMUT (fingering, oral - male and female receiving, little bit of breath play), canon typical violence, canon typical angst

A/N 1:  Thank you to my MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch!  You are amazing!!​  I have a MAJOR Purgatory!Dean problem this series is the result.  This is Part 2.  Part 1 can be found HERE.

A/N 2:  Bolded text denotes dialogue from the show, credit goes to the writers.

Originally posted by maniacalackles

The next day you find the stream.  Water babbles over the rocks at the edge, the welcome sound calling to you.  You start to strip; the cool, clean water is too tempting to ignore.

“What are you doing, Y/N?” Dean asks surprised.

“I don’t remember the last time I had a shower or a bath,” you say, shimmying out of your pants.  “If you think I’m going to pass up a chance to get clean, you’re mistaken.”

Dean puts out his arms standing in between you and Benny.  “Benny you want to give us a moment?”

“Whatever you say chief.  I’ll make sure you’re not interrupted.”  He walks back into the trees.

Dean starts pulling off his clothes and you give him a questioning look.

“If you think that I’m gonna let you go in there by yourself, then you are mistaken.”

You smile pulling off your bra and running into the water.  It’s cold but you keep going, diving under the water.  It feels exquisite as the water washes away the grime and blood.  You pop up, pushing your hair back from your face.  Suddenly strong arms circle you.  You turn to Dean, beads of water speckle his face and water drips from his hair.

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snb:vs ep17 aka where do I even begin with this

WARNING: nothing but salt in here, so if you think this ep is good and it makes you happy, do yourself a favor and scroll past please.

This ep post is divided into four parts:

  1. the good part
  2. the salt is real for azazel part
  3. charioce the fragile baby bird part
  4. tl;dr part

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(Yes, this is idea is TOTALLY stolen from the Klaroline fandom, BUT… it deserves it!)

From November 23rd to November 30th @uglygreenjacket and I, @floraone are hosting a review event for our fandom.

It’s meant to encourage ALL the Sailor Moon fanfiction authors out there – The writers of all ships, the canon ones and the ones who’ve never met. The new writers and the old. The relatively unknown, and the popular. Those who are just finding their voice in writing, and those who have been around so long that people have started taken them for granted. Those that post regularly, and those that update only sparingly. Those that have written that ONE story EVER which you cherish, and those that have written tons over the past 20 years. The ones with only one review, and those with 400. And those that put out new content weekly, and those that struggle to find inspiration.

Our goal is to encourage you all to give ALL those authors a little spike in motivation, tell them that you’re there and appreciate them, and promote the authors of all those thousands of works of fanfiction that we all love. All the selfless and tireless work of people who give us a constant supply of free fandom content!

So, our main goal, of course, is that over the week you review as much as possible, in any format you prefer (A03/FFnet/tumblr, wherever you can reach your authors!).

Even  - or ESPECIALLY - if you’ve never reviewed before (and remember, allows Guest reviews, no account needed!). Reviews are the lifeblood of any fanfiction author. Remember that your fanfic authors will ONLY ever be compensated for their work in praise and in thank you’s– and that means reviews. Vloggers and AMVlers can sometimes get the chance to monetize their videos, for some lucky fanartists you get the chance to buy commissions from them, or prints of their work, or buy them coffee - but for the authors of those fan works that keep you entertained, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days, and sometimes for the past 20 years, all they  EVER can get is a thank you. So please – this is what this Event is about. Go and let them know what you loved about their story, and thank them for their time.  

Let’s face it - mostly we don’t take the time to review thoroughly, or every chapter, and this is because we have hectic lives and it’s easy to forget, and sometimes daunting to find the right words, but this week, we want you to give your favorite authors some of your love and time. So, every chapter of every story that is worth to be finished reading by you, putting a smile on your face, during that week (and actually always, let’s be real!) deserves that you stop by and let the author know. And on top of that, if you take time out of your day for it – go back to your all-time favs, even if the story has been posted 7 years ago, and drop them a line, too!

And if your appreciation is not easily shown in words – anything goes, really. Are you into drawing fanart? Make something for your favorite author and let them know (they will love you forever!). Was there a song you know that fit their story perfectly? Send it to them! Are you a person who’s able to make awesome AMVs? Make one about your favorite fic!

To help you along, we’ve selected a few themes for the days, and we will reblog all posts that used the hashtag #SM REVIEW EVENT  on this blog that was created for it.

Day One - Nov 23rd | Rec Lists!

Review any story(or author!) you choose, and make a list out of it to share on your tumblr, and to recommend to others. What is the story about? What’s the ship? What captivated you about the story/made it memorable? Is there something in the author’s writing style that you find to be unique, or especially great? This can be your all time-favorites, and it can be newfound treasures, and it doesn’t need to be only one list!

On top of that, it gives us, and all your followers, the opportunity to discover new, beloved works! And to dive right into new stories to read and love and review!

And, please consider to let the authors know that you’ve included them in your list (even just by adding them as @’s in your post, or by mentioning it in a review on their story!)

Day Two - Nov 24th | Write a review for that one story you keep remembering, that doesn’t let you go.

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve reviewed it before (remember, you can leave Guest reviews!) or if you’ve never reviewed it. We all have read that one story that we keep going back to, that resonated so much with us that it doesn’t leave us alone. And that, for a fanfic author, is one of the biggest compliments you could ever give them! So let them know, and if you want to share which story that is, and why, post it on your tumblr with a link, as well!

Day Three - Nov 25th | Motivate Authors of WiPs

I know it’s tiresome for some, reading works that are still in progress, where you can’t just click on the ‘next’ button and hope for more, instant content … but… Multichapter stories, especially the long ones, require constant motivation, and time out of their author’s schedule. And while reviews are more often posted in the beginning and the end of the story, the middle part, which is coincidently the one most authors struggle with the most, is where motivation ends, when it feels that there’s just barely anyone reading anymore.

So, if there’s the story you’ve been waiting to read until you know it’s finished – go back to it, and give it a go, and cheer that author on as much as you can! You might be surprised how fast the next chapter is out, if you do!

In fact, many abandoned stories are abandoned for exactly that reason – and if enough people go back to that story that you loved and was never finished – who knows, one author out of all the abandoned works just might come back to finish what they started!

Day Four - Nov 26th | Celebrate New Authors

In a fandom that has existed for as long as the Sailor Moon one, it can be daunting to start writing 20 years in. Especially because so many people sort the lists on FFnet and A03 by reviews, or just read the works of authors they’ve been following for years, new authors can struggle to find readers.

So, take your time and go through the new, unfiltered updates. Maybe you stumble upon someone who may be new in the fandom, but who’s definitely worth your time.

Or maybe you already recently found some new authors that have blown you away, and want to write and post and share a short profile about them, and what makes their work worth reading. And if you post it with the hashtag #SM Review Event, we will be sure to reblog it!

Day Five - Nov 27th  | Celebrate Old Authors

If they are still around or not, celebrate all those authors that have started your love with fanfiction, or those that kept the flame going for as long as you can remember! What is the first fanfiction that you remember really, really loving? Who is the author that has written the most amazing stories over all these years? Who is the author or what is the story you’ve “lost” over the years and then been so excited to have found again, years later? Share them with us, please!

Day Six - Nov 28th | Celebrate Unknown Authors and Stories

FFnet has filter functions, as we all know! Set it to Sort by Reviews, and Time Range: Updated within 6 months, or 1 month (or whatever you decide), plus your usual ship and language filters, Apply, and then GO TO THE LAST PAGE! What you get will be all the works with none or one review. Sort through it backwards a little, maybe you stumble upon a little gem that would have been lost forever, and then: Review, and share!

Day Seven - Nov 29th | 18+ readers: Review a lemon you loved!

Here I’ll remind you, again, that FFnet especially allows you to leave guest reviews – no signed reviews necessary! Lemons are some of the most sought-after content in fanfiction, and some of the most sparingly reviewed. We all know why this is; it’s incredibly weird to review a lemon. But – it’s also pretty weird to write it, and INCREDIBLY daunting and scary to POST it. And if you want that content to exist, please cheer it on! After all, no one wants to undress to utter silence.

Day Eight - Nov 30th | Reviewer Appreciation!

Finally, it’s time for the authors to give some love and thanks back to their reviewers! Be it from the Event, or from all your time of writing – reach out to those reviewers that made your day, the ones that made you cry, the ones that inspired and motivated you to work on your story, and let them know they were able to do that for you!

This, like the reviews, can of course also be done in various ways – be it PMs/messages directly to the reviewers in question, or sharing that one review that made your life (or the ten that did) on your tumblr, or even writing a short drabble for them!

For all of these: If you post about it on tumblr, please use the hashtag #SM REVIEW EVENT, and we will collect and reblog all posts here on the Sailor Moon Review Event Blog.

Now, go and spread the word! And review, review, review!

Arrow 5x15 “Fighting Fire With Fire”: We All Got Burned

Originally posted by gameraboy

I’m not quite sure how the Arrow writers are managing this but every single week this show has gotten worse. The issues plaguing the show have only dug in deeper, taking root and I’m not quite sure how Arrow at this point can rid itself of the legacy this season is going to leave in regards to the industry and the fans.

I fully understand that everything is a journey and when you are writing a twenty-three episode series, they tend to draw out plot points that a 13 episode series would conclude rather quickly or smartly avoid. But there is the difference between taking the long way to your destination and setting the car on fire while you’re still driving it.

The Arrow writers have completely forgotten this. Their oft-espoused “back to basics” really meant they were going to erase years of character development. I do not recognize these characters anymore. I do not know Oliver Queen anymore. This isn’t the character that I’ve loved; that I’ve defended like a momma lion; and that I’ve championed a hero even when he wasn’t working with his better angels.

This character is an asshole. I was rooting for impeachment. I’m this close from starting up a Prometheus fanclub. I was once a huge The Vampire Diaries fan. And then Elena Gilbert became a vampire and the show was ruined for me because the show ruined its protagonist. Everything about her character was erased entirely just to perpetuate a love triangle that they had supposedly resolved at the end of the previous season. In doing so, they turned Elena Gilbert entirely unlikeable for me. I just never got over her 24-hr brother swapping or her irritating personality change that was never really explained properly. I never thought I’d see another show destroy its own protagonist as swiftly as TVD managed to do. 

Thus it was funny that I would go on to watch Arrow and root for Oliver Queen, who had his own history of sister swapping. But the difference was that kind of behavior was clearly in Oliver’s past; he was beyond that. He’d grown and learned that he’d been an asshole because karma had kicked his ass something fierce. I’m not saying he didn’t screw up in the present because Lord knows he did. The revival of Oliver and Sara’s relationship was in the worst taste. But it was a little more believable than this push for Oliver and Susan’s relationship in S5.

I thought that douchebag behavior was behind Oliver. Especially once he and Felicity had gotten together. He’d found his light and the one to help him harness it. Oliver had attained a kind of emotional maturity and then the BMD happened. It’s really all been downhill for Oliver since 4x08. It only got worse when S5 started. And yet somehow in 5B they have managed to make all of it worse than 4B and 5A.


I am at my breaking point with Oliver. This isn’t a good feeling as someone who loved his character; as someone who loved this show and was rooting for him to come out the end a better, fully-developed person and hero; and as someone who shipped him with my favorite female character. Because here is the hard truth that makes my stomach hurt to even think: Felicity deserves better than this version of Oliver. I think I’ll stick with what I named him last week: Ollie 2.0. And without some sort of magical reversal, I can’t quite see how any kind of reunion between Olicity could be a good thing, let alone believable. I actually have tears in my eyes writing that out. Like a physical pain has lanced my chest. But I feel that defeated after this episode. I am grateful that we have a couple of weeks off before this reel disaster returns.

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Nanowrimo 2017: Trusting Advice

(This is part one of five articles to be posted every Tuesday leading up to Nanowrimo. This week’s topic is trusting advice.)

There’s a lot of writing advice out there. Not all of it is good. Not all of it is bad. But it’s important to understand which is which, so here’s some pointers for you to consider the next time you find yourself looking for some writing help.

First, look at who’s dishing out the advice. Have you read their work? Did you like it enough to want it to mirror what you hope to achieve with your story? (At point, you’re now wondering, “Wait, should I trust this person who wrote this?” So, let me introduce myself. I’m the author of a YA series that I self-published, I have a NA series signed with an indie press, and I majored in Creative Writing in college. Maybe you’ve read my stuff. Maybe you haven’t. But you might be interested to hear an abbreviated version of what I picked up from four years of studying, especially since you won’t be the one stuck with the student loans.) 

Does it work for your story? There was a post circulating on… Twitter? (I can’t remember.) on how to write a perfect character. The story I was writing at the time called for a Perfect Character Who Does No Wrong, so I read it… and banged my head on my desk. It was terrible advice. The character should be loved by all, never get angry, never make a mistake, never complain. That advice works well if you’re writing Jane Bennet, but that’s about it. I wasn’t writing a perfect pushover who let life roll past them, not some stock character with no stakes in the story. So I moved on because I knew that was terrible advice. But here’s the thing: I flipped it to help me get my character right. They were perfect, not because they made no mistakes, but because they kept trying even after they failed. Bad advice can be useful if you recognize it as bad advice. 

Don’t be shy. Ask the writer how they made that thing you loved. We’re such vain creatures. We love it when people ask us about our work. We’re also weird. So when we get a writing question our brains go, “FELLOW WEIRDO! FRIEND? MUST HELP!” If you happen to come across the rare writer that doesn’t have an ounce of vanity in their body, then you’re going to get the most inspiring piece of advice from that author. “I don’t know.”

I took several classes taught by an author I admired. She’d written movies and made it onto bestsellers lists. Awards. Everything. Years after I graduated, I put aside my shame and wrote her in a fit of insanity to plead for help. How do I get published? She wrote back a very long and helpful email that ended with something I won’t ever forget. “I really don’t know how it works. None of us do. We just try for the best.”

So, this writer I admired admitted that even she doesn’t know what she’s doing most of the time. If that’s true, then there’s really nothing to stop me because I excel at not knowing what the hell I’m doing.

Write the person who wrote that fanfic, ask them what was going through their head. Either you get an answer that helps you (2 +2 = GREAT STORY), or you get an answer that helps you (Writers are humans who are trying their best and so can you).

Can’t ask the author? Austen’s been dead for a while, so you can’t very well ask her about structure, and I think Rowling’s hard to get a hold of, but you can study the text of whatever work put a pang of jealousy into your little writerly heart. Take the book apart. Read it three times, as a reader, as a writer, and as an editor. Stare at the sentences and word choices. Understand it’s DNA. Become Dr. Frankenstein and piece your own story together. It might come out a monster, but it’s your monster. And if you piece together enough literary abominations, you might one day find that your monster is an actual story with your authentic voice.

Study Everything. The best writing advice comes when you least expect it. That book you hate so much that you won’t finish it? Before you chuck it in the donation pile, take a look at the pages you’ve read and figure out what it was that you hated. Was it the dialogue? The lack of character agency? Whatever it was, remember it so that your story doesn’t turn into someone else’s DNF. That show you like? The song that makes you sit in your car even though you should get out? Ask yourself what it makes you feel, and hold onto that feeling when you write.

Screw it. There was another teacher I respected who gave me a lot of compliments during a one-on-one meeting in her office. But after all the compliments came the insult. “You should stick to serious stories. I like those better than the funny one you submitted last week.” I won’t lie, that messed with me. My entire academic career up to that point had been drenched in serious writing. Literary writing. The one funny story I submitted hadn’t even brushed the tipping point of my absurdity. After that meeting, everything I wrote until I graduated was ‘serious.’ And I hated it. I was writing stuff that other people loved, but it was stuff I wouldn’t have picked off the shelf at the bookstore. 

After graduation, I stopped writing. I couldn’t figure out why I ever enjoyed it in first place. Then, one day, I wrote an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. It was the most absurd idea I ever had, and I loved every minute of it. I kept writing until I had a book that would make all my teachers roll their eyes. But I didn’t care. Sometimes you have to ignore the advice and do what you want.

All right, I hope this helps some of you. I’ll post another thing next Tuesday, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me. I am a fellow weirdo after all.

So… this feels really, really overwhelming for me after writing Janna for years, under different names with a lot of development, and I never thought that this OC of mine would actually.. ending up even more popular than the canon male characters I used to write? It really means a lot to me, after having friends tell me years ago they just don’t care to hear about my OC, and I still often wonder whether people do care and… I am so grateful for all of you. For the people sending memes, liking and reblogging posts, the people talking ooc to me, the people I thread with - I have been on this blog for longer than I managed to keep any other, and there are many people who already left behind their blogs, people I do miss, but there are also so many new friends I made along the way so… Here, if you want to see a small part of the people who make my stay here so great… Under the cut with absolutely no claims to being complete because I ALWAYS forget people!

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The Partner Revealed - Part 5

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: Their investigation on Jason has to take a break while they try to save the Drive-In. 

Warnings: None I can think of. 

Word count: 5384

A/N: Can’t believe I’m already on Part 5. You guys are awesome for the reading. Sorry it’s such a slow burn. Yep, there’s a subtle Supernatural reference… Thank you @jugheadxreaderinyourhead for helping me with vocabulary. 

Jughead’s point of view 

Jughead is woken up by loud noises at the Drive-In. He goes down, still in his boxers, ready to strike in case it’s a burglar, but it was just the manager. Seeing him makes Jug feel at ease again, relaxing his muscles, although the fact that the man is putting things in boxes can be a little concerning. “Hey, Jake. What’s up?”, he asks, puzzled. “Here’s your payment, Jughead.” The man hands him a thick envelope. “This is a lot more than I earn.” He tries to hand him back the envelope, for he might have given him the wrong one. “Oh, you don’t know yet. They’re shutting down the Drive-In.”, Jake says, while throwing his belongings into the cardboard box in a somewhat rough manner. Jughead stays silent with a dumbfounded expression. “It’s the month’s salary, next week’s advance and a little extra for all these years of good work.”, Jake explains the amount of money and goes back to packing. “Why?”, he simply asks, still thinking it could be a complete joke. “It was bought off.”, the man says sadly. Just like for Juggie, that place means a lot to him. “You should read this.” Jug takes the letter in his hands with the explanation from the Mayor. He can see the man reminiscing about his youth, talking about how he used to take his dates there, or that he worked at the projection booth douring high school, having managed the Twilight for most of his adult life, just as in many occasions they’d talk about all those things. But it was all going down now.

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Hey tumblr people, friends, SPN family,

You may have realised that my blog has become the virtual version of tumbleweed rolling through a desert in recent weeks/months. I noticed on checking my blog recently that I have had an influx of new followers which I think is predominantly thanks to a shout out from Shirley (@destieldrabblesdaily) which I am infinitely grateful for because I consider her one of the best blogs in the SPN fandom. It is for that reason among others that I feel pretty damn bad about not being around recently to share in your speculation, meta and general love for the show.

I haven’t said much since the finale, or even about the finale. I never wrote an episode review for any of the last 3 episodes of season 12. (still haven’t seen 12x21 and don’t plan to) I guess I just want to explain why.

In the past few months SPN has been losing its grip on me, I guess I always thought this would happen one day as it always has in the past with other things that I have falling in love and obsession with until I just… well… get over it. Usually its when a show finishes or movie franchise ends though, rather than whilst it’s still going on. I haven’t felt that itchy desire to constantly check my dash, or write meta or obsess over speculation for the show lately at all. I tried re-watching season 12 and I just couldn’t maintain my concentration. I instead started watching other shows – American Gods is fantastic – and getting out a bit more as well. Tumblr kinda sucked me into this pit where my social life pretty much dried up and became non-existent. Though in all fairness, tumblr also got me through a pretty nasty stint of depression.

I keep hoping that this will be temporary, that perhaps when season 13 comes to our screens that I’ll jump right back in, but I’m not so sure. I guess I’ll watch it, but I don’t know how much I’ll participate in fandom in the future. I want to, I still have that desire to get involved but I don’t have the energy or desire to write meta about the actual show right now. I guess I kinda feel like everything is already being said by the other fantastic meta writers on tumblr and my opinion isn’t really needed.

The thing is, I am tired of SPN. I am tired of the game they are playing with us. I say this, knowing full well that they are dangling destiel in front of us like a carrot dangled in front of a donkey, so close but still so far. Eventually we will get our carrot – of this I am almost certain – but they sure as hell will continue to put us through a bunch of utter crap before we get there.

This is what I am fed up with. I did start re-watching season 12 and I just can’t fathom some things that drove me crazy. Like why when we were first introduced to the British men of letters, it was two strong women who ruled the screen, but by the end, it was another two generic white men to add to our already generic white guy cast. They could have written it in so many different ways to how they did.

Billy’s death pissed me off, so did Alesha’s and Tasha’s. By the time they took Eileen from us I was fuming. Then when they went and wrote off Rowena with an off screen death only told to us in description form I had given up.

On top of this they continued to write scenes of non-con, scenes of violence against POC and women that could easily be avoided whilst maintaining suspense and drama, a dodgy plot point centering around a women fighting her right to choose against the white men trying to take that choice away from her, and on top of it all, fucking Lucifer still being a big part of the show when his character should have died at the end of season 11. His entire story this season was so boring I wanted to skip most of his scenes. I hated HATED his character.

I’m sorry to be negative. The show did some wonderful things this year that I am so happy about. Dean’s story arc was wonderful. His confrontation with Mary in 12x22 had me in tears and I screamed FINALLY out loud as he opened up and admitted things that he has kept inside for his whole life. Dean held this whole season together he really did. The emotional plot was wonderful, it’s what kept me around until the finale because I could see Dabb’s plan for the characters emotional development so clearly in the subtext and later text. Well, until 12x19 for Cas because after 12x19 I don’t understand a fucking thing Cas did and I bloody hope he really has been mind wammied by Jack all this time because otherwise it doesn’t make a lick of sense for his character development.

Ultimately, what season 12 did that was GREAT was threefold:

  • It built up Dean’s emotional development to its climax where he has finally let Sam ‘go’ and admit the years of abuse he suffered under John, as well as admitting that he was a parent to Sam rather than a brother. Dean’s entire story throughout the whole series has been building to this point and it was WONDERFUL to see.
  • It built up Sam’s story in the same way, in that he was able to finally break free from under Dean’s wing and accept his own responsibility and place in the world as a whole – as a leader and hero – rather than something tainted and wrong. Season 12 signalled the end of Winchester toxic co-dependency and I was HERE FOR THAT.
  • It gave us destiel. Now, I say this with certainty guys, although I know it is still contested. Consider it my parting gift to you. Destiel is real and we are going there. Season 12 basically gave it to us because it did things that it cannot now backtrack on. I have never been more certain. Even AFTER 8x17, after Dean’s confession, after “He’s in love… with humanity” and “it was all about saving one human” even after 11x19 and our Hunting Husbands, I still had a whole bunch of doubt on the topic. Now though? I don’t see how it is possible to watch 12x10, 12x12, 12x19 and now, the end of 12x23 without being like “hang on a freaking second – what the hell actually is going on with these guys?” Destiel is gonna happen. This is my speculation for you. Cas will be brought back but he will be brought back wrong and probably under Jack’s control and will walk away from Dean – still crying at his feet – all cold and emotionless as if Dean was nothing to him. Dean will then stop at nothing to get him back. I predict that will happen around the mid-season finale and it will be a big moment for destiel. Another 8x17 but more intense perhaps? Another ‘crypt scene’ but this time with a love confession from both sides? Guys I see it. I can’t not see it now. The one thing season 12 did was take away my doubts. Destiel is real and it is happening and I am pretty sure we will get there by end of season 13.

The problem is, this is no longer enough for me. Even if Season 13 starts with Cas coming back to life in some spectacular beauty and the beast moment which ends in a kiss and a cut to their wedding day… its still not enough anymore. I can’t watch this series just for a ship. I can’t keep going for the fucking carrot dangling in front of me when my hoofs are bleeding and raw and my back is breaking from the weight of all the shit I’ve been forced to carry. The carrot isn’t worth it.

I used to adore this show. Not for destiel, but for the stories, the mythology, the characters and their colourful world of Supernatural things. Now, the characters are slowly reaching peak development and I am getting fed up of watching them get beat down. I want them to have their peace, their happy ending. The stories are no longer fresh and exciting. They are Lucifer and his ridiculous Nephilim baby/not baby.

I am also so fed up of Cas’s story not making sense, of him being controlled or brainwashed or forced to do things he hates. Of his absence when it makes no sense (like when Claire is involved and not a word is spoken about him) or of writers writing him so off key that he comes across idiotic. (thanks Bucklemming). I can’t keep watching the writers butcher this character I adore with all my heart.  

I am so so happy for Wayward Sisters and I will support it with all my might. If only because these writers need to UNDERSTAND that they cannot keep killing off the female characters on this show like they mean nothing. Its just heartbreaking to think that we will never get Charlie, Eileen, Rowena, Billy, Alesha or any of the other female characters who have been wrongly killed off in Supernatural join the female cast of this spin off. I’m excited for Wayward Sisters more than I am for Supernatural right now, because Supernatural is just a massive disappointment for me.

I am sorry I feel this way, its been eating at me for a while. I think it’s the reason I have taken this break. I just can’t put all my time and energy into something that feels toxic to me. I live in fanfic at the moment because it is the characters I adore without the awful truth of canon – even if occasionally canon does still give us those fanfic moments – it’s the other moments that are the issue.


I’m sorry. Part of me desperately wants to hold on with all my might, to come back and throw myself into speculation and meta and all the stuff you guys are so awesome at, but another part of me is so so bitter its preventing me from feeling any joy from it.

Maybe when season 13 comes on I’ll forget this post and just start this blog up again. I certainly miss talking to the bloggers on here I consider my friends, I just feel that without contributing to anything I have no purpose on Tumblr, and I don’t want my negativity to affect anyone else. So in the meantime, this is goodbye. I may still visit and reblog stuff occasionally, but I won’t be writing anything for a while. A long while probably.

It’s been fun Tumblr, but from now on consider this an extended hiatus. Perhaps I’ll see you in the Autumn… perhaps this fleeting romance is over for good. I won’t know until I know. As for Supernatural, I have said my bit. Expect Destiel along with a side of bitter disappointment. Wayward Sisters will be amazing though. So long as they don’t let Bob Singer or Bucklemming anywhere near it that is.

Isaac Lahey | “Let’s dance in the dark.”/ Paris

Count of words: 829

Warnings: none I believe, possibly a bit sad (??)

a/n: so someone ( @megsmorello I think) asked this  “Issac imagine Based off the song Paris and you two travel thereanswer; as in the chainsmokers ?” and my best idea for it is this here so I hope you like it 

writer: @lucifers-embodiment

After the tragic death of your best friend, Alisson Argent, Chris decided to engulf both you and Isaac, doing excactly what his wonderful daughter did, love you and protect you at all costs. When he decided to do that it turned out to be one of the best things he did in a long time. He was not left alone anymore; he had a newly found family there for him, someone new to keep fighting for.

Even though you and Isaac were supernatural creatures, Chris refused to take you with him on his trip to help the pack from the threat of the Wild Hunt. For a while you thought he just didn’t want to broken teenagers to be around him and slow him down, but it turned down the only reason he did that was his fear of losing the two of you. Something you would never expect that Chris had grown to love you and care about you deeply. This fatherly instict was showing up everytime he was around you. A lot of times, actually, he had stated that you reminded him of Alisson; strong, independent, powerfull and stubborn, brave and loyal. Usually you would brush it off until Isaac would burge in the conversation to tell you he was right, you were so much like her but so different.

Isaac was a copletely different case than Chris. Chris had covered both of you under his wing and cared about you since day one, but Isaac, Isaac was just distant with you. He had this warmth towards Chris before Alisson died, but he had cold feet when it came to you. He was cold and sarcastic; mean as well at times. It look as though he was afraid to open up to you, to help you heal, to love you. He deeply believed that he would lose you too if he got attached, just as he had lost everyone before. Now, though, Isaac was making small steps every time to start opening up to you as well.

It had been a couple of days since Chris left for Beacon Hills. You and Isaac were bored out of your minds watching the same movies over and over again and the night was getting darker and quieter. Something you could not quite explain was keeping the both of you awake and everytime you closed your eyes they would shot up again. For you it was nightmares, nightmares so horrible than any other you’ve had before, for Isaac it was the feeling in his gut that he had to protect you from those nightmares terrorising your sleep.

As the night had reached it’s peak you once again were taken out of your slumber. “You’re heartbeat is picking up speed again.” A soft voice said breaking the silence of the night. “Another nightmare?” He asked and you said a quiet yes. “Well, then, doll, let’s dance in the dark!” He exclaimed carefully making his way over to you, swiping of of your feet in one delicate move. That’s when he started slowly humming a song you heard the other day. 

We were staying in Paris
To get away from your parents
And I thought, “Wow, if I could take this in a shot right now
I don’t think that we could work this out.”

He sung peacfully, having his big palm on your waist, stopping for a second to tell you what the lyrics symbolise for the two of you. “We leave here now, Chris took us both away to protect us, to love us. You away from your abusive parents and me from my abusive mind.” He said swaying you again a bit and moving to the next lyric.

Out on the terrace
I don’t know if it’s fair but I thought, “How could I let you fall by yourself
While I’m wasted with someone else?”

“I remember all the times you would stand there thinking to end this torture of your mind, while I was out trying to forget while getting wasted thinking why am I doing this to myself and you.” He said swirling us around. You never spoke you just heard him talking and singing while laying your head on his torso.

If we go down then we go down together
They’ll say you could do anything
They’ll say that I was clever
If we go down then we go down together
We’ll get away with everything
Let’s show them we are better
Let’s show them we are better
Let’s show them we are better

“If you fall then I fall with you.” He simply stated stoping the both of you. For a  moment it was as if you were glued together but then his delicate hand pushed your face away and made you look at his eyes. “Cause I love you and I wish I knew sooner, but I do. And as broken as we are together we can do better.” He said before kissing you softly. “I love you.” was the last thing said that night as you continued dancing the night away.

Make Me Sway  Jungkook (M)

  jungkook x reader Noona 

Rated Mature 

this is smut 


My request is about a traditional dance in my country it’s belly dancing I asked many writers but they know nothing about it so if you can .can you do me a jungkook smut when girlfriend /oc or wife is a belly dancer and he accidentally watch her dancing so it turn him on

author nim note : this is my first time making this kind so i hope you like it i’m so sorry if i didn’t put the idea in a good use or my description isn’t that great or my grammer sucks but i still hope you would enjoy this 

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“i’m sure she isn’t” korean jungkook let out nervously holding his glass of wine  he was sitting with Jimin in the bar counter the two men were chilling finally after a tiresome practicing day 

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Make Magnus happy, please!

I’m so sorry not really but I had to make a post about this. 

There is spoilers ahead, obviously. And also there is mentions of suicide, attempt in murder and psycological torment in Magnus’ past. Just making this warning to people who are uncomfortable.

Let me give you some insight about Magnus and his past life because I believe he has suffered so much. 

I also want people who watch the show but haven’t read the books to be aware of Magnus’ back story so the whole fandom can understand why most of us are reacting the way we are. 

But if you have watched the tv show but haven’t read the books, this is only spoilers for Magnus’ story, not anyone elses. You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to!

Ok, on with the post. 

*       *        * 

FIRST OF ALL, I am not saying that we should toss aside Clary, Alec, Simon and Jace for what they are feeling. What they are feeling is horrible and I hate it but it let me tell you all something, this situation with Magnus is NOT something to be excused. 

First, let’s give the run down of Magnus’ life. 

Magnus Bane grew up in Indonesia with his mundane half Indonesian-half Dutch mother with his mundane step-father (his mother’s husband but obviously not his biological dad). When he was under 10 years of age, his mother realised that his cat eyes meant that he was half demon. Because it was the 16th century, Magnus’ parents were highly religious. So she hung herself in the family barn because she couldn’t bare to think that she gave birth to a half demon. They both feared him. They feared a harmless, careful and sweet child. 

It’s one thing for Clary to see her mother dead (that was really horrible and I feel so bad for her) but for Magnus’ mother to kill herself because of him? That is NOT something a child under 10 years old can handle. That traumatised him and still does centuries later. Once a child, who is very young in the developing years, experienced something horrible, it’s hard to get over. It is even possible for teens to have nightmares about being alone because sometime in the toddler years, that child might have gotten lost in a store. For a child, losing your parent in a store is horrible and heartbreaking. Imagine seeing your mother dead, permanently gone, because she feared you. Think about that for a second. 

As for his step-father? When he was 10 years old, his step-father tried to drown him in the lake on the side of their barn. Magnus, who had no idea he had powers in the first place, thought he was doing to die. (Sounds familiar? May I remind you of “Valentine’s execution”?) But due to Magnus’ fear when he thought he was going to die at the hands of his father, Magnus accidentally set him on fire. He watched someone burn and die right in front of him. Another person that died because of him. All of this at the age of 10 years old. Silent Brothers in Spain, Madrid raised him in the 17th century until he was old enough to use his powers properly!

When it comes to abandoning family, Magnus is always the one that gets abondoned every single time! He is immortal! To quote Alec, “you watch the people you care about age and die”. If that’s not enough, how about the people who used him only for his powers? Did it ever occur to people that Alec is literally the first shadowhunter who treated him like his powers didn’t matter? He has felt this way for 400 years. Even downworlders have their conflicts with each other! Vampires, werewolves, faeries and warlocks had their share of violence towards each other in the past and present. 

BUT DESPITE ALL OF THIS, he took downworlders under his wing for centuries so no one feels the way he did when he was 10. Alone. Scared. Frightened. He had to learn how to get people to pay him for his magic so he could make a decent living. His amazing loft didn’t come from nothing!

Clary’s father is horrible but Magnus’ dad is literally a Prince of Hell! Asmodeus is one of the seven greater demons whose seven deadly sin is lust (which is horrible if you think about how his poor mother was tricked into sleeping with him). In the books, Asmodeus was willing to take away Magnus’ immortality, kill him and turn him into an actual prince of hell, just like him. 

We also know, from the show, that Magnus would have killed himself if it wasn’t for Camille who literally did one thing right by stopping him. 

And we all saw it today in episode 2x12 where Magnus Bane was tortured, mentally abused, psycologically abused and physically abused for a crime he didn’t commit. His body was violated and he was terrified from the influence Valentine (in his body) would have on other people in his place. He has been called a liar when he always told the truth, he witnessed the dark side of the love of his life who he thought he could trust his heart with. Granted, Alec did make a mistake and the thing that we are all proud of and thankful of is that Alec is trying to apologise and fix his mistakes unlike everyone else that did Magnus wrong.  

And now, he is reliving the painful memories he tried so desperately to forget for centuries. Why wouldn’t Magnus feel like he did at the end of the episode? I don’t blame him one bit. I am also thankful that Alec gave him space after everything that happened. 

And what really makes this character worth fighting for? Is that he NEVER turned evil. Not once did his heart turned black. Not once did he disobey the shadowhunters who have treated him horribly. Not once did he give up on the greater good of the world. 

THAT’S why I’m fighting for Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Him being a part of the LGBTQA+ community is only part of it. I just hope the writers are nice to Magnus in future episodes. 

And as for Alec reacting “weird” this episode. He did the right thing by giving him space and time to heal. He showed that he is regretful. He has done all he can at this point in time. 

Don’t worry, I believe malec will grow stronger in the end.

Wow, that was the laziest drama ending I have ever seen.

First, let’s talk about Kang So Young.  She wasn’t a better person at the end.  She wasn’t a worse person at the end.  She didn’t change or develop at all.  Also, how coincidental it is that Eun Byul destroyed her phone and erased the video?  “I’m so thankful to Eun Byul.”  No.  Eun Byul didn’t destroy your phone to fix you.  It’s all coincidence.  You’re not thankful.  You’re relieved.  You’re de-stressed.  But you’re not thankful.  And I’m really sad you didn’t try standing up to your dad, or that you didn’t consult with someone about him.  

Next, what the heck Eun Byul?  Exactly why are you studying abroad? You just came back after your mom and sister thought you were dead. Obviously the time you spent reflecting on yourself didn’t do a damn thing.

Eun Bi, part of your charm is that you were so soft spoken yet determined.  In episode 16, I feel like you’ve lost your memories again and that you’re acting as Eun Byul.  Your lines weren’t like your character at all.  When you told Han Yi Ahn you liked him, it was so upfront and nonchalant.  That’s not the Eun Bi we’re used to, at all.  I feel like the writers tried to squeeze too much too quickly into this episode.

Saem, I thought you were going to take a break from teaching.  You should’ve clarified that you were just taking a break from teaching class 3, not from teaching in general.  Also, did anyone ever tell you Eun Bi was playing Eun Byul all this time?  I don’t think so. 

Eomma, do you make so much money that you can close down shop, move in a week and transfer both of your daughters after recently enrolling one in an academy?  I call BS on that one. 

“It’s okay, you can be hurt at 18″ or whatever that crap was: is that supposed to be encouraging?  Eun Bi, you were literally bullied to the point that you attempted s u i c i d e.  But now you’re saying it’s okay to be hurt?  No.  No.  Bullying, depression, etc. don’t care about how old you are.  Sure, several people have the attitude that you can move on if you’re young.  But the way you said it… Ugh.  It’s like you lost all sympathy for others struggling.  Like you’re on so happy la-la planet and you’ve never experienced pain before (which we know is not true at all.)

And finally, let’s talk about the male leads. Gong Tae Kwang.  You were really cool letting Eun Bi go.  Really, really cool.  And then for some stupid reason, the writers decided to keep beating you with a stick and make you cry in front of Eun Bi, telling her you lied and that your feelings wouldn’t stop.  That was the last we saw of you, until the end of the episode where you were glad to see her back at school.

Han Yi Ahn.  Oh, geez.  Where do I begin.  No one in their right mind would’ve let you swim that competition. No one.  You are seriously just a burden to everyone.  And what the heck was that grabbing of Eun Bi’s wrist and trying to take her away from Tae Kwang?  Rude. (To be fair, Tae Kwang is guilty of this too.  But Yi Ahn, it’s the last episode and you’re just further proving that you haven’t changed at all.  I don’t blame Tae Kwang from trying to stop you and grabbing her other wrist; you don’t deserve to walk her home.)  

Congratulations to the people that wanted Yi Ahn and Eun Bi together.  To all of my fellow TaeBi shippers, my heart aches with you.  Don’t lie to yourself and say that it was open ended.  She told Taekwang she didn’t like him.  She told Yi Ahn she liked him.  She gave Yi Ahn the gold medal back.  She was coupled with Yi Ahn, and the PD’s tried to make it as soft as possible.  Why?  Because they knew that the TaeBi shippers were the real fuel behind the success of this drama.  

In summary, this drama was actually pretty bad.  Sure, it probably made lots of money off of us kdrama lovers and had high ratings, but let’s reflect on it some.  

-Let’s not ignore the fact that there is an unidentified dead person with “Eun Bi” on their gravestone.

-Eun Bi never went back to the Love House like she promised Ra Jin. 

-Soo In was nearly non-existent in the last episode. 

-We haven’t seen the ahjumma who runs Love House since Eun Bi’s mom went to visit.

-Forget about Taekwang’s mom actually being important to the story.

-The drama over the jewelry thievery wasn’t important either 

-So Young’s threat to release the video was pointless; literally everyone hates her and that wouldn’t have made her image any better.  She wouldn’t have released it, because her dad would probably disown her.

-Why did they even cast a father for Yi Ahn; to once again beat up Taekwang and make him envy a healthy father-son relationship?  Cheap. 

-The “School” series is known for being relatable to high school students.  What was relatable about this series? 

-Why introduce a 6 month time skip if literally nothing changes?  Just have Eun Bi go to Sekang right away.  It’s not like So Young’s parents will do anything about it.  They disappeared quickly in the last episode. 

-I don’t understand the point of Eun Byul asking Tae Kwang if he liked Eun Bi if she was  going to tell her to date Yi Ahn.  In her conversation with Eun Bi, she could’ve said “You like Tae Kwang” and it would’ve just as easily swayed the love triangle in that direction  Once again, the writers milked the love triangle for everything they possibly could, and lazily paired her off with Yi Ahn.  I’m not even that mad about it being Yi Ahn; I’m mad that it was done so poorly.

I’m sure I could rant more, but I’ll just leave these thoughts here. School 2015 will be remembered as the most underdeveloped kdrama of the summer. 

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"ompletely depending on whether my hunch is right and they really are winding down the narrative" don't we already already know that that's not the case? They said the show isn't ending and many years left. Or is this refering to something else can you "wind down the narrative" without ending the show?

Hello lovely Nonny!

Okay, so, when it comes to what they’re saying I think they know and we know that anything can happen. And we know that they know that we know that we should take whatever they say with fistfuls of salt. And they know that we know… oh, my God, why did I start doing that? That’s just confusing. 

They say they want to keep going for years? I say awesome

I say I am in it for the long haul. No matter fucking what I will stand by my faith in the fact that these writers know what they’re doing. So they want to drag this sonofabitch out until doom’s day? FUCK. YES. Bring-it-on. 

But that said, it’s also my absolute faith in them knowing what they’re doing that sort of underlines my belief that they’ve built this peak they’re breaching with the S12 finale and that they’ve built it for a reason.

12x22 and 12x23 provided a huge turning point for the narrative.

Each of our three main characters - and Dean may be our protagonist, but the narrative still circles three main characters - are standing on thresholds here:

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  • The brodependency has lapsed because Dean put his faith in Sam’s individual abilities to lead.
  • Sam has stepped out of Dean’s shadow, out of the role of “follower” and into the role of Leader.
  • Cas is… well, very dead. But is poised for rebirth, for transformation.

And why is this important?? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS MATTER?

Happy you ask. (you asked) (shut up)

The narrative up until 12x22 has been focused on what?

Well, mostly the focal point has been the brodependency, and with good reason, right? The show is about the brothers Winchester.

But let us never forget this —> Dean’s character growth is linked - without question - to his feelings for Cas. 

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